The Limits of Safety

The Limits of Safety

In this provocative book, Scott Sagan challenges such optimism.

Author: Scott Douglas Sagan

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691213064

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Environmental tragedies such as Chernobyl and the Exxon Valdez remind us that catastrophic accidents are always possible in a world full of hazardous technologies. Yet, the apparently excellent safety record with nuclear weapons has led scholars, policy-makers, and the public alike to believe that nuclear arsenals can serve as a secure deterrent for the foreseeable future. In this provocative book, Scott Sagan challenges such optimism. Sagan's research into formerly classified archives penetrates the veil of safety that has surrounded U.S. nuclear weapons and reveals a hidden history of frightening "close calls" to disaster.
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Author: Nicholas Faith

Publisher: Boxtree

ISBN: 0752211927

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Traffic Safety Effects of Fuel Shortage and Speed Limits A Bibliography

Traffic Safety Effects of Fuel Shortage and Speed Limits   A Bibliography

Road construction , traffic control , and traffic engineering measures discussed
are : road safety through construction ... PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY "
This study recommends a method to establish maximum speed limits based on
the ...

Author: L. Flynn (comp)


ISBN: UOM:39015075222748


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Code of Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations

As appropriate , safety , emergency preparedness , fire protec technical safety
requirements may have secDas mit de tion , waste management , and radiation
pro tions on ( 1 ) safety limits , ( 2 ) operating limtection . In general , DOE Orders
set ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433031963188

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Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor Operating Safety Limits

Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor Operating Safety Limits

The reactor may be operated at reduced primary system pressure provided
reduced primary system temperature limits are imposed to provide the same
margin of safety against bulk boiling in the core as provided by the standard limits

Author: Leland Jerome Nitteberg


ISBN: UOM:39015086453670

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Electrical Safety Engineering

Electrical Safety Engineering

General 1 Introduction 3 2.15 Statistical monitoring and 1.1 Electrical hazards
and Control limits 36 electrical safety 3 2.16 Accident control Charts 37 1.2
Control of Staff 6 2.17 Test results 38 1.3 Permits to Work 7 2.18 Factor of safety
and ...

Author: W Fordham Cooper

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9781483161495

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Electrical Safety Engineering, Third Edition covers the scientific principles, legislation, guidelines, and standards of electrical safety. This book is organized into six parts encompassing 20 chapters. Part 1 considers the nature of electrical injuries, the mechanical causes of electrical failures, and electrical insulation failure. Parts 2 and 3 describe the mechanism of breakdown and failure of electrical equipment, as well as the concept of circuit protection, with emphasis on the earthing principles and double insulation. Parts 4 and 5 explore the principles and application of electronic and solid-state control systems, fires, and explosion hazards. Part 6 focuses on the industrial supply and distribution of current and voltage. This book will prove useful to electrical engineers, electricians, and technicians.
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Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers

Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers

Mr. Lozier : -- The point is this : Cannot the INSTITUTE lay down certain safety
limits ? It would seem to me that for instance the question of sparking -- of course
, this is rather hard to determine -- but take the question of temperature alone .



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Resident Duty Hours

Resident Duty Hours

Enhancing Sleep, Supervision, and Safety Institute of Medicine, Committee on
Optimizing Graduate Medical Trainee ... Lack of adherence to the ACGME limits
remains an issue in some programs, particularly with respect to the limitations on

Author: Institute of Medicine

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309127769

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Medical residents in hospitals are often required to be on duty for long hours. In 2003 the organization overseeing graduate medical education adopted common program requirements to restrict resident workweeks, including limits to an average of 80 hours over 4 weeks and the longest consecutive period of work to 30 hours in order to protect patients and residents from unsafe conditions resulting from excessive fatigue. Resident Duty Hours provides a timely examination of how those requirements were implemented and their impact on safety, education, and the training institutions. An in-depth review of the evidence on sleep and human performance indicated a need to increase opportunities for sleep during residency training to prevent acute and chronic sleep deprivation and minimize the risk of fatigue-related errors. In addition to recommending opportunities for on-duty sleep during long duty periods and breaks for sleep of appropriate lengths between work periods, the committee also recommends enhancements of supervision, appropriate workload, and changes in the work environment to improve conditions for safety and learning. All residents, medical educators, those involved with academic training institutions, specialty societies, professional groups, and consumer/patient safety organizations will find this book useful to advocate for an improved culture of safety.
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Handbook of Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design

Handbook of Reliability  Availability  Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design

If the knowledge of loading conditions is incomplete, which would generally be
the case for conceptual or preliminary design, the approach to designing for
reliability would be to use high safety margins, and to adopt limits of acceptable ...

Author: Rudolph Frederick Stapelberg

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781848001756

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This handbook studies the combination of various methods of designing for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, as well as the latest techniques in probability and possibility modeling, mathematical algorithmic modeling, evolutionary algorithmic modeling, symbolic logic modeling, artificial intelligence modeling and object-oriented computer modeling.
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Human Resource Management and Occupational Health and Safety

Human Resource Management and Occupational Health and Safety

Sagan, S. D. (1993) The Limits of Safety: Organizations, Accidents and Nuclear
Weapons, Princeton: Princeton University Press. Saliminen, S., Saari, J., Saarela,
K. and Rasanen, T. (1993) 'Organisational factors influencing serious ...

Author: Carol Boyd

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134502073

Category: Business & Economics

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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is a complex area which interacts widely with a broader spectrum of business interests and concerns. To date OHS has been confined to the periphery of Human Resource Management (HRM), where its role, influence and importance have been overlooked. This text sets out to reposition OHS in HRM and business agendas. This book unravels the complex range of factors affecting OHS policy, practice and outcomes. These factors are then placed into context within the international airline, call centre and nuclear power industries. The author presents a wide range of primary and secondary research in order to offer an accessible framework for OHS in contemporary occupational settings. This book will be essential reading for students, practitioners and professional academic audiences who seek a broader understanding of the relationship and interaction between HRM principles, policies and practices and OHS.
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Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety The body health care management and policy tools and approaches

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety  The body  health care  management and policy  tools and approaches

United States At least six groups recommend exposure limits for the workplace :
the TLVs of the ACGIH , the Recommended Exposure Limits ( RELS ) suggested
by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ( NIOSH ) , the ...

Author: Jeanne Mager Stellman

Publisher: International Labour Organization

ISBN: 9221098141

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Revised and expanded, this edition provides comprehensive coverage of occupational health and safety. A new CD-ROM version is available which provides the benefits of computer-assisted search capabilities.
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Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety

Not all sources are susceptible of control by action at the source and it is
necessary to specify the sources to be included as relevant before selecting a
dose limit ( individual dose and risk limits ) . Radiation Safety Standards
Standards exist for ...

Author: International Labour Office

Publisher: International Labour Organization

ISBN: 9221092038

Category: Reference

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Developed through an extensive process of consultation with leading professionals and health and safety institutions worldwide, the new, expanded, and long-awaited Fourth Edition of this well-respected reference provides comprehensive, timely, and accurate coverage of occupational health and safety. Aimed at the specialist and non-specialist alike, such as lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, toxicologists, regulators, and other safety professionals, this compendium is organized and designed to provide the most critical information in an easy-to-read format. It uses more than 1,000 illustrations, a new attractive layout, and provides thousands of cited references that provide up-to-date literature reviews. Indexes by subject, chemical name, and author make navigating through information quick and easy. The CD-ROM version includes the same information as the print volumes, plus the benefit of a powerful search and retrieval engine to make searching for information as easy as a mouse click. Here's a sampling of what's covered in each volume and the CD-ROM: Volume 1: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches Volume 2: Psychological and organizational factors, hazards, the environment, accidents, and safety Volume 3: Chemicals, industries and occupations Volume 4: Index by subject, chemical name, author, cross-reference guide, directory of contributors.
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Beyond the Limits

Beyond the Limits

40 M.P.H. Another operational project being conducted is the Combined Speed ,
Alcohol , Safety Belt General Deterrence Program Field Test . This project was
begun in September 1989 and will run through October 1992. It was conceived
as ...

Author: DIANE Publishing Company

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788107496


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Promotes more effective enforcement of laws and regulations governing all posted speed limits, builds public support for traffic laws, and hopes to change unsafe driving behavior. 23 appendices include: glossary, training modules, new technology, sample programs in various states, photo radar, drone radar and much more.

The Limits of Expertise

The Limits of Expertise

The level of safety achieved by major airlines in the United States and in most
other developed countries is one of the great success stories of modem industry.
The probability of becoming a fatality on a US airline flight is roughly eight in a ...

Author: Key Dismukes

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754649652

Category: Transportation

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Analyserer en række uheld/ulykker med civile fly og søger at fastlægge procedurer, der kan forbedre flyvesikkerheden.
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The Limits of Hospitality

The Limits of Hospitality

Hospitality is also shaped by tensions between comfort and sacrifice and
between safety and risk. (Are there adequate [material and emotional] resources
to provide for the needs of hosts and guests? Are we safe?) Certainly, there are
ways in ...

Author: Jessica Wrobleski

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814659984

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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Practicing hospitality is central to building a civil society, not to mention living a Christian life. It can be enriching and joy-filled, but it can also be profoundly demanding and sometimes even dangerous. In The Limits of Hospitality, Jessica Wrobleski explores the ethical questions surrounding the practice of hospitality, particularly hospitality that is informed by Christian theological commitments. While there is no algorithm that distinguishes between ethically 'legitimate"' and 'illegitimate' boundaries, the variety of circumstances in which hospitality is relevant and the nature of hospitality itself make advocating firm and fixed boundaries difficult. How much more so for Christians, for whom the practice of hospitality should be a manifestation of agape, a participation in God's eschatological welcome extended to all people through Jesus Christ! Are limits to hospitality, then, merely a regrettable concession to our finite and fallen condition? Wrobleski offers a rich theological reflection that will interest anyone who has a role in the practice of hospitality in community? Whether such communities are families, households, churches, educational institutions, or nation-states.
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Safety at Work

Safety at Work

The Limits of Self-Regulation Sandra Dawson, Martin Bamford, Paul Willman,
Alan Clinton. limits its scope and discourages some employers from full
cooperation with employees on safety matters ; there is evidence to this effect in
our case ...

Author: Sandra Dawson

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 0521354978

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

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Managing Health and Safety in the Dental Practice

Managing Health and Safety in the Dental Practice

During school holidays two consecutive weeks must be kept free from
employment (Source: Croner's Health and Safety A-Z). The limits in respect of a '
child' described in this chapter are an absolute must and the child cannot decide
to extend ...

Author: Jane Bonehill

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444390317

Category: Medical

Page: 280

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The main purpose of this book is to provide clear, straightforward information about the key requirements relating to health and safety in dental practices, with a practical and user-friendly approach to help manage these issues on a day-to-day basis. It assists practice managers, dentists, dental nurses and other team members in making health and safety 'second nature' by integrating it into their usual routine - thereby preventing accidents, addressing unacceptable working practices, and maintaining professional standards in order to ensure, so far as is reasonable, the protection of employees and patients. The book offers comprehensive coverage of all major topics, from the handling of hazardous substances to the management of medical emergencies. Each chapter includes: A tab for ease of reference A bulleted list outlining the scope of the chapter A list of figures An introduction to the subject and its relevance to the dental practice A list of key legislation relating to the subject The subject content broken down into sub-headings A summary to help reflection and recollection An action check list to measure against existing working practices frequently asked questions to assist in practical application Each topic is covered with specific reference to dental practice needs, with all the necessary detail but no excessive technicality. Ultimately, this book shows how a healthy and safe workplace is eminently achievable.
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Minutes of the Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey

Minutes of the Council of Safety of the State of New Jersey

000 Each , not to depart the limits aforesaid , until duly permitted by the Gov ' &
Council of Safety of this State . The petition of Isaac Ogden , George Walts , and
Aaron Kingsland was read , setting forth , That they were removed from the Gaol
of ...

Author: New Jersey. Council of Safety


ISBN: NYPL:33433078744897

Category: New Jersey

Page: 287

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Regulation for Chemical Safety in Europe Analysis Comment and Criticism

Regulation for Chemical Safety in Europe  Analysis  Comment and Criticism

By and large, sciencebased limits are, by contrast with those set in a
precautionary way, derived from studies which are designed to reveal the
microbiological, pharmacological and/or toxicological adverse effector effects of
which a chemical ...

Author: D.M. Pugh

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401153164

Category: Science

Page: 200

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Many European Union Directives seek to minimize the potential for harm to humans and the environment arising from the use of chemicals. This book takes an interdisciplinary, selective look at the effector mechanisms employed in such directives. It covers the pre-marketing use of toxicology to identify the hazardous properties of chemicals, acknowledging its shortcomings, while contrasting the scientific method with the precautionary principle in developing risk-management practices. The book then goes on to describe the use of bio-indicators, chemical analyses and mathematical modelling for prediction, or to determine the adequacy of chemical safety legislation. The environmental risk assessment of priority chemicals is described and the impact of pesticides on sustainability in agriculture is discussed from the differing standpoints of agronomy and economics. Audience: All professionals concerned with the safe management of chemicals and their use, including teachers, practitioners, policy makers or legislators.
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3.4 CONCLUDING REMARKS The limit state method is based on a stochastic
process where the design parameters are determined from observations taken
over a period of time . The concept of separate partial safety factors for loads and


Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120332776

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 612

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This text primarily analyses different methods of design of concrete structures as per IS 456: 2000 (Plain and Reinforced Concrete—Indian Standard Code of Practice, 4th revision, Bureau of Indian Standards). It gives greater emphasis on the limit state method so as to illustrate the acceptable limits for the safety and serviceability requirements of structures. Besides dealing with yield line analysis for slabs, the book explains the working stress method and its use for designing reinforced concrete tension members, theory of redistribution of moments, and earthquake resistant design of structures. This well-structured book develops an effective understanding of the theory through numerous solved problems, presenting step-by-step calculations. The use of SP-16 (Design Aids for Reinforced Concrete to IS: 456–1978) has also been explained in solving the problems. KEY FEATURES : Instructional Objectives at the beginning of the chapter highlight important concepts. Summary at the end of the chapter to help student revise key points. Sixty-nine solved illustrative examples presenting step-by-step calculations. Chapter-end exercises to test student’s understanding of the concepts. Forty Tests to enable students to gauge their preparedness for actual exams. This comprehensive text is suitable for undergraduate students of civil engineering and architecture. It can also be useful to professional engineers.
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