Statistics for Business and Economics, 5th Edition

Author: Hooda R.P.

Publisher: Vikas Publishing House

ISBN: 9325961202

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 685

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STATISTICS FOR BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS is a comprehensive textbook on Statistics that caters to the needs of students doing a course of any level in the subject. As consumers and future managers, students are introduced to a range of data collection and analysis methods that enable them to evaluate such data and analyse them to reach well informed decisions in various business settings. The thorough and exhaustive text, supplemented by a large number of solved examples, provides a firm grounding in the basics of Statistics. The step-by-step explanations and the logical progression of subject topics go a long way in simplifying the various concepts, methods and problem-solving processes comprising the subject. The book exposes the entire subject matter in a manner that aids easy comprehension and the basic learning of the subject even by those who have not studied it earlier. A large number of questions and exercises at the end of each chapter provide ample scope for practice and application of methods discussed in the book. Solutions to problems are provided in the CD that accompanies the book. The book is useful for students of management, economics and commerce, in which Statistics is a core paper in almost all universities. It is also useful for those preparing for various competitive exams.

Statistics for Business and Economics

Author: David Ray Anderson

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

ISBN: 1408018101

Category: Commercial statistics

Page: 928

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This volume provides solid methodological development in the area of statistics for business and economics. The development of each technique is presented in an application setting, with statistical results providing insights and solutions to problems.

The Practice of Business Statistics

Using Data for Decisions

Author: David S. Moore

Publisher: W H Freeman & Company

ISBN: 9780716757238

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 796

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This text brings the same data analysis approach to business statistics that has made lead author David Moore the best selling author in today's Stats market. The Practice of Business Statistics shows students how to analyze data and make informed decisions in today's business world. Real world applications from accounting, finance, marketing, manufacturing and other areas of the business world add relevancy. The Practice of Business Statistics is available in these versions:Core Text w/CD (Chapters 1 - 11), 0-7167-9773-9 Companion Chapters 12-18 on advanced inference topics (available separately, or at a discount with packaged with the core book. See Table of Contents) Comprehensive Text w/CD (Chapters 1 - 18), 0-7167-5723-0

Economic and Business Analysis

Quantitative Methods Using Spreadsheets

Author: Frank S. T. Hsiao

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812834923

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 636

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As we enter the 21st century, most students are familiar with microcomputers. They are adept in visually-oriented playing and learning, as evidenced by prevalent video games, music videos, and DVD movies. This book appeals to the modern day undergraduate and graduate students by using microcomputers, through innovative uses of spreadsheets and built-in spreadsheets equations and formulae. This microcomputer skill-intensive book covers major topics in both economic analysis and business analysis. Students will learn how to build complex spreadsheet layouts and perform high-level calculations and analysis intuitively in a non-threatening environment. To encourage students' active learning and critical thinking, they will be given hands-on practice by creating tables and graphs presented in the text and homework, and by changing the parameters to find the effects of the change instantly. At the same time, by acquainting themselves with the popular spreadsheet program, they will acquire more advanced job skills directly.

Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

Author: David Doane,Lori Seward

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 1259329054

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 864

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Applied Statistics in Business and Economics provides real meaning to the use of statistics in the real world by using real business situations and real data while appealing students to know the why rather than just the how. Four distinct objectives have been met to follow this premise: Objective 1: Communicate the Meaning of Variation in a Business Context Objective 2: Use Real Data and Real Business Applications Objective 3: Incorporate Current Statistical Practices and Offer Practical Advice Objective 4: Provide More In-Depth Explanation of the Why and Let the Software Take Care of the How The emphasis of the 5th edition remains the same: thinking about data, choosing appropriate analytic tools, using computers effectively, and recognizing limitations of statistics.

Management Consulting

A Guide for Students

Author: David Biggs

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

ISBN: 1408007916

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 409

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Management Consulting: A Guide for Students bridges the gap between the latest academic research and practical skills to provide a comprehensive new introduction to modern consulting.David Biggs’s important new textbook walks students through the key dimensions of management consulting – from the contexts, through the processes, and into skills and implementation – using a wide range of examples to provide a refreshing and modern guide for students.Every chapter deploys a consistent pedagogical framework including clear learning objectives that correspond with the latest standard course outlines, mini case studies, and industry snapshots. Full-length case studies appear at the end of every chapter, either prepared specifically for the text by international academics and consultants or supplied from premium vendors such as Harvard Business Review. A full set of online supporting resources for students and lectures make this the complete resource for management consulting courses at all levels.

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics

Author: Douglas A. Lind

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson

ISBN: 9780070918658

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 529

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Welcome to First Canadian Edition ofBasic Statistics for Business and Economics! As the name implies, theobjective of this textbookis to provide Canadian business students majoring in economics, finance, marketing, accounting, management, and other fields of business administration,with an introductory survey of the many business applications of descriptive and inferential statistics.Basic Statistics for Business and Economics introduces students to essential business applications, while maintaining a student oriented environment learning environment. Examples and problems are designed to teach the basics while remaing relevant to the real world.

SPSS for Intermediate Statistics

Use and Interpretation, Third Edition

Author: Nancy Leech,Karen Barrett,George A Morgan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136642986

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

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This book helps students learn to analyze and interpret research data using SPSS by demonstrating how to compute a variety of statistics covered in intermediate statistics courses. This edition features SPSS 15.0, but it can also be used with SPSS 16 & 17 or earlier versions. Each chapter introduces several related statistics in a user-friendly manner and provides instructions on how to run them and interpret the outputs. The book reviews research designs and how to assess the assumptions, accuracy, and reliability of data. The authors demonstrate how to: choose an appropriate statistic based on the research design and level of measurement; use SPSS to help answer research questions; and interpret and write about SPSS outputs. The examples use real data contained on the book's CD. The 3rd edition features: Instructor's Resource materials (available on request) with answers to interpretation questions, extra SPSS problems and course support for instructors Four extra SPSS problems in each chapter for additional practice A new chapter on multilevel linear modeling with SPSS Post-hoc tests in addition to contrasts in the Factorial ANOVA and ANCOVA chapter Coverage of odd ratios and effect sizes for logistic and discriminant analyses How to compute and interpret post-hoc power demonstrated for each statistic An expanded Appendix, Getting Started and Other Useful SPSS Commands, including how to work with the output; import and export files; select cases; and split and merge files. SPSS for Intermediate Statistics, 3rd Edition provides: The key SPSS windows needed to perform the analyses Display of the outputs readers can expect to produce with call-out boxes to highlight what to focus on Interpretation sections and questions to help students better understand the output and write about the results Charts and tables to help select an appropriate statistic and interpret statistical significance and effect sizes Lab assignments organized around the way students proceed in every step of a research project Appendices on getting started with SPSS, a brief review of basic statistics, and answers to the odd-numbered interpretation questions Twenty data sets on the book's CD along with a quick reference guide and how to make tables and figures. This inexpensive paperback is intended as a supplemental text for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses on intermediate/advanced statistics and/or research methods taught in departments of psychology, education, human development, and other applied and health sciences, and/or for researchers in these areas looking to have a handy reference for SPSS. Instructor's Resource materials are free upon adoption. View