The Gift of Fear

Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence

Author: Gavin De Becker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780747538356

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In this work, Gavin de Becker shows you how to spot even subtle signs of danger - before it's too late. Shattering the myth that most violent acts are unpredictable, de Becker offers specific ways to protect yourself and those you love, including ideas on how to act when approached by a stranger.

Summary the Gift of Fear

From Gavin de Becker

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The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence by Gavin de Becker | SummaryBook Preview:Gavin de Becker is the author of The Gift of Fear. This is a self-help book which deals with understanding how to be safe in situations where there is a potential for violence. The teachings which are conveyed in this book can be applied to a wide range of environments. The primary problem with violence is that when it happens it is common for victims to be caught by surprise by the violent acts. Many times they believe that the person who was responsible for the act of violence was not capable of this violence. This is most common in cases of domestic abuse, stalking, or violent acts against a political figure.In almost every case of violence there are warning signals which were present before the violence took place. These warning signals were not usually noticed before the violence took place, but when a victim recalls the past, the signs are quite easy to recognize. Many of these warning signs did not make logical sense when they happened, but the victim could sense them through intuition. The problem is that most people are not in tune with their intuition or simply ignore this intuition. The key to avoiding violent situations is to learn how to trust intuition so that if a warning signal is present it will be recognized. Then it is important to take the proper steps in order to stop violence from taking place.This is a summary and analysis of the book and NOT the original book This Book Contains: * Summary Of The Entire Book * Chapter By Chapter Breakdown * Analysis Of The Reading Experience Download Your Copy Today

Beauty Bites Beast

Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls

Author: Ellen Snortland,Gavin De Becker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780971144705

Category: Social Science

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Women are capable of defending themselves and their loved ones--if they learn how. It is not the female's size, it is her culturally induced ignorance that makes her think she is helpless. This book is a clarion call to "sleeping beauties" to wake up and take charge of their own self-defense--both verbal and physical--and celebrates women (and kids) who fought back. Funny and provocative, this is an irreverent but deadly serious look at how family, religion, history, news and entertainment keep women thinking they are defenseless.--From publisher description.

The Future of Batterer Programs

Reassessing Evidence-based Practice

Author: Edward W. Gondolf

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1555537707

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 317

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A critical assessment of the research related to batterer programs with recommendations for heightened engagement of men, ongoing risk management, and better coordination of courts and services


Steps to Survival

Author: Katy Mattingly

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780736066891

Category: Health & Fitness

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Hone your senses, increase awareness, and learn the techniques that could save your life. Self-Defense: Steps to Survivalwill teach you to identify danger, avoid assault, and defend yourself and others against attackers in a variety of situations. Based on the proven strategies and techniques taught on campuses and in metropolitan areas worldwide, Self-Defense: Steps to Survivalis both practical and immediately applicable for men, women, and teens regardless of previous experience. You'll learn these skills: -Assess your surroundings, notice warning signs, and remove yourself from potential harm. -Use the power of your own voice to thwart an attack. -Recognize warning signs of violence in an intimate relationship. -Resist and escape physical and sexual violence by strangers and acquaintances. -Free yourself from an assailant's grasp. -Develop an arsenal of strikes, kicks, and defense techniques for countering physical attacks. -Defend yourself against weapon attacks and multiple attackers. Don't live in fear! Self-Defense: Steps to Survivalwill change the way you approach everyday life, giving you the assurance that you'll be prepared for the unexpected. See all the titles available in the Steps to Success Series.

Fear Less

Real Truth about Risk, Safety, and Security in a Time of Terrorism

Author: Gavin De Becker

Publisher: Little Brown & Company

ISBN: 9780316085960

Category: Political Science

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Gavin de Becker's landmark book THE GIFT OF FEAR showed millions of readers how to better protect themselves from violence and unwarranted fear. Now, in FEAR LESS, de Becker answers the questions many Americans have been asking since September 11th: Can air travel be safe?What is the risk of biological or chemical attack? Can the government detect and prevent future acts? How can we best talk to our children about what has happened and what might happen? What can we do to reduce fear and worry?What specific steps can we take to reduce terrorism? What are terrorists likely to do next? Most simply, is everything going to be all right? De Becker says, "Just as your imagination has placed you in frightening situations, it is now time to place yourself in empowering situations, time to see that you have a role to play, and contrary to so many TV news stories, it isn't just victim-in-waiting." FEAR LESS offers specific recommendations that can enhance our national security and our individual safety and help put fear into perspective. Nobody in the world understands risk and safety better than Gavin de Becker. At a time of uncertainty, terrorism, and a whole new set of rules, it is hard to imagine a more important, more reassuring, and more necessary book than FEAR LESS.

The Dark Side of Relationship Pursuit

From Attraction to Obsession and Stalking

Author: Brian H. Spitzberg,William R. Cupach

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136651632

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 480

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Awards and Praise for the first edition: Recipient of the 2006 International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) Book Award "This text, as it presently stands, is THE go-to text for stalking researchers. That is my opinion and the opinion of multiple fellow scholars I know in the field. It rarely sits on my shelf, but rather is a constant reference on my desk. I can always count on these authors to have done an extensive review of literature. I thought I was thorough, but they are always providing me with new references." --Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair, Associate Professor of Psychology, Mississippi State University "Cupach and Spitzberg provide the reader with a multidisciplinary framework for understanding the nature and impact of unwanted relationship pursuits. This book is an excellent resource for students and professionals alike who seek to gain knowledge about unwanted relational pursuits and stalking." —Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy The Dark Side of Relationship Pursuit provides historical and definitional frames for studying unwanted relationship pursuit, and considers the role of the media, law, and social science research in shaping today’s conceptualizations of stalking. The volume integrates research from diverse contributing fields and disciplines, providing a thorough summary and assessment of current knowledge on stalking and obsessive pursuit. Building on the foundation of the award-winning first edition, this revision considers assessment issues, offers an expanded analysis of the meta-analysis data set, and includes coverage of intercultural and international factors. As an increasing number of scholarly disciplines and professional fields study stalking and other forms of obsessive relationship pursuit, this book is a must-have resource for examining interpersonal conflict, social and personal relationships, domestic violence, unrequited love, divorce and relational dissolution, and harassment. It also has much to offer researchers, counselors, and professionals in psychology, counseling, criminal justice, sociology, psychiatry, forensic evaluation, threat assessment, and law enforcement.

Interpersonal Communication

Author: Peter Hartley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134677227

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

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This fully revised and updated second edition: * outlines the main components and distinctive characteristics of interpersonal communication * offers detailed analysis of communication structures, considering their everyday applications and implications * includes new material on race, gender and sexuality * looks to the future of interpersonal communication.

Case Studies in Family Violence

Author: Robert T. Ammerman,Michel Hersen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461541719

Category: Psychology

Page: 454

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Since the publication of the first edition in 1991, there has been substantial progress in our understanding of the etiology and associated features of domestic violence. As in the first edition, this book elucidates and highlights the complex multidisciplinary issues facing clinicians who work with family violence cases. Each chapter combines two illustrative cases with a broader discussion of the issues that are encountered by clinicians working with families that engage in abuse or neglect.