House of Glam

House of Glam

The book invites you into the most exciting homes from Italy to the USA that embody this decadent, playful trend, profiling key studios and designers at the forefront of the movement.

Author: Gestalten

Publisher: Gestalten

ISBN: 3899559827

Category: Architecture

Page: 304

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Welcome to The House of Glam -- Lush Interiors & Design Extravaganza. Challenging convention with maximalist flair, expect to see custom wallpapers, elegant fabrics, and rich marble, as well as mid-century design icons, geometry and echoes of Memphis. A new, young generation of interior designers like David Alhadeff, Cristina Celestino and Nina Yashar with an emphasis on personality are creating homes that aspire to be as unique as their inhabitants, propelling residential design into the future. This diverse architectural landscape of the book is a feast for the eyes, where expressive colors, textures, unusual forms, and exotic materials combine to create a contemporary interpretation of an art deco or classic 1950s Hollywood film set interior. After all, designers are innate history buffs and there is a wealth of history in architecture, decorative arts, fashion, and film through the ages to cherry pick and play with. These homes dream big. The House of Glam invites you into the most exciting homes, from Italy to the USA, that embody this decadent, playful trend, profiling key studios and designers at the forefront of the movement.
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The Literary Gazette

The Literary Gazette

This answer , one now enabled the retainers of the house of Glam . A PREFACE , after the manner and in imita- would naturally suppose , might have led to ...

Author: William Jerdan


ISBN: UOM:39015033904890



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After Hours

After Hours

She'll soon discover that her love of fast money, the fast lane and poison friends will soon be put to the test; in more ways than one. This is the most daring and gripping of this book series.

Author: Keyona Thomas


ISBN: 1731159811


Page: 223

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In this third installment of the Fin Heureuse The Novel Series, Gisela Warner is all grown up and ready to take on the world. She'll soon discover that her love of fast money, the fast lane and poison friends will soon be put to the test; in more ways than one. This is the most daring and gripping of this book series. Will Gisela pull herself together before it all comes crashing down before her eyes? Only time and another novel will tell.

The House of Commons 1558 1603 Members D L

The House of Commons  1558 1603  Members  D L

Cardiff , Glam . the charter granted in 1562. Lewis left no mark on the CARDIFF
BOROUGHS records of the House . He may have attended the Newport bridge
committee to which all Welsh constituency and s . of Thomas Lewist ( d . 1594 ) ,
of ...

Author: P. W. Hasler


ISBN: WISC:89007068497

Category: Great Britain

Page: 509

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The House of Commons volumes, part of the History of Parliament series, are a major academic project describing the House's members, constituencies and activities covering the period 1386-1832. Consists of biographies of every person who sat as a member of the House during the period concerned; descriptions of each election during the period in each constituency; and an introductory survey, pulling together and analysing the information given in the biographies and constituency histories.
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Glitter and Glam

Glitter and Glam

My great-grandm other, the family matriarch, had a house that was as dreamy and soft as a fluffy meringue. Nana surrounded herself with pastels: pink and ...

Author: Melanie Mills

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698154520

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 160

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Dazzling Makeup Tips for Date Night, Club Night, and Beyond Maximize the glam, access your inner diva, grab the glitter, and get excited about makeup! With stunning photos, featuring stars like Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Brandy, and Willa Ford, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, Melanie Mills shows you the makeup techniques for creating fun, trendsetting looks inspired by rock ’n’ roll vixens and fairy tale characters. She inspires you to experiment with stunning makeup for all occasions, from a party or a night out with friends to a special date or anytime you want to amplify your look. Melanie offers advice on makeup for any skin tone, and shows you how to master color combinations, taking you through a rainbow of shades to inspire you to break out of your everyday color palette. These looks are stunning, sometimes wild, and guaranteed to make a statement!
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Glam Goals

Glam Goals

Chasing the kids around the house, sporting events, date nights, latenight conferences, lazy Saturdays on the couch drinking wine and binge-watching TV can ...

Author: Marlaina Blackshear


ISBN: 9781794732063

Category: Self-Help

Page: 280

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Getting to the Glamour with Glam Goals is a culture of good vibes, positive energy, self-love and finding the best selfie light to capture your personal glam up along the way. It's not about gold and the fancier things in life but it's about pushing through the everyday things in life that go unseen including the inner you that could glimmer just a little bit more. This workbook is a guide to setting your goals for the year and tracking your habits. It is here where dedication goes to making yourself better to be a guiding light for others.
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E ( 181 ) • The house of Sam : Jones in the l ' arish of Margam , Glamorgan Ind .
meeting - place . ... Licence to Howell Thomas to be an Anab - Tencher in the
lionse of Wm Andrews at Newton , GlamorgThe house of Widow Williamson St

Author: Congregational Historical Society


ISBN: UOM:39015026285281

Category: Congregationalism


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A Glam Man in a Dandy World

A Glam Man in a Dandy World

Secret Relations Between Dandy Style of Livin' and Glam Way of Thinkin' Giulio D'Agostino ... 'It must be so to be worthy of the mistress of the house.

Author: Giulio D'Agostino

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595169351

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 364

View: 329

This book is a description of the people that had created the 'Dandy Movement' as a free expression of human's feeling against any common moral law of their time and present time.
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Ramshackle Glam

Ramshackle Glam

You do things like leave the house without an extra diaper, because it was cool that one time. (Do not ever, ever leave the house without an extra diaper.

Author: Jordan Reid

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780762453054

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Ramshackle Glam creator Jordan Reid was a little nervous about becoming a mother. "In my experience," she writes, "you know what happens when you hold babies? They cry. And it immediately becomes clear to all present that you have terrible parental instincts and should never be allowed to come into contact with children -- ever." But in October 2011 Reid became a mother herself, and over the first year of her son's life the writer and media personality not only figured out a thing or two about parenting, but also learned how to navigate an entirely new lifestyle while still maintaining a sense of self. Part memoir, part commiseration, and part how-to guide on fashion, beauty, home dér and entertaining for the new mom, Ramshackle Glam offers something fresh for the "mommy" bookshelf: concrete advice on how to care for yourself in the post-partum days, weeks, and months. A deeply personal exploration of the realities of modern-day parenthood (Reid covers topics ranging from post-partum depression and marital struggles to pets who immediately transform from your beloved best friends into Those Things That Wake Up Your Child), Ramshackle Glamis also filled with straightforward, fun, and easy lifestyle tips, including how to dress for your post-partum shape, tricks for rearranging your home so it works with an infant as well as your tastes, and strategies for getting your makeup done in five minutes flat with one hand while keeping that bouncy chair going with the other. Reid's spot-on advice combined with her trademark intimacy, wit, and (often aching) honesty make Ramshackle Glam a must-read for any woman in search of a candid account of how to handle enormous life changes with humor, grace . . . and a little bit of glam.
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The House of Commons 1754 1790

The House of Commons  1754 1790

Robinson , in preEDWIN , Charles ( c.1699-1756 ) , of Llanmihangel paration for the general election , wrote about Plas , Glam .

Author: Lewis Namier

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 0436304201

Category: History

Page: 692

View: 954

France, India and the revolt of the American colonies all had an impact on the business of the House during the second half of the eighteenth century, as detailed in these volumes of the History of Parliament.
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Sherlock Sam and the Burgled Book in Kampong Glam

Sherlock Sam and the Burgled Book in Kampong Glam

We finally reached the house and Auntie Rilla rang the doorbell. A moment later, an elderly woman in a white shirt and black skirt opened the door.

Author: A.J. Low

Publisher: Epigram Books

ISBN: 9789814785556

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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In this latest instalment, Sherlock Sam and his Supper Club must hunt down the true culprits to prove Nazhar’s dad’s innocence! A rare manuscript is stolen, and Nazhar’s dad is the main suspect! Officer Siva tells the Supper Club they can’t investigate, but that’s never stopped Sherlock and his friends before. Will they prove Nazhar’s dad’s innocence and catch the true culprits? Or will they be perplexed by the puzzling pilferers? Find out in Sherlock Sam’s next exciting adventure!
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The Book Of Romance

The Book Of Romance

him, adding that the place was haunted, but Glam made light of this: 'Such ... to riding the house roofs at night, so much so that he nearly broke them in.

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 9783849609269


Page: 305

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From the Andrew Lang prismatic series, this is the “Book of Romance”, a most attractive selection of what the editor calls “fairy-tales grown up,” the Round Table romances and similar stories, with colored pictures and line pictures by H. J . Ford—making a book for the fireside dreaming of romantic curly-heads, who will be unaware that they are learning the lore of their race instead of being bored by the lore of Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews. This book is fully illustrated and annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer. Contents: Tales Of The Round Table The Quest Of The Holy Graal The Fight For The Queen The Fair Maid Of Astolat Lancelot And Guenevere The End Of It All The Battle Of Roncevalles The Pursuit Of Diarmid Some Adventures Of William Short Nose The Story Of Robin Hood The Story Of Grettir The Strong

Delphi Works of Andrew Lang Illustrated

Delphi Works of Andrew Lang  Illustrated

Now within a little time men became aware that Glam lay not quiet; he walked wellnigh night and day, and took to riding the house roofs at night, ...

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Delphi Classics

ISBN: 9781908909510

Category: Fiction

Page: 3491

View: 837

As well as editing the famous Fairy Books, Andrew Lang created a diverse oeuvre of short story collections, novels, poetry and a scholarly corpus of essays and non-fiction books. This Delphi edition offers a comprehensive range of Lang’s prolific works, with thousands of beautiful illustrations, as well as the usual bonus texts. (Current version: 2) * the complete Fairy Books, all fully-illustrated with their original Victorian artwork – first time in digital print * special contents table for the Fairy Books * ALL the novels, with contents tables * images of how the books first appeared, giving your eReader a taste of the Victorian texts * many short story collections, with beautiful illustrations * ARABIAN NIGHTS fully illustrated – first time in digital print * 13 poetry collections, with contents tables and illustrations * special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry – find that special poem quickly and easily! * features 29 non-fiction books, each with contents tables * includes two biographical essays on Lang – explore the writer’s literary life! * many images relating to Lang’s life and works * scholarly ordering of texts in chronological order and literary genres, allowing easy navigation around Lang’s immense oeuvre CONTENTS: The Fairy Books THE BLUE FAIRY BOOK THE RED FAIRY BOOK THE GREEN FAIRY BOOK THE YELLOW FAIRY BOOK THE PINK FAIRY BOOK THE GREY FAIRY BOOK THE VIOLET FAIRY BOOK THE CRIMSON FAIRY BOOK THE BROWN FAIRY BOOK THE ORANGE FAIRY BOOK THE OLIVE FAIRY BOOK THE LILAC FAIRY BOOK The Fairy Tales LIST OF THE TALES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF THE TALES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Other Story Collections MUCH DARKER DAYS IN THE WRONG PARADISE AND OTHER STORIES HE THE GOLD OF FAIRNILEE PRINCE PRIGIO THE TRUE STORY BOOK PRINCE RICARDO OF PANTOUFLIA ANGLING SKETCHES THE BOOK OF DREAMS AND GHOSTS ARABIAN NIGHTS THE DISENTANGLERS THE RED TRUE STORY BOOK TALES OF TROY AND GREECE THE ANIMAL STORY BOOK THE BOOK OF ROMANCE THE RED ROMANCE BOOK THE RED BOOK OF HEROES by Mrs. Lang TALES OF ROMANCE THE STRANGE STORY BOOK by Mrs. Lang The Novels THE MARK OF CAIN THE WORLD’S DESIRE PARSON KELLY The Poetry Collections BALLADS, LYRICS, AND POEMS OF OLD FRANCE THE ODYSSEY THEOCRITUS BION AND MOSCHUS BALLADS IN BLUE CHINA HELEN OF TROY THE ILIAD RHYMES A LA MODE AUCASSIN AND NICOLETE A COLLECTION OF BALLADS GRASS OF PARNASSUS BAN AND ARRIERE BAN THE NURSERY RHYME BOOK NEW COLLECTED RHYMES The Poetry LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Non-Fiction OXFORD THE LIBRARY and many more - too many to list The Biographies ANDREW LANG by Edmund Gosse SPENCER WALPOLE AND ANDREW LANG by Horace G. Hutchinson
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The Glam Guide

The Glam Guide

DON'T OVER-ACCESSORISE OR UNDER- ACCESSORISE As the great Coco Chanel famously recommended, 'Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take ...

Author: Fleur De Force

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472228390

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Fleur De Force started making YouTube videos in 2009 out of a passion for everything beauty and fashion related. What began as a fun hobby quickly turned into something much bigger, and she's spent the past five years seeking out the best products, top tips and easiest ways for us all to look and feel more fabulous. In The Glam Guide she shares all of her secrets and discoveries so whether you're looking for makeup tips, wardrobe cheats, first-date pointers or healthy lifestyle motivation, this is the book for you.
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The House of Commons 1690 1715

The House of Commons  1690 1715

When the anti - Mansel coalition ' IGI , Glam .; Stradling Corresp . ed . Traherne , p . xxiii . ? Univ . collapsed just before the 1708 election , with a ...

Author: David Hayton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521772214

Category: History

Page: 3000

View: 226

A further large-scale contribution to the standard 'History of Parliament' series, covering 1690 1715."
Categories: History

Performing Glam Rock

Performing Glam Rock

In Chambers's view , glam rock turned “ public attention to the details of sexuality . . . when precisely at that time a new , authoritarian morality was ...

Author: Philip Auslander

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472068687

Category: Music

Page: 259

View: 923

This text situates the glam rock phenomenon historically and examines it as a set of performance strategies. It explores the ways in which glam rock, while celebrating the showmanship of 1950s rock and roll, began to undermine rock's adherence to the ideology of authenticity in the late 1960s.
Categories: Music

Glam Girl

Glam Girl

It depends on whether you think it's acceptable to leave the house without makeup - ever . Filled with glamalicious details on making the world more ...

Author: Suji Meswani

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1573249718

Category: Reference

Page: 63

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What do JLo, Gwen Stefani, and Nicole Kidman have in common? They are glam girls who show that you can overcome divorce, serial engagements, and even box office duds if you look and feel fabulous glam-girl style! A Glam Girl's manifesto filled with essential details for divas everywhere! From the book: * Glam Girl Mission: To make the world even more beautiful starting with yourself. * Weapons of Choice: Lipstick, designer handbag, and Glam Girl compact! Glam Girl is the essential guide to the good life filled with timeless tidbits, high stylin' tips, and many trade secrets you won't find anywhere else. Written in LazySusan's trademark sassy style, Glam Girl has wit as sharp as a stiletto heel.
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Boss Glam

Boss Glam

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Glam and Empowerment Beta Golchin. fresh, and awake; although I must admit, for some of us, an average of five minutes could ...

Author: Beta Golchin

Publisher: Pink Canary General Trading LLC

ISBN: 9781671803152

Category: Self-Help

Page: 141

View: 787

Boss Glam, by make-up artist, Beta Golchin, is about simplifying the art and process of applying makeup for all occasions. It also helps with the do’s and don’ts of corporate style and the essentials for a business trip. It helps the reader to identify that makeup is an art form and a source of coping mechanism for therapy in the form of self-care and self-confidence, as well as a source of healing and emotional comfort. Links to video tutorials are included. A must-have for all working ladies out there!
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Cases Decided in the House of Lords on Appeal from the Courts of Scotland

Cases Decided in the House of Lords  on Appeal from the Courts of Scotland

House of Lords, George Robinson ... These words were immediately succeeded by the following clause : “ comprehending the mains and town of Glam“ mis ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords


ISBN: STANFORD:36105063102367

Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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Categories: Law reports, digests, etc