The Mind a Fortress of Riches Wealth

The Mind a Fortress of Riches   Wealth

This book will change your life forever, no one is born lesser to another person.

Author: Ernest A Robinson

Publisher: Mvb

ISBN: 3000690204


Page: 244

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This book will change your life forever, no one is born lesser to another person. There is power to all and is available to all in equal measure and that power is the power of our Minds. In addition, let me also say that I am a middle age man with 17 years of professional career experience and very highly educated, furthermore; I have lived in many different countries and speak few foreign languages, so do know what I am about to share with you in this book based on my experiences and research. At one point in my life, I wanted to understand why is it that certain things are not working in my life the way they should. So, the quest to understand this drove me into searching for answer/s. But what I discovered was that what I was seeking is within me (my Mind). Therefore, I would need to find them within me through the power of my Mind, no religion, motivational speaker/seminar can give it to me but I've to discover it and open myself, by means of unlocking it and give it access to manage my (life) daily physical activities, then, I can get what I want in life. "For ye shall know the truth and the truth that you know shall set you free", not my truth or someone's truth because truth differs, but the truth that you know that you know shall set you free. It must be settled in you, the conviction of knowing and believing in that which you know is true shall set you free. Every day, I wake up between 2:30am-3:00am and stay awake for about 30 minutes to an hour asking questions and understanding me. What I've frequent asked is "who am I", where am I and where am I going to, if there is a creator or a force (God) or something invisible can I talk to him? Is there another me besides the person laying down in this bed? If yes, to whom does that invisible me connects to or is He/ it independent? What is the purpose of my being & physical body? Am I controlled or I am in control? Why am I on earth? As I ask these questions with deep curiosity to know, I can sense something in me; I discovered that I have power beyond the surface of my physical being which is my Mind. But I would need to believe and convince myself that whatsoever I am thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling is true and to the extend I am persuaded, otherwise it is not. So, if I am feeling sick, poor, disappointed, rejected from a job interview, feeling failed, lack etc until and to the extent I persuade myself that they are true, otherwise they are not true. What I discovered during the quietness and meditations took me to places I did not expect, to the discovery of life and immense power within me (my Mind). You must realize that anything in the physical has first being in the Mind (Spirit) of a Man/Woman that gave it birth or brought it to life. Everything starts in the Mind, success, failure, love, hate, money, poverty, lack, fear, racism, injustice, health, sickness, happiness, sadness you name it. For my Christian readers, your Holy Book (Bible) says "As a Man/Woman thinks so he/she is". So, if anyone is made to realize that the power to change/achieve/have/possess anything in their life lies in their (Mind) and they can activate/open that gateway or door to the paradise of their dreams/desires then the purpose in which this book is dedicated to is accomplished.Whatsoever the mind of man/woman can perceive and believe the Mind can achieve regardless how many off/bad days you have had.The Mind is center of our being which connect us to our invisible self, the "I" in us, and it's that "I" that does not know failure, disappointment, setbacks, fear, limitations, defeats, hate, racism, discrimination, sickness even death until you so believe and convince yourself that it is so, then you would have them. It is that "I" who springs into action unaided whenever you call upon Him for help, guardians, wisdom, direction courage, motivation, success, and support.....This book will help achieve all that you want & desire in life. ALL IN THE MIND.

New Wilson s OT Word Studies Wilson

New Wilson  s OT Word Studies  Wilson

2 16 חֵיל 16 17 8 т s T S STRONG , STRENGTH , STRENGTHEN to a mind determined to act with resolution , firmness , 13d 47 172x adj . strong , mighty ... nya wealth , riches ; strength of the earth , its fruit , produce . m . fortress .

Author: William Wilson

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 0825496969



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299 Days The 17th Irregulars

299 Days  The 17th Irregulars

Then Rich saw something that changed his mind about breezing through Frederickson as Bennington turned down Silver Street toward the courthouse. It was a fortress, barricaded with guards two blocks out and a machine gun nest one block ...

Author: Glen Tate

Publisher: Prepper Press

ISBN: 9780615828503

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 843

In some ways, post-Collapse life at Pierce Point resembles the every day normalcy that Grant and others still hoped would return. The community is organized and humming along smoothly, the young guys on the Team are partnering off with local "Team Chicks," and Grant's daughter has found a boyfriend. For most, the new reality has been accepted and a calm, self-sustaining groove is setting in. For others, though, life is far from normal. Special Forces Ted returns with an offer that cannot be refused. In the blink of an eye, Grant Matson has another title he can add to father-of-the-year and prepper-in-chief: Lieutenant Grant Matson, Commander of the 17th Irregulars. Grant and the Team are whisked away to Marion Farm, where they will train civilians and be trained to become a special squad in a Special Forces guerrilla group. The slower, simple life at Pierce Point is about to disappear to make way for a community that is well-trained and battle-ready, posed to fight the Loyalist opposition. This cannot happen fast enough, though. Gangs are growing steadily and the government is becoming a bigger threat to freedom and the nation. Violence is turning into an everyday occurrence outside of Pierce Point and it is only a matter of time before the peaceful community will need to protect itself from external dangers. Grant feels the weight on his shoulders as he now needs to protect not just his family, but the entire community, and possibly, all of Washington State.
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Praying the Scriptures

Praying the Scriptures

As poetry , the Psalms are especially rich in imagery . " Blessed be the LORD , my rock , " declares Psalm 144 , " my rock and my fortress , my stronghold and my deliverer , my shield , in whom I take refuge .

Author: Evan B. Howard

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830822011

Category: Religion

Page: 155

View: 586

Evan B. Howard shows Christians how to recover and reap the rewards of the vital practice of praying from Scripture.
Categories: Religion

The Bible Students Guide to the More Correct Understanding of the English Translation of the Old Testament by Reference to the Original Hebrew

The Bible Students Guide to the More Correct Understanding of the English Translation of the Old Testament  by Reference to the Original Hebrew

7 ° m . strength , might , valour ; ability of body or of mind ; wealth , riches ; the strength or fertile vigour of a tree . to be stronger than to prevail over any one ; Piel , to make firm , strengthen , properly feeble knees ...

Author: William Wilson



Category: Bible

Page: 566

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Categories: Bible

The Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

The Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

for anyone to become wealthy, first thing to learn is pay god first and yourself second. the main problem the rich really have is that they often trust in their riches, making htem their fortress instead of god. • do not love money!

Author: Stephan Jonathan Din

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.

ISBN: 9781506904900

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 68

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An In Depth Guide to How Anyone can become wealthy.
Categories: Business & Economics

Proverbs Ecclesiastes Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

Proverbs   Ecclesiastes  Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

This catena of texts associates wickedness, bribery, deceit, oppression, and usury with get-rich-quick schemes. ... gain riches” (11:16); “Why should fools have a price in hand / to buy wisdom, when they have no mind to learn?” (17:16).

Author: Daniel J. Treier

Publisher: Brazos Press

ISBN: 9781441235619

Category: Religion

Page: 282

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Pastors and leaders of the classical church interpreted the Bible theologically, believing Scripture as a whole witnessed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern interpreters of the Bible questioned this premise. But in recent decades, a critical mass of theologians and biblical scholars has begun to reassert the priority of a theological reading of Scripture. The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible enlists leading theologians to read and interpret Scripture for the twenty-first century. In this addition to the well-received series, Daniel Treier offers theological exegesis of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
Categories: Religion

Francis Bacon Discovery and the Art of Discourse

Francis Bacon  Discovery and the Art of Discourse

Moreover , although the rich imagine themselves to be made invulnerable by their wealth , their ' fortress ' is a figment of their imagination . More men sell themselves for riches than are saved ( bought out of danger ) by the outlay ...

Author: Lisa Jardine

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521204941

Category: Science

Page: 267

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A New York socialite who wasn't interested in fortune or fame? That was Judy Lovin who valued friendship, integrity and her career as a preschool teacher. Then her father's business collapsed, and his most powerful enemy offered to help, but under the condition that Judy would accompany him to a remote Caribbean island as his companion - nothing more. Since it meant so much to her family, Judy agreed. She suspected that he was probably a harmless lonely man. But she was so wrong. She didn't expect to meet a powerful, attractive loner who would stun her senses and capture her heart.
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On Being Rich and Poor

On Being Rich and Poor

However, during Amos's time, this fortress had been taken by the king of Assyria, which gave him a bridgehead to invade Egypt and Judah. This historical detail must be borne in mind when we read, “Proclaim to the strongholds of Ashdod ...

Author: Jacques Ellul

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442626263

Category: Philosophy

Page: 273

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In these talks, Ellul observes that some of the harshest language in the Jewish and Christian Bibles is reserved for those who are rich and powerful, and thus able to bend others to their will. Through his analysis of the prophetic vision of Amos and the epistle of James, Ellul exposes the gap between the principles of Christian life and the practices of the modern world. Critiquing a world that values domination over collaboration, he offers an alternative path.
Categories: Philosophy

The Final Testaments

The Final Testaments

The book of Proverbs says, “The wealth of the rich is their [meaningless] fortress; the poverty of the poor is their ... He made it clear that worldly riches are not compatible with peace of mind and true spiritual salvation.

Author: Uche Ephraim Chuku

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440120756

Category: Religion

Page: 296

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Lost children can return home safely if they possess critical information: their names, their parents' names, and their parents' correct address. Captive human spirits face a more monumental task since they animate human beings in the material universe, incapacitated by the fall from eternal glory of perfection. As humans, we often give too much of our attention to mundane daily life, forgetting our Father's name and where he dwells. Worst of all, many times, we do not even realize we are lost. Captive human spirits desiring spiritual salvation must first realize they are lost before they can rediscover their true selves. If they don't know where they came from, they cannot ask to return. They must seek and find a genuine guide and friend who can help direct them along the right pathway. Jesus Christ is the Father's sole redeemer for all the lost spirits in the universe. He has the divine mandate of our heavenly Father, and he is ready to help all who seek help concerning the stark realities of the material world. We all live the story of the prodigal son and should choose to return to the true God through Jesus Christ.
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