The Official Pokemon Fiction: Ash's Big Challenge

Author: Pokemon

Publisher: Pokemon

ISBN: 9781408351833

Category: Islands

Page: 98

View: 5609


Gotta Catch 'Em All! Join Ash as he embarks on the biggest Pokémon adventure of his life! Pokémon master-in-training Ash Ketchum is delighted when Professor Oak sends him on a very important mission - to capture a unique and mysterious Poké Ball. Ash, Brock and Misty begin their journey to the famed Orange Islands and meet a host of new friends - and old enemies...

Official Pokémon Fiction: Pokémon Unknown

Author: The Pokémon Company International

Publisher: Orchard Books

ISBN: 9781408362860


Page: 144

View: 4269


Ash and Pikachu are on their way to school when Tapu Koko, the Guardian of Melemele Island, makes an appearance. Tapu Koko puts Ash and his friends in charge of a mysterious new Pokémon just as strange things start to happen. Could this unknown Pokémon have anything to do with it? The latest adventure with Ash and Pikachu! Can you read them all? Check out the other books in the series: Book 1: Ash's Big Challenge Book 2: Pokémon Peril Book 3: The Orange League Book 4: Scyther vs Charizard Book 5: Race to Danger Book 6: Show Time! Book 7: Power Up Psyduck Book 8: The Winner's Cup Book 9: The Pokémon School Book 10: Alolan Challenge Book 11: Adventure on Treasure Island Book 12: Old Friends, New Battles

The Haunted Gym

Author: Tracey West

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780439429887

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Ash and his friends discover a gym that's haunted by ghost Poemon, but before they can leave, Togepi wanders off and gets captured by Team Rocket.