The Legendary Cuisine of Persia

The Legendary Cuisine of Persia

Recipes from one of the oldest civilizations in the world, plus color photos and “fascinating historical tidbits” (Library Journal).

Author: Margaret Shaida

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781911621591

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

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Recipes from one of the oldest civilizations in the world, plus color photos and “fascinating historical tidbits” (Library Journal). Winner of the Glenfiddich Award Known today as Iran, Persia is known for one of the oldest and greatest cuisines of the world. It is refined, sophisticated, subtle yet distinctive, elegant and varied. Fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices are combined with rice, fish, and meat in combinations whose ancient influence can be found in the cooking of the Middle East, Spain, and India. Persian cuisine is perfectly suited to today’s style of eating—many of the dishes are vegetarian, and the marriage of sweet and savory, such as grains and pulses stewed with fruit and spices, make for unforgettable meals. The sweetmeats and pastries are especially mouthwatering. Written by an Englishwoman who married an Iranian and lived in the country for a quarter century—learning about Persian cooking from her mother-in-law and other friends and relatives—this cookbook takes us on a culinary adventure. It also illustrates the diversity of food as represented by its many different religions ̶ Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Zoroastrian ̶ while explaining the customs and traditions which make up the exotic and colorful threads in a cuisine which spans more than three thousand years. “In addition to loads of background text covering history and geography, each recipe has its own introduction that places it in cultural and culinary context . . . One showstopper recipe sure to be a hit at a dinner party, the giant meatball from Tabriz hides as a surprise within it a whole chicken . . . An important volume in any international cookery collection.” —Booklist
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Asian Cuisines

Asian Cuisines

Food Culture from East Asia to Turkey and Afghanistan E. N. Anderson, Paul D. Buell, Darra Goldstein. Shaida, M. (2002). The legendary cuisine of Persia. New York: Interlink Books. Simmons, S. (2002). A treasury of Persian cuisine.

Author: E. N. Anderson

Publisher: Berkshire Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781614728467

Category: Cooking

Page: 150

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Sushi, kimchi, baklava, and tofu once seemed exotic. These Asian foods have made their way around the world. But how representative are they of their home cuisines? Asian Cuisines: Food Culture from East Asia to Turkey and Afghanistan covers the food history, food culture, and food science of the world’s largest and most diverse continent, not only East, Southeast, and South Asia, but also Central and West Asia, including the countries that straddle Asia and the Middle East. Contributors to Asian Cuisines include renowned scholars E. N. Anderson, Paul D. Buell, and Darra Goldstein. A glossary provides a quick overview of culinary terms specific to the cuisines. Chapters discuss local ingredients and dishes, and look at the connection between food and social, political, economic, and cultural developments. Each article comes with an easy-to-make recipe to give readers a taste of more than a dozen tantalizing and varied cuisines. This compact volume will be valuable in food studies programs and fills a unique spot on the shelf of anyone who loves to explore the meanings and flavors of world cuisines.
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The New Persian Kitchen

The New Persian Kitchen

Resources ONLINE STORES FOR GENERAL PERSIAN INGREDIENTS Kalamala Kalustyan's Persian ingredients. as well ... Food of Li e: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies. ... The Legendary Cuisine of Persia.

Author: Louisa Shafia

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9781607743583

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

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This luscious and contemporary take on the alluring cuisine of Iran featuring 75 recipes for both traditional Persian dishes and modern reinterpretations using Middle Eastern ingredients. In The New Persian Kitchen, acclaimed chef and Lucid Food blogger Louisa Shafia explores her Iranian heritage by reimagining classic Persian recipes from a fresh, vegetable-focused perspective. These vibrant recipes demystify Persian ingredients like rose petals, dried limes, tamarind, and sumac, while offering surprising preparations for familiar foods such as beets, carrots, mint, and yogurt for the busy, health-conscious cook. The nearly eighty recipes—such as Turmeric Chicken with Sumac and Lime, Pomegranate Soup, and ice cream sandwiches made with Saffron Frozen Yogurt and Cardamom Pizzelles—range from starters to stews to sweets, and employ streamlined kitchen techniques and smart preparation tips. A luscious, contemporary take on a time-honored cuisine, The New Persian Kitchen makes the exotic and beautiful tradition of seasonal Persian cooking both accessible and inspiring.
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The A to Z of Iran

The A to Z of Iran

New Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies. Washington, DC: Mage Publishers, 1992. . Persian Cooking for a Healthy Kitchen, Washington, DC: Mage Publishers, 1994. ... The Legendary Cuisine of Persia.

Author: John H. Lorentz

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9781461731917

Category: History

Page: 556

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The A to Z of Iran is designed to give the reader a quick and understandable overview of specific events, movements, people, political and social groups, places, and trends. Through its extensive chronology, introduction, bibliography, appendixes, and more than double the number of cross-referenced dictionary entries as in the previous edition, the work allows for considerable exploration of a number of historical and contemporary topics and issues. In particular, the modern period, defined as 1800-present, is covered extensively.
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Food in the Arts

Food in the Arts

Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, 1998 Harlan Walker ... 7 Margaret Shaida, The Legendary Cuisine of Persia, Lieuse Publications, Henley, 1994, p. 261. 8 The Observer, Weekend Review, October 1994.

Author: Harlan Walker

Publisher: Oxford Symposium

ISBN: 9781903018019

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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A further volume in this series, this year discussing not so much food or its preparation as its portrayal in any number of art forms such as popular music, crime novels, film, theatre, literature, and fine art. There are also some papers which concentrate on the art of food, or art relating to food: an instance is the art of tissue-paper orange wrappers (a recondite but riveting item). My impression, when this subject was first mooted, was that all contributions would revolve around paintings and high arts. I was mistaken, there is a remarkable spread: the arrangement of 18th-century desserts; cookery and the Cuban Santeria religion; drink in 19th-century English fiction; food in film noir; the cook as artist in 18th-century England; architectural food design in France and Italy; popcorn poetry; food and eating in Bronte novels; and much more. These volumes are sometimes indigestible fricassees if swallowed at once, but think of them as platters of oysters - each may contain a pearl. By the finish a bracelet at least, perhaps a necklace, is the consequence.
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Food for Health Food for Wealth

Food for Health  Food for Wealth

Sered , S.S. ' Food and Holiness : Cooking as a Sacred Act among Middle - Eastern Jewish Women ' , Anthropological Quarterly 61 , no . 3 ( 1988 ) : 129-39 . Shaida , M. The Legendary Cuisine of Persia , Henley on Thames : Lieuse Books ...

Author: Lynn Harbottle

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1571816348

Category: Medical

Page: 198

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Food and eating practices are central to current sociological and anthropological concerns about the body, health, consumption, and identity. This study explores the importance of these themes as they intersect with processes of globalization and cultural production within a specific group of consumers, British Sh'ite Iranians. Through the analysis of the consumption practices of this particular migrant group, this book illustrates how both the nutritional value and symbolic significance of food contribute to its health-giving properties and how gender and ethnic identities are preformed and reinforced through the medium of food-work in public and private spheres. At the same time, as this study demonstrates, migration modifies and transfigures such identities and produces hybrid cultures and cuisines. Lynn Harbottle is a medical anthropologist and nutritionist, with a particular interest in the food habits and health of ethnic minorities in Britain. She was awarded the Frankenberg prize for her Masters dissertation on which this book is based.
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Food Health and Identity

Food  Health and Identity

Shaida's book, The Legendary Cuisine of Persia (written by an English woman married to an Iranian) promotes a pre-Islamic national construction by evoking an authenticity and superiority of Persian cooking from ancient times; ...

Author: Pat Caplan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134730001

Category: Medical

Page: 296

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By addressing the issue of food and eating in Britain today this collection considers the ways in which food habits are changing and shows how social and personal identities and perceptions of health risk influence people's food choices. The articles explore, among other issues: • the family meal • wedding cakes • nostalgia and the invention of tradition • the rise of vegetarianism • the recent BSE crisis • the `creolization' of British food eating out • creation of individual identity through lifestyle. The contributors include Hanna Bradby, Simon Charsley, Allison James, Anne Keane, Lydia Martens and Alan Warde.
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Carl Keyter, Feeding Customs and Food Habits of Urban Africans (Johannesburg: S.A. Institute of Race Relations, 1971), 4. 27. ... Margaret Shaida, The Legendary Cuisine of Persia (Boston: Grub Street, 2000), 64. 38.

Author: Megan Elias

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442227477

Category: Cooking

Page: 205

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Lunch has never been just a meal; the meal most often eaten in public, lunch has a long tradition of establishing social status and cementing alliances. From the ploughman’s lunch in the field to the power lunch at the Four Seasons, the particulars of lunch decisions—where, with whom, and what we eat—often mark our place in the world. Lunch itself has galvanized political movements and been at the center of efforts to address poverty and malnutrition; the American School Lunch Act of 1946 enforced the notion that lunch could represent the very health of the nation, and sit-ins and protests at lunch counters in the 1960s thrust this space into moral territory. Issues of who cooks lunch, who eats what, and how and when we eat in public institutions continue to spur activists. Exploring the rich history and culture of this most-observed and versatile meal, Lunch draws on a wide range of sources: Letters and memoirs Fiction Cookbooks Institutional records Art and popular media Tea room menus Lunch truck Twitter feeds, and more Elias considers the history of lunch not only in America, but around the world to reveal the rich traditions and considerable changes this meal has influenced over the years.
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Taste of Persia

Taste of Persia

I took a cookbook with me to Iran, Margaret Shaida's classic The Legendary Cuisine of Persia, published in 1992. Her recipe for fesanjun puzzled me, because it calls for sugar as well as onion. When I found myself in Farahnoz's kitchen ...

Author: Naomi Duguid

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 9781579655488

Category: Cooking

Page: 401

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Winner, James Beard Award for Best Book of the Year, International (2017) Winner, IACP Award for Best Cookbook of the Year in Culinary Travel (2017) Named a Best Cookbook of the Year by The Boston Globe, Food & Wine, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal “A reason to celebrate . . . a fascinating culinary excursion.” —The New York Times Though the countries in the Persian culinary region are home to diverse religions, cultures, languages, and politics, they are linked by beguiling food traditions and a love for the fresh and the tart. Color and spark come from ripe red pomegranates, golden saffron threads, and the fresh herbs served at every meal. Grilled kebabs, barbari breads, pilafs, and brightly colored condiments are everyday fare, as are rich soup-stews called ash and alluring sweets like rose water pudding and date-nut halvah. Our ambassador to this tasty world is the incomparable Naomi Duguid, who for more than 20 years has been bringing us exceptional recipes and mesmerizing tales from regions seemingly beyond our reach. More than 125 recipes, framed with stories and photographs of people and places, introduce us to a culinary paradise where ancient legends and ruins rub shoulders with new beginnings—where a wealth of history and culinary traditions makes it a compelling place to read about for cooks and travelers and for anyone hankering to experience the food of a wider world.
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The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

Greek Island Cooking London: Batsford Ltd., 1978 Mazda, Maideh. In a Persian Kitchen. Rutland, Wo. ... Persian Cooking-A Table of Exotic Delights Charlottesville:University Press of Virginia, 1974. ... The Legendary Cuisine of Persia.

Author: Claudia Roden

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 9780307558565

Category: Cooking

Page: 528

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The definitive volume on Middle Eastern cooking, a modern classic from the award-winning, bestselling author of The Book of Jewish Food and Claudia Roden's Mediterranean Originally published in 1972 and hailed by James Beard as "a landmark in the field of cookery," this new version represents the accumulation of the author's years of extensive travel throughout the ever-changing landscape of the Middle East, gathering recipes and stories. Now featuring more than 800 recipes, including the aromatic variations that accent a dish and define the country of origin: fried garlic and cumin and coriander from Egypt, cinnamon and allspice from Turkey, sumac and tamarind from Syria and Lebanon, pomegranate syrup from Iran, preserved lemon and harissa from North Africa. Claudia Roden has worked out simpler approaches to traditional dishes, using healthier ingredients and time-saving methods without ever sacrificing any of the extraordinary flavor, freshness, and texture that distinguish the cooking of this part of the world. Throughout these pages she draws on all four of the region's major cooking styles: • The refined haute cuisine of Iran, based on rice exquisitely prepared and embellished with a range of meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts • Arab cooking from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan—at its finest today, and a good source for vegetable and bulgur wheat dishes • The legendary Turkish cuisine, with its kebabs, wheat and rice dishes, yogurt salads, savory pies, and syrupy pastries • North African cooking, particularly the splendid fare of Morocco, with its heady mix of hot and sweet, orchestrated to perfection in its couscous dishes and tagines From the tantalizing mezze—succulent bites of filled fillo crescents and cigars, chopped salads, and stuffed morsels, as well as tahina, chickpeas, and eggplant in their many guises—to the skewered meats and savory stews and hearty grain and vegetable dishes, here is a rich array of Middle Eastern cooking.
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