The Magic of Baking Soda

Author: Emily Thacker

Publisher: James Direct, Inc.

ISBN: 1623970032

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Plain Old Baking Soda A Drugstore in A Box? Doctors & researchers have discovered baking soda has amazing healing properties! Over 600 health & Household Hints. Great Recipes Too! We all know baking soda works like magic around the house. It cleans, deodorizes & works wonders in the kitchen and in the garden. But did you know it’s an effective remedy for allergies, bladder infection, heart disorders… and MORE!

The Magic of Baking Soda

How to Use Baking Soda to Make Natural Remedies, Improve Personal Hygiene, Clean Your Household and More!

Author: Jane Moore

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781511736138


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The Magic of Baking Soda

Baking Soda Wonders!

Amazing Uses in Home Remedies, Household Hacks, Beauty and Health, Cooking, Personal Hygiene and More...

Author: Rubynnia Blues

Publisher: PublishDrive


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Cheap and Save Natural Product for Healthcare, Hygiene, Cleaning, Beauty And So On I am willing to guess the only time your baking soda sees the light of day is during the holiday pastry rush or when you encounter a funky smell each time you open the fridge. Within that bright colored forgotten box is a component to a diverse amount of medical, household, beauty and hygiene solutions. What makes baking soda idea for these solutions? Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate has antifungal, antiseptic and buffering powers to do the following: Eliminate odors Kill germs and microbes Neutralize and restore pH levels Unclog drains and pipes Exfoliate surfaces and skin easily Effective cleaning with added luster Car maintenance Inhibiting growth of weeds and lots more Baking soda has a finely gritty texture makes it an excellent and gentle abrasive cleaner. It is environmentally friendly, fragrance free, inexpensive and safe for nearly all surfaces, making it ideal for household use. As a mild abrasive product, it can also be used in place of toothpaste. Its irritating property makes it and pest and insect repellent. As an acid neutralizer, it has been long been favored for its first aid usage. Use it to sooth the itch of poison ivy and the discomfort of sunburn. Baking soda makes the perfect stand in for many personal care products, which are aiding the accumulation of pollutants in one’s body. Protect yourself and family from the array of toxins in commercial household cleaning products. Store bought cleaners can expose you to multiple chemicals clinked to cancer, asthma and other health problems. A preview of what is contained in this book: Personal Care and Hygiene Purposes Care for Oral Devices Soften Tough Calluses Relieve sour stomach or acid indigestion and heartburn Treat Skin Irritation Shaving Cleaning Purposes Surface Soft Scrub Clean Walls and Mirrors Clean Gas Stove Clean Cooking Pots and Pans Tackle Grease and Oil Stains Deodorizing Purposes Deodorize Trashcans Deodorize Toilets Deodorize Carpets and Rugs Remove Odor from Vacuum Cleaner Deodorize Foot wear Cooking Purposes Neutralize Gassy Beans Tenderize Beans Tenderizer Meat Make Tea Tastes Better Skin Chicken Get tip on how to dispose excess or unwanted baking soda for a better home care management.“/p> The amazing thing about baking soda is: it is very cheap, dirt cheap at that! You can do all these things and many more for a very small cost. It is truly a miracle product, whether it is used for baking or not. Download your copy to enjoy the amazing benefit of this product.

The Magic of Jelly

100 New & Favorite Recipes

Author: Sterling Publishing

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402725647

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Who doesn't love PB&J? Without jelly, a PB&J would just be Pretty Boring. And now, Welch's--the first name in jelly goodness--brings the grape to a whole new level. Take one bite of one of the more than 100 scrumptious recipes and you'll know why Welch's is one of the best brands in the market. Backed by Welch's own sales and marketing campaign, this one-of-a-kind vintage-fashion jelly cookbook--designed for both the hands-on chef and cookbook collector--is sure to fly off the shelves. First, you'll find a smorgasbord of mouth-watering recipes to satisfy any meal, including: marvelous main dishes, fabulous frozen treats, lunchbox favorites, easy entertaining, and delicious desserts. Plus, peruse the menagerie of advertising memorabilia, nostalgic nuance, and irresistible trivia that will bring the scrumptious story of the best grape jelly brand ever to a whole new generation.

Baking Soda

Over 500 Fabulous, Fun, and Frugal Uses You've Probably Never Thought Of

Author: Vicki Lansky

Publisher: Book Peddlers

ISBN: 1931863733

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This 7" x 6", 120 page book is fully indexed. Learn how baking soda was developed into a consumer product, how it works, and more importantly how to use it in an amazing number of ways. In fifteen different catagories, ranging from cooking and cleaning to hygience and home remedies, you'll find ideas you never thought of. Baking soda can be used for cooking, laundry, gardening, skin solutions, kitchen clean up, dental care, caring for kids, crafts and hobbies, bathroom clean up, grooming, pet problems, cars, and camping to name a few.

Culinary Landmarks

A Bibliography of Canadian Cookbooks, 1825-1949

Author: Elizabeth Driver

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802047904

Category: Cooking

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Culinary Landmarks is a definitive history and bibliography of Canadian cookbooks from the beginning, when La cuisinière bourgeoise was published in Quebec City in 1825, to the mid-twentieth century. Over the course of more than ten years Elizabeth Driver researched every cookbook published within the borders of present-day Canada, whether a locally authored text or a Canadian edition of a foreign work. Every type of recipe collection is included, from trade publishers' bestsellers and advertising cookbooks, to home economics textbooks and fund-raisers from church women's groups. The entries for over 2,200 individual titles are arranged chronologically by their province or territory of publication, revealing cooking and dining customs in each part of the country over 125 years. Full bibliographical descriptions of first and subsequent editions are augmented by author biographies and corporate histories of the food producers and kitchen-equipment manufacturers, who often published the books. Driver's excellent general introduction sets out the evolution of the cookbook genre in Canada, while brief introductions for each province identify regional differences in developments and trends. Four indexes and a 'Chronology of Canadian Cookbook History' provide other points of access to the wealth of material in this impressive reference book.

Save Make Do

Slash your grocery bill by living sustainably

Author: Lyn Webster

Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited

ISBN: 0143773518

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If you want to get ahead in life, both financially and sustainably, budgeting guru Lyn Webster can help. In Save Make Do, you will learn: - how to shop smarter - what to grow in your garden - the magic of baking soda and vinegar - 30 handy recipes (meals, treats and snacks; cleaning products and cosmetics) - clever ways to save, save, save With a Save Make Do attitude, you'll soon be on the road to financial freedom - by making simple, healthy and sustainable choices. Make a little go a LOT further. Previously published as Pig Tits & Parsley Sauce