The Ghost in My Brain

The Ghost in My Brain

The dramatic story of one man’s recovery offers new hope to those suffering from concussions and other brain traumas In 1999, Clark Elliott suffered a concussion when his car was rear-ended.

Author: Clark Elliott

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698150140

Category: Medical

Page: 336

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The dramatic story of one man’s recovery offers new hope to those suffering from concussions and other brain traumas In 1999, Clark Elliott suffered a concussion when his car was rear-ended. Overnight his life changed from that of a rising professor with a research career in artificial intelligence to a humbled man struggling to get through a single day. At times he couldn’t walk across a room, or even name his five children. Doctors told him he would never fully recover. After eight years, the cognitive demands of his job, and of being a single parent, finally became more than he could manage. As a result of one final effort to recover, he crossed paths with two brilliant Chicago-area research-clinicians—one an optometrist emphasizing neurodevelopmental techniques, the other a cognitive psychologist—working on the leading edge of brain plasticity. Within weeks the ghost of who he had been started to re-emerge. Remarkably, Elliott kept detailed notes throughout his experience, from the moment of impact to the final stages of his recovery, astounding documentation that is the basis of this fascinating book. The Ghost in My Brain gives hope to the millions who suffer from head injuries each year, and provides a unique and informative window into the world’s most complex computational device: the human brain.
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How to Build the Ghost in Your Attic

How to Build the Ghost in Your Attic

from the side of her mouth . I listen for Yaz . My nose is no help , as the room is
being spritzed with RainAfter - SexWith - A - Masked - Stranger , a top - ten odor
this year . I prefer ... I fear her brain will leak from her head like zit lava . “ Edvard ...

Author: Peter Jay Shippy

Publisher: Rose Metal PressInc

ISBN: STANFORD:36105133441076

Category: Poetry

Page: 77

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Poetry. A book-length narrative poem, or a novella-in-verse if you prefer, HOW TO BUILD THE GHOST IN YOUR ATTIC is a novel-poem with a literary sci-fi bent, a shadow-text to Oedipus written in a style that is up-to-the-minute. With wit, dynamism, and cutting senses of urgency and humor, Iowa Prize winner Peter Jay Shippy tells the tale of Isaac Makepeace Watt, a melancholy man living in a Thebes that is much like contemporary America. The House of Cadmus still rules (and will fall), but they only appear in the poem as media white noise. Isaac's concerns are personal, his father's illness and his own moral decrepitude. There are talking monkeys, plagues, oracles, and nano-robots-you know, the usual agoramania.
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Poems that swim from my brain like rats leaving a sinking ship

Poems that swim from my brain like rats leaving a sinking ship

Ghosts Ghosts sit around my city they exist as the doorframes of buildings and
the balconies of houses where they used to work where they used to live ghosts
walk around my city walk around my head and ghost story reminiscing starts
when ...

Author: Christian McPherson

Publisher: Bayeux Arts Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015082741938

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

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Categories: Poetry

Bring Home the Ghost

Bring Home the Ghost

His fists and eyes was clenched tight closed when he spoke next . ... The idea of
killin ' somebody chilled my blood . ... She was smooth and gentle , and her
kisses set a fire in me that got my knees tremblin ' and my brain weak with want .

Author: Karyn Follis Cheatham

Publisher: Harcourt Childrens Books

ISBN: UOM:39015029749630

Category: Friendship

Page: 288

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Traces the adventures of two boys, one the slave of the other, in the first half of the nineteenth century as they grow to manhood on an Alabama plantation, experience its devastation, and move west to find a freer way of life.
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The Ghost in the Underblows

The Ghost in the Underblows

Continual pain , the drip of persistent water , The seep of poison into the brain ? I
hear my old friend in the cellarage , The ubiquitous ghost , his unearthly music .
He is singing old songs out of myself , out of our own day , Out of the older days ...

Author: Alfred Young Fisher


ISBN: UCAL:$B112206


Page: 304

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Neither Brain Nor Ghost

Neither Brain Nor Ghost

In Daniel Dennett's delightful story , “ Where Am I ? " , the confusion that arises
from the Cartesian materialism inherent in the mind - brain identity theory is
elegantly visualized . Dennett imagines that his brain is transplanted into a glass
vat ...

Author: W. Teed Rockwell

Publisher: Bradford Books

ISBN: UOM:39015061178847

Category: Philosophy

Page: 231

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A rejection of both dualism and the mind-brain identity theory, arguing that the mind is best understood as a "behavioral field" that fluctuates within the brain/body/world nexus.
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The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green

The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green

Now you say you ' d rather go back to that island and share some hut with twenty
brain - dead hippies ? ... It ' s my house . And of course it ' s not haunted . Use
your brain . There ' s no such thing as ghosts . ” “ But why would he say that ?

Author: Anne Louise MacDonald

Publisher: PONY

ISBN: 1933343036

Category: Alzheimer's disease

Page: 170

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Kim sees a beautiful black horse from her school bus window on the very day Gramma-Lou is coming to live with Kim's family. Gramma-Lou is Kim's best friend, sharing her passion for horses and loving her just as she is. Everything is going to be perfect when Gramma-Lou comes to stay. But when Kim looks for the horse, it seems to have vanished. Was it a ghost? There's talk of ghosts around Meadow Green -- kids at school claim Kim's house is haunted by someone named Crackers and that something awful happened there. Kim's parents say it's nonsense, but when Gramma-Lou finally arrives, Kim's perfect plans are shattered and dark secrets come to light in Meadow Green.
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Hamlet and Japan

Hamlet and Japan

After a time , he decides to wipe away all baser matters from his memory and to
keep only the ghost ' s words in his brain . And thy commandment all alone shall
live Within the book and volume of my brain , Unmixed with baser matter : ( I . v .

Author: Yoshiko Ueno

Publisher: Ams PressInc

ISBN: UOM:39015050318644

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 313

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Hamlet has always been the most popular of Shakespeare's plays in Japan. This is a collection of critical essays by Japanese authors, looking at a variety of aspects of the play.
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The Ghost Trap

The Ghost Trap

That was another problem , her focus slipped away even when she was
motivated . But at least the focus was thereit hadn't been six months ago . Just
this summer , something had changed in her brain , she'd actually felt it , like
stepping out of ...

Author: Kaley Stephens

Publisher: Leaplit

ISBN: IND:30000124573522

Category: Fiction

Page: 327

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The haunting story of Jamie Eugley, a young lobsterman struggling with the grinding responsibilities of a head-injured fiancee and mounting trap wars, The Ghost Trap is a modern tale with an old-fashioned hero who puts family and heritage before self. In the end it's not just about lobstering, but about one man's sorrow for not appreciating the love he had, however damaged. Written with sensitivity and rich description, this is a piercingly accurate depiction of life in a small Maine lobstering community.
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The Ghost of North America

The Ghost of North America

Smith ( 1918 ) described his experiences as follows : “ I had made a trip in , and
on my return , when eight miles from ... but to walk slowly backwards until at a
safe distance , but my promptings were forgotten , and when it soaked into my
brain ...

Author: Bruce S. Wright

Publisher: New York : Vantage Press

ISBN: MINN:31951P005075631

Category: Panthers

Page: 140

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The Ghost of North America, lithe, tawny, leonine in primal majesty, still walks our forests. The eastern panther, who long since learned to beware the haunts of man, is no creature of a bygone day. He lives, a fleet, magnificent beast whom few men ever see. This fascinating book brings you his story.
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The Ghost in the Mirror

The Ghost in the Mirror

Too bad my brain isn't cooperating, because this man is breathtaking. With the help of my sassy grandmother, I begin to rebuild my life. I am Samuel Dexter, and these are my stories.

Author: Faith Gibson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1537568434


Page: 298

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What do you do when you have no memories of your life except the one moment that took everything away? My name is Dex and I'm a Marine. Somewhere in the horrors of the sand overseas, an explosion took out not only most of my unit but also my memories of everything that happened before that day. When my memories don't return, the explosion also ends my career in the military. That one moment costs me everything. Starting from scratch sucks. I don't even know what foods I like or what types of music I listen to. Am I a boxer or briefs man? Do I like women or men? I also have to figure out what I'm going to do with my life from this point on. While adjusting to my new life, I start seeing things -- things that no one else can see. I think that maybe my head injury caused more than amnesia. When one of my "visions" won't leave me alone, I have no choice but to believe in ghosts. Along with the ghosts during the day, at night I dream vividly of two men. But are these two men merely dreams, or are they memories? When one man steps through the door of my hospital room, I have the answer. This man literally tries to lead me down memory lane, culminating in a searing kiss. Too bad my brain isn't cooperating, because this man is breathtaking. With the help of my sassy grandmother, I begin to rebuild my life. I am Samuel Dexter, and these are my stories.

The Ghost Walks on Fridays

The Ghost Walks on Fridays

I exclaimed , “ if I can get the head waiter of our hotel to lend you his dress coat
and waistcoat wil you wear it ? " New hope dawned in Maude ' s ... And then , as
fiction writers put it , something snapped in my brain ! I made a dash at that head

Author: Sydney Blow


ISBN: UCAL:B4393356

Category: Actors

Page: 224

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That the Ghost , with his fading cry of Adieu , adieu , adieu , remember me ,
descends into the Trap - Door ( the · ' Hell ' ) is ... Yes , I will drive everything else
out of my memory ( this distracted Globe , my brain , the Table of my Memory . . .
the ...

Author: Ronald Watkins


ISBN: UOM:39015000527088

Category: Tragedy

Page: 150

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Categories: Tragedy

The Duke s Diamonds The Ghost and Lady Alice

The Duke s Diamonds  The Ghost and Lady Alice

should have deserted her . But the sense of the words leaped immediately to her
brain , and she read clearly . “ Whosoever enjoys not this life , I count him but an
apparition , though he wear about him the sensible affections of flesh . In these ...

Author: Marion Chesney

Publisher: Ivy Books

ISBN: 0449223655

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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In The Ghost and Lady Alice, a mistreated scullery maid is transformed into a lady by the ghost of a duke, while in Duke's Diamonds, an orphan and her canine charge inherit a fortune in precious gems. Original.
Categories: Fiction

The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

MY. BRAIN. AND. I. ARE. ONE. once attended the wedding of a thirty - five - year
- old patient who five years earlier had come to me after seeing in broad daylight
the ghost of her dead first husband . At our first meeting she told me about the ...

Author: Richard M. Restak

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

ISBN: UOM:39015032482344

Category: Medical

Page: 210

View: 949

Neurologist and best-selling author Richard Restak puts readers in touch with the latest scientific findings about the most complex and inscrutable object in creation--the human brain. "By all means let Richard Restak take you on this lively journey to the very roots of our being. Along the way you will gain new understanding of consciousness, dreams, drugs, emotions, memory loss, and many kindred subjects."--William Warner Line drawings.
Categories: Medical

I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me

I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me

I have believed it ever since and now at this moment hold on to it with all my
subconscious , with all my memory , with all that I have been taught and told . The
word brain always represented a fearful mystery to me . My brain can stop ...

Author: Jimmy Breslin

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: 0786209712

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 374

View: 101

Riding in a helicopter with the Beatles ... Overhearing Jackie Kennedy's conversation with the priest who administered last rites to JFK ... Falling in love at first sight (in a Queens bar) with a woman he would marry ... Catching Joe McCarthy in a lie...Surviving a Brooklyn race riot ... Running for public office in New York City (on a ticket with Norman Mailer) ...These are among the moments that Jimmy Breslin recalls, movingly and hilariously, in his acclaimed memoir -- a book written with all the brashness, candor, and style that have distinguished Breslin's newspaper columns and made him one of the most admired and enjoyed journalists of our time.The starting point: the almost accidental discovery that Breslin required brain surgery. What then unfolds, as Breslin weighs his medical options, is the story of a life crowded with memorable moments and memorable characters -- not least of all, Breslin himself. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
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Use Both Sides of Your Brain

Use Both Sides of Your Brain

It is a song of organic memory - deep , dim memory of other quintillions of lives ,
when the ghost of him shrilled at night from the dewy grasses of the hills . Then
that song brought him love – and death . He has forgotten all about death : but he

Author: Tony Buzan

Publisher: Plume Books

ISBN: 0525485589

Category: Creative ability

Page: 156

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Using the latest research on the workings of the human brain, Buzan provides step-by-step exercises for discovering the powers of the right side of the brain and learning to use the left side more effectively. By increasing our understanding of how the mind works, Buzan shows us how to use our brains to the best advantage.
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Unholy Ghosts

Unholy Ghosts

Smoke – my brain had become smoke . António took his own room . The
receptionist told me my room number and said that my brother - in - law was
already there . She asked for my passport . Miguel was sitting on the end of a bed
when I ...

Author: Richard Zimler

Publisher: Heretic Books

ISBN: IND:30000076436546

Category: Gay men

Page: 255

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Worldly, Jewish, at one time a standout on his legendary Greenwich Village basketball team, an American classical guitar teacher seeks a new life in Portugal after the death of so many friends. But what he calls the viral eclipse over sexuality pursues him even there, when Antonio, his most talented and beloved student, tests HIV-positive and threatens to give up on life at just twenty-four. Desperate to show the young man that he still has a future, 'the Professor' arranges a car trip across Spain to Paris, hoping to be able to convince a leading virtuoso there to begin preparing his protege for a concert career. Antonio's estranged father, Miguel, a stonemason by trade, insists on coming along with them, and en route the three fall into a triangle of adventure, personal disclosure, violence, and at last a strange redemption.
Categories: Gay men

The Human Project

The Human Project

Cockerman, Melanie Chaparian. My Brain and I Are One Richard Restak I once
attended the wedding of a thirty - five - year - old patient who five years earlier
had come to me after seeing in broad daylight the ghost of her dead first husband

Author: Cockerman

Publisher: Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice Hall

ISBN: 0130319139

Category: Humanities


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