The Music of the Primes

Why an Unsolved Problem in Mathematics Matters

Author: Marcus Du Sautoy

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 1841155799

Category: Number theory

Page: 335

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A history of mathematics from the cutting-edge of present-day research, this tells the story of the most idiosyncratic and most fundamental numbers in pure mathematics, the primes. When counting, primes (numbers only divisible by one and themselves) appear without any reason or rhythm. To a non-mathematician this may seem an oddity. To scientists the key to this seeming randomness, called the Riemann Hypothesis, is one of the most important enigma within Mathematics.

Numbers: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Peter M. Higgins

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199584052

Category: Mathematics

Page: 132

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In this Very Short Introduction Peter M. Higgins presents an overview of the number types featured in modern science and mathematics. Providing a non-technical account, he explores the evolution of the modern number system, examines the fascinating role of primes, and explains their role in contemporary cryptography.

The Riemann Hypothesis

Author: Roland van der Veen,Jan van de Craats

Publisher: The Mathematical Association of America

ISBN: 0883856506

Category: Mathematics

Page: 154

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This book introduces interested readers to one of the most famous and difficult open problems in mathematics: the Riemann Hypothesis. Finding a proof will not only make you famous, but also earns you a one million dollar prize. The book originated from an online internet course at the University of Amsterdam for mathematically talented secondary school students. Its aim was to bring them into contact with challenging university level mathematics and show them why the Riemann Hypothesis is such an important problem in mathematics. After taking this course, many participants decided to study in mathematics at university.

Balancing of interests

liber amicorum Peter Hay zum 70. Gerburtstag

Author: Hans-Eric Rasmussen-Bonne

Publisher: Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft

ISBN: 9783800514373

Category: Comparative law

Page: 533

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A Journey through the Hidden Lives of Numbers

Author: Marianne Freiberger,Rachel Thomas

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 178206155X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 190

View: 1392


Numericon tells the stories of the numbers, mathematical discoveries, oddities and personalities that have shaped the way we understand the world around us. Funny, bizarre, tragic and dramatic, these stories reveal the power, passion and beauty of mathematics. Each chapter is an intriguing story about a number, including why 3 is strong, e is natural and Graham's number is too big to write. Packed with quirky, informative facts and bound in a beautiful foil-blocked cover, this book will do for maths what The Etymologicon did for the English language.