The Hidden Lives of Learners

Author: Graham Nuthall

Publisher: Nzcer Press


Category: Learning

Page: 174

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The focus is on how students experience classroom learning activities and how they learn from that experience.

The Hidden Life of Girls

Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion

Author: Majorie Harness Goodwin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405178299

Category: Social Science

Page: 344

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Winner of the Best Book of 2008 from The International Gender and Language Association In this ground-breaking ethnography of girls on a playground, Goodwin offers a window into their complex social worlds. Combats stereotypes that have dominated theories on female moral development by challenging the notion that girls are inherently supportive of each other Examines the stances that girls on a playground in a multicultural school setting assume and shows how they position themselves in their peer groups Documents the language practices and degradation rituals used to sanction friends and to bully others Part of the Blackwell Studies in Discourse and Culture Series

Children’s experiences of classrooms

Talking about being pupils in the classroom

Author: Eleanore Hargreaves

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1526413299

Category: Education

Page: 152

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If children are to succeed and progress at school, schools and teachers need to understand how children experience the classroom. What do they think? How does school make them feel? This book brings together the author's work on children's classroom experiences in a variety of contexts. The author uses student voice to show what children think of classrooms, tasks, tests and exams, and how this impacts their experience of schooling. Can the classroom experience be transformative for children's life chances, or is it a trap? Schools and teachers need to take account of student perspectives in the primary school to make it the best experience possible.

How to Assess Your Students

Making Assessment Work For You

Author: Andrew Chandler-Grevatt

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children

ISBN: 0198417950

Category: Education

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How to Assess Your Students provides classroom practitioners with concise, practical guidance on a perenially important issue which remains central to teaching success. Written by a former teacher and expert within teacher education and assessment for learning, it leads readers through the assessment journey - from what it means and its practical implementation, through to making successful use of data to inform students' learning. The book: - Explains the essentials of assessment, including (a) the strengths and weaknesses of standardised tests, and (b) alternative and supplementary forms of assessment - with a particular emphasis on the role of formative assessment in the development of learning - Provides practical guidance on how to prepare effective activities, tasks, and tests - Shows how we can learn from assessment data, and use it to provide students with helpful, constructive feedback - Empowers teachers to feel confident in using assessment as a progressive tool, helping them to mak

Effective Teaching and Successful Learning

Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

Author: Inez De Florio

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107112613

Category: Education

Page: 248

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The overall aim of this reader-friendly book is to enable current and prospective teachers as well as other education professionals to improve practice, leading to more successful learning for all students. Drawing on her extensive experience as both a high school teacher and a university professor, Inez De Florio provides an evidence-informed and value-based approach to teaching and learning that takes the personality and the accountability of teaching professionals into account. Students' needs and interests are the primary focus of an evidence-informed teaching model, MET (Model of Effective Teaching), which is described and exemplified in detail. In order to allow for informed decisions and suitable applications of the steps of the MET, the book provides, furthermore, a succinct and comprehensible introduction to the main features and types of educational research, especially newer findings of evidence-based education.

The Perfect (Ofsted) English Lesson

Author: David Didau

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 1781350701

Category: Education

Page: 160

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Another from Jackie Beere's 'Perfect' stable, this simple but effective little book is designed to help bring the best out of all English departments during that all-important Ofsted visit. It is written by David Didau, a highly effective and innovative head of English at a school where Independent Thinking is a trustee. He has been instrumental in overseeing an enviable rise in A* to C results over the last few years to 84% in 2011. Packed full of ideas, strategies and simple yet effective innovations, this book is an essential tool in the toolkit of every English department - and not just for the inspection either! With topics including assessment for learning, progress, the learning environment and planning outstanding lessons, this is the book for every English teacher's desk drawer.

Understanding Teaching and Learning

Classroom Research Revisited

Author: Baljit Kaur

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9460918646

Category: Education

Page: 332

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• How do children, individually and collectively, make meanings of their learning experiences? • How can teachers become aware of children’s meaning making on an ongoing basis? • Is it possible and useful to create an integrated theory of student learning? • How can classroom research enhance critical understandings of the situated nature of learning and teaching, while taking into account the systemic and educational policy contexts? • How do differences, such as class, race, culture, gender and sexualities, interact with student learning? • How can teachers respond effectively to the realities of today’s diverse classrooms? • What are the current and emerging issues in classroom research? These are just some of the questions this book grapples with. It pays tribute to Professor Graham Nuthall’s (1935-2004) research contributions - a pioneering and internationally renowned classroom researcher of teaching and learning from New Zealand. It has been written by emerging and experienced classroom researchers from several countries as part of a project aimed at building on and extending Nuthall’s research and promoting the conducting, teaching and supervision of classroom research. The authors engage critically with theoretical, methodological and pedagogical possibilities of their research using Nuthall’s work as a springboard. As a result, all authors make links between theory and practice. Further, several leading international researchers contribute comments on future directions for classroom research and its relevance for teaching and learning. Understanding teaching and Learning: Classroom Research Revisited would be of interest to practicing or prospective teachers and teacher educators, as well as scholars and students of teaching and learning.

The Plurilingual TESOL Teacher

The Hidden Languaged Lives of TESOL Teachers and Why They Matter

Author: Elizabeth Ellis

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 1501501194

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 327

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This book explores the language biographies of plurilingual and monolingual teachers, drawing on theories of teacher cognition and linguistic identity. It shows how circumstantial and elective experiences constitute powerful resources contributing to their professional knowledge and beliefs, and calls for the valuing of these resources in teacher education.