The Power of Feeling Confident

A Book for Horse Riders

Author: Faye Low

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781542812955

Category: Horsemanship

Page: 172

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The power of feeling confident will help horse riders understand how their thoughts create their actions, and how these actions affect the horse. This book explains the science of building confidence. How the brain processes information to produce habits, and how these habits can be changed for a more positive action. Faye Low will explain her 5 rules for building confidence based on years of research and application with her many clients. Control your thoughts to master your confidence.

The Everything Horse Care Book

A Complete Guide to the Well-being of Your Horse

Author: Chris Defilippis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440538174

Category: Pets

Page: 304

View: 7265


From feeding your horse right to curbing its bad habits, The Everything Horse Care Book is your one-stop reference for a happy and healthy horse! Experienced horse trainer Chris DiFilippis guides you through the steps necessary to care for your horse properly, no matter what its age or issues. Learn valuable tips such as: Using the horse’s temperament and body language to determine problems Identifying common health problems that are often easily missed Stopping bad vices such as biting and kicking in their tracks How to travel safely and comfortably with your horse Setting up a safe environment for both you and your pet! The Everything Horse Care Book is an all-inclusive guide to a healthy and hap .py life for your horse. Saddle up!

Rein in Your Brain

Author: Janeane Reagan

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460210735


Page: N.A

View: 4657


"Rein in Your Brain" offers a self-help approach to acquiring the mental and emotional control that can make any equestrian from any discipline, whether they ride or drive competitively or recreationally, more effective in reaching his or her goals and dreams. Dr. Janeane Reagan's user-friendly presentation of how the human brain (and sometimes the horse brain) works gives the reader an understanding of what it takes to make changes that impact performance and enjoyment. Through this understanding, riders and drivers gain essential tools for improving their mental toughness, focus, emotional regulation, communication, stress management and, when needed, recovery from setbacks and from physical or emotional trauma. Each chapter helps the reader make these tools his or her own.

That Winning Feeling!

Program Your Mind for Peak Performance

Author: Jane Savoie

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 1570766320

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

View: 6380


1992 U.S. Olympic dressage squad member Jane Savoie presents a revolutionary approach to riding by which you can train your mind and shape your attitudes to achieve higher levels of skill than ever imagined.

A Geography of Horse-Riding

The Spacing of Affect, Emotion and (Dis)ability Identity through Horse-Human Encounters

Author: Cheryl Nosworthy

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443865524

Category: Social Science

Page: 265

View: 888


This book presents an in-depth, qualitative exploration of the practice of horse-riding by “disabled” and “non-disabled” riders and their horses. Situated as part of an “affective turn” within human geography, creative and original use is made of poststructuralist theory to bring together animal studies and disability studies in order to decentre the human as we think about the social. Eighteen months of multi-sited performance ethnography “on the hoof” were conducted with riders recruited from local riding schools, an internet forum and three Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) groups. The study employed various methods, including diary-keeping, participant observation and video-recording of riding activities, in order to capture moments of horse-human relating. Through these methods, the embodied expressions of horses are taken seriously as demonstrative of their individual thoughts and intentions.

Simple Steps to Riding Success

Author: Liz Morrison

Publisher: David & Charles Publishers

ISBN: 9780715318201

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 143

View: 5727


Simple Steps to Riding Success offers a self-help approach to developing the mental attitude necessary to become a positive and confident rider. It is a comprehensive guide to using NLP and sports psychology. Neuro Linguistic Programming?NLP--is a powerful psychological tool for building confidence and determination, clearing ?blocks?, and goal setting. Readers will be able to pick which techniques are appropriate to their needs, from goal setting, such as, ?I want to jump with confidence?, through to visualization exercises to do half an hour before an event or exam. One chapter reveals the unconscious strategies and beliefs of expert trainers, riders and competitors, including disabled riders and natural horsemen. An informed explanation of how their behavior makes them successful will allow readers to modify their own approach. Throughout the book, the step by step approach is supported by real life case histories of other riders. Simple Steps to Riding Success will appeal to any rider who wants to improve their confidence and clear the negative memories or beliefs that are stopping them from enjoying their horses more.