The Divine Default

Why Faith is Not the Answer

Author: J. J. Dyken

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 1628940085

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

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JJ Dyken takes commonly-asserted religious claims and applies each of them to modern-day examples to demonstrate the often fallacious nature of religious belief. He uses a mixture of common sense and scrupulous logic to mount an attack on not only religion itself but also upon the religious pseudoscientists who try to justify their assertions with faulty science.

Transcendence and Fulfillment

A Critique of Paul's Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Their Enduring Relevance

Author: Benjamin W. Farley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498299776

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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Farley's Transcendence and Fulfillment captures one's immediate attention, especially with his designation of Paul's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom." Readers will find his selection intriguing and illuminating. While being faithful to Paul's self-understanding and theological views, Farley offers a constructive and critical examination of the pillars' relevance for Paul's time as well as our own. The author blends biblical insight with a range of classical and contemporary philosophical opinion. In doing so, he draws on Plato and Cicero's wisdom, in addition to the critical works of Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Marcel, and Berdyaev. Students and professors of Paul's life and theology, along with clergy and lay admirers of Paul's views, will find Farley's book a useful resource for a provocative yet spiritually rich journey, true to Paul's teachings and of enduring relevance.