Homeland and Exile

Homeland and Exile

oppression story or (2) that he was the pharaoh of the Exodus, or (3) that he was both the oppressor and the Exodus pharaoh.11 A fourth view is that Merneptah, son of Rameses, was pharaoh of the Exodus.12 As to (1), it must be he “who ...

Author: Gershon Galil

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This volume is a tribute to B. Oded's career, and it points to the span of his research. It's thirty contributions deal with a wide range of topics, focusing on the Assyrian Empire, as well as on the Hebrew Bible.
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Predestination The Pharaoh Account of Grace

Predestination The Pharaoh Account of Grace

We will do well to remember that over 200 years elapsed between the time when Israel (Ya'akov) led 70 souls into Egypt to save them from the famine engulfing their region to the time of the exodus. The reigns of several pharaohs spanned ...

Author: Joachim P.C. Acolatse Jr.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

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If youve heard and believed that God predestinated some to eternal life and hardened Pharaohs heart, youve been misled! Biblical predestination doctrine is the opposite of theological writings on the subject. After studying this book, you will no longer accept Augustinian-Lutheran-Calvinist theology passing for doctrine. Predestination The Pharaoh Account of Grace, is a biblical treatment of predestination doctrine. Part One refutes the theological arguments as un-Scriptural and opens up understanding of predestination doctrine with detailed explanation of the call, justification, and glorification available to man. It avoids the pitfall of equating Gods foreknowledge with omniscience and the consequent conclusion that God predestinated only those he knew from eternity would become believers. Part Two clarifies the Exodus account which has negatively impacted Gods character and showcases his spontaneous and patient outpouring of grace upon Pharaoh. From initially foretelling the end from the beginning, God graciously repairs Pharaohs heart ten times as he, in turn, frustrates the grace. Predestination The Pharaoh Account of Grace exposes the controversy stirred up concerning predestination since the fourth century as a work of the devil which must be destroyed. Undoubtedly, this definitive work on the subject will be of tremendous benefit to clergy, lay leaders, academia, and through them, the body of Christ.
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The Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Lands

The Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Lands

Pharaoh. of. the. Exodus. The Exodus Events and the Collapse of Egypt's Mighty Eighteenth. Breakout 3.04. There. tian is no shortage of Egypkings who have been tagged as the pharaoh of the exodus. Of those who ruled during the ...

Author: Steven Collins

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“The scope of your learning...will be unlimited and enhanced by leaps and bounds as you use this wonderful tool.” from the Foreword by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr New discoveries are constantly being made as archaeologists work to uncover the ancient history of the Bible lands to tell a more complete story of the people, customs, and events of that era. Archaeologist Steven Collins and Bible scholar Joseph M. Holden have spent decades making and researching those discoveries and now offer a wealth of information based on the latest findings. This exciting addition to The Harvest HandbookTM series provides a textual and visual bird’s-eye view of ancient Near Eastern biblical geography, culture, history, and chronology. If you’re looking for an accurate, readable, and user-friendly resource to further your study of God’s Word, The Harvest HandbookTMof Bible Lands provides a valuable backdrop for biblical narratives and literature. With the most up-to-date information from biblical and archaeological disciplines, you will find your knowledge greatly enriched through well-written narrative-style text, numerous maps, instructive photographs, illustrations, and charts. This must-have tool will become your favorite resource as you study Scripture.
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Critical Issues in Early Israelite History

Critical Issues in Early Israelite History

J. P. Hyatt (1971: 43–44) recognized the problem that the Merenptah stela presented for identifying either Merenptah or Ramesses II as the pharaoh of the exodus. Exodus 2:23 states that pharaoh died during Moses' 40-year sojourn.

Author: Richard S. Hess

Publisher: Penn State Press

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The origin of the Israelites is one of the most frequently discussed issues among archaeologists and biblical scholars. Only a few decades ago, biblical stories such as the Conquest were heralded as confirmed by archaeology. But in the 1970s, Thomas L. Thompson and John Van Seters were in the vanguard of a movement among scholars that was intent on reassessing the historical reliability of the biblical narratives. This reassessment gained momentum during the 1980s and 1990s; today, the mainstream opinion is that there was no Conquest, and the Israelites, if they can be identified as a national entity or as a people, did not arrive in Canaan by means of a military conquest. For three days in March 2004, a group of scholars met to consider the state of the question and to provide a response to the predominant academic skepticism, a response that considers the biblical text to be an important datum in the construction of the history of the people of Israel. To do so, the authors of the papers read at the conference take into account both biblical and extrabiblical literary evidence, as well as the contributions of archaeology, to describe as completely as possible what may be known about the early history of Israel. Critical Issues in Early Israelite History publishes the papers read at this conference in the hope that the result will be a balanced portrayal of this watershed event based on all of the currently available evidence.
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A History of Egypt under the Pharaohs Derived Entirely from the Monuments

A History of Egypt under the Pharaohs  Derived Entirely from the Monuments

to the Exodus of the Jews and the destruction of Pharaoh in the Red Sea. For the record of these events was inseparably connected with the humiliating confession of a divine visitation, to which a patriotic writer at the court of ...

Author: Heinrich Karl Brugsch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108084734

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This illustrated two-volume history of Egypt, 'derived entirely from the monuments', was first published in an English translation in 1879. Brugsch brings to bear his wide experience of the archaeological sites together with his linguistic expertise, and deliberately eschews later Greek and Roman accounts of Egypt.
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The Essence of the Old Testament

The Essence of the Old Testament

Kitchen argues convincingly that the content of Exodus can hardly reflect the work of a “runaway rabble of ... Those holding to the early date (1446 BC) for the exodus identify Thutmosis III (1504–1450 BC) as the pharaoh of the ...

Author: Ed Hindson

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

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The Essence of the Old Testament surveys the books from Genesis to Malachi. Based on thirty years of scholarly research and classroom teaching, a team of biblical scholars from Liberty University provides a practical, readable, and insightful introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures in canonical order. This uniquely illustrated, full-color volume features book introductions, background studies, outlines, surveys, theological concepts, practical applications, study questions, and helpful Hebrew word studies for English readers. Editors Ed Hindson and Gary Yates draw from a lifetime of teaching to provide a well tested and proven Old Testament overview written at the collegiate level, yet appropriate for pastors, scholars, and laymen alike. They represent the finest evangelical scholarship along with a passion to open windows of spiritual and practical insight into the biblical text. This exciting new survey of the Scriptures highlights the key elements of the Hebrew literature of the Law, the Prophets, and the Poets of the Old Testament. The history, archaeology, and wisdom of the biblical world are revealed with an eye on the application of their moral principles, theological insights, and practical application to today’s world.
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Catholic Bible Dictionary

Catholic Bible Dictionary

DATE OF THE EXODUS Modern scholarship is divided on the date of the Exodus event. Some, following a strict reading of biblical chronology, put it in the tifteenth ... On this model, the pharaoh of the Exodus was most likely Thutmose [II ...

Author: Scott Hahn

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More than a generation has passed since the appearance of the last major Catholic Bible dictionary. It has been a fertile generation for biblical scholarship, an eventful time for biblical archaeology, and a fruitful time for the Church’s interpretation of the Bible. It is time for a new resource. Scott Hahn, internationally renowned theologian and biblical scholar, has inspired millions with his insight into the Catholic faith. Now he brings us this important reference guide, written specifically for Catholics, which contains more than five thousand clear and accessible entries and covers a wide range of people, places, and topics. From Genesis to Revelation, the whole of salvation history is presented and explained in smart, easy-to-understand prose. Catholic Bible Dictionary is an invaluable source of information, insight, and guidance for Catholics and others who are interested in enriching their understanding of Sacred Scripture. Scott Hahn draws from two millennia of scholarship to create an accessible and comprehensive tool for deeper and more rewarding biblical study.
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The Pharaoh of the Exodus

The Pharaoh of the Exodus

Author: David William Nash

Publisher: London : J.R. Smith

ISBN: WISC:89099813099

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80 Old Testament Characters of World History Chronological Historical and Archaeological Evidence

80 Old Testament Characters of World History  Chronological  Historical and Archaeological Evidence

Such an explanation is unacceptable for the following reason: The Bible gives four pieces of information, which are archaeologically checkable, 1) the pharaoh of the Exodus died in May 1533 BCE, 2) in a violent way in the Red Sea (Ps ...

Author: Gerard Gertoux

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781329932814

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Despite the fact that the name of many characters mentioned in the Old Testament, like David, King of Israel, have been recently confirmed by archaeology as well as their epoch and the events in which they were involved, most archaeologists continue to deny the historicity of the Bible they view as pious fiction or a mythical account. They argue that the major events in the Bible such as the victory of Abraham against Chedorlaomer, an unknown king of Elam around 2000 BCE, the victory of Moses against an unknown Pharaoh around 1500 BCE or the victory of Esther, an unknown Persian Queen, against an unknown vizier of Xerxes, never existed because they left absolutely no evidence. They also explain that according to what we know today, these events could not have occurred. These logical arguments are impressive but a precise chronological analysis based on absolute dates, coupled with a rigorous historical investigation, shows that all those major events really took place at the dates and places indicated.
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Jesus Last of the Pharaohs

Jesus  Last of the Pharaohs

... whom I have already equated with Pharaoh Akhenaton. It is clear that there were two events being described here and Josephus confirms this. His list of kings clearly places the Moses exodus at the time of Tuthmoses (Tuthmoses I), ...

Author: Ralph Ellis

Publisher: Edfu Books

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It is a little-known fact that the exodus of the Hyksos pharaohs from Egypt to Jerusalem is an incredibly similar event to the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to Jerusalem. Classical historians and theologians will not entertain any connection between the two, because this infers that the Israelite leaders were actually pharaohs of Egypt. However, Ralph Ellis has taken this obvious comparison and demonstrated the royal Egyptian ancestry of the Judaic patriarchs and also of Jesus. Ralph has also uncovered evidence for the New Testament Saul (St Paul) in the historical record, a discovery that brings with it several new accounts of the life of Jesus. Saul, the inventor of Christianity, was actually Josephus Flavius, a well-known historian. Jesus was the governor of Tiberias and owned a castle there; and he may have died during the siege of Jerusalem in about AD70, rather than AD 33 - crucified along with two of his compatriots. Followed by "Tempest & Exodus" and "Eden to Egypt". Latest version v5.6 Hyksos, Shepherd Kings, Jacob, Sea People, Jesus, Saul, Jerusalem, Egyptian False Prophet, historical Jesus.