The Evangelistic Love of God and Neighbor

A Theology of Witness and Discipleship

Author: Scott J. Jones

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 1426719167

Category: Religion

Page: 134

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There are, it seems, as many definitions of the term "evangelism" as there are people doing the defining. For some, it means proclaiming the gospel to those who have not heard it. To others, it means making disciples of Jesus Christ. To others, it means working for the transformation of the world into the kingdom of God. For still others, it has principally to do with building vibrant, healthy congregations. Underlying this confusion is a fundamental inability to locate the practice of evangelism within one's overall theological convictions. We will never understand the part that proclamation, disciple making, kingdom building, and church growth play in evangelism until we first ask a more important question: What does evangelism have to do with who God is? What is it we know about God that makes evangelism a central part of what it means to be Christian? In this comprehensive theology of evangelism, Scott J. Jones proposes to ground the practice of evangelism in an understanding of God's love for the world, specifically as seen in the incarnation of God in Christ. In Jesus, God took on all of what it means to be human. Because of this, evangelism must be a ministry to the whole person. The typical distinctions between soul-winning, social action, and church growth evaporate; individual conversion and acts of mercy are part of the same ministry of bringing persons more fully into the reign of a loving God.

Offer Them Life

A Life-Based Evangelistic Vision

Author: Dan W. Dunn

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1625640102

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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In this book Dan Dunn proposes that the biblical theme of life is extremely important and thus provides a helpful foundation for the theory and practice of evangelism. He makes a strong case for Christ-followers to embrace a life-based evangelistic vision as a way to help non-believers choose the full and vibrant life that God intends for them in Jesus. While making this strong case, he also urges readers to avoid casting aside other evangelistic visions (such as those based on discipleship, the kingdom, forgiveness, atonement, etc.). Instead, he invites us to add a life-based evangelistic vision to the possibilities available to us for helping people choose to follow Jesus and thus experience the life He makes possible for them.

Saving Women

Retrieving Evangelistic Theology and Practice

Author: Laceye C. Warner

Publisher: Baylor University Press

ISBN: 1932792260

Category: Religion

Page: 301

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A theology of evangelism created out of womens evangelistic practices

The School of Christian Perfection

Author: Saint Alphonsus de Liguori,Catholic Way Publishing

Publisher: Catholic Way Publishing

ISBN: 1783792647

Category: Religion

Page: 198

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THE SCHOOL OF CHRISTIAN PERFECTION SAINT ALPHONSUS DE LIGUORI — A Catholic Classic! — Includes original Religious Illustrations — Includes an Active Index, Table of Contents and NCX Navigation Publisher: Available in Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-78379-262-7 In the ascetical writings of the holy Bishop and Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Ligouri, there is a characteristic charm and an irresistible attraction. Whoever reads them with the proper dispositions will discover in them an indefinable something that appeals to the heart and stirs it to its very depths. We imagine we see the loving personality of the holy Bishop before us, and hear the words of eternal life from his very lips. The present volume is made up of choice selections from the various ascetical writings of the Saint. The order of virtues considered is that followed by the spiritual sons of St. Alphonsus in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. For each month of the year is assigned a particular virtue to which they are to devote their especial attention. This is a practice highly recommended by the masters of the spiritual life, and is fraught with the happiest results. It is hoped that the faithful will derive spiritual profit and pleasure from this course in “The School of Christian Perfection.” PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

An Immigration of Theology

Theology of Context as the Theological Method of Virgilio Elizondo and Gustavo Gutiérrez

Author: Simon C. Kim

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630875678

Category: Religion

Page: 306

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The theological reflections of Virgilio Elizondo and Gustavo Gutierrez are examples of the ecclesial fruitfulness of the second half of the twentieth century. Following the directives of Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council, Elizondo and Gutierrez present the Gospel message in relevant terms to their own people by engaging the world as the Church of the poor. Inspired by this moment in Church history, while at the same time recognizing the plight of their people in their poor and marginal existence, Elizondo and Gutierrez discovered a new way of doing theology by asking a specific set of questions based on their local context. By investigating where God is present in the border crossers of the southwestern United States and the poorest of the poor in Latin America, both theologians have uncovered a hermeneutical lens in rereading Scripture and deepening our understanding of ecclesial tradition. Elizondo's mestizaje and Gutierrez's preferential option for the poor arose out of a theology of context, a theological method that takes seriously the contextual circumstances of their locale. By utilizing the common loci theologici of Scripture and tradition in conjunction with context and their own experience, Elizondo and Gutierrez illustrate through their theologies how every group must embrace their own unique theological reflection.

Jesus and Virtue Ethics

Building Bridges Between New Testament Studies and Moral Theology

Author: Daniel J. Harrington,Harrington S J Daniel,James F. Keenan,James F. Keenan, S. J.

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742549944

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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Answering the call of the Second Vatican Council for moral theology to 'draw more fully on the teaching of Holy Scripture, ' the authors examine the virtues that both flow from Scripture and provide a lens by which to interpret Scripture. By remaining true to both the New Testament's emphasis on the human response to God's gracious activity in Jesus Christ and to the ethical needs and desires of Christians in the twenty-first century, the authors address key topics such as discipleship, the Sermon on the Mount, love, sin, politics, justice, sexuality, marriage, divorce, bioethics, and ecology

Scripture and the Wesleyan Way

A Bible Study on Real Christianity

Author: Scott J Jones,Arthur D. Jones

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781501867972


Page: N.A

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The Bible was central to John Wesley's faith and the Christian movement he founded. In Scripture and the Wesleyan Way, you will discover a Wesleyan approach to the Bible and the Christian life through a Bible study using Wesley's own words. In this study, authors Scott and Arthur Jones use John Wesley's sermons to illuminate the Bible passages at the heart of Wesley's understanding of what it means to be a real Christian. Each chapter explores a key Scripture text and one of Wesley's sermons on it. Through their insightful and engaging study, Bishop Jones and his son Arthur show how the teachings of Wesley address questions that many of us in the twenty-first century still struggle with today. ]The eight-session DVD features Bishop Scott Jones and his son Arthur guiding participants through each weekly question found in the book. Each video segment is approximately 8-10 minutes in length and, when combined with the eight book chapters, make an ideal eight-week group study. All videos sessions are closed captioned.

Love in the Gospel of John

An Exegetical, Theological, and Literary Study

Author: Francis J. SDB Moloney

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 144124574X

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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The command to love is central to the Gospel of John. Internationally respected scholar Francis Moloney offers a thorough exploration of this theme, focusing not only on Jesus's words but also on his actions. Instead of merely telling people that they must love one another, Jesus acts to make God's love known and calls all who follow him to do the same. This capstone work on John's Gospel uses a narrative approach to delve deeply into a theme at the heart of the Fourth Gospel and the life of the Christian church. Uniting rigorous exegesis with theological and pastoral insight, it makes a substantive contribution to contemporary Johannine scholarship.