The Other Side of Power

The Other Side of Power

Power—we all want it, we all need it. We feel its effects in our business, family, and personal relationships. In this accessible volume, Dr. Steiner shows how everyone can be powerful without being power-hungry.

Author: Claude Steiner

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802157768

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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Claude M. Steiner (1935 to 2017) was a bestselling author and psychotherapist who pioneered the popular field of Transactional Analysis, which involves analysis of an individual’s social interactions as a basis for understanding behavior. First published in 1981 and now back in print with a new package, The Other Side of Power is the sequel to Dr. Steiner’s influential Scripts People Live and feels as relevant today as ever. Power—we all want it, we all need it. We feel its effects in our business, family, and personal relationships. In this accessible volume, Dr. Steiner shows how everyone can be powerful without being power-hungry. Instead of chasing the increasingly empty and improbably “conventional American power dream,” as Dr. Steiner puts it, the other side of power—our own personal strengths—can be used to get us what we want. This humane approach is not predicated upon the exploitation or manipulation of others, which leads to power for the few and not the many. In clear terms and with specific examples, the author shows how to draw instead upon individual strengths to neutralize and turn to advantage situations that could otherwise result in feeling of powerlessness. The Other Side of Power teaches us that once we understand the nature of power, we can learn to deal with it more comfortably and use it toward more rewarding personal and professional relationships. Dr. Steiner’s classic in psychological theory offers a meaningful and practical guide to harnessing the other side of power.
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Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis

Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis

Dominique Hecq 11 The Impossible Power of Psychoanalysis The Other Side of
Psychoanalysis is Lacan's most political seminar, beginning as it does during the
student unrest following the disappointing contestation of May 1968. Moreover ...

Author: Justin Clemens

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822337193

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 331

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DIVArticles by noted Lacanian psychoanalysts and scholars discussing issues that emerge in Lacan's Seminar XVII (newly translated) that import fields of psychoanalysis, philosophy, political theory, cultural studies and literary studies./div
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The Other Side of Criminology

The Other Side of Criminology

The presence of power is evident, incontestable. Those who are capable of
restricting the behavior alternatives of others, have power. In the criminal justice
system this power is far-reaching: it can coerce and it can – notably by means of ...

Author: Gerardus Petrus Hoefnagels

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401744959

Category: Social Science

Page: 181

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Didactically, a textbook of criminology should start at the beginning. The learning process, also an emotional process, begins in criminology with the concepts, views, emotions, attitudes and ideas we have regarding crime and criminals. Exploration of these underlying factors is one of the aims of the present book. We can free our thinking only by being aware of the significance of our own feelings and thoughts about a phenomenon like crime. 'That is the basic problem confronting us. In scien tific thinking implicit postulates as to the sensus communis, unless recognized and 1 neutralized, grow into idols.' The fight against crime is one example of such an idol. Crimes and criminals exist only by virtue of reactions to certain forms of be havior. For this reason this book will begin by examining the reactions of society to crime. Criminology is primarily a science of others than offenders. In this sense I invert criminology. The history of criminology is not so much a history of offenders, 2 as a history of the reactions of those in power.
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The Other Side of Sales

The Other Side of Sales

A tender is a very powerful tool to create perceived power. When you are
participating as a supplier, you never know exactly who your competitors are for
each specification you bid on. Even if you are the only one able to provide a
specific ...

Author: Mark Schenkius

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789492744043

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 112

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Whether it is in sports, in games or in business, the ones who are most successful are often the ones who know how to think like their opponent. And especially in the continuously evolving world of buying and selling, will these insights truly make the difference. Want to put an end to lost sales or decreasing margins? Re-think the relationship with your buyer. In The Other Side of Sales author Mark Schenkius crosses over to the other side of the table and shares his secrets from almost two decades of experience in negotiations and procurement. The book even reveals what power the buyer and seller have in all possible situations and how sellers can act on this. By creating the right strategies, sellers can decide to use pressure or build a long-term relationship with buyers. Packed with new content, fresh insights and a unique set of 47 questions, this book is undeniably a game-changer for any sales professional.
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The Other Side of Christmas

The Other Side of Christmas

The Power of Eventually The cleaned refrigerator, replaced zipper, readied stack
of items for recycling, mended gate, rewired lamp, written thank-you notes, a
thrice-rescheduled appointment kept: timeless acts of peace. The risk of holding
on ...

Author: C R Cooper

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 9781490816692

Category: Poetry

Page: 64

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The poems in this book are my experience of God as I have gone about my day: stern, consoling, playful, compassionate, forgiving, just, and the list goes on. What is clear to me is His willingness to be involved in very trivial matters. I hope this book will inspire others to look for God’s presence in whatever situations they encounter.
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The Other Side of Suicide

The Other Side of Suicide

I have power to lay it down, andI have power to take it again. ... that this person
states that their selfidentity is primarily characterized by devotional allegiance to
this Supreme Power.Other loyaltiestofamily, friends, community, etc. arenot ...

Author: Robert Colacurcio

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503532229

Category: Fiction

Page: 132

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I write this book in a social milieu where telecommunications can make a very private act globally public in a moment. A question I don’t consider is whether and to what extent the publicity attendant on a potential suicide inclines one toward or against the follow through. I suspect that it figures in, but what it amounts to in the end differs widely in each case. What I do have in mind is a rather full discussion and consideration of a host of questions I don’t hear being asked in the discussion of suicide today. In fact, I find the comments from most media talking heads to be either sincerely trite or politely banal. But then, one shouldn’t expect an in depth exploration of any side of the suicide question from the popular media. Where one should expect a more thorough investigation, however, is from the spokespeople representing our culture’s philosophical and theological traditions. What I hear most often has been said before, often in a context where the authoritative spokesmen for the Church issue blanket condemnations backed up by the written codes of civil law, canon law, moral law or natural law. Authorization for this outright condemnation of suicide, ipso facto, has always been backed up by law of some kind and its interpretation to the people in the pew or the public at large.
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The Other Side of Innovation

The Other Side of Innovation

Trap 3: Reinforcing the Dominance of Performance Engine Power Centers Most
organizations have a function that is the power center. In consumer products
companies, for example, the marketing function tends to be the most powerful.

Author: Vijay Govindarajan

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 9781422166963

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

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The authors reveal how to execute an innovation initiative. Regardless of the type of initiative, the crux of the challenge is that business organizations are not designed for innovation; they are designed for ongoing operations. And there are deep and fundamental conflicts between the two.
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The Other Side of Jordan and Other Full Length Plays Book One

The Other Side of Jordan and Other Full Length Plays  Book One

power is here! And they have all shown up here for one purpose and one
purpose only and that is that they may escort us into the room where our son's
body now lies so that they may manifest in no uncertain way the pure and miracle
working ...

Author: Samuel Williams

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490701509

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 340

View: 280

The Other Side of Jordan and Other Full Length Plays by Samuel Williams is book number one in a four-book series of plays. This book contains four of Williams' most powerful and relevant Christian plays to date. Readers are sure to be enlightened, entertained and riveted to their seats as the writer magically takes them through a litany of experinces that are sure to permanently and positively change the fundamental way that they see life and the world around them. If Christian reading is your genre of choice, then truly this book will be perfect for you. Far warning: Be prepared to change the way you see the world and your surrounding forever! A tribute that is rarely, if ever, paid to a books of plays.
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The Other Side of Kabbalah

The    Other Side    of Kabbalah

The precariousness of the distinction between divine and demonic is reflected in
the oscillations in their relative power. Some kabbalistic texts tell us that the
demonic was created for holy purposes, above all to punish the wicked, and thus

Author: Nathaniel Berman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004386198

Category: Religion

Page: 326

View: 201

Divine and Demonic in the Poetic Mythology of the Zohar offers a new interpretation of the Kabbalistic “Other Side,” exploring the intimacies and antagonisms of divine and demonic, and showing how the Zoharic literature contributes to thinking about alterity generally.
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The Other Side of Air

The Other Side of Air

From Jeanne Braselton, author of the crtically acclaimed A False Sense of Well Being comes an irresistible new novel about the power of enduring love, poignantly told by an unforgettable narrator who’s watching from her place on “the ...

Author: Jeanne Braselton

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307489203

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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From Jeanne Braselton, author of the crtically acclaimed A False Sense of Well Being comes an irresistible new novel about the power of enduring love, poignantly told by an unforgettable narrator who’s watching from her place on “the other side of air.” Katy Doyal has loved her husband, Ephraim, since their very first meeting in Rome, Georgia, when she was eight years old. Now, realizing that her time on earth is slipping away, Katy is determined to leave behind an orderly life and enlists the help of a stranger–a middle-aged, robust, wild-haired woman named Rose–to become a caretaker to her dear, dotty curmudgeon. After Katy passes, Ephraim is surprised to notice that his grief is easier to bear thanks to the arrival of this outsider. Even Katy, observing the events from the great beyond, is pleased. If only Katy and Ephraim’s only child, Wyatt, could be so accepting. After moving to California to start his own life, Wyatt is still unable to escape his feelings of insecurity and exclusion from his parent’s ironclad union–a neediness that endangers his own marriage, and threatens to overshadow his mother’s death and upstage his father’s mourning. But Rose isn’t about to let anything distract her from her sacred mission. And Katy–watching her family embracing life and love again–knows she needs to let go before she can earn “her wings.” From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Other Side of S E L F

The Other Side of S E L F

Leaders have great power! It seems to be an understatement to say leaders exert
great power over people. This power can be exercised in a manner that will
destroy the followers, or it can infuse the followers and empower them as well to ...

Author: Dennis J. Burns

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453514849

Category: Self-Help

Page: 99

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What does real leadership look like? Is it all about just being the boss or the one in charge? The Other Side of S.E.L.F. explores these and other questions regarding the development of leaders moving from that which comes natural to our humanity to the development of true leadership skills. These skills move us from being “self-center” to being a “servant”, from “egotistical” to “evangelistic”, from “lustful” to “lonely”, and from “fearful” to “free”. The Other Side of S.E.L.F. offers a broad and yet deep study of what leadership should look like in both the secular and non-secular setting.
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The Other Side of 50

The Other Side of 50

The only course of action for us as humans, blessed with the power of choice and
the gift of knowledge, is how much are we willing to pay for security sufficient to
ensure our freedom. For freedom is not a commodity to be bartered. What's more

Author: Ostrow Author

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465332349

Category: Self-Help

Page: 250

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This manuscript that you are reading is not a book in the traditional sense of the word. It is rather a compilation of thoughts and experiences I have had and various treatises that I have felt compelled to write over the last few years. It is because of my desire to share these observations that I have decided to put them together. They all served to codify my thoughts and feelings and convey what I personally believe in areas of health of body, mind and spirit. Because some of these articles were written at different times, you may find certain truths repeated from time to time. Please forgive this and edit them out; it is my feeling that they serve to reinforce that which has helped me to arrive happily at three score and ten. I still refer back to this book as a resource and find its validity for me to be sustaining. If it helps you to have at least one happier day, it will have fulfilled its purpose.
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The Other Side of Language

The Other Side of Language

NOTES ON THE POWER OF DISCOURSE When responding to the philosophical
need to recover the inherently problematic nature of language we should,
furthermore, bear in mind the potentially defining aspect of every act of speech.

Author: Gemma Corradi Fiumara

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135630409

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 964

First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight

A businessman just like any other on a London morning, except that his air of
power sent the waiter scrambling with extra speed to fetch his coffee. And I'd
accompanied him at his request without question, like a servant. Before he could
speak, ...

Author: Simone St. James

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101621349

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 224

London, 1925. Glamorous medium Gloria Sutter made her fortune helping the bereaved contact loved ones killed during the Great War. Now she's been murdered at one of her own séances, after leaving a message requesting the help of her former friend and sole rival, Ellie Winter. Ellie doesn't contact the dead—at least, not anymore. She specializes in miraculously finding lost items. Still, she can't refuse the final request of the only other true psychic she has known. Now Ellie must delve into Gloria's secrets and plunge back into the world of hucksters, lowlifes, and fakes. Worse, she cannot shake the attentions of handsome James Hawley, a damaged war veteran who has dedicated himself to debunking psychics. As Ellie and James uncover the sinister mysteries of Gloria's life and death, Ellie is tormented by nightmarish visions that herald the grisly murders of those in Gloria's circle. And as Ellie’s uneasy partnership with James turns dangerously intimate, an insidious evil force begins to undermine their quest for clues, a force determined to bury the truth, and whoever seeks to expose it... From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Other Side And Back

The Other Side And Back

SYNERGISM When your power joins forces with the power of others for the
highest good, you can create a phenomenon called synergism, which with God's
blessing is one of the greatest sources of magic and miracles on earth. Webster's

Author: Sylvia Browne

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405515887

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 324

The Other Side and Back offers an unprecedented and comprehensive look at how the afterlife affects us in this life. Discover: astonishing insights into our everyday contact with guides and angels; the truth about hauntings, and why we should not be afraid; how psychics can solve missing persons cases and even murders; how psychic energy can keep us healthy and improve our relationships; why we should not fear death or ageing; the afterlife, and how we can all maintain contact with our loved ones; reincarnation, and how we can all discover our past lives; Easy exercises to promote healing, discover past lives, improve relationships, contact loved ones, create joy and much more; must-read predictions for the 21st century
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The Other Side of Alzheimer s

The Other Side of Alzheimer s

made him question with suspicion any suggestion or activity that was the slightest
bit unusual. Would he ever assign his power of attorney to me? I seriously
doubted it and spent anxious days trying to find a solution. Deciding I needed
another ...

Author: Martha-Lee B. Ellis

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452545707

Category: Self-Help

Page: 204

View: 339

Alzheimer’s and marriage is a complex combination of emotions. You change, too, when your spouse has Alzheimer’s. This is a poignant collection of personal experiences, moving from confusion, loneliness, and fear to understanding and peace. Knowledge of resources and connecting with others who are, or have been, faced with this consuming task help you find your way through the maze of many unanticipated challenges. Finding the support of others is critical to achieving acceptance of this life-changing event. With a sprinkling of humor, this becomes a story of the power of love, allowing you to survive it. “The Other Side of Alzheimer’s is written with honesty, sensitivity, and love. Every experience describes the physical, mental, and emotional challenges, while alluding to humor and hope. There are few published resources that deal with feelings of a spouse faced with a partner’s Alzheimer’s disease, and none I have read as good as this one. I found it to be a beautiful love story that any reader can appreciate.” —Carol Long, RN-BC Board Certified Gerontological Nurse Sozo Senior Wellness, Raleigh, North Carolina “Ms. Ellis has written a beautiful, insightful account of the journey through Alzheimer’s. It reveals how love, understanding and the acceptance of change can overcome any adversity. It applies to us all as we navigate through the ebb and flow of a significant relationship.” —Karen Brisendine Retired Electronics Industry Business Manager Caregiver “Martha-Lee Ellis has written a touching memoir that approaches Alzheimer’s from a wife’s perspective of a scary and unpredictable course. The Other Side of Alzheimer’s offers a lifeline to others going through this experience, enabling them to see that they are not alone. This story has something to benefit anyone facing this disease with their spouse.” —Michelle S. Brovitz, MS PA American Society of Clinical Pathologists Former Pathologist’s Assistant for hospitals nationwide
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The Other Side of the Sixties

The Other Side of the Sixties

Although they touted themselves as a nonpartisan conservative organization ,
YAFers had long since concluded that their path to power ran through the
Republican Party . Their problem was to avoid the snare of extremist politics
advocated by ...

Author: John A. Andrew

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813524016

Category: History

Page: 287

View: 463

What were young conservatives doing in the 1960s while SDS and SNCC were working to move the political center to the left? The Other Side of the Sixties offers a gripping account of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), an organization that became a leading force in promoting conservative ideas and that helped lay the groundwork for today's conservatism. John Andrew has mined unique archival material to document YAF's efforts to form a viable organization, define a new conservatism, attack the liberal establishment, and seize control of the Republican party, all while battling voter hostility and internal factionalism. The author also uncovers the Kennedy administration's use of the IRS to subvert YAF and other right-wing organizations through tax audits and investigations. By painting a more balanced portrait of political thinking in the sixties, Andrew offers a new and much needed look at the ideological atmosphere of a vibrant decade.
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The Other Side of Divine

The Other Side of Divine

“I need you all to know the power behind the I am. I need you to understand what
it means to be, as my subject for today stated, 'On fire for the Lord.' Listen to me
good because I need you to hear and understand. Before Moses became the ...

Author: Vanessa Davis Griggs

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9780758289278

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 792

Full of crazy church politics and a huge cast, Griggs keeps this on-going story alive by addressing the challenges of living by Biblical rules with homespun humor. --Publishers Weekly Paris Simmons-Holyfield is finally pregnant with the baby she's dreamed of for so long. There's just one complication: she's not sure who the father is. Apparently, after a night of drinking with her ex-coworker and ally Darius Connors, it could be him. Considering her husband's track record, chances are it is. Still, Paris prays it's not Darius, and decides to keep quiet about her worries. Especially because Darius isn't ready to give up on his crumbling marriage. . . Meanwhile, after a battle to keep her adopted daughter and an ugly confrontation with Paris's family, Gabrielle Mercedes has finally found love and happiness. But when her father shows up, paroled from prison, she fears she's in for another round of trouble. As all three navigate the path from sin to redemption, can they forgive their way to the other side? "I absolutely love Vanessa's unique writing style." --Mary Monroe, New York Times bestselling author
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Influence and Power

Influence and Power

... exercise of power over the other than vice versa, even if this has the
consequence that the side which has less power (resources) seems to exercise
more power and thus succeeds in obtaining compliance from the other side for
an outcome ...

Author: Ruth Zimmerling

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402029861

Category: Education

Page: 303

View: 184

"Exact but not exacting, this is a fine work of overview and analysis; it makes an excellent contribution to the literature on power and freedom." Philip Pettit, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics, Princeton University "In this work, the author assumes the task of a ‘logical clean-up’ – an extremely valuable contribution to the promotion of scientific rigour and clarity in political scholarship." [This book] "gives the reader orientation in a conceptual jungle." [It is] "an excellent analysis of the relationships between normative and social power." Ernesto Garzón Valdés, Prof. em.
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The Other Side of Fear

The Other Side of Fear

Yesterday is gone! We can kick and scream internally and externally about hurtful
, damaging, demeaning, Self-negating experiences, but we cannot change what
has happened any more than we can unring a bell. Now is the point of power.

Author: Dr. Jeanne Holland Crowther

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462826938

Category: Self-Help

Page: 319

View: 578

This book will help fellow travellers to become aware and learn how to change hurt or fear energy into love energy. Love energy can heal the holes in our emotional body, rejuvenate our physical body, and resurrect our spiritual body. In essence, in order to heal our love deficit, we must become free of our emotional garbage that was created by fear or any relative of fear. When we are free of fear, we can travel the love path and experience what Florence Scovel Shinn referred to as the square of life: health, wealth, love, and perfect Self expression.
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