The Deal

The Deal

Enough about the book, I have a deal to close. Shelby is ecstatic. “Yes! How much do we offer?” We've spoken extensively about offer strategy, and part of that is determining what kind of offer wouldn't offend the seller.

Author: Josh Flagg

Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership

ISBN: 9781400230440

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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LEARN STRATAGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL DEAL MAKING Star of the hit show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Josh Flagg shares his secrets to mastering any negotiation in any industry and at any level. Throughout his career, Josh Flagg has faced off with challengers of all kinds in negotiations over the world’s most expensive and sought-after real estate. He has seen and put into practice what works and identified the “common tricks” that don’t. Josh has curated ten rules that, when applied to any deal, will significantly increase any your chance of success, and make you the master negotiator your clients need you to be. Sample rules include: Rule #1: Don’t Sell Garbage- you are what you sell. Rule #2: You Only Have One Client- focus on the one you’re with. Rule #3: Up Your Attitude- be the person people want to represent them. Rule #8: Play the Psychologist- you are your client’s best friend. Rule #10: Know Your Worth- you are your best advocate. If you want to be the best, you have to look and act like the best. Josh learned this rule young and has applied it to every client relationship he has ever had. He began his real estate career as a student at Beverly Hills High School—swung big and hit—landing him in the perfect position to take on some of LA’s largest, most exclusive real estate listings and, eventually, a spot on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Apply the lessons in the book to become the negotiator who closes million-dollar deals.
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The Deal

The Deal

Author: Peter Lefcourt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743480819

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Washed-up Hollywood producer Charlie Berns has mailed in his updated obit and is about to suck his Mercedes tailpipe and fade to black when a miracle materializes: his nephew, a wannabe screenwriter from New Jersey, has scripted the life story of Queen Victoria's prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, which Charlie manages to turn into a hot property that reinstates him as a player. But as the deal heats up, a few conceptual changes morph the project into Lev Disraeli: Freedom Fighter, an action thriller with a black Jewish superstar, a Yugoslavian location, a mad Polish director, and even a real-life kidnapping. Is Charlie Berns being eaten alive by the system? Or is he giving the Hollywood hotshots a run for their money? Peter Lefcourt's hilarious satire proves the old adage that in Hollywood you're never quite as dead as people give you credit for.
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Tilt the Deal in your Favor How To Negotiate With Licensees

Tilt the Deal in your Favor  How To Negotiate With Licensees

sign the Deal Terms Sheet. Getting a deal terms summary sheet signed does not mean that the deal is complete. It does, however, take you much closer to getting the deal done. The Deal Terms Sheet eliminates any confusion or ...

Author: Pete Canalichio

Publisher: Brand Alive


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 47

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Learn proven negotiation strategies, get industry Deal Term Ranges, extract more concessions from licensees, read sample negotiation dialogues and learn how to get past NO in a negotiation.
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Here s the Deal

Here s the Deal

And hadn't the man who wrote The Art of the Deal mastered the power of persuasion throughout the 2016 campaign? As the summer wore on, I went back out on the trail. I had no official role in the reelection campaign, but the president ...

Author: Kellyanne Conway

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781982187347

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

View: 725

Among the Trump era’s savviest insiders, one name stands especially tall: Kellyanne. As a highly respected pollster for corporate and Republican clients and a frequent television talk show guest, Kellyanne Conway had already established herself as one of the brightest lights on the national political scene when Donald Trump asked her to run his presidential campaign. She agreed, delivering him to the White House, becoming the first woman in American history to manage a winning presidential campaign, and changing the American landscape forever. Who she is, how she did it, and who tried to stop her is a fascinating story of personal triumph and political intrigue that has never been told…until now. In Here’s The Deal, Kellyanne takes you on a journey all the way to the White House and beyond with her trademark sharp wit, raw honesty, and level eye. It’s all here: what it’s like to be dissected on national television. How to outsmart the media mob. How to outclass the crazy critics. How to survive and succeed male-dominated industries. What happens when the perils of social media really hit home. And what happens when the divisions across the country start playing out in one’s own family. In this open and vulnerable account, Kellyanne turns the camera on herself. What she has to share—about our politics, about the media, about her time in the White House, and about her personal journey—is an astonishing glimpse of visibility and vulnerability, of professional and personal highs and lows, and ultimately, of triumph.
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Clothes the Deal

Clothes the Deal

Author: Jenn Mapp Bressan

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 9781642792614

Category: Design

Page: 96

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Clothes the Deal is a savvy woman’s guide to transformative personal style. In today's increasingly visual business world, personal style matters. A well-dressed woman conveys authority and confidence—critical traits for leading a team and driving revenue. Clothes the Deal shows women that enviable personal style isn't just for millennials and celebrities but is a skill they are more than qualified to master, with far less clothes than they ever imagined. Personal stylist and closet coach, Jenn Mapp Bressan, explains why closet size doesn’t matter, the surprising places you store “closet fat”, how to eliminate it for good, the 10 garments women need to create an endless wardrobe, and more. Featuring a foreword by the wildly talented and successful Christian Siriano, this handbook teaches readers how to master an enviable look—for work and play—that they can depend on for the rest of their life.
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The Deal

The Deal



ISBN: CORNELL:31924083437990

Category: Consolidation and merger of corporations


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Categories: Consolidation and merger of corporations

The Deal Maker

The Deal Maker

The Deal Maker brings Durant, a selfstarter obsessed with making it and being seen as making it, to thrilling life. Thriving on the art of the deal, Durant was buying companies at the rate of one every thirty days at the height of his ...

Author: Axel Madsen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39076002378268

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 322

View: 510

The roller-coaster life of the flamboyant creator of General Motors William C. Durant did big things the big way: he overreached, but, until his final failure, he picked up the pieces time after time to confound his competitors. From a turbulent childhood in the small town of Flint, Michigan, to his phenomenal success in creating General Motors, Durant's meteoric career easily rivals the success stories of modern legends like Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, and Bill Gates. With his trademark smile and personal charisma, Durant assembled General Motors in a few short years, buying companies at the rate of one every thirty days. Durant's deal-making artistry even tempted Henry Ford, and had Durant upped his acquisition price Ford would be a division of GM today. Durant's story illuminates the conflict between innovation and control of innovation -of the uneasy alliances struck again and again between inventors and their sources of capital. His years of heady success building General Motors were marked by epic struggles with bankers. But he depended on only a few sources of big money to finance his exploding business, and pitted himself against forces he underestimated or refused to consider. Gambling on a run on GM stock, he was finally forced into a buyout that ousted him from his role in the GM empire. Into the dramatic tale of this early twentieth-century mogul come the fascinating automotive pioneers -Henry Ford, David Buick, Charles Nash, Albert Champion, Louis Chevrolet, and Alfred P. Sloan. On Wall Street, J. P. Morgan turned down Durant's request for a loan while Pierre du Pont invested in Durant's expansion. Tracing the fortunes of a man and his era, The Deal Maker is a fast-paced, rousing tale of Durant's dizzying success and ultimate failure.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Beyond the Deal

Beyond the Deal

Author: Peter J. Clark

Publisher: Harpercollins

ISBN: UOM:39015019591968

Category: Consolidation and merger of corporations.

Page: 356

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Categories: Consolidation and merger of corporations.

Deal Makers

Deal Makers

Using what you'll learn from this book, describe who the parties are to the contract and what each has to do to make the deal a success. Describe any acceptance process that might apply, and identify anything that might get in the way ...

Author: Tiffany Kemp

Publisher: Ecademy Press

ISBN: 9781908746733

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 281

View: 711

In this straightforward look at how contracts are used in everyday business life, Tiffany Kemp shows us how to use contracts to help us build stronger, more profitable relationships with our customers. If you've ever wondered why lawyers object to you offering clients your 'best endeavours', or whether 'time is of the essence' means anything more than 'get a move on', you'll find this book an invaluable and very readable companion to your commercial negotiations. And if you've always considered legal and commercial to be the 'Sales Prevention Squad', you'll learn how they can become your greatest allies in closing and delivering profitable deals.
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Bigger Deal

Bigger Deal

... ends when the last bet or raise has been called by all players still in the hand BICYCLE: the lowest possible straight, A–2–3–4–5; also known as a usheel BIG BLIND: the bigger of the two compulsory bets before the deal– usually, ...

Author: Anthony Holden

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416539298

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 384

View: 692

In the years since Anthony Holden wrote his classic memoir Big Deal, the poker world has changed beyond recognition. When Holden played in the 1988 World Series of Poker there were 167 starters competing for a prize of $270,000. Since then, poker has become the world's largest single-competitor sport -- at the 2006 World Series there were almost 9,000 players and a first prize of $12 million, the richest in any sport. What happened in the years between Big Deal and Bigger Deal could never have been predicted: the Internet and television sparked a worldwide explosion in the popularity of poker, one that shows no sign of abating. Poker even has a respectable image these days, much to the disgust of die-hard players. Gone are the seedy rooms of the Horseshoe -- you can't even smoke at the table! -- and you're more likely to find yourself head to head with a film star than an ex-con in Las Vegas. With the future of online poker now legally endangered in the United States, Holden's vision of the poker boom comes at a critical moment in the game's history. In Bigger Deal, Holden is your guide to the world of the "new" poker -- to the players who dominate the modern game and the personalities behind the multibillion-dollar business it has become -- as he tries once again to win the world title. After all, as Telly Savalas once reminded Holden, a million dollars is never irrelevant. Not to mention twelve...
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