New Jersey Day Trips

New Jersey Day Trips

There's also a full snack shop with booths and the inevitable gift shop. Buy your
entrance tickets here (and perhaps some munchies for the animals). Space
Farms is set up for family outings, with many picnic tables, swing sets, and other ...

Author: Patrick Sarver

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813549668

Category: Travel

Page: 272

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Now in a revised and expanded 12th edition, New Jersey Day Trips offers everyone a fascinating journey through hundreds of tourist attractions in all corners of the Garden State. Plus, this comprehensive resource explores the most popular points just beyond the state's borders. Patrick Sarver has updated most entries and added more than twenty new points of interest to an already extensive list of destinations, making this the most sought-after guidebook about New Jersey.
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Unbuilt Victoria

Unbuilt Victoria

At the top would be two observation decks, the lower one enclosed and
containing the inevitable gift shop and a coffee shop; a notable omission from the
plans was the provision of washroom facilities at this level. The upper deck would
be ...

Author: Dorothy Mindenhall

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459701762

Category: History

Page: 248

View: 204

Unbuilt Victoria celebrates the city that is, and laments the city that could have been. For most people, resident and visitor alike, Victoria, British Columbia, is a time capsule of Victorian and Edwardian buildings. From a modest fur-trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company it grew to be the province’s major trading centre. Then the selection of Vancouver as the terminus of the transcontinental railway in the 1880s, followed by a smallpox epidemic that closed the port in the 1890s, resulted in decline. Victoria succeeded in reinventing itself as a tourist destination, based on the concept of nostalgia for all things English, stunning scenery, and investment opportunities. In the modernizing boom after the Second World War attempts were made to move the city’s built environment into the mainstream, but the prospect of Victoria’s becoming like any other North American city did not win public approval. Unbuilt Victoria examines some of the architectural plans that were proposed but rejected. That some of them were ever dreamed of will probably amaze, that others never made it might well be a matter of regret.
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Fake Heritage

Fake Heritage

Facilities constructed to improve the visitor experience, such as toilets and signs,
help to bring in visitors and to increase revenue when they exit through the
inevitable gift shop. Other related investment might include protection of the site
for ...

Author: John Darlington

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300246766


Page: 248

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The first survey of the many redesigned and imitation historical landmarks and objects that dot the globe

The Rough Guide to Canada

The Rough Guide to Canada

Besides the inevitable gift shop, it holds a series of dioramas explaining the
park's general and natural history. The visitor centre also has a comprehensive
range of literature describing every aspect of the park, from maps and detailed
hiking ...

Author: Tim Jepson

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 9781848366619

Category: Travel

Page: 992

View: 881

The Rough Guide to Canada is the ultimate travel guide to this staggeringly beautiful country with detailed coverage of all the top attractions. Inspired by stunning photography and insightful background information, discover both the urban and the wild with expert guidance on exploring everything from the glistening skyscrapers of Toronto, the restaurants of Montreal and the laid-back ambience of Vancouver, to the spectacular Niagra falls and the rolling plains of the Prairies. You'll find specialist information on a host of outdoor activities including winter sports in the Rockies, trekking through the Northwest Territories, and wildlife spotting in the country's great wilderness, with sections on the National Parks and Skiing and Snowboarding. Choose what to see and do whilst relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels, bars, clubs, shops and restaurants for all budgets. Explore every corner of this stunning country with clear maps and expert background on everything from sea cliffs and tidal bores in the Bay of Fundy to the walled Old Town in Qu�bec City. Make the most of your holiday with The Rough Guide to Canada.
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The Third Tower Up from the Road

The Third Tower Up from the Road

They bought him from us in 2000. We call him Figo Iscariot.” The trophy room was
the last stop on the tour. After that, we were led into the inevitable gift shop, where
we could have bought all kinds of horribly kitsch things and where, of course, ...

Author: Kevin Dolgin

Publisher: Santa Monica Press

ISBN: 9781595808745

Category: Travel

Page: 336

View: 450

The Third Tower Up from the Road is a humorous and entertaining collection of travel essays made up of old favorites as well as new commentaries from Kevin Dolgin’s popular McSweeney’s Internet Tendency column, Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go. The work celebrates the distinctive qualities of locales the world over, and each globetrotting essay focuses on a specific place, capturing the flavors and cultures through individual observations and exceptional experiences. Funny, irreverent, and insightful, these writings eschew the bland, touristy veneer experienced by most travelers as they seek to discover what is special and unique about each destination. Covering a wide range of places and interests, from unusual experiences and humorous traveler’s foibles to voyages that are intensely personal and moving, the selected columns include "The Best Falafel in the World: Beirut, Lebanon," "The Door to Hell: Paris, France," "Kafka’s Erotic Dream: Prague, Czech Republic," "The Nesting Habits of Roman Cars: Rome, Italy," "Of Romans and Pussycats: Provence, France," and "The Third Tower Up from the Road: Huanghuacheng, China." Also featured is "The Corsican Swallowtail: Corsica, France," which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
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The Rough Guide to Costa Rica

The Rough Guide to Costa Rica

... involved in harvesting and selecting the beans. Once you've toured the
plantation, roasting factory and drying patios, it's back for a coffee-cupping demo
and, of course, the inevitable stop in the gift shop. For Golden Bean gourmets,
there's ...

Author: Keith Drew

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 9781405391993

Category: Travel

Page: 464

View: 951

The Rough Guide to Costa Rica is the ultimate travel guide to this incredible country, offering astute information on everything from its magnificent national parks to its lively cultural festivals. Find detailed practical advice on what to see and do throughout Costa Rica, whether you want to go turtle-watching in Tortuguero or surfing in Santa Teresa. Plus, you can rely on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels, eco-lodges, restaurants and caf�s for all budgets. The guide also includes a full-colour section highlighting some of the country's amazing outdoor activities, with an engaging field guide to its abundant wildlife. Explore every region of this picturesque country with easy-to-use maps that make sure you don't miss the unmissable. Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Costa Rica.
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If You Don Have a Dream

If You Don  Have a Dream

Americans don't normally expect to be charged for parking—when it does
happen it is the exception, not the rule. Entering the building we found ourselves
in a large foyer with the inevitable gift and souvenir shop to one side. But we
could see ...

Author: Doug Powell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595392162

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 156

View: 296

Doug and Mary Powell have three children, all married, and four grandchildren giving a family circle of twelve. In this book we meet seven of them. Two live in California but for the others this was their first visit to America. We read about the people they met, the places they visited, the laughs they had. It's a happy, relaxed story with fascinating comparisons between the American and British ways of life. This all started as a private personal diary, a written record to accompany the mountain of photos Mary took. Then Doug wondered if the family might also like to read it. He showed what he was doing to his cousin Maury, a retired newspaper editor, who immediately saw the potential. "This is good stuff. It deserves a much wider audience than just the family. Carry on writing, finish the draft, then take it to a publisher." So here it is.
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Notes From A Small Island

Notes From A Small Island

... Car Park', 'Gift Shop and Tea-Room' and the inevitable 'Adventure Playground'
(and then were witless enough to show you in the photograph that it was just a
climbing-frame and a couple of plastic animals on springs). Who 143 - ...

Author: Bill Bryson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409095750

Category: Travel

Page: 416

View: 379

In 1995, before leaving his much-loved home in North Yorkshire to move back to the States for a few years with his family, Bill Bryson insisted on taking one last trip around Britain, a sort of valedictory tour of the green and kindly island that had so long been his home. His aim was to take stock of the nation's public face and private parts (as it were), and to analyse what precisely it was he loved so much about a country that had produced Marmite; a military hero whose dying wish was to be kissed by a fellow named Hardy; place names like Farleigh Wallop, Titsey and Shellow Bowells; people who said 'Mustn't grumble', and ‘Ooh lovely’ at the sight of a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits; and Gardeners' Question Time. Notes from a Small Island was a huge number-one bestseller when it was first published, and has become the nation's most loved book about Britain, going on to sell over two million copies.
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The Accident

The Accident

... around the spectacular Grand-Place—gift shops and chocolatiers, unruly
school trips and the inevitable Japanese tour ... He found the right sort of busy
anonymous shop in a covered arcade near the Bourse, and had his dark curls
shorn ...

Author: Chris Pavone

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780385348461

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 478

From the author of the New York Times-bestselling and Edgar Award-winning The Expats As dawn approaches in New York, literary agent Isabel Reed is turning the final pages of a mysterious, anonymous manuscript, racing through the explosive revelations about powerful people, as well as long-hidden secrets about her own past. In Copenhagen, veteran CIA operative Hayden Gray, determined that this sweeping story be buried, is suddenly staring down the barrel of an unexpected gun. And in Zurich, the author himself is hiding in a shadowy expat life, trying to atone for a lifetime’s worth of lies and betrayals with publication of The Accident, while always looking over his shoulder. Over the course of one long, desperate, increasingly perilous day, these lives collide as the book begins its dangerous march toward publication, toward saving or ruining careers and companies, placing everything at risk—and everyone in mortal peril. The rich cast of characters—in publishing and film, politics and espionage—are all forced to confront the consequences of their ambitions, the schisms between their ideal selves and the people they actually became. The action rockets around Europe and across America, with an intricate web of duplicities stretching back a quarter-century to a dark winding road in upstate New York, where the shocking truth about the accident itself is buried. Gripping, sophisticated, layered, and impossible to put down, The Accident proves once again that Chris Pavone is a true master of suspense.
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Second Coming 2012

Second Coming  2012

There were the inevitable pockets of weather-worn bed & breakfasts, aging gift
shops with sun-faded displays, and run-down grocery shops that closed too early
in the afternoon. But up in the Lanes and North Lanes districts, with their funky ...

Author: Nevill Drury

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846943348

Category: Fiction

Page: 214

View: 999

If you loved The Da Vinci Code and The Celestine Prophecy, consider this: The date is 21 December 2012, the fabled End-Time of the Mayan Calendar. What will happen on this fateful day? Journalist James Highgate and linguist Flavia Timmins journey to Xocomil near Lake AtitlNBn in the Mayan highlands. There they meet the custodian of a secret ancient text that holds the key to the amazing link between the Mayan god Kukulcan and the Christian disciple St Thomas, brother of Jesus. How are the destinies of these two spiritual figures connected as the End-Time draws near? Both the secret Mayan teachings and the ancient biblical text point to a dramatic climax in world history which will take place at the end of recorded time, on 21 December 2012. Is this the date of the biblical Second Coming? And what dark forces stand in the way of this startling Revelation?
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Leisure and Tourism

Leisure and Tourism

Nearly all of them padded out their lists of featured attractions with things like '
Free Car Park ' , ' Gift Shop ' and ' Tea - room ' and the inevitable ' Adventure
Playground ' . ' Who goes to these places ? I couldn't say , I'm sure . ' Talk about it

Author: Peter Hayward

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 0435452770

Category: Hospitality industry

Page: 192

View: 168

By working through this text readers will cover the full range of topics needed for the GNVQ. The book gives the readers an opportunity to to learn to work with others as a member of a group and to take responsibility for their own learning.
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Traveler s Gift Mastering the Seven Decisions

Traveler s Gift  Mastering the Seven Decisions

Then the inevitable happened: Joice Heth went on to meet her Maker. True to his
word, Barnum allowed a famous surgeon friend to perform a postmortem
examination. Dr. David L. Rogers returned findings that shocked and frightened ...

Author: Andy Andrews

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 9780849946790

Category: Conduct of life

Page: 448

View: 542

In Travelers Gift, this unique blend of fiction, history, allegory, and inspiration shares the story of one man who has lost his will to live. But an encounter with seven of history's most inspirational characters, among them Anne Frank and Abraham Lincoln, leaves him with seven bits of wisdom with which to confront his future. In Mastering the Seven Decisions, Andrews guides readers to a profound understanding of how to fully integrate seven life-changing decisions into their daily lives.
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The Hidden Gift

The Hidden Gift

I CHAPTER FOUR The Inevitable sat and continued through the entry that I'd
started reading earlier that day. It appeared that the Guild had taken a vote on
who the new leader would be and Atkinson had lost out to Brian Blake, the man
he ...

Author: Ian Somers

Publisher: The O'Brien Press

ISBN: 9781847175731

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 464

View: 387

Ross Bentley has powerful supernatural gifts: he can bend matter with only his thoughts, and predict the future with amazing accuracy. But this doesn't stop him feeling alone and miserable when he's cut off from family and friends, stuck in a remote farmhouse with Hunter, the Guild-member tasked with protecting and training him. Suddenly the monotony is broken - Hunter is summoned by the Guild. A gifted child has been kidnapped. Hunter needs to track her down, and he has no choice but to take Ross with him. The search for the missing child, and the dangers it uncovers, take Ross to the darkest place he's ever been. He must face danger and great grief and learn to harness his powers to face down his greatest nemesis yet …
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Auxiliary Gift and Coffee Shop Management

Auxiliary Gift and Coffee Shop Management

No gift shop committee can be considered properly staffed unless there is a vice
chairman training for the inevitable day when the chairman's term of office is
complete . The vice chairman may also hold one of the specialized jobs on the ...

Author: American Hospital Association


ISBN: MINN:31951000056981R

Category: Gift shops

Page: 185

View: 551

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Hillary and Soon Yi Shop for Ties

Hillary and Soon Yi Shop for Ties

It's not a gift , all this seeing . I can see the inevitable in anything - a cinnamon
bun , or a quarter moon , or a gold ring , or a powerful man's face . Now you see it
, now you don't . Except once you see it you never stop , and then someone has
to ...

Author: Michelle Carter

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 1583420525


Page: 80

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No Regrets

No Regrets

“I developed a passion for life that I had never had before.” Benefits that
compensate to some degree for the inevitable losses of life constitute a special
category of gifts worth identifying. In one sense, all the gifts of our regrets
compensate us in ...

Author: Hamilton Beazley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471481793

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

View: 227

At last, freedom from burdensome regrets Everyone has regrets. But not everyone can overcome them, even whenthey interfere with the enjoyment of life. With this book as yourguide, you'll learn how to let go of past mistakes, lostopportunities, and failed expectations to live richly in a presentfilled with hope and new possibilities. This wise, compassionate, and practical guide offers profoundinsights into the nature of regrets and how to overcome them.Grounded in proven psychotherapeutic and spiritual principles, NoRegrets brings together the insights of mental healthprofessionals, spiritual teachers, and self-help experts. In No Regrets, you'll find: * A structured ten-step program for letting go of burdensomeregrets * Powerful spiritual and psychological tools for overcoming regret,including creative visualization, journaling, affirmations, thoughtanalysis, meditation, and sharing with others * Insights into toxic thought patterns that create and supportregrets * Persistent myths about forgiveness that keep us trapped in ourregrets * Inspiring stories of people who have freed themselves fromregret No Regrets will show you a way out of the pain, guilt, and shame ofthe past and how to create a rich and rewarding life in thepresent. "Hamilton Beazley has the distinct ability to understand the mostcomplex inner workings of the human spirit and mind. No Regrets isdestined to take its place alongside the other great self-helpguides of our time." -Howard J. Shaffer, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director Division on Addictions, Harvard Medical School
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The City Cultures Reader

The City Cultures Reader

... and gift shops offer smaller replicas of the artifacts on and the Piazza Signoria
into a pedestrian zone , which display . ... Mannequins rants , and the inevitable
Benetton outlets - offering in glass cases reenact significant moments in the ...

Author: Malcolm Miles

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415302455

Category: Social Science

Page: 508

View: 220

From Simmel and Burgess, to Zukin, Fainstein and Soja this title presents classic and contemporary writing on the culture of cities. Themes include: culture and technologies; everyday lives; contesting identity; boundaries and transgressions; utopias and dystopias, and possible urban futures.
Categories: Social Science

Weekend Journeys

Weekend Journeys

At the Strasburg depot , the Dining Car Restaurant offers hearty local food , with
the inevitable shoo - fly pie for dessert . A gift shop holds two floors of railroad -
related goods , such as fireman's overalls and books like The Caboose Who Got

Author: Philadelphia Inquirer

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub

ISBN: WISC:89067363333

Category: Travel

Page: 293

View: 545

Suggests a variety of vacation activities and destinations in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.
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A Gift of Love

A Gift of Love

They worshiped at the shrine of inevitable progress. They believed that every
new scientific achievement lifted man to higher levels of perfection. But then a
series of tragic developments, revealing the selfishness and corruption of man, ...

Author: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 9780807000779

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 325

The classic collection of sixteen sermons preached and compiled by Dr. King As Dr. King prepared for the Birmingham campaign in early 1963, he drafted the final sermons for Strength to Love, a volume of his best-known homilies. King had begun working on the sermons during a fortnight in jail in July 1962. Having been arrested for holding a prayer vigil outside Albany City Hall, King and Ralph Abernathy shared a jail cell for fifteen days that was, according to King, ‘‘dirty, filthy, and ill-equipped’’ and “the worse I have ever seen.” While behind bars, he spent uninterrupted time preparing the drafts for classic sermons such as “Loving Your Enemies,” “Love in Action,” and “Shattered Dreams,” and continued to work on the volume after his release. A Gift of Love includes these classic sermons, along with two new preachings. Collectively they present King’s fusion of Christian teachings and social consciousness, and promote his prescient vision of love as a social and political force for change.
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