The Devil's Financial Dictionary

Author: Jason Zweig

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1610396065

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 6152


Your Survival Guide to the Hades of Wall Street The Devil's Financial Dictionary skewers the plutocrats and bureaucrats who gave us exploding mortgages, freakish risks, and banks too big to fail. And it distills the complexities, absurdities, and pomposities of Wall Street into plain truths and aphorisms anyone can understand. An indispensable survival guide to the hostile wilderness of today's financial markets, The Devil's Financial Dictionary delivers practical insights with a scorpion's sting. It cuts through the fads and fakery of Wall Street and clears a safe path for investors between euphoria and despair. Staying out of financial purgatory has never been this fun.

Quantum Economics

The New Science of Money

Author: David Orrell

Publisher: Icon Books

ISBN: 1785784005

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 1959


A decade after the financial crisis, there is a growing consensus that economics has failed and needs to go back to the drawing board. David Orrell argues that it has been trying to solve the wrong problem all along. Economics sees itself as the science of scarcity. Instead, it should be the science of money (which plays a surprisingly small role in mainstream theory). And money is a substance that turns out to have a quantum nature of its own. Just as physicists learn about matter by studying the exchange of particles at the subatomic level, so economics should begin by analysing the nature of money-based transactions. Quantum Economics therefore starts with the meaning of the phrase ‘how much’ – or, to use the Latin word, quantum. From quantum physics to the dualistic properties of money, via the emerging areas of quantum finance and quantum cognition, this profoundly important book reveals that quantum economics is to neoclassical economics what quantum physics is to classical physics – a genuine turning point in our understanding.

The Devil's Dictionary of Wall Street

Author: Michael Silverstein,Professor of Anthropology Linguistics and Psychology Michael Silverstein, M.a

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781490462370

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 92

View: 7798


Ambrose Bierce's DEVIL'S DICTIONARY was a delightful collection of quirky definitions, naughty verse and satirical pieces skewering an overblown and profoundly corrupt Gilded Age. Michael Silverstein's new DEVIL'S DICTIONARY OF WALL STREET applies the same approach to today's overblown markets and their puffed up denizens. Its hundreds of painfully funny definitions, poems, and encounters featuring Selig Cartwright, Goldman Sachs washroom attendant, will make you laugh—and think.

Hydroinformatics Tools for Planning, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Sewer Systems

Author: J. Marsalek,Cedo Maksimovic,Evzen Zeman,Roland Price

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401718180

Category: Science

Page: 530

View: 6880


Hydroinformatics systems are systems that combine computational hydraulic modelling with information systems (including knowledge-based systems). They are gaining rapid acceptance in the areas of environmental planning, design and management. The present book focuses exclusively on sewage systems, starting with their planning and then going on to discuss their design, operation and rehabilitation. The very experienced authors discuss business and information needs in the management of urban drainage, tools for collecting and archiving such data, and their use in modelling catchment hydrology, sewer systems hydraulics, wastewater quality, wastewater treatment plant operation, and receiving waters. The control and operation of sewer systems in real time is described, followed by a discussion of their maintenance and rehabilitation. Intelligent decision support systems for managing the urban drainage business process are presented. Audience: Researchers into sewer design, municipal engineers, planners and managers interested in an innovative approach to all aspects of the planning, design and operation of sewer systems.

The SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies

Author: Tony Blackshaw,Garry Crawford

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446202321

Category: Travel

Page: 272

View: 2022


What is Leisure Studies? Who are the key figures in the field? How can we evaluate the relevance of concepts in the field? This is the first full length Dictionary of Leisure Studies. It examines the key concepts, assesses the work of central figures and helps students zero-in on essential issues and conceptual distinctions. The Book: • Provides an unprecedented critical survey of the field • Offers students authoritative, comprehensive accounts of the basic concepts and leading figures • Provides students with core resources to write essays and pass exams Written by teachers experienced with the needs of undergraduates and postgraduates in the field, the book will be quickly recognized as a vital asset in making sense of Leisure Studies.

Similes Dictionary

Author: Elyse Sommer

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578594693

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 660

View: 1429


Whether it invokes hard work or merely a hen-house, a good simile is like a good picture—it's worth a thousand words. Packed with more than 16,000 imaginative, colorful phrases—from “abandoned as a used Kleenex” to “quiet as an eel swimming in oil”—the Similes Dictionary will help any politician, writer, or lover of language find just the right saying, be it original or banal, verbose or succinct. Your thoughts will never be "as tedious as a twice-told tale" or "dry as the Congressional Record." Choose from elegant turns of phrases “as useful as a Swiss army knife” and “varied as expressions of the human face”. Citing more than 2,000 sources—from the Bible, Socrates, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and H. L. Mencken to popular movies, music, and television shows—the Similes Dictionary covers hundreds of subjects broken into thematic categories that include topics such as virtue, anger, age, ambition, importance, and youth, helping you find the fitting phrase quickly and easily. Perfect for setting the atmosphere, making a point, or helping spin a tale with economy, intelligence, and ingenuity, the vivid comparisons found in this collection will inspire anyone.

Rethinking Corporate Crime

Author: James Gobert,Maurice Punch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780406950062

Category: Law

Page: 379

View: 928


Critiques the application of the current criminal law system to corporate wrongdoing and assesses the potential for legal control of corporate criminality.


Spiritual and Practical Tips to Find a Better Financial Future

Author: Idowu Kotila

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450236243

Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

View: 2812


The recession has led many to feel hopeless, but practical and spiritual solutions are within reach for those who truly want to find a more rewarding life. By applying spiritual and practical principles, Idowu Kotila brings consolation to those who are confused and suffering. These solutions may start with God, but they end with the actions that people take. Instead of relying on big government to solve your problems, it’s essential to plan for and react to a crisis. This book helps you • judiciously use your income; • avoid wasteful spending; • appropriately manage credit; • take care of your family. Packed with powerful biblical verses, this book helps you move closer to God and transform your state of thinking and how you relate to others. When you make God a priority in your life, abundance is virtually guaranteed. The recession is an opportunity to act. Take the necessary steps to get your spiritual and financial house in order, and reap the rewards as you Survive the Recession.