The enemy of all

piracy and the law of nations

Author: Daniel Heller-Roazen

Publisher: Zone Books (NY)


Category: History

Page: 274

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The philosophical genealogy of a remarkable antagonist: the pirate, the key to the contemporary paradigm of the universal foe.

The Law of International Sea Piracy

Author: Barry Hart Dubner

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789024721917

Category: Law

Page: 176

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This volume presents an analysis of the maritime boundary delimitations of the Russian Federation. The focus of this analysis is the relationship between state practice & the rules of public international law applicable to the delimitation of maritime zones between neighboring states. A first part establishes the contents of the law in this field. The main part of the work concerns an analysis of the position of the Russian Federation on the rules of maritime delimitation law & the practice of this state in relation to the delimitation of specific maritime boundaries with neighboring states. The case study of the Russian Federation illustrates the significance of international law for the delimitation of maritime boundaries, while at the same time indicating the limits of the influence of the law on state behavior.

Hostage Spaces of the Contemporary Islamicate World

Phantom Territoriality

Author: Dejan Lukic

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441137734

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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How is hostage space constructed? In this age-long procedure found in conflicts around the world, strange forms of terror and intimacy arise, particularly in the contemporary Islamic cultures of Chechnya, Albania, and Bosnia. This book investigates the modes of desire and politics found in kidnapping, in order to reveal the voices of victims and kidnappers that often remain closed up. Dejan Lukic explores the spaces where hostages and hostage takers come into contact - spaces of accident, sacrifice, hope, and catastrophe - or, in other words, the spaces that announce utopias bound to fail. In this book, the figures of the victim, the terrorist, the sovereign, the resistance fighter and the witness – among others – emerge with a new face; one that will contribute to our understandings of what it means to act politically and ethically today.

Locust Gleanings

Essays, Reviews, and Other Interregna on Books, Language, and Literature, 1984-2009

Author: W. C. Bamberger

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 1434457974


Page: 184

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This new collection of literary essays includes pieces on the fiction of Joe Brainard, Guy Davenport, Alice Hoffman, Kenneth Koch, Ann Lauterbach, Ishmael Reed, and Samuel R. Delany, among many others. Bamberger also adds an unpublished diary of his 2007 trip to Manhattan, Long Island, and Philadephia, detailing the many literary and artistic figures he met along the way. Another remarkable journey by a major modern critic.

Maritime Piracy and Its Control: An Economic Analysis

Author: C. Hallwood,T. Miceli

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137461500

Category: Political Science

Page: 135

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Maritime Piracy and its Control develops an economic approach to the problem of modern-day maritime piracy with the goal of assessing the effectiveness of remedies aimed at reducing the incidence of piracy.


Oaxaca, Militant Empiricism, and Geographical Thought

Author: Joel Wainwright

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137301759

Category: Social Science

Page: 108

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Geopiracy is a study of the 'Bowman expeditions'—a project through which geographers, with funding from the US Army, are mapping the 'human terrain' of foreign lands. Wainwright offers a critique of human geography today that draws on contemporary social theory to raise unsettling questions about the nature of geography's disciplinary formation.

A Digest of the Reports of the United States Courts, and of the Acts of Congress

From the Organization of the Government to the Year 1867. Comprising the Reports of the United States Supreme Court, Those of the Circuit and District Courts, and of the Various Territorial and Local Courts Established by the United States ; Together with the Leading Provisions of the Statutes at Large, and Important Auxiliary Information Upon the National Jurisprudence

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Courts

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A History of the Criminal Law of England

Author: James Fitzjames Stephen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108060730

Category: History

Page: 514

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Published in 1883, this three-volume account of English criminal law's development since 1200 remains a classic work of legal historical scholarship.

The Phenomenon of Torture

Readings and Commentary

Author: William F. Schulz

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812203399

Category: Political Science

Page: 408

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Torture is the most widespread human rights crime in the modern world, practiced in more than one hundred countries, including the United States. How could something so brutal, almost unthinkable, be so prevalent? The Phenomenon of Torture: Readings and Commentary is designed to answer that question and many others. Beginning with a sweeping view of torture in Western history, the book examines questions such as these: Can anyone be turned into a torturer? What exactly is the psychological relationship between a torturer and his victim? Are certain societies more prone to use torture? Are there any circumstances under which torture is justified—to procure critical information in order to save innocent lives, for example? How can torture be stopped or at least its incidence be reduced? Edited and with an introduction by the former Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, The Phenomenon of Torture draws on the writings of torture victims themselves, such as the Argentinian journalist Jacobo Timerman, as well as leading scholars like Elaine Scarry, author of The Body in Pain. It includes classical works by Voltaire, Jeremy Bentham, Hannah Arendt, and Stanley Milgram, as well as recent works by historian Adam Hochschild and psychotherapist Joan Golston. And it addresses new developments in efforts to combat torture, such as the designation of rape as a war crime and the use of the doctrine of universal jurisdiction to prosecute perpetrators. Designed for the student and scholar alike, it is, in sum, an anthology of the best and most insightful writing about this most curious and common form of abuse. Juan E. Méndez, Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide and himself a victim of torture, provides a foreword.