The Opening Country

The Opening Country

Father had written his verdict without having done much walking in the area. My first day with Jay proved hard work. We started late. There was too much open country on a searing hot, still afternoon that arrived out of nowhere.

Author: John Micklewright

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781800461277

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

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In this journey of discovery, John Micklewright travels the slow way, on foot, on paths, tracks and byways from the Channel to the Alps – from the coast of Normandy to the flanks of Mont Blanc. The Opening Country is a beautifully written account of his progress through the French countryside, an evocative patchwork of landscape, nature, history, literature, film, and – drawing on his father’s diaries that stretch back to the 1930s – of memoir. Always curious, absorbing all around him, ready on a whim to divert from his chosen route as he heads unhurriedly southwards. The natural world unfolds as spring turns to summer with surprises of bird song and butterflies, against a constant background of reminders of the economic and social story of rural France and of wars past. The result is an engrossing record of a classic long-distance walk through Britain’s nearest continental neighbour. The Opening Country is a book to fire the imagination – a call to travel slowly, to open eyes and ears, to discover and explore.
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Diets of Families in the Open Country

Diets of Families in the Open Country

Nutritive value of diets , averages for open - country families in a Georgia county and an Ohio county , early summer 1945 _--4. Household size of families in equivalent persons and nutrition units , averages for open - country families ...

Author: Sadye Frances Adelson


ISBN: UIUC:30112019315255

Category: Agriculture

Page: 90

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This report is concerned with the nutritional quality of the diets of farm and nonfarm families living in the open country in a county in central Georgia and another in southern Ohio. Information for the report was collected in a survey made in the early summer of 1945; but data on food consumption and diet quality represent that season but the data on income refer to a 12-month period between January 1, 1944, and June 30, 1945.
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The Open Country

The Open Country



ISBN: UCLA:L0090369356

Category: Conservation biology

Page: 240

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The Apple Tree the Open Country

The Apple Tree  the Open Country

It is to be expected that in the long processes of time in many countries the number of varieties will accumulate to high numbers. No one knows all the kinds that have been named and propagated, but they run into many thousands.

Author: Liberty Hyde Bailey

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465535399



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Open Country Iowa

Open Country  Iowa

In 1949 , they moved to Open Country , where Henry took over his parents ' farm . His three sisters , who also grew up on the farm , had already left Open Country , married , and settled with their husbands in other states .

Author: Deborah Fink

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 1438402805

Category: Social Science

Page: 292

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Open Country, Iowa links anthropology and history in a woman’s perspective on the changing social patterns of rural Iowa communities. Using life stories which she has collected, Deborah Fink explores the experiences of today’s women. She traces them to past influences, beginning with the time of the first settlers, and shows how family, religion, and work have changed over the years. Her interpretation of social patterns as determined by the history of national politics, economics, kinship, and community culture, call into question some common understandings about the traditional role of women and about changes initiated by World War II.
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Open country Poverty in a Relatively Affluent Area the East North Central States

Open country Poverty in a Relatively Affluent Area  the East North Central States

11 / Land Utilization POVERTY AND THE FARM Households located in the open country are popularly supposed to consist mostly of farmers . But it has already been pointed out that 64 percent of the heads of survey households lived in ...

Author: Jeannette Fitzwilliams


ISBN: SRLF:DD0000802272

Category: Poverty

Page: 64

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Diets of Families in the Open Country

Diets of Families in the Open Country

a Georgia and an Ohio county, summer 1945 Sadye Frances Adelson, Ennis C. Blake.

Author: Sadye Frances Adelson


ISBN: UCAL:B3428856

Category: Diet

Page: 90

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Open Country

Open Country

People and Places Out of Town Jim Henderson. uusss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maenmaenmaenmaenmae-ooooo... Open Country -•□! OTHER PUBLICATIONS BY JIM HENDERSON Gunner Inglorious.

Author: Jim Henderson

Publisher: Raupo

ISBN: UCAL:B4615014

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