Author: Langstrup, Steen

Publisher: Singapore Books



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A Crime Noir Short Story. A hellish ride on the Metro train one night in Copenhagen... Written as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, with obvious links to his tale William Wilson, this short story leads you into a cold nightmare of rape and mixed identities. Maja calls as I wait for the Metro at the airport station. It’s late. I have just returned from yet another business trip. She says, “There have been a number of violent rapes in Copenhagen the last few weeks. Yesterday, the police published a frame from the surveillance recordings in the Metro. The last rape occurred late Monday night not far from the DR-Byen Metro station. The victim recognized you on the recordings from the surveillance camera.” I hesitate a few seconds, looking into my own eyes in the reflection of the glass walls—then I laugh. Praise for Metro: “It delivers the goods...this is good entertainment.” The Danish Newspaper Politiken. “Tightly composed, it works excellent and—most importantly—it delivers an effective thrill.” The Danish Newspaper Ekstra Bladet. “So horrifying and yet so well written...” The Danish Newspaper Nordjyske. "Subtle, thrilling and creepy...It’s elegant and yet terrifying lascivious has the reader gasping for air.” The Danish Newspaper Helsingor Dagblad.