The Days and Nights of a Quiet Revolution

The Days and Nights of a Quiet Revolution

"This story is about thirty-five years of disruptive new technologies that challenged education, an institution that, by design, resists change.

Author: David Warlick

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1720859523


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Most teachers have never taught in a school without computers. But when this book's author started teaching social studies to seventh graders, personal computers did not exist and calculators still cost hundreds of dollars. His story chronicles more than thirty years of technological advancement and the revolution it has ignited in how we conduct schooling. It celebrates the pioneer heroes who led the revolution, and its antagonists who resisted technology and those who attempted to use technology to corrupt our children's education.

The Other Quiet Revolution

The Other Quiet Revolution

85 A few days later, the Globe reprinted a front-page editorial from Saturday
Night that explicitly identified the author of the assault on Dominion Day. “Do [
members of Parliament] think that 1 1,000,000 inhabitants of Canada are willing
to hand ...

Author: Jos E. Igartua

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774840675

Category: History

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The Other Quiet Revolution traces the under-examined cultural transformation woven through key developments in the formation of Canadian nationhood, from the 1946 Citizenship Act and the 1956 Suez crisis to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism (1963-70) and the adoption of the federal multiculturalism policy in 1971. Jos� Igartua analyzes editorial opinion, political rhetoric, history textbooks, and public opinion polls to show how Canada's self-conception as a British country dissolved as struggles with bilingualism and biculturalism, as well as Quebec's constitutional demands, helped to fashion new representations of national identity in English-speaking Canada based on the civic principle of equality.
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The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution

More than thirty men were crammed into one cell, locked up night and day for
weeks or months. Without enough bunks, many slept on the floor. The windows
were painted over, blocking out the sun, and the air was thick with cigarette
smoke ...

Author: Ed Barajas

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491749005

Category: Law

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Most people think they know what ails the American criminal justice system because the experts keep telling us: Too many people go to prison-even nonviolent offenders who've committed low-level infractions. They're locked up in an overcrowded system, and they are not rehabilitated. Instead, they're reenergized to do more damage to society. Ed Barajas, who retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons after twenty-seven years, argues that we've gotten the narrative wrong. He challenges the notion that prisons are a necessary evil at best and a shameful institution at worst. More importantly, he suggests practical and lasting solutions to solve the real problems. He also points out that the first step to fixing those problems begins with those who work for the criminal justice system remembering who they serve-the taxpayers that pay their salaries. Barajas examines how everyday citizens are partnering with the criminal justice system to reduce crime on the local level. Many of these communities are safer and more secure than ever, but they've largely gone unnoticed. While "experts" ask the wrong questions and make misguided assumptions, citizens, victims, and criminal justice professionals are transforming the system through a quiet revolution beyond the traditional calls for reform. Ed offers an insightful and comprehensive policy analysis about the state of the American criminal justice system and provokes thinking beyond traditional policy models. Moreover, he offers solutions that have been proven successful which currently are overlooked or ignored by national policymakers. -Selma Sierra, Policy Director Bingham Research Center, Utah State University I worked with Ed at the National Institute of Corrections for over a decade. His ability to see through the maze we call "corrections" was not only edifying but refreshing. He gives a clear picture, as well as solutions, to so many practices that are not working. -Rick Faulkner, President, The Faulkner Group, LLC
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The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution

30 hours every day of the working week . After teaching ends the cleaners move
in and work till around 23 . 30 hours . By 24 . 00 hours the tertiary institution
closes for the night . Handled this way , the same facilities could , without strain ,
take ...

Author: Chukuka Okonjo

Publisher: Spectrum Books Limited

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110533713

Category: Education

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The author, an experienced demographer, argues that abundant intellectual capital, high educational standards and first class work skills are the key to modernisation, characterised by economic growth with equity anddiversity. After a detailed survey of the education system at all levels,he concludes that modernisation can be achieved in Nigeria through the total reconstruction of the education system which is currently based on the western liberal model. He sets out an alternative system which includes an increase in the time pupils spend at school, changes in the curriculum, use of teaching aids and development studies.
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Africa s Quiet Revolution Observed from Nigeri

Africa s Quiet Revolution Observed from Nigeri

Oyo has of a number of local festivals in July and August, including the Sango
Festival; during which women cannot go out in the nights. The local history is still
very relevant; and the former Alafin of Oyo was remarkably pleasant to answer ...

Author: Dominic Okereke

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

ISBN: 9781908341877

Category: Business & Economics

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This book prescribes rapid revolution in principal sectors of this African economy through radical paradigm changes. And the resultant comprehensive transformation will guarantee significantly higher productivities and double digit annual economic growth. Included in this paradigm shift is the joint reindustrialization of the African economy and the US ailing industries via a new Strategic trans-Atlantic Alliance modeled on the balanced Euro-US cooperation after World War II. But it first takes readers through a thorough evaluation of the familiar subject - corruption - which haunts Nigeria, the principal economy in the continent. The fundamental difference with other texts on the subject is that this book identifies the most debilitating variant of that corruption. That variant causes massive capital flight from a post-colonial "soft economy" that is neither capitalist nor socialist. The Nigerian corruption thrives on the native Philosophy of Commission hardened by intractable "tribalism" that coagulated and ossified with the imports substitution pattern preferred by European firms since independence. The book then proceeds to earn its priced revolutionary credential by inventing very novel scientific methods that will skillfully turn this insidious source of structural rigidity and arrested development into a force for economic growth. A new apex political leadership culture is recommended and to be fortified with a unifying lingua franca. An inter-ethnic marriage melting-pot is advised for intensified nigerianization of Nigerian youths at birth. Spiritual diversity is envisaged to significantly diminish religious intolerance and sectarian violence. Modern bureaucracy and inward-looking tourism are reformulated to reduce effervescent insecurity and minimize capital flight. The resultant economic stability will enlarge domestic/foreign investment inflow; and will reverse the current dis-industrialization, and massive job loss, and the conditions of under-full employment. Technological Functionalism, Economic pan-Africanism, and the Alternative Policy of Inputs Substitution are among the several brand new blueprints that this book offers for the extensive transformation of Africa's economy into the robust emerging economy that will rival its counterparts in India and China in the immediate future.
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The Quiet Revolution in American Psychoanalysis

The Quiet Revolution in American Psychoanalysis

At the end ofthe second week after the summer break, which had passed quietly,
beginning the second year of treatment, she began a session by telling me that
she had had some dreams earlier in the week and also a dream last night.

Author: Arnold M. Cooper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135445577

Category: Psychology

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This book brings together for the first time in one volume selected papers by one of the leading contemporary intellectual figures in the field of psychoanalysis, Arnold M. Cooper M.D. Cooper has addressed every aspect of American psychoanalytic life: theory, clinical work, education, research, the interface with neighboring disciplines, and the institutional life of the profession. In these papers, he both documents and critiques what he calls a 'Quiet Revolution' following the death of Freud, in the way psychoanalysis is conceived: as a science, as a theory of mental life, as a treatment, as a profession. Throughout his professional life, the process of change has fascinated Cooper. His own contributions to psychoanalytic clinical theory have changed our understanding of work with patients to include a greater appreciation of narcissistic and pre-oedipal themes in development and of the human encounter embedded in the psychoanalytic situation. His progressive leadership in our educational and professional organizations has done much to promote change toward greater self-examination and tolerance of new ideas, and indeed, to create the conditions that make change possible. Above all, Cooper's unique ability to observe and reflect upon the process of change, recorded here in papers selected from over 150 written in the years between 1947 and 2002, has helped make Cooper the guide to whom psychoanalysts repeatedly turn to understand not only where, but even what, psychoanalysis is.
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The Quiet Revolution and Other Honduran Essays from the Pen of the Prairie Populist

The Quiet Revolution and Other Honduran Essays from the Pen of the Prairie Populist

Day and night dreams and nightmares reveal the great steeds of the Four
Horseman stampeding across the earth . At some point , the smoke becomes so
heavy that visibility becomes a problem and airports THE QUIET REVOLUTION
AND ...

Author: Erling Duus Christensen


ISBN: IND:30000085834244

Category: Honduras

Page: 177

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The Muslim Brotherhood and Their Quiet Revolution

The Muslim Brotherhood and Their Quiet Revolution

... the Prophet Muhammad had travelled by night . During Umar ' s Caliphate it
had been the site of Al Aqsa Mosque which the Muslim Brotherhood pledged to "
protect and guard in order that it remain a mosque until the day of resurrection
and ...

Author: Annamarie Amy Edelen


ISBN: WISC:89063583132


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The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution

... it to be able to produce a 128 - page newspaper in one night , when most of it
is either banal or vicious and not two columns worth preserving ? ' Mahatma
Gandhi DEL A SHRINKING WORLD Modern communications have made our

Author: Robin Keeley

Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company

ISBN: 0802803156

Category: Christianity

Page: 319

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A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution

Four days earlier , on April 15 , a Qassamite group held up a convoy of ten
automobiles on the Nablus - Tulkarem road ... The next night , intruders broke
into the home of orange - grove workers in Petah Tiqvah and killed two Arabs at
close ...

Author: Mary Elizabeth King

Publisher: Bold Type Books

ISBN: UOM:39015074274476

Category: History

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Looks at the strategies used to begin negotiated settlements in the first Palestinian Intifada, and the impact that the media has on such affairs.
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The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution

was open during the afternoon , while at night a comprehensive programme ,
including films of domestic and farmyard electrical appliances , was staged ,
usually to a packed house . This programme also included practical electric
cooking by ...

Author: Michael J. Shiel

Publisher: Dublin : O'Brien Press

ISBN: UOM:39015058581441

Category: Dwellings

Page: 304

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A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution

These meetings were Disneyland , vacation , the state fair , and the Friday night
date all rolled into one . " So most people came to church to eat , court , drink and
gamble , not worship . These type of meetings lasted until about the early 1950s ...

Author: John Perkins


ISBN: 0551013001

Category: Christian life

Page: 226

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Jean Lesage the Quiet Revolution

Jean Lesage   the Quiet Revolution

He also frequented late - night parties on and off Parliament Hill that could lead to
indiscretions . To support and , if necessary , guide him , well - wishers were
strategically located along his path . Jack Pickersgill , who had drawn him to ...

Author: Dale C. Thomson

Publisher: Macmillan of Canada

ISBN: UVA:X000907820

Category: Lesage, Jean

Page: 501

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Celebration of Discipline

Celebration of Discipline

Beth was a nurse at a large hospital, and after working the night shift, she would
come over to our church building in the early ... Now, these three influences
converged in those days of my young pastoring, and the result was a quiet
revolution, ...

Author: Richard Foster

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444719222

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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Arguably the most established contemporary spiritual classic by our most profound living religious writer. This timeless classic has helped well over a million people discover a richer spiritual life infused with joy, peace and a deeper understanding of God. The book explores the 'classic disciplines' of Christian faith: the inward disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, and study; the outward disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission and service and the corporate disciplines of confession, worship, guidance and celebration.
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Handbook of Abnormal Psychology

Handbook of Abnormal Psychology

... the physical basis of life " was one of the great revolutions of modern biology ;
but it was a quiet revolution , for no one ... the day - night organisation of without
specification of the genotype of the organism motility ' appears to be sensitive to ...

Author: Hans Jurgen Eysenck

Publisher: Edits Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015046853183

Category: Psychology

Page: 906

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Psychologists present theories and research on the characteristics, measurement, causes, determinants, and treatment of abnormal behavior. Bibliogs
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Canadian Saturday Night

Canadian Saturday Night

There was a feeling that the “ quiet revolution " in Quebec was likely to be
accompanied by a more audible revolution on the federal front . Diefenbaker was
not cast in a conventional Tory mould , and he was capable of sudden departures
from ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105210969189



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The New Turkey

The New Turkey

The Quiet Revolution On The Edge Of Europe Chris Morris ... and we eat the
same food,' said Fazlı Çalıșkan, a local Turk who doubled up as tour guide for
the day, showing his visitors around ... Our host on the roof terrace that first night
was ...

Author: Chris Morris

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 9781783780310

Category: Political Science


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Updated since the decision to begin Turkey's admission to the European Union. Turkey is a country in a state of flux, swept along by an extraordinary process of change. In the last few years, a series of far-reaching political and economic reforms has swept away much of the old order which ruled the country for so long. Some people call it a second Turkish revolution. But resistance to reform remains strong. Pressure for change has come from ordinary people fed up with the old ways; it's also been motivated by the dominant issue of Turkish political life - the long pursuit of membership of the European Union. And yet Turkey remains a mystery to many outsiders; a complex country hard to understand. It's secular and Muslim, Western and Eastern, democratic and authoritarian, all at the same time. This book examines the potential and the problems of the new Turkey, and the expectations of the people who live there, drawing on first-hand interviews and observations gathered over several years.
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The Canadian Revolution

The Canadian Revolution

"I was married and living in Halifax," recalled Patrick MacAdam, his friend from St.
Francis Xavier who had graduated two years before, "when Brian called looking
for a bed for the night. He was having his Rhodes interview the next day and ...

Author: Peter C. Newman

Publisher: Penguin Books Canada

ISBN: 0140248943

Category: Canada

Page: 579

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A social, political, and economic revolution has forged a profoundly different Canadian society in the closing decade of the 20th century. In the manner of his seminal history of the Quiet Revolution and the Pearson years, The Distemper of Our Times, Peter C. Newman details the tempestuous transformation of Canadian reality in the 1990s. The Canadian Revolution looks at the politicians, poets, tycoons, and performers who have made the history that matters most. Newman brings these often-unrecognized pivotal moments into sharp focus, highlighting key political figures like Pierre Trudeau and Preston Manning and the very different visions of Canada that have struggled for ascendance in the past decade.
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Can You Spell Revolution

Can You Spell Revolution

“I'm grounded from the phone at night, but Mom can't argue with me calling to say
I can or can't come.” “Sounds like a plan,” Clouds said. “All right,” I said. “Talk to
you later.” That night, and for the next two days, I kept quiet at school. At home, I ...

Author: Matt Beam

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440630347

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 208

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Between dull assemblies, tyrant teachers, and a handbook full of rules, life at Laverton Middle School can be summed up in one word: B-O-R-I-N-G. In this dramatic novel, five fed-up students borrow from the pages of history books and, seeking inspiration from revolutionary leaders, get a twisty lesson in the excitement and perils of repeating history.
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