Portland Storm: The Second Period

Author: Catherine Gayle

Publisher: Bons Mots, Inc.

ISBN: 1942177070

Category: Fiction

Page: 814

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A boxed set of three novels and two novellas in the Portland Storm hockey romance series by USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle. DELAY OF GAME Fourth-line winger Cam Johnson fights like hell for his team—even if he has to break the rules. A vigilante on the ice, Cam takes on all the battles, whether they’re his fight or not. The Portland Storm is his team—his family—and he’ll take down anyone who threatens them. When one of his on-ice battles lands him in the penalty box, the coach’s fiery daughter calls him for a Delay of Game. Now Cam has to finish what he started. Terrified that her father’s job as coach of the Storm will be the death of him, Sara Thomas wants nothing to do with the sexy hotheaded player who caused her dad to end up in the hospital. And Cam will do anything to rectify the damage he caused—even if it means taking the fall for something he didn’t do. After all, he’s the team enforcer. What he offers up just might save him, his coach, and Sara, too. DOUBLE MAJOR It’s the NHL’s draft day, but the whole Portland Storm team is back together for an entirely different event. Complete with a double wedding, an unanticipated guest, overdue apologies, unexpected goodbyes, and fresh starts, this big day has the potential to get them all called for a Double Major. IN THE ZONE One night. Unimaginable passion. Total anonymity. Star defenseman for the Portland Storm, Keith Burns welcomed the single night with a nameless beauty. The undeniable heat was exactly what he needed to let loose. When circumstances bring him face to face with Brianna Hayden after that night was long over, he wants to throw all the rules out the window. There’s no denying chemistry like theirs. But sometimes, desire isn’t enough… If they’re going to have more than one night, Brie wants it all. But a star athlete like Keith can’t drop his guard that easily hiding an ugly and painful past. Refusing to open up might land Keith in the sin bin—for good. Now Keith has to get In the Zone if he’s going to have any chance at scoring the one thing he wants the most—Brie’s heart. HOLIDAY HAT TRICK All Mitchell Quincey wants on his break from the Portland Storm this holiday season is to spend as much time as he can with his baby girl. If he can get his ex-wife to agree to joint custody, then it’ll be a holiday worth celebrating. But when he shows up on Mia’s doorstep, for the first time ever, Mitch is thrown off his game. He’s still 100% in love with her. Mitch’s unannounced arrival has Mia all out of sorts. To argue over the phone is one thing, but looking at the one man she’ll always love is harder than she thought. With her family surrounding them, Mia tries to keep Mitch at bay, but he’s always been able to leave her flustered—and hot. Suddenly, Mitch changes gears and has only one goal in sight: win back Mia’s heart for good. With assists from her family and a bit of mistletoe magic, Mitch just might end up with a Holiday Hat Trick. COMEBACK Recovering addict Nicklas Ericsson, star goaltender for the Portland Storm, is ready for a comeback—both on the ice and in his personal life. But when his sister begs for his help with an earth-shattering request he can’t refuse, Nicky worries the stress will send him over the edge into a relapse. As the vice-president of a non-profit organization, Jessica Lynch has worked with her fair share of addicts. She’s always managed to keep her distance and prevent them from pulling at her heartstrings—but Nicky Ericsson proves to be the one exception. Something about the goalie draws her to him. With an instant and mutual attraction, Nicky and Jessica explore the boundaries of their relationship. While Nicky struggles with his recovery, Jessica fears he won’t be able to handle all that’s been thrown his way. Will his addiction get the best of him, or can Nicky pull off the Comeback of a lifetime? The Portland Storm series reading order: 1. Breakaway 2. On the Fly 3. Taking a Shot 4. Light the Lamp 5. Delay of Game 6. Double Major 7. In the Zone 8. Holiday Hat Trick 9. Comeback 10. Dropping Gloves 11. Home Ice 12. Mistletoe Misconduct 13. Losing an Edge 14. Game Breaker 15. Defensive Zone 16. Power Play 17. Neutral Zone 18. Free Agent - coming soon 19. Journeyman - coming soon 20. Sleigh Bells & Slap Shots - coming soon The Portland Storm series is a hockey romance series, but it is about a lot more than just hockey. Serious themes are explored in each book, including rape, cancer, addiction, miscarriage, molestation, grief, and many others. If you have triggers, please be aware that some or all of these books could contain material which would trigger you. Even if you don't have triggers, consider this your tissue warning. You could ugly cry while reading them. KEYWORDS: sports romance, hockey romance, athlete, tearjerker, emotional romance, addiction, second chance romance, second epilogue, grief, death and dying, miscarriage, bbw, sexy romance


Author: Kylie Hillman

Publisher: DyMi Ink


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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The last thing he needs is to babysit a damsel in distress, especially one with a mouth like hers. Zali Mitchell. Gabbi’s little sister likes to stir drama. Stunningly beautiful and snarky by nature, she’s ready to emerge from her sister’s shadow and strike out on her own—if only she could get rid of her self-appointed guardian. Jep Haynes. He’s an asshole and not afraid to show it. Breaking the rules is his way of flipping the universe a middle finger for the shitty hand he was dealt. Except, the trail of women and betrayed friends he leaves in his wake are cold comfort when there’s no family left to care. When Hooligan demands that he keep Zali from getting herself into trouble in the city, Jep knows he’s in for a hell of a fight. She’s hell-bent on self-destruction and happy to take him down with her. It doesn’t take long before he realises her bitch act is nothing but a cry for help, and that the man who cares about no one might be the only person capable of saving her. Dissent is the third book in the Black Hearts MMA series by Kylie Hillman. Prepare to meet the most loathsome duo imaginable. Apart, they’re irredeemable. Together, they might actually become palatable. *Non-cliffhanger, full length novel. Can be read as a standalone, however Dissent does contain some spoilers for the first two books in the Black Hearts MMA series - Brawl (book one) and Conflict (book two). The Black Hearts MMA series: Brawl Conflict Dissent Execute KEYWORDS: sports romance, sports romance google books, sports romance free books, college sports romance, sports romance books, sports romance google unlimited, sports romance series, sports romance free google books, sports romance young adult, sports romance audible, sports romance MMA, sports romance box set, sports romance babies, sports romance college, sports romance free, sports romance free books girls, sports romance high school, sports romance google books free, sports romance google unlimited books, sports romance novels, sports romance quick read, sports romance prime, sports romance pregnancy, sports romance series free google books, sports romance set, sports romance teen, sports romance australian, sports romance ya, sports romance movies, sports romance novels, best sports romance novels, sports romance books 2017, contemporary sports romance novels, contemporary sports romance books, mma romance, mma fighter romance, mma, mma romance free google books, mma fighter romance series, mma fighter romance free google books, mma romance books, mma training, mma romance google unlimited, mma baby romance, mma books, mma dark romance, mma dark, mma conditioning, mma fighter, mma fighter romance books free, mma fighter series, mma fighting romance, mma fighter romance free, mma fiction, mma fighter second chance, mma innocent, MMA australian, mma romance novels, mma romance google books, mma romance series, mma romance free books, mma romance free, mma series, mma stepbrother romance, mma security romance, mma women fighter romance, age gap, age gap romance, age gap younger woman romance, age gap romance books, age gap older woman romance, age gap mc, age gap daddy, age gap books, age gap love, relationship age gap, age gap relationships, age gap relationship, age gap in relationships, age gaps in relationships, dating age gaps, dating age gap, age gaps in dating, age gaps, age gap in dating, age gap dating, age gap between men and women, marriage age gap, age gap marriages, age gap marriage, age gap in marriage, age gap dating sites, 10 year age gap, relationship, 12 year age gap, 10 year age gap, couples with age gaps, cougar age gap, age gap relationship problems, age gap relationship advice, 20 year age gap