The Jet Engine

Author: Rolls Royce

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119065992

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 288

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The Jet Engine provides a complete, accessible description of the working and underlying principles of the gas turbine. Accessible, non-technical approach explaining the workings of jet engines, for readers of all levels Full colour diagrams, cutaways and photographs throughout Written by RR specialists in all the respective fields Hugely popular and well-reviewed book, originally published in 2005 under Rolls Royce’s own imprint


Frank Whittle and the Invention of the Jet Engine

Author: John Golley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907472039

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 344

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In 12 April 1937 Frank Whittle became the first person to successfully start and run a turbojet engine. In May 1941 the engine took to the air in an experimental Gloster-Whittle aircraft, but despite the RAF's desperate need for air supremacy over her enemies, little support was forthcoming from the military establishment. It was the enthusiasm of the American General 'Hap' Arnold that took the next stage of development to the USA and within six months Whittle's invention was powering more American Jets than British. This is the story of the genius throttled by British government bureaucracy, for even when in 1943 Rolls-Royce became involved with the successful design and manufacture of engines based on Whittle's concepts, his company was nationalised and banned from engine production! Although gagged for decades by the secrecy of that period, the story can now be told in full and these revelations provide a fascinating insight into the attitudes of the wartime government and military establishment, attitudes that led to one of the greatest inventions of all time being offered freely to those who were to become Britain's main aircraft manufacturing competitors. This book was previously known as "Genesis of the Jet: Frank Whittle and the invention of the Jet Engine." As part of this new release we have included a supplement by Ian Whittle and a copy of the patents submitted in Germany by Sir Frank Whittle back in 1932.

Frank Whittle (Icon Science)

The Invention of the Jet

Author: Andrew Nahum

Publisher: Icon Books

ISBN: 1785782568

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 95

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The story of the jet engine has everything: genius, tragedy, heroism, a world war, the individual vs. the state, and an idea that would change the world. Frank Whittle always maintained that he was held back by a lack of government support. At the very moment in 1943 when his invention was unveiled to the world, his company, Power Jets, was forcibly nationalised. Yet Whittle's brilliance, charm and charisma helped him recruit major support from the British government and the RAF, who gave him the green light to build a jet engine at a time when to do so made little sense. Here is a story of what pushing technology to its limits can achieve - and the effect that such achievement can have on those involved.

Commercial Aviation in the Jet Era and the Systems that Make it Possible

Author: Thomas Filburn

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030201112

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 203

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This book discusses the multiple systems that make commercial jet travel safe and convenient. The author starts by tracing the evolution of commercial jets from the Boeing 707 to the double decker Airbus A380. The next 7 chapters discuss flight controls, along with the high lift surfaces (flaps and slats) that are essential to allow high speed, low drag aircraft to take-off and land. The other systems include Engines/Nacelles, Cabin Pressurization and Air Conditioning systems, Landing Gear and brakes, Fuel Systems, Instruments/Sensors, and finally Deicing systems for the wings, nacelles and external air speed sensors. Case studies describe a significant accident that arose from a failure in the various systems described. The final chapter summarizes the past 60 years of jet travel and describe how these systems have created a cheaper, safer mode of travel than any other.

Jet Engines

Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation

Author: Klaus Hunecke

Publisher: Crowood Press UK

ISBN: 9781853108341

Category: Transportation

Page: 224

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This book is intended for those who wish to broaden their knowledge of jet engine technology and associated subjects. It covers turbojet, turboprop and turbofan designs and is applicable to civilian and military usage. It commences with an overview of the main design types and fundamentals and then looks at air intakes, compresors, turbines and exhaust systems in great detail.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Author: William L. Ippolito

Publisher: William Ippolito

ISBN: 9780972536301

Category: Air pilots

Page: 243

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The Captain's airline career is the story of the remarkable period in the 20th century we call "The Jet Age", one filled with adventure, tragedy, humor, good fortune and bad passengers. We learn of the adventures of Apple Core Annie, whose nickname "Hardcore" reveals much. There is the food fight at 35,000 feet, as 40 summer camp bound youths nearly destroy a Boeing 727, and the Christmas Eve riot as 200 New York bound passengers "duke it out" over no smoking seats. Never to be forgotten are the tragic events where close friends are killed in senseless training accidents and innocent passengers lives are lost in sometimes-inexplicable circumstances. Bankruptcies, deregulation, hijackings and famous people are all part of the memories of the veteran captain whose career spanned the era when the jet plane became mass transportation.--From cover

Making Jet Engines in World War II

Britain, Germany, and the United States

Author: Hermione Giffard

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022638859X

Category: History

Page: 349

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"Making Jet Engines" presents a radical re-interpretation of the early history of the jet engine in Germany, Britain, and the United States and, through this, sets out a new account of the central features of twentieth-century invention. Hermione Giffard, without invoking foresight or conservative resistance to novelty, explores why individual firms decided not to develop jet engines, failed to do so, or succeeded, highlighting how each country pursued jet engines for reasons that reflected their particular war aims and industrial expertise. By beginning with production, the very structure of "Making Jet Engines "challenges the traditional way of telling stories of invention, for it focuses consecutively on production, development, inventive institutions, and, lastly, the celebrity of the jet engine s inventors, who she portrays as the employees that they were. By demonstrating the crucial importance of industry in the emergence of novelty, this is a game changing book for anyone interested in technological invention today. "

Thomas and Friends: Thomas and the Jet Engine (Thomas & Friends)

Author: Rev. W. Awdry

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0375984038

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 312

View: 8698


Gordon loves to remind everyone that he is the fast and important train. But one day, Thomas is given a very special job: he is taking a jet engine to the airport. When the engine is switched on by accident, suddenly Thomas is the very fast and very important train! Beginning readers will enjoy the simple text full of action words (zip!) and action sounds (zoom!). From the Trade Paperback edition.