The Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin

The Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin

... Deborah Sandler, Emily Cushman. INTRODUCTION THE JORDAN RIVER
and Dead Sea Basin is one of the world's most spectacular and unique

Author: Clive Lipchin

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The 21st century will present unprecedented challenges. Already in its first decade we have seen the dramatic impact of two systemic risks, that of climate change and that of the financial crisis. The cause but also the solution to these crises lies in a deeper understanding of the underlying factors and int- dependencies. New ways must be found to overcome deep obstacles and find common solutions to seemingly intractable problems. The water crisis in the Middle East is a central challenge of the 21st century. The future of the people of the region depends on finding lasting solutions. Due to the exhaustion and pollution of available sources, compounded by climate change, demographic change and economic development, the pressures of water resource management will grow. New solutions must urgently be found as business as usual is not sustainable. This book provides vital new insights into possible elements of a sustainable future in one key area, that of the Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin. The future development of the Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli people depends on finding a just and sustainable system of water resource management in this Basin. Given the potential for regional and other conflicts arising out of tensions over water, the ramifications are wider and even global in significance. This volume provides fresh regional and international perspectives which greatly assist in our understanding of the issues and their possible resolution.
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The Dead Sea and the Jordan River

The Dead Sea and the Jordan River

Sporadically, over the last half century or so, a kind of debate has taken shape
concerning the exact location of the Cities of the Plain. For a number of years
some investigators had favored the north end of the Dead Sea as the place they
likely ...

Author: Barbara Kreiger

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For centuries travelers have been drawn to the stunning and mysterious Dead Sea and Jordan River, a region which is unlike any other on earth in its religious and historical significance. In this exceptionally engaging and readable book, Barbara Kreiger chronicles the natural and human history of these storied bodies of water, drawing on accounts by travelers, pilgrims, and explorers from ancient times to the present. She conveys the blend of spiritual, touristic, and scientific motivations that have driven exploration and describes the modern exploitation of the lake and the surrounding area through mineral extraction and agriculture. Today, both lake and river are in crisis, and stewardship of these water resources is bound up with political conflicts in the region. The Dead Sea and the Jordan River combines history, literature, travelogue, and natural history in a way that makes it hard to put down.
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Water accounting in the Jordan River Basin

Water accounting in the Jordan River Basin

The perennial rivers run North-Southto the Dead Sea, while from the opposite
direction, there are many intermittentwadis draining into the Dead Sea. The
headwater of the Jordan River originates from three rivers, the Hasbani, the
Banias, and ...

Author: FAO and IHE-Delft

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The Jordan River Basin is the most important water resource shared between the Middle East countries: Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Its surface water and groundwater have been highly exploited and fought over throughout history. The diverse climate over its area results in spatially variable precipitation and evapotranspiration, thus, variability of water generation and consumption. To be able to manage the water resources in a sustainable manner, it is important to understand the current state of the water resources. However with limited up-to-date ground observations, in terms of duration, completeness and quality of the hydro-meteorological records it is difficult to draw an appropriate picture of the water resources conditions. The Water Accounting Plus (WA+) system designed by IHE Delft with its partners FAO and IWMI has been applied to gain full insights into the state of the water resources in the basin.
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Transboundary Water Issues in Israel Palestine and the Jordan River Basin

Transboundary Water Issues in Israel  Palestine  and the Jordan River Basin

However, the Dead Sea is drying up at an alarming rate. The primary cause of its
rapid decline is diversion of water that used to pour into it from the Jordan River (
Gafny et al. 2010). Next in importance is the mineral extraction by the Dead Sea ...

Author: David B. Brooks

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This book highlights the search for permanent freshwater agreements between Israel, Palestine, and the western portions of Jordan, and underscores the benefits of shared water management among the three countries. Throughout the book, efforts are made to share transboundary water in ways that are simultaneously physically feasible, ecologically sustainable, and socially equitable. Thanks to the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan, the management of shared water resources has been working well, though future relationships are uncertain at present. However, the current arrangements for Israel and Palestine are, at best, inadequate and, in some cases, counterproductive. In closing, the book argues that trilateral agreements on water can and should be concluded now, before seeking to resolve the full range of issues that remain uncertain in a Final Status Agreement between Israel and Palestine.
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Studies in the Geochemistry of the Jordan River Dead Sea System

Studies in the Geochemistry of the Jordan River Dead Sea System

Gay Lussac notes that the relative amount of calcium sulfate in the Jordan River
is much greater than in the Dead Sea . He suggests that the high amount of
chloride causes calcium sulfate to be precipitated from the Dead Sea . Bentor (
1961 ) ...

Author: A. Nissenbaum


ISBN: UCSD:31822028768844

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New Frontiers in Dead Sea Paleoenvironmental Research

New Frontiers in Dead Sea Paleoenvironmental Research

The main water source into the Dead Sea is runoff, and its level is highly
sensitive to the annual rainfall in the upper Jordan River drainage basin. Here,
we summarize relevant data about present and past surface-water hydrology in
the ...

Author: Yehouda Enzel

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 9780813724010

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Land use modelling in the GLOWA Jordan River Project

Land use modelling in the GLOWA Jordan River Project

The study region includes the territories of Israel, Jordan, and Palestinian
Authority (PA) (Fig. ... physiographic feature of the Jordan River region is the
Great Rift Valley in which the Jordan River, Lake Tiberias, and the Dead Sea are

Author: Volland, Jan

Publisher: kassel university press GmbH

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This report presents the results from the land-use simulation study which has been carried out at the Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR) as part of the GLOWA Jordan River project1 (sub-project 3.3.). A central objective of GLOWA Jordan River was to analyse the vulnerability of water resources in the Jordan River basin under the influence of global change. In this context the land-modelling system LandSHIFT.JR has been adapted and applied to calculate spatially explicit scenarios of land-use change on the territories of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority (PA), and the resulting impacts on ecosystem service values. The simulation results served as input for further studies within the project context, e.g. related to water availability (Menzel et al. 2009) and the GLOWA Jordan River Atlas. After an introduction, chapter 3 gives an overview of the materials and methods used to conduct the simulation study. First, the LandSHIFT.JR model is described, followed by a short introduction to the scenarios which were developed within the GLOWA Jordan River project. The quantitative model drivers that were derived from these scenarios are discussed in the last part of the chapter. In chapter 4 exemplary simulation results from LandSHIFT.JR are presented. These raster maps include information on the change of land-use types and population density as well as on livestock grazing and ecosystem service values. Starting year of the simulations was 2000 while the scenarios were specified up to the year 2050. A complete set of simulated maps is included in the annexes.

The Parting of the Sea

The Parting of the Sea

earthquakes and the jordan river Earthquakes of varying magnitudes are
common along the faults of the Dead Sea depression. Earthquakes have long
been measured by the Richter “local magnitude” scale (ML), but seismologists
also use ...

Author: Barbara J. Sivertsen

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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Presents an interpretation of the Book of Exodus using archeological and geological evidence to provide scientific explanations for the events found in the Bible.
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Narrative of the Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea

Narrative of the Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea

With their flags flying, we carried them triumphantly beyond the-walls uninjured,
and, amid a crowd of spectators, launched them upon the blue waters of the Sea
of Galilee —the Arabs singing, clapping their hands to the time, and crying for ...

Author: W.F. Lynch

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Geomorphological Processes and Human Impacts in River Basins

Geomorphological Processes and Human Impacts in River Basins

The change in flood regime along the Lower Jordan River : its influence on flood
plain land use MICHA KLEIN ... The Rift Valley trends north - south and
constitutes a 15 km wide depression in which the Dead Sea acts as a regional
base level ...

Author: Ramon J. Batalla

Publisher: International Assn of Hydrological Sciences

ISBN: 1901502287

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Progress towards a present-day diagnosis of, and future strategies for, environmental management of rivers and catchments, with particular reference to Mediterranean (semiarid) environments. Geomorphological processes at both the basin and the river levels, and their interactions and relations with human activities that interfere with them, are explored.
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The Jordan River Valley , the Dead Sea , which is the lowest point on the earth ' s
surface , the colorful cliffs of Petra , and the port of Aqaba are all found in the
northern part of the Great Rift Valley . Near its southern end lies Lake Victoria , in

Author: Coleman South

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This book provides comprehensive information on the geography, history, wildlife, governmental structure, economy, cultural diversity, peoples, religion, and culture of Jordan. All books of the critically-acclaimed Cultures of the World® series ensure an immersive experience by offering vibrant photographs with descriptive nonfiction narratives, and interactive activities such as creating an authentic traditional dish from an easy-to-follow recipe. Copious maps and detailed timelines present the past and present of the country, while exploration of the art and architecture help your readers to understand why diversity is the spice of Life.
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On the Road to Damascus

On the Road to Damascus

The Jordan River was the lifeblood of Palestine, and is now the lifeblood oflordan
and Israel. It feeds the waters and snows com— ing off of the mountains and
moving southward toward the Dead Sea. The Sea of Galilee itself, is a relatively ...

Author: Ronald Runge

Publisher: iUniverse

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A hard-hitting novel, which depicts the Palestine-Israel conundrum, scene of the world's oldest continuing conflict.In a new light, the lives of a Jewish family, a Palestinian family, and an American family, whose fates are shown to intermingle in a way, that forces the descendants of each to realize, that killing one another is not going to bring peace to their children. On The Road To Damascus examines, in depth, how Islam came about, who runs it, and what keeps it going. On The Road To Damascus charges that Sharon, the uncanny Jewish leader, who instituted, and now suckles, his Palestinian settlements, will never agree to a Palestinian state, and that Arafat will continue his war by sending young suiciders to provide Israeli dead. That both maintain their power, by continuing their mutual murder, throughout this tiny spit of land, scene of some of the world's most famous names and events.Christ and his beckoning to each individual is seen as the key, both to a solution, and to salvation.
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GLOWA Jordan River Scenarios of Regional Development Under Global Change

GLOWA Jordan River Scenarios of Regional Development Under Global Change

Because of continued lack of political cooperation, countries refuse to let more
water flow into the Dead Sea so that its water table continues to drop sharply and
puts the Dead Sea at great risk. Storyline 2008-2010 Water talks between Israel ...


Publisher: kassel university press GmbH

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The Mosaic Map of Madaba

The Mosaic Map of Madaba

I. Section A The Jordan river meanders in the Jordan Valley and runs into the
Dead Sea . East of the Dead Sea and its shore , being somewhat too large , we
see the threefold dislocation of the mountain range towards the rift valley . We
note ...

Author: Herbert Donner

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9039000115

Category: History

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In the early 1880's dissension arose among the Muslim and Christian inhabitants of al-Karak, east of the Dead Sea. Up to that time the believers of both religions had lived peacefully together in the city. Problems arose and the Christians decicded to move. They were allowed to settle at Madaba. The government gave permission to build churches, but exclusively on those spots where churches had existed in Antiquity. The immigrants removed the debris from still partially visible foundation walls of the ancient churches. During this work they discovered in 1884 a marvelous mosaic map. It had been part of the floor of a large cathedral. The surviving fragments were roughly repaired and incorporated in the floor of the new St. George's church. It took nearly a hundred years and many admirers to have the map finally restored. This book is an introductory guide and can be a help to different kinds of people, such as visitors, students, and professors teaching first level archaeology, bible, and Umwelt. Numbers on the sketch included in the guide, refer the reader to appropriate information in the booklet. A colour reproduction of the map and a black/white sketch is included.
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Knowledge Based Decision Support for Integrated Water Resources Management with an Application for Wadi Shueib Jordan

Knowledge Based Decision Support for Integrated Water Resources Management with an Application for Wadi Shueib  Jordan

The Lower Jordan River Basin (LJRB) as a part of the Jordan Rift Valley
comprises the Lower Jordan River Valley (LJV) between the Sea of Galilee and
the Dead Sea as well as the eastern and western river valley escarpments and
the ...

Author: David Riepl

Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing

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Diplomacy on the Jordan

Diplomacy on the Jordan

The Jordan Valley is rich with agricultural land and with the water resources of
the Jordan River Basin. South of the Dead Sea, the water resources are not as
abundant, and a few side wadis discharge base flows and flood flows that have ...

Author: Munther J. Haddadin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0792375270

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This interdisciplinary volume reviews the roots of conflict over the Jordan between Arabs and Jews and the development of that conflict over the past 150 years, analyzing the positions of Arabs and Israelis and the role of the United States in promoting a settlement.
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Water and Power

Water and Power

extends for much of the length of the State of Israel , extends the entire length of
Jordan from north to south and separates the East Bank from ... Rainfall
diminishes rapidly as one moves eastward toward the Jordan River and the
Dead Sea .

Author: Miriam R. Lowi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521558360

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Why do states in arid regions fail to co-operate in sharing water resources when co-operation would appear to be in their mutual interest? Miriam Lowi explores the answers to these critical questions.
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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

HOW THE DEAD SEA GOT ITS NAME The Dead Sea is so salty that almost
nothing can survive in its water . This is why it is called the Dead Sea . Fish that
accidentally swim from the Jordan River into the Dead Sea die immediately .

Author: Aileen Weintraub

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 0823956377

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Discusses the Dead Sea, describing the features that make it unique as well as the scrolls that were discovered in nearby caves.
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Responses to 101 Questions on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Responses to 101 Questions on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Moreover, the traditional spot along the Jordan River, where John is said to have
baptized, is within a few hours' walk of Khirbet Qumran. The one thing that
militates against this hypothesis is that John came from a priestly family that
served in ...

Author: Joseph A. Fitzmyer

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 0809133482

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'What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?' 'What is Qumran and what relation do the Dead Sea Scrolls have to it?' 'Where are the scrolls today?' 'How do the authors of the scrolls conceive of God?' 'What do these scrolls tell us about first-century Judaism?' 'Does the title 'Son of Man' occur in the scrolls?' Responses to 101 Questions on the Dead Sea Scrolls tackles these and many other questions that people ask about the discovery, contents, and significance of one of the greatest manuscript discoveries of all time.
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