The Earliest Relationship

The Earliest Relationship

Provides insights into behaviors expressed between parents and their infant children from conception and how these behaviors affect the child's development.

Author: T. Berry Brazelton

Publisher: Karnac Books

ISBN: 1855750058

Category: Attachment behavior

Page: 252

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Provides insights into behaviors expressed between parents and their infant children from conception and how these behaviors affect the child's development.
Categories: Attachment behavior

The Earliest Relationship

The Earliest Relationship

With this background, The Earliest Relationship brings developmental
psychology, infant research, and psychoanalytic insight to bear on the period
from conception through the early months of life. We attempt to integrate research
in infant ...

Author: T. Berry Brazelton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429906282

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

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Never before has research on newborn behavior and parent-infant interaction been fully integrated with psychoanalytic insight into parents' emotions and fantasies. This book provide a vivid glimpse of the parents' daydreams and narcissistic wishes which grow into a desire for a child, and they show how these feelings develop into important attachments to the unborn infant during pregnancy. The "power and competence" of the newborn born then challenges parental fantasies, desires, wishes and expectations, creating the beginnings of the bond between parent and child. Using the latest research, the authors clarify all the ways the infant participates in the dawning relationship and the ingredients of very early communication and interaction. They then unveil the "imaginary interactions" which lend meaning and drama to each gesture and expression. We see the baby as Tyrant, as Savior, or as the reincarnation of lost relationships. Everyone who cares for mothers and babies-pediatricians, developmental and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, early childhood specialists, nurses and social workers-as well as interested parents, will find this book of immediate value.
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Encyclopedia of Relationships Across the Lifespan

Encyclopedia of Relationships Across the Lifespan

The earliest relationship: Parents, infants, and the drama of early attachment.
Reading, MA: Addison- Wesley; Cortez, Jesus. (Ed.). (1992). Infant-toddler
caregiving. Sacramento, CA: California State Department of Education; Lamb,
Michael E., ...

Author: Jeffrey S. Turner

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 031329576X

Category: Psychology

Page: 495

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This comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia explores the developmental nature of social interactions and is designed for a broad range of readers in college, institutional, and public library settings. Over 500 easy-to-read entries analyze terms, concepts, themes, theories, and policies, as well as current, historical, and multicultural perspectives, and provide over 1,500 sources for further study. An appendix listing over 100 professional journals of note and a selected bibliography of the latest publications of importance to the topic overall further enrich this volume designed for students, teachers, and practitioners, and general readers in psychology, sociology, family and ethnic studies.
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Child Psychotherapy

Child Psychotherapy

attachment relationships. Our understanding of others critically depends on
whether as infants our own mental states were adequately understood by our
caregivers (Fonagy & Bateman, 2007, p. 83). In that earliest relationship, an
individual ...

Author: Robbie Adler-Tapia, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826106742

Category: Psychology

Page: 312

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All too often children are diagnosed and medicated without the consideration that their symptoms may actually be a healthy response to stressful life events. This integrative guide for mental health practitioners who work with children underscores the importance of considering the etiology of a child's symptoms within a developmental framework before making a diagnosis. Providing advanced training and skills for working with children, the book guides the therapist, step-by-step, through assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment with a focus on the tenets of child development and a consideration of the impact of distressing life events. The book first addresses child development and the evolution of child psychotherapy from the perspectives of numerous disciplines, including recent findings in neurodevelopmental trauma and neurobiology. It discusses assessment measures, the impact of divorce and the forensic/legal environment on clinical practice, recommendations for HIPAA compliance, evidence-based best practices for treating children, and the requirements for an integrated treatment approach. Woven throughout are indications for case conceptualization including consideration of a child's complete environment. Key Features: Provides an integrative approach to child psychotherapy from the perspective of healthy development Offers an alternative to the medical model Discusses key theories of child development and psychotherapy Integrates a multimodal approach that considers a child's daily environment Includes a template for organizing and implementing a successful practice Features an instructorís manual and course syllabus
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Key Papers from the Journal of Child Psychotherapy

Key Papers from the Journal of Child Psychotherapy

Taking Freud's and Abraham's findings about part-object relations as a starting
point, she found that the earliest relationship of the baby is to parts or aspects of
the mother or person who cares for him. and that from this develop the later ...

Author: Paul Barrows

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135453619

Category: Psychology

Page: 248

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The practice of child psychotherapy builds upon the writings and contributions of earlier writers, such that it is not only the latest research and theory that are valuable. Key Papers from the Journal of Child Psychotherapy provides access to classic and important papers from the early years of the Journal - papers that have previously been difficult to obtain. The papers are grouped thematically to cover the entire range of work represented in the journal: theoretical, clinical, applied. The papers, written by professionals at the forefront of their fields, cover areas including psychoanalytical metapsychology, work with deprived children, work with trauma, and how psychoanalytic thinking can be applied in the context of institutions for children. Chapters include: : : Anne Alvarez's Problems in the Use of the Countertransference : : Edna O'Shaughnessy's The Absent Object : : Gianna Henry's Doubly Deprived Key Papers from the Journal of Child Psychotherapy presents in one accessible volume, essential papers for all those training and practising in child psychotherapy. It will be of great benefit to all professionals involved in direct work with children.
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Fairbairn s Object Relations Theory in the Clinical Setting

Fairbairn   s Object Relations Theory in the Clinical Setting

Instead, he provides the reader with a broad outline of human psychological
development, noting that the earliest relationship with the parent is characterized
by a “primary identification” with the object. His use of the concept of “primary ...

Author: David P. Celani

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231520232

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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W. R. D. Fairbairn (1889-1964) challenged the dominance of Freud's drive theory with a psychoanalytic theory based on the internalization of human relationships. Fairbairn assumed that the unconscious develops in childhood and contains dissociated memories of parental neglect, insensitivity, and outright abuse that are impossible the children to tolerate consciously. In Fairbairn's model, these dissociated memories protect developing children from recognizing how badly they are being treated and allow them to remain attached even to physically abusive parents. Attachment is paramount in Fairbairn's model, as he recognized that children are absolutely and unconditionally dependent on their parents. Kidnapped children who remain attached to their abusive captors despite opportunities to escape illustrate this intense dependency, even into adolescence. At the heart of Fairbairn's model is a structural theory that organizes actual relational events into three self-and-object pairs: one conscious pair (the central ego, which relates exclusively to the ideal object in the external world) and two mostly unconscious pairs (the child's antilibidinal ego, which relates exclusively to the rejecting parts of the object, and the child's libidinal ego, which relates exclusively to the exciting parts of the object). The two dissociated self-and-object pairs remain in the unconscious but can emerge and suddenly take over the individual's central ego. When they emerge, the "other" is misperceived as either an exciting or a rejecting object, thus turning these internal structures into a source of transferences and reenactments. Fairbairn's central defense mechanism, splitting, is the fast shift from central ego dominance to either the libidinal ego or the antilibidinal ego-a near perfect model of the borderline personality disorder. In this book, David Celani reviews Fairbairn's five foundational papers and outlines their application in the clinical setting. He discusses the four unconscious structures and offers the clinician concrete suggestions on how to recognize and respond to them effectively in the heat of the clinical interview. Incorporating decades of experience into his analysis, Celani emphasizes the internalization of the therapist as a new "good" object and devotes entire sections to the treatment of histrionic, obsessive, and borderline personality disorders.
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The Earliest Text of the Hebrew Bible

The Earliest Text of the Hebrew Bible

The Relationship Between the Masoretic Text and the Hebrew Base of the
Septuagint Reconsidered Adrian Schenker. On the Relationship between Textual
and Literary Criticism The Two Recensions of the Book of Ezra : Ezra Neh ( MT )
and ...

Author: Adrian Schenker

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004130497

Category: Religion

Page: 153

View: 139

These essays reassess the relationship between the Septuagint and the Hebrew text of the Bible, and shed new light on the literary history and transmission of biblical books between 300 B.C.E. and 100 C.E.
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Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein

She was able to formulate thoughts on the complexity of the earliest mother-infant
relationship, on the infant's ability to absorb, or introject, the essence of this
earliest relationship, and the importance of this event to the formation of a ...

Author: Meira Likierman

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826451941

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 202

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Melanie Klein remains one of the most important and influential figures in psychoanalysis. Klein pioneered the analysis of children and applied her insights on the infantile origins of unconscious drives to adult analysis.Meira Likierman's study is the best available introduction to Melanie Klein's thought and work.
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Human Development and Faith Second Edition

Human Development and Faith  Second Edition

It is not too much to say that the brain itself is shaped by social and emotional
relations from birth. Recent studies based on infant observation (Stern, 2000,
chapter 7) confirm the inherently relational nature of human development at the
earliest ...

Author: Felicity Kelcourse

Publisher: Chalice Press

ISBN: 9780827214958

Category: Psychology

Page: 384

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This book, now in its second edition, brings together the best available understandings of human development from a multidisciplinary perspective. Uniquely inclusive of the moral and faith dimensions of context and life-cycle development, Human Development and Faith examines the interplay of mind, body, family, community, and soul at every stage of development. It addresses two central questions: What are the "good-enough" conditions of parenting, family, and community in each phase of life, from birth to death, that support growth and development? What gives life adequate meaning as development proceeds? If human development describes the normative and hoped-for passages of life, then faith provides the necessary component of meaning. Throughout the various perspectives offered in this volume is the premise that faith is that quality of living that makes it possible to fully live.The Journal of Pastoral Theology called the first edition of Human Development and Faith "an excellent text for pastoral theology courses, because it fulfills its ambitious goal of bringing a holistic faith perspective to the usual topics of development." This second edition includes a new chapter on infancy, updates reflecting our growing awareness of cultural diversity, and a new preface.
Categories: Psychology

Braided Selves

Braided Selves

melanie Klein, an analyst from Freud's own circle who immigrated to london, was
one of the first theorists to investigate the earliest relationship between mother
and infant. Object-Relations Theory Klein proposed a theory of the infant's inner ...

Author: Pamela Cooper-White

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621890171

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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What if we are more multiple as persons than traditional psychology has taught us to believe? And what if our multiplicity is a part of how we are made in the very image of a loving, relational, multiple God? How have modern, Western notions of Oneness caused harm--to both individuals and society? And how can an appreciation of our multiplicity help liberate the voices of those who live at the margins, both of society and within our own complex selves? Braided Selves explores these questions from the perspectives of postmodern pastoral psychology and Trinitarian theology, with implications for the practice of spiritual care, counseling, and psychotherapy. This volume gathers ten years of essays on this theme by preeminent pastoral theologian Pamela Cooper-White, whose writings bring into dialogue postmodern, feminist, and psychoanalytic theory and constructive theology.
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The Critical Role of Parenting in Human Development

The Critical Role of Parenting in Human Development

How many of us suffer from relationship concerns, misunderstandings, strife,
issues, and disappointments! ... recreating the earliest relationship the child saw
as its model for future relationships—the relationship between the child's parents.

Author: Marianna S. Klebanov

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317687221

Category: Psychology

Page: 164

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This thorough and multidisciplinary overview of childrearing illustrates and stands on two foundational principles: that the importance of parenting is immense, and that it is undervalued. The Critical Role of Parenting in Human Development surprises readers with the realization that the way we were parented in childhood impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. Based in part on cutting-edge research using MRI and fMRI technologies demonstrating that the brains of those traumatized in childhood are essentially different, the book explains that our brain development during our earliest years and in the womb is fundamental to the lives we lead. It covers attachment theory, the impact of corporal punishment on the brain, the effects of emotional abuse and neglect, and the widespread nature of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, describing the process that leads to the transmission of parenting patterns through the generations and explaining how resulting personal issues recur throughout the lifespan. The Critical Role of Parenting in Human Development also examines laws and policies that impact parenting in our culture, making a case for their importance, and describes the effect of childrearing on various aspects of human life, including relationships, crime and violence, economics, mental and physical health, addiction, education, and career issues, among others. Interdisciplinary in nature, this book is a much-needed resource for professionals and students in the psychology, psychotherapy, social work, and related mental health and child welfare fields.
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Attachment and Dynamic Practice

Attachment and Dynamic Practice

Balint instead proposes that the “relationship with the environment exists in a
primitive form right from the start” and that the desire to be loved is inborn (
Fonagy & Target, 2003). He characterizes the infant's earliest object-relatedness
as ...

Author: Jerrold R. Brandell

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231508551

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 787

Contemporary attachment theory both enriches our understanding of human development and informs clinical practice. Examining the relational bonds between young children and their caregivers, it traces its origins to several scientific and social fields, most notably psychoanalysis, social work, behaviorism, ethology, evolutionary theory, and biology. The first portion of this book examines attachment theory and its relationship to other psychodynamic theories of development and then discusses the landmark contributions of John Bowlby, the "father" of modern attachment theory. The section concludes with a detailed summary of research on attachment, highlighting the work of Mary Ainsworth, Mary Main, Allan Sroufe, and Peter Fonagy. The second portion focuses on clinical applications with children, adolescents, and adults. Brief vignettes and lengthier case illustrations consider a verity of attachment disorders and treatment approaches, paying special attention to clinical method and technique, process dimensions, and transference and countertransference phenomena. Cases are set in a range of treatment venues, such as college and family counseling service, community mental health centers, and private practice, and involve an ethnoculturally and clinically diverse clientele.
Categories: Social Science

Handbook of Peer Interactions Relationships and Groups

Handbook of Peer Interactions  Relationships  and Groups

... relationships than to family relationships. Friends and romantic partners hold
special significance in the lives of children and adolescents, a significance that
stems from the very nature of the relationship. The earliest friendships entail
mutual ...

Author: Kenneth H. Rubin

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781609182229

Category: Psychology

Page: 654

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This comprehensive, authoritative handbook covers the breadth of theories, methods, and empirically based findings on the ways in which children and adolescents contribute to one another's development. Leading researchers review what is known about the dynamics of peer interactions and relationships from infancy through adolescence. Topics include methods of assessing friendship and peer networks; early romantic relationships; individual differences and contextual factors in children's social and emotional competencies and behaviors; group dynamics; and the impact of peer relations on achievement, social adaptation, and mental health. Salient issues in intervention and prevention are also addressed.
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Dream Phantasy and Art

Dream  Phantasy and Art

... object, a 'no-breast'. The container-contained relationship must have given rise
to the creation of this part of the ... strictly a two-body relationship, relating to the
earliest relationship between the infant and the breast. However, if we think of ...

Author: Hanna Segal

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134978632

Category: Psychology

Page: 144

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Hanna Segal's work, especially on symbolism, aesthetics, dreams, and the exploration of psychotic thinking, has established her as an outstanding figure in psychoanalysis, particularly in psychoanalysis of the Kleinian tradition. In Dream, Phantasy and Art she reworks her ideas on these topics and brings them vividly alive in a new integration which links them afresh to the work of Freud, Klein, and Bion. Throughout the book, the clinical illustrations the author has selected brilliantly spotlight the theory, touching the imagination, and fixing even the most difficult ideas permanently in the reader's mind. In a mutually enhancing relationship, theory and clinical example are combined, and then applied, to create the author's new and original theories of art and aesthetics. As Betty Joseph notes in her foreword, Segal's writing, and in particular this book, does much to enrich psychoanalysis not only because of the clarity and intelligence but also because of the depth and breadth of her interests and her clinical imagination.
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The Sibling Relationship

The Sibling Relationship

since Cain killed his brother Abel, the sibling relationship has been associated
with envy, jealousy, hatred, and fratricide. ... brothers felt for each other continues
to be the earliest and most persistent attitude between siblings in modern times.

Author: Joyce Edward

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: 9780765707338

Category: Psychology

Page: 215

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This book examines the impact of love and enmity between siblings on personality development. Detailed clinical vignettes show how increased knowledge regarding this important relationship can be applied in the therapeutic setting.
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Conflict and Cooperation in Sino US Relations

Conflict and Cooperation in Sino US Relations

This chapter also concludes that the larger relations today between the PRC and
the US have many more elements of ... If the larger relationship sours, however,
history has shown that the military-to-military relationship is one of the earliest, ...

Author: Jean-Marc F. Blanchard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317664260

Category: Political Science

Page: 280

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Numerous crosswinds are buffeting the more than 40-year-old People's Republic of China--American relationship, yet only once since Nixon’s historic trip to China in 1972 has a major conflagration seemed a real possibility. Anchoring the relationship throughout multiple storms are the two countries’ broad areas of collaboration such as deep links in culture, economics, and education. However, for some observers, the conflictual aspects of the relationship seem to be gaining prominence. Conflict and Cooperation in Sino-US Relations offers a timely and current look at one of the world’s weightiest bilateral relationships. It goes beyond detailing the conflict and cooperation that have been integral facets of China--US interactions since 1972, to gauging the relationship's evolution and future trends, examining its nuances regarding diverse issues such as the Asia-Pacific leadership structure, the South China Sea, and the Korean peninsula. The book further delves into the causes of conflict and cooperation, offers diverse solutions for tempering frictions between Beijing and Washington, and considers the efficacy of some of the mechanisms (e.g., military-to-military exchanges) that China and the US currently employ to manage their relationship.The chapters suggest that extreme anxieties about China--US relations may be misplaced, but that there nonetheless are some worrisome signs even in areas like economics and the environment that are perceived as naturally cooperative. While the book does not offer any silver bullets, various contributors contend that successful management of Sino-American relations may require greater American accommodation of China’s interests. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of Chinese politics, American politics, international relations, and Asian studies, as well as to policy-makers working in the field.
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Women in the Earliest Churches

Women in the Earliest Churches

Indeed , that she is an adulteress implies that the first relationship is ongoing . ...
which entails a wife being bound exclusively to her living husband , being under
his authority legally , and having no extra - marital sexual relationships . 2 .

Author: Ben Witherington, III

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521407893

Category: Religion

Page: 300

View: 643

This book examines the roles and functions that women assumed in the early Christian communities from AD 33 to the Council of Nicaea. It surveys, too, the views about women held by various New Testament authors including Paul and the Evangelists.
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Adolescent Romantic Relationships as Precursors of Healthy Adult Marriages

Adolescent Romantic Relationships as Precursors of Healthy Adult Marriages

One of the earliest developed relationship-focused curricula, The Art of Loving
Well, is described as a literature-based CE curriculum, although one of its key
developers, Nancy McLaren, emphasizes that originators of the curriculum define

Author: Benjamin R. Karney

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 9780833041784

Category: Education

Page: 124

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Policymakers are interested in promoting healthy marriages in adulthood by providing services to strengthen the adolescent precursors of healthy marriage, especially within low-income populations. But if programs and curricula targeting adolescent romantic relationships are to be effective, they must be grounded in an accurate understanding of how adolescent relationships function and the role that they play in the development of healthy adult marriages. This report evaluates the current landscape of theory, research, and interventions addressing the role of adolescent romantic relationships in the development of healthy adult marriages. Drawing on a thorough review of the existing theoretical and empirical literature in this area, as well as interviews with practitioners directly involved with developing or administering relationship education to adolescents, the authors bring together relevant research and theory from a wide range of disciplines that have examined these issues, and suggest future directions for research and intervention. In particular, they note that although research describing romantic relationships in low-income populations is sparse, there are already-existing nationally representative data sets that include data from substantial numbers of well-sampled low-income adolescents. Analyses of these data would have relatively low cost and a potentially high yield for informing policies that target low-income youth.
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