Lady in the Mist The Midwives Book 1

Lady in the Mist  The Midwives Book  1

Not much remained of Norfolk after the fire of five years earlier, not to mention the destruction caused by the British during the revolution. It was still the largest city within a day's travel, and the anchorage in Hampton Roads ...

Author: Laurie Alice Eakes

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 9781441214874

Category: Fiction

Page: 410

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By virtue of her profession as a midwife, Tabitha Eckles is the keeper of many secrets: the names of fathers of illegitimate children, the level of love and harmony within many a marriage, and now the identity of a man who may have caused his wife's death. Dominick Cherrett is a man with his own secret to keep: namely, what he, a British nobleman, is doing on American soil working as a bondsman in the home of Mayor Kendall, a Southern gentleman with his eye on a higher office. By chance one morning before the dawn has broken, Tabitha and Dominick cross paths on a misty beachhead, leading them on a twisted path through kidnappings, death threats, public disgrace, and . . . love? Can Tabitha trust Dominick? What might he be hiding? And can either of them find true love in a world that seems set against them? With stirring writing that puts readers directly into the story, Lady in the Mist expertly explores themes of identity, misperception, and love's discovery.
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Midwifery E Book

Midwifery   E Book

Pairman S. Workforce to Profession: An Exploration of New Zealand Midwifery's Professionalising Strategies from 1986 to 2005 (Doctoral ... Plante L. Mommy, what did you do in the Industrial Revolution? ... 2009;Spring 2(1):140–147.

Author: Jan Pincombe

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780729583350

Category: Medical

Page: 1390

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Perfect for: • Bachelor of Midwifery students • Postgraduate Midwifery students • Combined Nursing degree students • Combined Nursing degree students Midwifery: Preparation for Practice 3e is the definitive midwifery text for Australian and New Zealand midwifery students. The third edition continues to reinforce the established principles of midwifery philosophy and practice—that of working in partnership with women and midwifery autonomy in practice and from this perspective, presents the midwife as a primary healthcare practitioner. It carefully examines the very different maternity care systems in Australia and New Zealand, exploring both autonomous and collaborative practice and importantly documents the recent reforms in Australian midwifery practice. Midwifery: Preparation for Practice 3e places women and their babies safely at the centre of midwifery practice and will guide, inform and inspire midwifery students, recent graduates and experienced midwives alike. • Key contributors from Australia and New Zealand • Critical Thinking Exercises and Research Activities • Midwifery Practice Scenarios • Reflective Thinking Exercises and Case Studies • Instructor and Student resources on Evolve, including Test Bank questions, answers to Review Questions and PowerPoint presentations. • New chapter on Models of Health • Increased content on cultural considerations, human rights, sustainability, mental health, obesity in pregnancy, communication in complex situations, intervention, complications in pregnancy and birth and assisted reproduction • Midwifery Practice Scenarios throughout.
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The Midwives of Seventeenth Century London

The Midwives of Seventeenth Century London

Erickson, Robert A. "The books of generation: some observations on the style of the British Midwife books 1 671-1764." In Sexuality in eighteenth-century Britain, pp. 74-94. Edited by P. A. Bouce. Manchester: Manchester University Press ...

Author: Doreen Evenden

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521027854

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 280

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This book is the first comprehensive and detailed study of early modern midwives in seventeenth-century London. Midwives, as a group, have been dismissed by historians as being inadequately educated and trained for the task of child delivery. The Midwives of Seventeenth-Century London rejects these claims by exploring the midwives' training and their licensing in an unofficial apprenticeship by the Church. Dr. Evenden also offers an accurate depiction of the midwives in their socioeconomic context by examining a wide range of seventeenth-century sources. This expansive study not only recovers the names of almost one thousand women who worked as midwives in the twelve London parishes, but also brings to light details about their spouses, their families and their associates.
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A Midwife s Tale

A Midwife s Tale

The Rise of America's Hospital System (New York: Basic Books, 1987), p 7o 42 Such an attitude was not a quirk of frontier medicine ... p 202 46 MMB, August 1, 1788, Charles E. Rosenberg, “The Therapeutic Revolution: Medicine, Meaning, ...

Author: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307772985

Category: Social Science

Page: 464

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WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE Drawing on the diaries of one woman in eighteenth-century Maine, this intimate history illuminates the medical practices, household economies, religious rivalries, and sexual mores of the New England frontier. Between 1785 and 1812 a midwife and healer named Martha Ballard kept a diary that recorded her arduous work (in 27 years she attended 816 births) as well as her domestic life in Hallowell, Maine. On the basis of that diary, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich gives us an intimate and densely imagined portrait, not only of the industrious and reticent Martha Ballard but of her society. At once lively and impeccably scholarly, A Midwife's Tale is a triumph of history on a human scale.
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A Biographical History of England from Egbert the Great to the Revolution

A Biographical History of England  from Egbert the Great to the Revolution

1 99 Ibid . erase the whole article of Terne , together with the note belonging to it . Then add : Vera Efigies ROBERTI ... He was author of " Speculum Matricis , or the expert Midwife's Handmaid , " 1671 ; before which is his print .

Author: James Granger


ISBN: OSU:32435028595106

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Women in the American Revolution

Women in the American Revolution

Washington, Account Book, 1772–86, February 20, 1776, 51, April 28, 1784, 121. 58. ... William Augustine Washington, Account Book, 1776–1792, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Ulrich, A Midwife's Tale, 197–200.

Author: Barbara B. Oberg

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813942605

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

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Building on a quarter century of scholarship following the publication of the groundbreaking Women in the Age of the American Revolution, the engagingly written essays in this volume offer an updated answer to the question, What was life like for women in the era of the American Revolution? The contributors examine how women dealt with years of armed conflict and carried on their daily lives, exploring factors such as age, race, educational background, marital status, social class, and region. For patriot women the Revolution created opportunities—to market goods, find a new social status within the community, or gain power in the family. Those who remained loyal to the Crown, however, often saw their lives diminished—their property confiscated, their businesses failed, or their sense of security shattered. Some essays focus on individuals (Sarah Bache, Phillis Wheatley), while others address the impact of war on social or commercial interactions between men and women. Patriot women in occupied Boston fell in love with and married British soldiers; in Philadelphia women mobilized support for nonimportation; and in several major colonial cities wives took over the family business while their husbands fought. Together, these essays recover what the Revolution meant to and for women.
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From the Midwife s Bag to the Patient s File

From the Midwife s Bag to the Patient s File

Sociological Perspectives 38/1 (1995): 15–26. Posłuszna, Małgorzata. ... “The 1905 Revolution on the Siberian Railroad. ... Davide Rodogno, Bernhard Struck, and Jakob Vogel (New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2015), 259–78.

Author: Heike Karge

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9789633862094

Category: Medical

Page: 358

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This volume offers an analysis of the intertwined relationship between public health and the biopolitical dimensions of state- and nation building in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. It challenges the idea of diverging paths towards modernity of Europe’s western and eastern countries by not only identifying ideas, discourses and practices of “solving” public health issues that were shared among political regimes in the region; it also uncovers the ways in which, since the late nineteenth century, the biopolitical organization of the state both originated from and shaped an emerging common European framework. The broad range of local case studies stretches from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechoslovakia, the GDR, Greece and Hungary, to Poland, Serbia, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Taking a time span that begins in the late nineteenth century and ends in the post-socialist era, the book makes an original contribution to scholarship examining the relationship between public health, medicine, and state- and nation building in Europe’s long twentieth century. Close readings and dense descriptions of local discourses and practices of “public” health help to reflect on the transnational and global entanglements in the sphere of public health. In doing so, this volume facilitates comparisons on the regional, European, and global level.
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The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution

The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution

1, The Colonial Book in the Atlantic World, ed. ... Cathy Davidson, Revolution and the Word: The Rise of the Novel in America (New York: Oxford University Press, 1987); Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha ...

Author: Edward G. Gray

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190257767

Category: United States

Page: 700

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The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution draws on a wealth of new scholarship to create a vibrant dialogue among varied approaches to the revolution that made the United States. In thirty-three essays written by authorities on the period, the Handbook brings to life the diverse multitudes of colonial North America and their extraordinary struggles before, during, and after the eight-year-long civil war that secured the independence of thirteen rebel colonies from their erstwhile colonial parent. The chapters explore battles and diplomacy, economics and finance, law and culture, politics and society, gender, race, and religion. Its diverse cast of characters includes ordinary farmers and artisans, free and enslaved African Americans, Indians, and British and American statesmen and military leaders. In addition to expanding the Revolution's who, the Handbook broadens its where, portraying an event that far transcended the boundaries of what was to become the United States. It offers readers an American Revolution whose impact ranged far beyond the thirteen colonies. The Handbook's range of interpretive and methodological approaches captures the full scope of current revolutionary-era scholarship. Its authors, British and American scholars spanning several generations, include social, cultural, military, and imperial historians, as well as those who study politics, diplomacy, literature, gender, and sexuality. Together and separately, these essays demonstrate that the American Revolution remains a vibrant and inviting a subject of inquiry. Nothing comparable has been published in decades.
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Sensibility and the American Revolution

Sensibility and the American Revolution

Of all the branches of modern medicine, man-midwifery generated the most skepticism and resistance. ... New Jersey, whose baby fell sacrifice to ''2 Grandmother midwives, one of whom . . . ha[d] borrowed a sharp Knife and Sissars and ...

Author: Sarah Knott

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807838747

Category: History

Page: 352

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In the wake of American independence, it was clear that the new United States required novel political forms. Less obvious but no less revolutionary was the idea that the American people needed a new understanding of the self. Sensibility was a cultural movement that celebrated the human capacity for sympathy and sensitivity to the world. For individuals, it offered a means of self-transformation. For a nation lacking a monarch, state religion, or standing army, sensibility provided a means of cohesion. National independence and social interdependence facilitated one another. What Sarah Knott calls "the sentimental project" helped a new kind of citizen create a new kind of government. Knott paints sensibility as a political project whose fortunes rose and fell with the broader tides of the Revolutionary Atlantic world. Moving beyond traditional accounts of social unrest, republican and liberal ideology, and the rise of the autonomous individual, she offers an original interpretation of the American Revolution as a transformation of self and society.
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Proceedings of the First International Waterbirth Conference. Books for Midwives, Cheshire Leboyer F 1975 Birth without violence. Mandarin, London Lecky-Thompson M 1989 Water birthing. Celebrating a revolution in birth.

Author: Sally Pairman

Publisher: Elsevier Australia

ISBN: 9780729539289

Category: Medical

Page: 1097

View: 424

Specifically reflects the historical and socio-political environment in which midwives in Australia and New Zealand practice. This new edition has a greater emphasis on the development of critical thinking and researching skills.
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