The nature of historical inquiry

Author: Leonard Mendes Marsak

Publisher: Holt McDougal

ISBN: 9780030785009

Category: History

Page: 181

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History and chronicle, by B. Croce.--History as a system, by J. Ortega y Gasset.--The idea of history, by R. G. Collingwood.--The historian's purpose; history and metahistory, by A. Bullock.--What are historians trying to do? By H. Pirenne.--What are historical facts? By C. Becker.--The concept of scientific history, by I. Berlin.--Reason in history, by G. W. F. Hegel.--The Hedgchog and the fox, by I. Berlin.--What is history? By E. H. Carr.--Faith and history, by R. Niebuhr.--The world and the west, by A. Toynbee.--Debates with historians, by P. Geyl.--Has history and meaning? By K. R. Popper.--Historical inevitability, by I. Berlin.--On fortune and misfortune in history, by J. Burckhardt.--Selected readings (p. 179-181).

The Nature of History Reader

Author: Keith Jenkins,Alun Munslow

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415240549

Category: History

Page: 352

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The question of what the nature of history is, is now a key issue for all students of history. It is now recognised by many that the past and history are different phenomena and that the way the past is actively historicised can be highly problematic and contested. Older metaphysical, ontological, epistemological, methodological and ethical assumptions can no longer be taken as read. In this timely collection, key pieces of writing by leading historians are reproduced and evaluated, with an explanation and critique of their character and assumptions, and how they reflect upon the nature of the history project. The authors respond to the view that the nature of history has become so disparate in assumption, approach and practice as to require an informed guide that is both self-reflexive, engaged, critical and innovative. This work seeks to aid a positive re-thinking of history today, and will be of use both to students and to their teachers.

The New Nature of History

Knowledge, Evidence, Language

Author: Arthur Marwick

Publisher: Red Globe Press

ISBN: 9780333922620

Category: History

Page: 334

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This new title is a totally rewritten version of The Nature of History, first published in 1970, with revised editions in 1981, and again in 1989. Addressing the key questions of what history is, and why and how one studies it, this is a positive affirmation of the vital importance to society of the study of the past, and of the many crucial learning outcomes which accrue from historical study. There is a great deal of new material, engaging with and rebutting postmodernist criticisms of the history of the historians, and explicating more fully the author's pioneering work on how exactly historians analyze and interpret primary sources, and how they write their articles and books. This is a book for all readers interested in history, and for students and writers of history at all levels.

Christianity and the Nature of History

Author: H. G. Wood

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107497787

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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Originally published in 1934, this book examines whether Christianity's emphasis on 'historic happenings' is 'in line with the nature of history as the modern historian conceives it', whether the Christian devotion to the historical person of Jesus can be justified, and considers the role of God's providence in human matters.

Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History

Author: Stephen Jay Gould

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393245209

Category: Science

Page: 352

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"[An] extraordinary book. . . . Mr. Gould is an exceptional combination of scientist and science writer. . . . He is thus exceptionally well placed to tell these stories, and he tells them with fervor and intelligence."—James Gleick, New York Times Book Review High in the Canadian Rockies is a small limestone quarry formed 530 million years ago called the Burgess Shale. It hold the remains of an ancient sea where dozens of strange creatures lived—a forgotten corner of evolution preserved in awesome detail. In this book Stephen Jay Gould explores what the Burgess Shale tells us about evolution and the nature of history.