The Exiles

The Exiles

Coastal area which had been home to them; the forced loss of homes, property and possessions; and finally the pressure on those remaining in BC to exile themselves again to some unfamiliar Eastern location or choose deportation to Japan ...


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The Florida Exiles and the War for Slavery

The Florida Exiles and the War for Slavery

feri up , ITILAT e , ser ita es ne , na S , SO of the resides respet ests or ORLD The President affirmed the principles decided by the Attorney General , and the Exiles were informed that they had the right to remain in their villages ...

Author: Joshua Reed Giddings


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Risorgimento in Exile

Risorgimento in Exile

and Filippo Pananti, who took advantage of their exile to discover the Americas and the Mediterranean. It is not my intention to provide a social history of the early Risorgimento emigration, a task that is still to be addressed.

Author: Maurizio Isabella

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The experience of exiles was fundamental for shaping Italian national identity. Risorgimento in Exile investigates the contribution to Italian nationalism made by the numerous patriots who were forced to live in exile following failed revolutions in the Italian states. Examining the writings of such exiles, Maurizio Isabella challenges recent historiography regarding the lack of genuine liberal culture in the Risorgimento. He argues that these émigrés' involvement in debates with British, continental, and American intellectuals points to the emergence of Liberalism and Romanticism as international ideologies shared by a community of patriots that stretched from Europe to Latin America. Risorgimento in Exile represents the first effort to place Italian patriotism in a broad international framework, revealing the importance and originality of the Italian contribution to European Anglophilia and Philhellenism, and to transatlantic debates on federalism. In doing so, it demonstrates that the Risorgimento first developed as a variation upon such global trends.
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Biblical Portraits of Exile

Biblical Portraits of Exile

This project will, then, constitute a philosophical investigation of exile in the book of Genesis, with constant attentiveness to the oral and philosophical tradition which carries it; for only as such, will the present work's ...

Author: Abi Doukhan

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Exile constitutes one of the most central experiences in the Bible, notably in the book of Genesis. The question has rarely been asked however as to why exile plays such an important role in the lives of Biblical characters. Biblical Portraits of Exile proposes a philosophical reading largely inspired by the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas of the experience of exile in the book of Genesis. Focusing on the 8 central figures of exile Adam, Eve, Cain, the sons of Shem, Abraham, Rebekah, Jacob and the sons of Levy the book draws out the ethical and redemptive implications of exile and thereby paves the way for a renewed description of the human subject, one that situates ethics at its very core.
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Island of Exiles

Island of Exiles

One of the court nobles, a Lord Miyoshi, discovered that Okisada was involved in a plot to kill his half-brother and seize the throne. This time his punishment had been permanent exile to Sadoshima, where he had remained for the past ...

Author: I. J. Parker

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In I.J. Parker's newest mystery set in eleventh-century Japan, Akitada disguises himself as a prisoner to solve the, murder of a prince As her audience grows with each evocative historical thriller featuring Sugawara Akitada, I. J. Parker returns with a gripping tale of political intrigue and cold-blooded murder in ancient Japan. When the exiled Prince Okisada, the most illustrious prisoner of the penal colony on Sado Island, is poisoned, Akitada is called upon by the emperor's envoys to investigate incognito. Posing as a prisoner, he discovers a deadly conspiracy, only to fall into the hands of brutal guards and disappear. It falls to Tora, Akitada's devoted assistant, to begin his own dangerous search of the island for his lost friend and the truth.
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A Poetry of Exiles

A Poetry of Exiles

In the preface to the second edition of my Australian Lyrics I wrote : -- “ Two of my books , Australian Lyrics and A Poetry of Exiles , requiring second editions at the same time , I have taken the opportunity of redistributing their ...

Author: Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen


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Star Trek To Reign in Hell The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh

Star Trek  To Reign in Hell  The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh

The point was that the Exiles would be unwelcome anywhere else. Plus, he thought, it can't hurt to keep Khan's descendants under quarantine as well. The ironic part, of course, was that his proposition was not entirely different from ...

Author: Greg Cox

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At last -- the untold chapter in the history of Star Trek's most notorious villain, KHAN. Searing and powerful, To Reign in Hell masterfully bridges the time period between Khan Noonien Singh's twenty-third-century revival in the Original Series classic episode "Space Seed" and his unforgettable return in the acclaimed feature film Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan. What truly transpired during Khan's long years of exile on the forbidding world of Ceti Alpha V, before the tyrant escaped to embark on a murderous campaign of vengeance against Admiral James T. Kirk? What horrific trials spawned Khan's insane lust for revenge? Haunted by the memory of Khan's bitter accusations, Kirk now revisits Ceti Alpha V to discover for himself what ultimately drove Khan to madness. There, buried beneath the desolate surface of a dying planet, Kirk and his allies find the untold story of their greatest foe -- and of the woman who loved him: Lieutenant Marla McIvers of Starfleet. Along with Khan's genetically engineered followers from the twentieth century, Khan and Marla are left on Ceti Alpha V with the hopes of building a new life together. Although the planet is savage and untamed, full of deadly predators and unexpected hazards, Khan dreams of carving out an empire even greater than the one he once ruled on Earth. But when catastrophe strikes, laying waste to the entire world, Khan and the others find themselves trapped in a desperate struggle for survival. Now Khan must use every ounce of his superhuman strength and intellect to wage a fearsome battle against the planet, his people...and the growing darkness in his own soul.
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Siberia and the Exile System

Siberia and the Exile System

Both the inspector of exile transportation for Eastern Siberia and the assistant chief of the prison department in St. Petersburg admitted to me that the new étapes in the Trans-Baikal were “ very unsatisfactory.

Author: George Kennan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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An American journalist's unflinching account, published in two volumes in 1891, of Russia's brutal penal system in Siberia.
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Paradise of Exiles

Paradise of Exiles

... 41 Christina, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, 40, 42, 43 Dance, Nathaniel, 53 D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 134 Dante Alighieri, 56; and moneylenders, 17; exiled, 21; Byron and, 77, 86; Taafe's translation of, 78 Davy, Sir Humphrey, 149 Dermis, ...

Author: Olive Hamilton


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Directory of American Organizations of Exiles from the U S S R

Directory of American Organizations of Exiles from the U  S  S  R

For their convenience, an index listing the Soviet exile organizations in the United States according to these broad functional categories is provided at the back of the Directory. CONSTITUTING THE MAJORITY among all national groups in ...

Author: East European Fund


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