The Plague Maiden

The Plague Maiden

PRAISE FOR KATE ELLIS: 'I loved this novel . . . a powerful story of loss, malice and deception' Ann Cleeves 'Haunting' Independent 'Unputdownable' Bookseller 'The chilling plot will keep you spooked and thrilled to the end' Closer 'A ...

Author: Kate Ellis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748126699

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When a letter arrives at Tradmouth police station, addressed to a DCI Norbert it causes quite a stir. For though DCI Norbert has long since moved on, the letter claims to have evidence that the man convicted of murdering the Rev. Shipbourne, Vicar of Belsham, during the course of a robbery in 1991, is innocent. Despite having a full case load, including investigating a series of vicious attacks on a local supermarket chain, DI Wesley Peterson is forced to at least follow up on the letter writer's claims. Meanwhile archaelologist Neil Watson is excavating as site in Pest Field near Belsham church. He discovers a mass grave that leads him to conclude that the site - earmarked for development - is one of an ancient medieval plague pit. But, more disturbing, is the discovery that the grave is home to a more recent resident...
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Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence

Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence

... doctors treated their patients by bloodletting and using emetics (agents that
induce vomiting), ointments, and other methods. Superstitions were bolstered,
such as the belief that plague was carried by a Pest Jung- frau (Plague Maiden) ...

Author: George C. Kohn

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438129235

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Tracing the history of infectious diseases from the Philistine plague of 11th century BCE to recent SARS and avian flu scares, this volume provides descriptions of more than 700 epidemics, listed alphabetically by location of the outbreak.
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Teutonic Mythology

Teutonic Mythology

I am the Plague; and now having ended my journey round Bretagne, I will go to
mass in Elliant church; every one ... From Polish Lithuania, Adam Mickiewicz1
reports as follows on the morowa dziew-ica, plague-maiden :— Woycicki, 1, 51, ...

Author: Jacob Grimm

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108047067

Category: History

Page: 442

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An exhaustive study of Germanic folklore by linguist and philologist Jacob Grimm, first published in English between 1880 and 1888.
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Death and the Pearl Maiden

Death and the Pearl Maiden

Shows how English responses to the Black Death were hidden in plain sight--as seen in the Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight poems.

Author: David K. Coley

Publisher: Interventions: New Studies Med

ISBN: 0814213901

Category: Literary Criticism

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Shows how English responses to the Black Death were hidden in plain sight--as seen in the Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight poems.
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The Vampyricon

The Vampyricon

Asthe blurof motion continued, she looked directlyat me, and I sawsomething
terrible in her aspect. The words came to me: Plague maiden. Shewas the plague
maiden. Beneath her skin, she carriedsome power, brought toher by the plagues.

Author: Douglas Clegg

Publisher: Alkemara Press

ISBN: 9780990464815

Category: Fiction

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A boxed set of all three books of The Vampyricon trilogy at a special price, incuding The Priest of Blood, The Lady of Serpents, and The Queen of Wolves. A “stunning” (Publishers Weekly) epic from New York Times bestselling and Bram Stoker Award–winning author Douglas Clegg. When Aleric the falconer meets his destiny in the bloody clutches of the seductive Pythia, he begins a quest to unearth the mysteries of the ancient vampyre race. Set in a dangerous world of ancient forests and buried kingdoms, of dangerous magic, and vengeance beyond lifetimes, The Priest of Blood is an epic dark fantasy of sword, sorcery -- and vampires. “Astonishing. Douglas Clegg writes of…nightmares with such clarity and passion you don’t end up reading his books; you end up drinking them in. The Priest of Blood is a bloody gem.” -- Christopher Rice, New York Times bestselling author of The Vines and Heaven's Rise. "A dark tale of swords, sorcery, and vampires." -- Christine Feehan, NY Times bestselling author. "Douglas Clegg has accomplished a rarity in the horror vein...This book will sink its teeth into you" -- The Kansas City Star "Richly layered, beautifully rendered foray into a past filled with sorcery and mystery -- and a rousing good story." -- Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author. " the iconic vampire a massive makeover." -- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review. Discover Douglas Clegg's fiction: Lights Out Neverland The Children’s Hour The Halloween Man You Come When I Call You The Hour Before Dark Nightmare House Bad Karma Goat Dance Breeder Afterlife Purity Dark of the Eye The Words Wild Things Red Angel Night Cage Mischief The Infinite The Abandoned The Necromancer Isis Naomi The Nightmare Chronicles The Attraction Night Asylum The Priest of Blood The Lady of Serpents The Queen of Wolves
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Articles and Reviews

Articles and Reviews

30 i.e. , " May the Plague throttle thee ! ” The Baltic did not set a limit to this is a
common Lithuanian curse . A more belief : in Sweden the “ Plague Maiden
general name for the dread goddess is is known quite as much as in Slavic
EuMagila ...

Author: Alexander Haggerty Krappe


ISBN: UIUC:30112001511713

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In Vienna plague was said to be carried by the Pest Jungfrau , or Plague Maiden
, who was seen as a blue flame emerging from the mouths of the dead . Perhaps
for the same reason , the French spoke of plague as la morte bleue ( " blue ...

Author: Charles T. Gregg


ISBN: STANFORD:36105037843674

Category: Plague

Page: 373

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3  Wild Hunt

Continue to tell Anabelle you don't trust her, and that she's probably the monster
in the tower, and she lives up to your hypothesis; forming into a more vicious
plague maiden form of tattered terror. Battle her; after two successful strikes she ...


Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241246887

Category: Games

Page: 496

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Comprehensive Walkthrough - This massive strategy guide features everything you need to complete all quests, upgrade to the best gear, and craft the most powerful items. Discover Multiple Endings! Complete Bestiary - Detailed descriptions of every foe that Geralt will face on all of his adventures. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of every enemy to counter their attacks with lethal accuracy and dispatch them with cat-like grace! The Ultimate Guide For Your Journey - Discover every important destination in the game! Learn the location of every Witcher Class Item, Relic, Place of Power, Monster Nest, Hidden Treasure, and more!
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Black Death

Black Death

Soon the streets were filled with the stench of their dying bodies: THE PLAGUE
MAIDEN Many people believed the cause of the plague was a beautiful but evil
witch called the "plague maiden." lt was said that when she passed by a house
she ...

Author: Timothy L. Biel

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 1560060018

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Describes the social and economic conditions in medieval Europe at the outbreak of the Black Death and the causes and effects of the epidemic.
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Medical symbolism in connection with historical studies in the arts of healing and hygiene

Medical symbolism in connection with historical studies in the arts of healing and hygiene

Job , ii , 7 . • Set , called Typhon by the Greeks , the embodiment of physical and
moral evil , was regarded as the Egyptian god of death . Plagues were attributed
to him . • The plague maiden of Teutonic folk - lore is somewhat like Dibbara .

Author: Thomas S. Sozinskey


ISBN: STANFORD:24503086147


Page: 171

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Natural Disasters Avalanches explosions

Natural Disasters  Avalanches explosions

Among them was an apparition called the Plague Maiden . Many panic - stricken
Europeans claimed to have witnessed her ghostly form sailing into one home
after another to spread her deadly contagion . Some believed the Black Death ...

Author: Marlene Bradford

Publisher: Salem PressInc

ISBN: 0893560723

Category: Nature

Page: 985

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Looks at the science behind such natural disasters as avalanches, hail, typhoons, mud and rock slides, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, and discusses prevention and preparations, and rescue and relief efforts.
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Myths Gods and Fantasy

Myths  Gods and Fantasy

Plague Maiden Long winters ' nights out of the way And when we stick in mine
and clay He doth with laughter leave us . A favourite prank played by pixies is to
place a magical piece of turf in a mortal ' s way – as they step upon it even the ...

Author: Pamela Allardice

Publisher: Prism PressLtd

ISBN: IND:30000027317779

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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In every era and every land, stories of dazzling beasts, mighty gods, and insubstantial spirits have passed from one generation to another. Here are over 500 alphabetical entries, which makes it a valuable reference as well as a fascinating read.
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More Cunning Than Man

More Cunning Than Man

At about the same time in Hong Kong the Japanese microbiologist Dr.
Shibasaburo Kitasato also isolated the plague ... No more could the Black Death
be blamed on strange planetary conjunctions , or the mysterious Plague Maiden ,
or on ...

Author: Robert Hendrickson

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: PSU:000047064904

Category: Nature

Page: 280

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This eye-opening, well-researched examination of mankind's oldest competitor is filled with weirdly fascinating information about the history of the rat and the way it consistently outsmarts man. Illustrations.
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The Conquest of Plague

The Conquest of Plague

The folk - lore of many nations , especially the Slav peoples , preserves the
tradition of the Plague Maiden who wandered from place to place scattering the
seeds of the disease . In Russia and Yugoslavia she appeared on earth and
ordered ...

Author: Leonard Fabian Hirst

Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon Press

ISBN: UOM:39015003784322

Category: Epidemiology

Page: 478

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The Compleat Flea

The Compleat Flea

Aerial spectres were seen in human shapes . The Plague Maiden appeared , a
bright in candescence in the sky scattering the seeds of disease , or as a mortal
woman ordering a peasant to carry her on his shoulders as she spread the
plague ...

Author: Brendan Lehane

Publisher: Viking Adult

ISBN: UCAL:$B175847

Category: Fleas

Page: 126

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Old and New London Westminster and the western suburbs

Old and New London  Westminster and the western suburbs

It appears that during the prevalence of the plague Maiden Lane is said by Mr.
Isaac D'Israeli , in in London , in 1636 , Sir Francis , at that time Regent his “
Curiosities of Literature , " to have received its of the Museum Minervæ ,
presented to ...

Author: Walter Thornbury


ISBN: OSU:32435078251931



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Old and new London a narrative of its history its people and its places by W Thornbury E Walford

Old and new London  a narrative of its history  its people and its places  by W  Thornbury  E  Walford

It appears that during the prevalence of the plague Maiden Lane is said by Mr .
Isaac D ' Israeli , in in London , in 1636 , Sir Francis , at that time Regent his “
Curiosities of Literature , ” to have received its of the Museum Minervæ ,
presented to ...

Author: George Walter Thornbury


ISBN: OXFORD:555055529

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The Life that Lives on Man

The Life that Lives on Man

... as opposed to wood fires in the streets to clear the air , 40,000 dogs and
200,000 cats were killed , but the rats went scot - free . The people blamed the
comet of the previous year , which perhaps gave rise to the legend of the plague
maiden ...

Author: Michael Alford Andrews

Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Company

ISBN: 0800848209

Category: Skin

Page: 183

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Looks at the flora and fauna which inhabit our skin.
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Green Knights Black Angels

Green Knights  Black Angels

... sorrow of Death ' s dints . Robert Graves suggests that the ' foggy , foggy dew '
of the song referred to the Plague . Remedies , though imaginative , were
ineffective . Mirrors ICICICIGICI might be brandished so that the Plague Maiden

Author: Peter Vansittart


ISBN: UOM:39015065859103

Category: Great Britain

Page: 203

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The Independent

The Independent

It was the Plague - maiden , of his followers in the assertion of his as at the same
time has furnished employ . " On Jordan's stormy banks I stand , " huge of stature
, inwrapped in linen , strid- sumed authority as “ the Divine Being . ' ment to a ...

Author: Leonard Bacon


ISBN: UOM:39015085430018



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