The Islamic Marriage Contract

Case Studies in Islamic Family Law

Author: Asifa Quraishi,Frank E. Vogel

Publisher: Islamic Legal Studies Program

ISBN: 9780674028210

Category: Law

Page: 375

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It is often said that marriage in Islamic law is a civil contract, not a sacrament. This volume collects papers from many disciplines examining the Muslim marriage contract. Articles cover doctrines as to marriage contracts (e.g., may a wife stipulate monogamy?); historical instances; comparisons with Jewish and canon law; contemporary legal and social practice; and projects of activists for women worldwide.

Marriage and Slavery in Early Islam

Author: Kecia Ali

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674050592

Category: History

Page: 262

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A remarkable research accomplishment. Ali leads us through three strands of early Islamic jurisprudence with careful attention to the nuances and details of the arguments.

The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law

Author: Anver M. Emon,Rumee Ahmed

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0191668265

Category: Law

Page: 1000

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This volume provides a comprehensive survey of the contemporary study of Islamic law and a critical analysis of its deficiencies. Written by outstanding senior and emerging scholars in their fields, it offers an innovative historiographical examination of the field of Islamic law and an ideal introduction to key personalities and concepts. While capturing the state of contemporary Islamic legal studies by chronicling how far the field has come, the Handbook also explains why certain debates recur and indicates fundamental gaps in our knowledge. Each chapter presents bold new avenues for research and will help readers appreciate the contested nature of key concepts and topics in Islamic law. This Handbook will be a major reference work for scholars and students of Islam and Islamic law for years to come.

The Oxford Handbook of American Islam

Author: Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad,Jane I. Smith

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 019986263X

Category: Religion

Page: 560

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Islam has been part of the increasingly complex American religious scene for well over a century, and was brought into more dramatic focus by the attacks of September 11, 2001. American Islam is practiced by a unique blend of immigrants and American-born Muslims. The immigrants have come from all corners of the world; they include rich and poor, well-educated and illiterate, those from upper and lower classes as well as economic and political refugees. The community's diversity has been enhanced by the conversion of African Americans, Latina/os, and others, making it the most heterogeneous Muslim community in the world. With an up-to-the-minute analysis by thirty of the top scholars in the field, this handbook covers the growth of Islam in America from the earliest Muslims to set foot on American soil to the current wave of Islamophobia. Topics covered include the development of African American Islam; pre- and post-WWII immigrants; Sunni, Shi`ite, sectarian and Sufi movements in America; the role and status of women, marriage, and family; and the Americanization of Islamic culture. Throughout these chapters the contributors explore the meaning of religious identity in the context of race, ethnicity, gender, and politics, both within the American Islamic community and in relation to international Islam.

Dispensing Justice in Islam

Qadis And Their Judgements

Author: Muḥammad K̲ālid Masud,Rudolph Peters,David Stephan Powers

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004140670

Category: Religion

Page: 591

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Dispensing Justice is designed to serve as a sourcebook of Islamic judicial practice and qadi judgments from the rise of Islam to modern times, drawing upon court records and qadi court records, in addition to literary sources. The volume fills a large gap in Islamic legal history. "Dispensing Justice" is designed to serve as a source book of Islamic judicial practice from the rise of Islam to modern times, drawing upon legal documents, qadi court records, archival marerials and literary souces. The volume fills a large ap in our understanding of Islamic legal history. (modified by Powers).

Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: Methodologies, paradigms and sources

Author: Jacqueline Siapno,Suad Joseph,Afsaneh Najmabadi,Julie Peteet,Seteney Shami

Publisher: Encyclopedia of Women & Islami

ISBN: 9789004113800

Category: Religion

Page: 682

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Focuses on women and the civilizations and societies in which Islam has played a historic role. Surveys all facets of life (society, economy, politics, religion, the arts, popular culture, sports, health, science, medicine, environment, and so forth) of women in these societies.