The Lost Prophecies

Author: The Medieval Murderers

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1847399002

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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Amysterious book of prophecies written by a 6th century Irish monk has puzzled scholars through the ages. Foretelling wars, plagues and rebellions, the Black Book of Bran is said to have predicted the Black Death and the Gunpowder Plot. But is it the result of divine inspiration or the ravings of a madman? A hidden hoard of Saxon gold. A poisoned priest. A monk skinned alive in Westminster Abbey. Only one thing is certain: whoever comes into possession of the cursed book meets a gruesome and untimely end.

The Lost City

Author: D. K. Holmberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781975782610


Page: 390

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Brohmin heads south to understand how he can stop the Deshmahne before they attempt another attack where he encounters a new ally on a surprising mission. As he tries to learn more, he discovers not all is as it seems, and is forced to work for an enemy to save someone he deeply cares for. Isandra searches for the groeliin breeding grounds with the Antrilii, needing to learn skills she never imagined while still struggling with the loss of her Magi abilities. She must come to terms with who she is to help her companions and a surprising enemy.The fibers are restored, and Raime stopped once more, but Jakob knows he must push onward so that he can defeat Raime before he finds power again. Doing so takes him from his brother, now healed from the madness. He searches for his purpose along the fibers but finds only more questions. Somehow he must find the answers he seeks, but doing so means he needs to understand what he has become-and the power he now possesses-before Raime steals it from him.

Lost in Prophecy

An Urban Fantasy Novel

Author: SM Reine

Publisher: SM Reine

ISBN: 1496121341

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Elise Kavanagh is too busy liberating slaves in the City of Dis to worry about what’s happening on Earth. She hasn’t even noticed that more than three thousand people have gone missing—not until an anonymous client hires her organization, The Hunting Club, to rescue them. The man asking for help doesn’t seem to exist. But the trail of clues is too strange to ignore, and she finds herself caught in the investigation. Werewolf Alpha Rylie Gresham is absorbed in troubles of her own. The pack is disobeying her, and the cult camped out in Northgate seems to be the source of the problem. Her mate, Abel, has resolved to fix it one way or another—even if it means going over Rylie’s head and killing their enemies. Through secrets, lies, and assassination attempts, Elise and Rylie find that they have a new enemy in common. And what it takes to prevail might mean shattering the universe… keywords: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, werewolf romance, shapeshifter romance, angels, demons, science fiction romance

The Last Prophecy

The Antichrist and the Dramatic Fall of a Publishing Empire

Author: A. Escalona

Publisher: A. Escalona

ISBN: 1456351206

Category: Religion

Page: 154

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Enduring twelve years of misery was more than he could handle, and as the last resort, frustrated by his inability to redirect his life, he pleaded with God to take control of it. Soon after his request, to his disappointment, he found himself headed to prison. A few days later, to his surprise, he woke up in the middle of the night inside his dark and solitary cell to receive astonishing revelations. "One of the most prosperous companies in the publishing industry is about to collapse and, in the process, unveil the antichrist's identity." But not being enough, this augured downfall also validates the author's other predictions-his complete testimony, even the revelation of the most ancient secret: the mysterious nature of God...time. The Last Prophecy: The Antichrist and the Dramatic Fall of a Publishing Empire, is the title of this new book of nonfiction. In it, through an open, narrative style, the author shares a raft of personal experiences while exploring specific topics that are dividing believers nowadays. He analytically examines how Christianity has functioned under doctrinal censorship for centuries, and substantiates his arguments with tangible facts while investigating those questions that are most controversial for contemporary Christians. Should we address our prayers to God or to Jesus? What is the cause behind our sufferings? Is the Bible really a book of contradictions? Who goes to heaven? And, among many other questions, a universal concern-are we doomed to perish in 2012? All these questions have been answered before, but what it makes this book different is that the author answers them from a bilateral perspective and, thereby, a more realistic approach.

The Secrets of Early American Civilizations

The Decline of the Mayas and the Lost Cities of the Amazon

Author: Federico Puigdevall,Albert Cañagueral

Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 1502632675

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Television shows and movies emphasize gruesome rituals and violent warfare, but what was life really like in pre-Columbian cultures? This book presents a holistic view of Mayan and Amazonian civilizations and includes maps, stunning full-color photographs, and engaging sidebars about key figures. The book separates fact from fiction and demonstrates the rich history of the Americas.

The Last Olympian: The Graphic Novel (Percy Jackson Book 5)

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241342910

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

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Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian is the fifth awesome adventure in Rick Riordan's top-ten bestselling series. Half Boy. Half God. ALL Hero. Most people get presents on their sixteenth birthday. I get a prophecy that could save or destroy the world. It happens when you're the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea.According to an ancient prophecy, I turn sixteen and the fate of the entire world is on me. But no pressure. Now Kronos, Lord of the Titans, is beginning his attack on New York City. And the dreaded monster Typhon is also heading our way. So it's me and forty of my demi-god friends versus untold evil . . . ________ 'Riordan takes the reader back to the stories we love; then shakes the cobwebs out of them' Eoin Colfer 'Witty and inspired. Gripping, touching and deliciously satirical' The Times 'Puns, jokes and subtle wit, alongside a gripping storyline' Telegraph 'Perfectly paced, with electrifying moments chasing each other like heartbeats' New York Times 'It's Buffy meets Artemis Fowl. Thumbs up' Sunday Times 'Funny . . . very exciting . . . but it's the storytelling that will get readers hooked. After all, this is the stuff of legends' Guardian __________ The Percy Jackson series: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files The Heroes of Olympus series: The Lost Hero The Son Of Neptune The Mark of Athena The Heroes of Olympus: The Demigod Files The Kane Chronicles series: The Red Pyramid The Throne of Fire The Serpent's Shadow The Magnus Chase series: Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead The Trials of Apollo series: The Dark Prophecy The Hidden Oracle The Burning Maze

Collected Reading and Writing for the New SAT - Book Two

Author: Daniel A. Reed

Publisher: Prestwick House Inc

ISBN: 9781580493055


Page: 204

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Beginning in 2005, the SAT is implementing major revisions, including: ? New reading sections? Analogies removed? Multiple-Choice Grammar and Usage Questions ? Modified Reading Questions.Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT addresses all of the revisions in the test without vocabulary studies.Students will benefit from:? Focused prefix, suffix, and root practice? Challenging inference exercises? Detailed critical reading exercises? New SAT-style writing and grammar exercisesRecommended for Grades 11-12

The "Lost Tribes" of Israel and the Jews

Author: Cobus van der Merwe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465321799

Category: Religion

Page: 313

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Thinking is a wonderful tool if it is used the right way. That is to say to imagine or to recollect what is stored up in your top storehouse, or even to form an opinion by having your mind occupied on a certain subject combined with the information to your disposal and then conceive what is possible.

The Prophecy and the Warnings Shines Through the Mystifying Codes of the Holy Quran

Author: Adel Awadalla

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 141203079X

Category: Religion

Page: 140

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Nostradamus (1503-1566), a Jewish-French physician and astrologer, wrote a book of over 900 predictions. A lot of these predictions came true. How could he get to this precision in his predictions? So, could Nostradamus make these predictions? And what books did he use? For someone to predict the future with this precision, he must be a man who knew the secret methods of predicting the future, as we will explain. The author will show you how these predictions came about, and how we can make our own predictions, and events about to happen. It's been said that the CIA uses the Bible and the Book of Revelation and other holy books as the backbone of all their plans and plots.