The Fall of Innocence

The Fall of Innocence

A compulsively-readable tragedy that reminds us of the fragility of human nature. Praise for The Fall of Innocence * "Sanchez deftly shows the long-lasting impact of the assault. . .

Author: Jenny Torres Sanchez

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781524737764

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 448

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The Lovely Bones meets Thirteen Reasons Why in this gorgeous, haunting, and tragic novel that examines the crippling--and far-reaching--effects of one person's trauma on her family, her community, and herself. For the past eight years, sixteen-year-old Emilia DeJesus has done her best to move on from the traumatic attack she suffered in the woods behind her elementary school. She's forced down the memories--the feeling of the twigs cracking beneath her, choking on her own blood, unable to scream. Most of all, she's tried to forget about Jeremy Lance, the boy responsible, the boy who caused her such pain. Emilia believes that the crows who watched over her that day, who helped her survive, are still on her side, encouraging her to live fully. And with the love and support of her mother, brother, and her caring boyfriend, Emilia is doing just that. But when a startling discovery about her attacker's identity comes to light, and the memories of that day break through the mental box in which she'd shut them away, Emilia is forced to confront her new reality and make sense of shifting truths about her past, her family, and herself. A compulsively-readable tragedy that reminds us of the fragility of human nature. Praise for The Fall of Innocence * "Sanchez deftly shows the long-lasting impact of the assault. . . . An intimate and tragic look at how traumatic incidents affect individuals, their families, and others around them." --Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW * "Sanchez writes with stunning detail, showcasing the beauty that can be found in small moments, in family interactions, in nature, and in seemingly everyday objects. . . and illustrates how a trauma like Emilia's has widespread effects." --School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW * "It is hard to imagine a more beautifully told, more moving, or more authentic story of one family’s journey through unbearable pain." --VOYA, STARRED REVIEW "Beautifully written but ineffably sad, Emilia's story is a case study of trauma and its aftermath." --BCCB "Emilia's inner world both captivates and devastates." --Publishers Weekly "Internal and contemplative, [this novel's] haunting quality lingers." --Booklist
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Author: J. Bédard


ISBN: OCLC:1102710010

Category: English poetry

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The Wages Of Sin Book Three The Fall Of Innocence

The Wages Of Sin  Book Three  The Fall Of Innocence

When an angel falls from Heaven to be trapped by the weight of evil, the Earth shakes in fear of the night as humankind struggles to turn to the light and the lost have no way to be found.

Author: L.E. Parker


ISBN: 9780244641917

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

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When an angel falls from Heaven to be trapped by the weight of evil, the Earth shakes in fear of the night as humankind struggles to turn to the light and the lost have no way to be found. Salvation is at the very brink of collapse as the remaining beacon of hope is doused in the flames of Hell leading the worlds to the edge of war. And yet in Hell the passage to power is smeared in deceit with creatures deserting their master as mysterious new arrivals present themselves and what had been sure appears blurred in the unravelling lies. The delight in the pain of the innocent blinds the Devil to the depths of betrayal which quietly eats into the heart of Hell where feigned stability is crumbling to chaos as control of the Earth is becoming a higher prize to take at a heavier cost. The third in a five part story which forces you to confront the darkest monsters that will drag you into the shadow
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Mark E Smith and the Fall

Mark E  Smith and the Fall

The world view Clemence describes in the novel is a fall from innocence produced by a relentless unblinking clarity of perception, combined with an ungenerous lack of sympathy and forgiveness. That Smith realized this persona would fit ...

Author: Michael Goddard

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754668673

Category: Music

Page: 209

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These essays penetrate the fathomless depths of the Fall's sound and Mark E. Smith's vision, bringing back fresh perceptions that do not `explain' so much as enhance and expand the inexhaustible mystery of this singular band. Simon Reynolds, author of Rip it Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-84 and Totally Wired: Postpunk Interviews and Overviews The strength of this book draws ultimately on the complexity of the Fall, with its cosmic library of `screwed up' lyrics to unfold, and its vast conurbation of psychic soundscapes to drift through. There is bound to be controversy over whether the band is a legitimate subject for academic study. The best response to the sceptics can be found in the pages of this brilliant collection. Simon Ford, author of the Wreckers of Civilisation and Hip Priest This volume offers a comprehensive range of approaches to the work of Mark E. Smith and his band the Fall in relation to music, art and politics. Mark E. Smith remains one of the most divisive and idiosyncratic figures in popular music after a recording career with the Fall that spans thirty years. The key aspect of the group that this volume explores is the invariably creative, unfailingly critical and often antagonistic relations that characterize both the internal dynamics of the group and the group's position in the pop cultural surroundings. The Fall's ambiguous position in the unfolding histories of British popular music and therefore in the new heritage industries of popular culture in the UK, from post-punk to anti-Thatcher politics, to the `Factory fiction of Manchester' and on into Mark E. Smith's current role as ageing enfant terrible of rock, illustrates the uneasy relationship between the band, their critical commentators and the historians of popular music. This volume engages directly with this critical ambiguity.
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The Flower Children

The Flower Children

Author: Vandon E. Jenerette


ISBN: OCLC:18554443


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The Fall

The Fall

Albert Camus (1913-60) is the author of a number of best-selling and highly influential works, all of which are published by Penguin. They include The Fall, The Outsider and The First Man.

Author: Albert Camus

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141978871

Category: Fiction

Page: 96

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A philosophical novel described by fellow existentialist Sartre as 'perhaps the most beautiful and the least understood' of his novels, Albert Camus' The Fall is translated by Robin Buss in Penguin Modern Classics. Jean-Baptiste Clamence is a soul in turmoil. Over several drunken nights in an Amsterdam bar, he regales a chance acquaintance with his story. From this successful former lawyer and seemingly model citizen a compelling, self-loathing catalogue of guilt, hypocrisy and alienation pours forth. The Fall (1956) is a brilliant portrayal of a man who has glimpsed the hollowness of his existence. But beyond depicting one man's disillusionment, Camus's novel exposes the universal human condition and its absurdities - for our innocence that, once lost, can never be recaptured ... Albert Camus (1913-60) is the author of a number of best-selling and highly influential works, all of which are published by Penguin. They include The Fall, The Outsider and The First Man. Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, Camus is remembered as one of the few writers to have shaped the intellectual climate of post-war France, but beyond that, his fame has been international. If you enjoyed The Fall, you might like Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'An irresistibly brilliant examination of modern conscience' The New York Times 'Camus is the accused, his own prosecutor and advocate. The Fall might have been called "The Last Judgement" ' Olivier Todd
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Absolute Recoil

Absolute Recoil

Original Sin, as the Fall from innocence, can only be explained if what precedes it is not simply the immediacy of innocence—that is, if innocence is already permeated by anxiety (dread). This is brilliantly articulated by Kierkegaard ...

Author: Slavoj Zizek

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 9781781686829

Category: Philosophy

Page: 444

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Philosophical materialism in all its forms – from scientific naturalism to Deleuzian New Materialism – has failed to meet the key theoretical and political challenges of the modern world. This is the burden of philosopher Slavoj Žižek’s argument in this pathbreaking and eclectic new work. Recent history has seen developments such as quantum physics and Freudian psychoanalysis, not to speak of the failure of twentieth-century communism, shake our understanding of existence. In the process, the dominant tradition in Western philosophy lost its moorings. To bring materialism up to date, Žižek – himself a committed materialist and communist – proposes a radical revision of our intellectual heritage. He argues that dialectical materialism is the only true philosophical inheritor of what Hegel designated the “speculative” approach in thought. Absolute Recoil is a startling reformulation of the basis and possibilities of contemporary philosophy. While focusing on how to overcome the transcendental approach without regressing to naïve, pre-Kantian realism, Žižek offers a series of excursions into today’s political, artistic, and ideological landscape, from Arnold Schoenberg’s music to the films of Ernst Lubitsch.
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Cinderella s Gold Slipper

Cinderella s Gold Slipper

The world responds to innocence by trying to kill it , and it usually succeeds at puberty if not earlier . ( For what the fall from innocence entails I refer the reader again to the chapter ' Adam and Eve ' in my book Adam and Eve . ) ...

Author: S. D. Fohr

Publisher: Sophia Perennis

ISBN: 1597310115

Category: Fiction

Page: 173

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Samuel D. Fohr holds that the Grimms' tales are not just childish 'fairy tales', but are filled with spiritual symbolism, and as such have value for adults as well as children. Snow White, for example, is a story of creation and spiritual growth, and its message parallels Hindu and Judaic creation myths. Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella both portray the journey back to God. Fohr also looks at recurring themes in the stories, and answers such questions as: Why are giants always evil and dwarves always good? What is the symbolic significance of the hungry wolf who appears in many stories? Exactly what are genies, and why are they always trapped in bottles? A delightful but serious examination of cherished stories, this book reveals new meaning in familiar tales. Also included is an extensive bibliography and an Appendix on the authenticity of the Grimms' tales. The author is a professor of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Michigan and has taught courses in both Western and Eastern Philosophy. He is the author of Adam and Eve: The Spiritual Symbolism of Genesis and Exodus, and editor of more than a dozen volumes of The Collected Works of Rene Guenon. To say that Fohr retrieves fairy tales from the nursery on the one hand, and retrieves them from mere entertainment for adults on the other, is only the start of the matter. Like Freud, Jung, and Levy-Strauss, he recognizes the wisdom folktales embody, but he goes beyond those students of myth in arguing that the authors knew what they were doing: they crafted their tales consciously. This is a courageous and cogent book that goes a long way toward revalidating a literary genre that modernity has irresponsibly trivialized. - Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions, etc.
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And They Lived Happily Ever Before

And They Lived Happily Ever       Before

Innocence is being involved only with oneself. The loss of that innocence is becoming involved with other people in the world of sights and sounds, ideas and feelings. It is the Fall. It is the Fall from innocence into complicity.

Author: Lee Thayer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483635880

Category: Psychology

Page: 347

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This book is about the apparent incompatibility of romantic love and conventional marriage. They go together (the popular song has it) like a horse and carriage. But if the horse is ailing or otherwise not up to the task, the carriage will slowly rot away in the carriage house. It is also about the perverse fact that people bring to such relationships their expectations from the past as they remember them. Typically, they had hopes and dreams for their future together. When these are dashed, it occurs to them that they were better off before they got hitched. It is also about the fact that when love befalls us, we lose our bearings. Love is blind, and all that. We drift into the conventional fairy tale about living happily ever after. Thats to be desired. But the fairy tale ends with that line. It never tells us what we need to do or be in order to live happily ever after. Under the spell of the fairy tale, which is basic fare in various forms in our culture, we set off happily enough. But how is it possible to maintain the delusion of the love state in the banality of the everyday life that inevitably ensues? Who told us that making a living or keeping a house in order is a far different world than a wedding? Who told us that babies rule the house, unless they are tended by someone else? Copulate we apparently must. But that has consequences that are not a part of the fairy tale. So people end up on the other side of the mirror. The world is not about lovers, the realization creeps upon us. It is about 40,000 other things. And those have to be dealt with most often before anything else. Thus the title, And They Lived Happily Ever Before. Imagination and reality are often two very different things. This book answers the question, What Does Love Have to Do with It? The answers may surprise you. But they will make love affairs that end in marriage far better than you might even imagine they could be.
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