The Ghost Groom

The Ghost Groom

A tough football player, a devoted sister, and the most difficult choice of all .

Author: Jennifer Youngblood

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1095058444


Page: 196

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A tough football player, a devoted sister, and the most difficult choice of all ...After a long, painful search that involved legions of duds, Ariana Sanchez, fitness guru and gym owner, finally meets the perfect guy when she least expects it. Not only can Rennen tear up the dance floor, but he has these adorable blonde curls and compelling green eyes, specked with gold. When Ariana's around him she feels oh, so alive! And the best part is that he's a perfect gentleman and easy to talk to. Their first encounter leaves Ariana floating on air, thinking there's hope for her love life after all ... until she learns that Rennen is the celebrated rookie who's taking her brother's position as starting running back for the Titans. Too bad she's totally loyal to her brother and has to hate him now!Rennen Bradley, the Ghost, has worked long and hard to get the opportunity to shine as the starting running back. Sure, he feels bad that Ace Sanchez was injured and that he's taking his place on the team, but that's how the game rolls. Rennen never expects to fall for Ariana, and it throws him for a loop when he realizes she's Ace's sister. But Rennen's not going to let a simple complication like that come between him and the woman of his dreams. He understands Ariana's reservations--heck, even admires her loyalty to her brother. But Rennen's used to waging uphill battles. Abandoned as a child, Rennen learned a long time ago that you have to fight tooth and nail for anything you want in this life. And he wants Ariana, heart, body, and soul!Caught between loyalty and love, will Ariana choose her family or her heart?

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Author: Jim Craddock

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578591201

Category: Performing Arts

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