The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories

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Author: Alan Ryan

Publisher: Viking

ISBN: 0241953626

Category: Horror tales, American

Page: 640

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This vampire book is a collection of stories by famous horror writers such as Bram Stoker, Fritz Leiber, and Robert Bloch. Edited by Alan Ryan, these stories of the greatest vampires in literature will appeal to all readers of horror books.
Categories: Horror tales, American

The Penguin Book of Horror Stories

The Penguin Book of Horror Stories

BECOMES A VAMPIRE : Natural causes ; being an Albanian of Turkish blood .
SPECIAL ACTIVITIES : Spreads ... There is little about bloodsucking in it ; it is
mostly concerned with sex , as are most vampire stories . However , the
protagonist ...

Author: John Anthony Cuddon

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: UOM:49015001135871

Category: Fiction

Page: 607

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Stories by authors including Edgar Allan Poe, Guy de Maupassant, and Ray Bradbury depict terrifying events and encounters with the supernatural
Categories: Fiction

The Penguin Book of Lesbian Short Stories

The Penguin Book of Lesbian Short Stories

Including stories about coming-out and cross-dressing, as well as vampire tales, science fiction, parody, and romance, this collection "casts the world in a different light".--The New Republic.

Author: Margaret Reynolds

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 0140240187

Category: Fiction

Page: 429

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In this wide-ranging anthology, 32 women from Britain, continental Europe and the Americas express the depth and complexity of lesbian literature. Including stories about coming-out and cross-dressing, as well as vampire tales, science fiction, parody, and romance, this collection "casts the world in a different light".--The New Republic.
Categories: Fiction

The Gothic Family Romance

The Gothic Family Romance

In The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories . Ed . Alan Ryan . New York : Penguin ,
1988 . Lloyd , David . Anomalous States . Durham : Duke University Press , 1993
. Lockhart , J . G . Memoirs of Sir Walter Scott . Vol . 4 . London : Macmillan , 1914

Author: Margot Gayle Backus

Publisher: Post-Contemporary Intervention

ISBN: UOM:39015047702439

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 291

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Uses 19th and 20th-century Irish Gothic literary texts to argue that capitalism, the nuclear patriarchal family and Protestantism coincided with and reinforced the conditions for the plantation of Ireland and the colonization which followed.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Vampire God

Vampire God

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories. Ed. Alan Ryan. London: Penguin, 1987. ...
Kuttner, Henry. “I, The Vampire.” 1937. The Vampire Omnibus. Ed. Peter Haining.
Chartwell Books-Book Sales, 1995. 178–95. Laderman, Gary. Rest in Peace: A ...

Author: Mary Y. Hallab

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438428581

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 177

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Examines the enormous popular appeal of vampires from early Greek and Slavic folklore to present-day popular culture.
Categories: Literary Criticism

The Cumulative Book Index

The Cumulative Book Index



ISBN: UOM:39015058373815

Category: American literature


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A world list of books in the English language.
Categories: American literature

Lesbian Gothic

Lesbian Gothic

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories ( Harmondsworth : Penguin , 1988 ) .
Radcliffe , Anne , The Mysteries of Udolpho [ 1794 ] ( Oxford : Oxford University
Press , 1966 ) . Reynolds , Margaret ( ed . ) , The Penguin Book of Lesbian Short

Author: Paulina Palmer

Publisher: Burns & Oates

ISBN: 0304701548

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 168

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Tracing the growth of lesbian Gothic fiction over the 25 years since the advent of the Women's Movement and Gay Liberation in the 1970s, this text discusses a wide selection of novels and stories, contextualizing and re-evaluating them in the light of changing currents in lesbian/queer culture and politics. The figure of the lesbian, frequently portrayed in a homophobic/misogynistic light, has long been a standard component of popular Gothic fiction and film. The author argues, however, that in more contemporary fiction, motifs and modes of fiction with Gothic associations, such as the witch, the vampire, the spectral visitor and the Gothic thriller, have been appropriated by writers adopting a lesbian viewpoint to articulate the transgressive aspect of lesbian sexuality and existence.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Our Vampires Ourselves

Our Vampires  Ourselves

Hollywood Gothic: The Tangled Web of Dracula from Novel to Stage to Screen (
New York and London: W. W. Norton, 1990), p. ... George Gordon, Lord Byron, "
Fragment of a Novel" (1816; reprinted in The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories,

Author: Nina Auerbach

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226032019

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 231

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Sometimes bewitchingly erotic, sometimes repellent, sometimes ravenous, vampires embody their societies' fears and forbidden dreams. In this wry, original book, literary critic and vampire enthusiast Nina Auerbach shows how every age embraces the vampire it needs and, at the same time, gets the vampire it deserves.
Categories: Literary Criticism

The Undead Among Us The Figure of the Vampire as the Unknown Other and Its Representation in True Blood

The Undead Among Us   The Figure of the Vampire as the  Unknown Other  and Its Representation in  True Blood

Carter, Margaret L. “The Vampire as Alien in Contemporary Fiction. ... Cambridge
, UK: Cambridge University Press, 239-248. Claes, Oliver. Fremde. Vampire.
Sexualität, Tod und Kunst bei Elfriede Jelinek und ... NY: Penguin Books, 2003.

Author: Felicitas Schott


ISBN: 9783842821859

Category: Art

Page: 67

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Drakul. Nosferatu. Upyr. Vampyre. There have been many names for what we know today as the vampire. For over a century, literature, television, cinema and many other areas in our daily lives cannot be imagined without the appearance of this fictional character. Almost everyone is familiar with the image of the walking undead that creeps out of its coffin at night and sucks the blood out of humans. The undead has always been appealing to its audience. It is the ‘otherness’ of such monsters, their frightful darkness and exoticism that makes them so interesting. This book deals with the figure of the vampire regarded as the ‘unknown other’ and how it is fictionally represented in the American TV series True Blood (2008 - ). Considering both psychoanalytical concepts as well identity theory, the author depicts the literary and cinematographic development of the fictional figure of the vampire since the late nineteenth century, and analyzes different representations of the vampire and its “otherness” as well as their appeal to the audience in the True Blood.
Categories: Art

The Vampire Encyclopedia

The Vampire Encyclopedia

Appendix 1 / Short Stories The Midnight People . New York : Popular Library ,
1968 . Vampire ... The Mammoth Book of Vampires . New York : Carroll and Graf ,
1992 . ... The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories . New York : Doubleday , 1987 .

Author: Matthew Bunson

Publisher: Gramercy

ISBN: IND:30000067915300

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 303

View: 160

A reference source on vampires, with over 2,000 entries. This single-volume covers vampires in art, literature, film and television.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Vampire Gallery

The Vampire Gallery

The psychic vampire had met his match . SOURCES : Blackwood , Algernon . “
The Transfer . ” 1912 . Reprinted in Ryan , Alan , ed . The Penguin Book of
Vampire Stories : Two Centuries of Great Stories with a Bite . New York : Penguin
Books ...

Author: J. Gordon Melton

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: UOM:39015084492621

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 500

View: 595

Presents profiles of famous vampires since the 18th century, including Barnabas Collins, Count Dracula, Lord Ruthven, and Graf Orlock
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

Vampire Lore

Vampire Lore

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories . New York : Penguin Books , 1988 .
Saberhagen , Fred . The Dracula Tape . New York : Ace Books , 1975 . Salatko-
Petrišče , Valerij . “ O durnom glaze i vampirax . ” Novoe Russkoe Slovo . New
York , 21 ...

Author: Jan Louis Perkowski

Publisher: Slavica Pub

ISBN: IND:30000126696867

Category: Social Science

Page: 618

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Categories: Social Science

Prism s

Prism s

Montague Summers , The Vampire : His Kith and Kin ( New York : University
Books , 1960 ) ; Leonard Wolf , A Dream of ... Creation Books , 1999 ) ; Alan Ryan
, ed . , The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories ( New York : Penguin Books , 1987 )



ISBN: STANFORD:36105123821790

Category: Romanticism


View: 427

Categories: Romanticism

The Lure of the Vampire

The Lure of the Vampire

Gender, Fiction and Fandom from Bram Stoker to Buffy Milly Williamson. Radway
, J ... Penguin . _ ( 1993 ) The Vampire Companion : The Official Guide to Anne
Rice ' s Vampire Chronicles . ... The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories . London ...

Author: Milly Williamson

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: 190476441X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 213

View: 353

This title explores the enduring myth of Dracula and vampires and just why it has remained so popular for so long.
Categories: Performing Arts

Writer s Guide to Book Editors Publishers and Literary Agents 1999 2000

Writer s Guide to Book Editors  Publishers and Literary Agents  1999 2000

Many Viking hardcover books are reprinted in Penguin paperback editions . ...
and epilogue by James R . Mellow ) ; The Gangster of Love by Jessica Hagedorn
; The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories ( edited by Alan Ryan ) ; An Octave Above

Author: Jeff Herman

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles

ISBN: 0761513531

Category: Authorship

Page: 984

View: 512

Over the years, "Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents has helped thousands of writers just like you get their books published. With the best and most up-to-date listings of key book publishing insiders, "Writer's Guide gets you past the reject piles and into the hands of the right people. Nowhere else will you find the detail, the insight, the depth. Nowhere else will you find the solid inside information. "Writer's Guide is your key to book publishing success. It gets you inside. It gets you noticed. Your talent will do the rest. "Beats the pants off "Writer's Market." --Michael Werner, coauthor of "Databases for Businesses and "Using Lotus 1-2-3 "This guide started my book publishing career." --Marcos McPeek Villatoro, author of "A Fire in the Earth, They Say That I Am Two, and "Walking to La Milpa "The finest lead source that I've ever seen. A must buy for every writer, published or not!" --Derek Savage, author of "The Second Coming and "The Dancer "Invaluable information, from query letter to book proposal. This book has made my dreams come true." --Eileen Oster, author of "The Healing Mind "This book got my foot in the door." --Wynn Goldsmith, writer "A masterpiece. I have never found so much practical information in this type of book before." --Walter Lambert, author of "Healing the Trauma of Divorce "As a writer and literary agent, this book has been invaluable." --Mary N. Oluonye, O-Squared Literary Agency "Jeff Herman has crammed a generous helping of information and advice into this invaluable book." --Paul Nathan, "Publishers Weekly ""Writer's Guide haseclipsed both "Literary Market Place and "Writer's Market as a source of projects for our agency. At least a third of our sales last year came as a result of this book." --Michael Snell, Michael Snell Literary Agency About the Author /Jeff Herman is founder of The Jeff Herman Literary Agency, one of New York's leading agencies for writers. He has sold hundreds of titles and represents dozens of top authors.
Categories: Authorship

Bram Stoker s Dracula

Bram Stoker s Dracula

John Polidori , “ The Vampyre , ” in The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories , ed .
Alan Ryan ( New York : Penguin , 1987 ) , p . 12 . Subsequent quotations are
from this anthology . Carrol L . Fry , " Fictional Conventions and Sexuality in
Dracula ...

Author: Elizabeth Miller

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: STANFORD:36105119480536

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

View: 780

Discusses the life and Dracula writings of British horror writer Bram Stoker. Includes his influences and sources and the history of the work's publication.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Cultured Vampires

Cultured Vampires

31 Accounts from the 1790s describe the sale of books as increasing fourfold in
twenty years . Lackington , although a " not always ... The Penguin Book of
Vampire Stories : ( New York : Penguin , 1987 ) 7-24 . Leo Lowenthal , Literature
and ...

Author: Kenneth Mencher




Page: 112

View: 308


Where Angels Fear to Hover

Where Angels Fear to Hover

London : Titan Books , 1994 . Paglia , Camille . Sexual Personae : Art and
Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson . London : Penguin Books , 1991 .
Paglia , Camille . Vamps ... The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories . NY : Penguin ,
1998 .

Author: Katarzyna Ancuta

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015063282779

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 205

View: 750

Gothic and Horror have been perceived as intertwined ever since their coming into existence. Although initially emerging as clearly delineated literary genres, in the late 20th century we can speak of their transition into more open cultural categories. Gothic and Horror influences, previously limited to books and films, predominate in contemporary art, fashion, theatrical and performance art, video and multimedia installations, music, video and computer games. Gothic and Horror have invaded the language of politics and resulted in the formation of a number of subcultures styling their lives accordingly. The awareness of the above makes us realise that the insistence on the treatment of Gothic and Horror as separate genres is at least limiting, if not unacceptable. An alternative offered by this book, resulting from a thorough examination of the presence of Gothic and Horror conventions in contemporary culture, calls for an introduction of two new classificatory units, referred to in the book as Gothic and Horror syndromes, which can be brought down to the representations of disease and meat respectively.
Categories: Literary Criticism

The Enduring Lure of the Vampire

The Enduring Lure of the Vampire

Dracula : The Vampire and the Critics . Ed . Margaret L Carter . Ann Arbor : UMI ,
1988. 57-67 . Rymer , James Malcolm . “ Varney the Vampire , or , the Feast of
Blood ( excerpt ) . ” 1845 . The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories . Ed . Alan Ryan

Author: Amanda Z. McGuire


ISBN: MSU:31293023716602

Category: Electronic dissertations

Page: 242

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Categories: Electronic dissertations