The Crucifixion of Mary Magdalene

The Historical Tradition of the First Apostle and the Ancient Church's Campaign to Suppress It

Author: Richard J. Hooper

Publisher: Sanctuary Publications, Inc

ISBN: 9780974699547

Category: Religion

Page: 321

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From the earliest days of Christianity, Mary Magdalene has been the subject of controversy, rumour and innuendo. This volume says, the historical Mary was neither a prostitute nor the wife of Jesus. Shortly after Jesus died, Mary had a powerful experience of the living Jesus and, as a consequence, became the first apostle of Christianity.

The Characters of the Crucifixion

Author: Joseph Fichtner

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814623602

Category: Religion

Page: 60

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Fichtner offers a striking retelling of the passion narrative that enables anyone to participate in the crucifixion today as a Peter, Mary Magdalene or Mary, Mother of Jesus, not only in suffering but also in the triumph. He vividly retells 38 of Jesus' stories by characterizing 15 people who are somehow involved in the crucifixion of Christ. Each presentation concludes with a reflection-prayer which updates the event of the crucifixion and shows its personal and social implications.

Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene

The Followers of Jesus in History and Legend

Author: Bart D Ehrman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199741137

Category: History

Page: 304

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Bart Ehrman, author of the highly popular books Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code, Lost Christianities, and the New York Times bestseller Misquoting Jesus, here takes readers on another engaging tour of the early Christian church, illuminating the lives of Jesus' most intriguing followers: Simon Peter, the Apostle Paul, and Mary Magdalene. What does the Bible tell us about each of these key followers of Christ? What legends have sprung up about them in the centuries after their deaths? Was Paul bow-legged and bald? Was Peter crucified upside down? Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute? In this lively work, Ehrman separates fact from fiction, presenting complicated historical issues in a clear and informative way and relating vivid anecdotes culled from the traditions of these three followers. He notes, for instance, that there is no evidence to suggest that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute (this legend can be traced to a sermon preached by Gregory the Great five centuries after her death), and little reason to think that she was married to Jesus. Similarly, there is no historical evidence for the well-known tale that Peter was crucified upside down. A serious book but vibrantly written and leavened with many colorful stories, Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene will appeal to anyone curious about the early Christian church and the lives of these important figures. "An informed but breezy look at the myths surrounding Jesus' most influential followers.... This book contains valuable historical scholarship. It also encourages readers to approach the Scriptures with fresh and enlightened eyes." --Christian Science Monitor

Rituals in Sacred Stone

Mary Magdalene's message of self empowerment.

Author: Wencke Johanne Braathen

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452561346

Category: Fiction

Page: 494

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Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married? In Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene’s message of self empowerment you’ll find the depth of love, devotion, knowledge and wisdom that made this famous couple able to work as a powerful team in a world mired in occupation and rebellion. The preserved shrunken head of an ancestor accompanies Mariam while she is educated at the mystery schools of Egypt. As a fully trained priestess, queen and wife, she performs the rituals required to apply the gifts of the Magi. Was the head of John the Baptist an oracle used as a political plot? Why did the crucifixion take place on a hollow hill called “the skull”? What is the Journey of Osiris? Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene’s message of self empowerment is a controversial interpretation of the life of Mary Magdalene and brings you to the heart-wrenching choices that her education, her ancestry, and ancient prophecies forced her to make.

The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary the Magdalene

Author: Simcha Jacobovici,Barrie Wilson

Publisher: Pegasus Books

ISBN: 1605987298

Category: History

Page: 544

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An international news story when published last year, now in paperback: A historical detective story leads to dramatic and ground-breaking revelations about the life and times of Jesus. Waiting to be rediscovered in the British Library is an ancient manuscript of the early Church, copied by an anonymous monk. The manuscript is at least 1,450 years old, possibly dating to the first century. And now, The Lost Gospel provides the first ever translation from Syriac into English of this unique document that tells the inside story of Jesus’ social, family, and political life. The Lost Gospel takes the reader on an unparalleled historical adventure through a paradigm shifting manuscript. What the authors eventually discover is as astounding as it is surprising: the confirmation of Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene; the names of their two children; the towering presence of Mary Magdalene; a previously unknown plot on Jesus’ life (thirteen years prior to the crucifixion); an assassination attempt against Mary Magdalene and their children; Jesus’ connection to political figures at the highest level of the Roman Empire; and a religious movement that antedates that of Paul—the Church of Mary Magdalene. Part historical detective story, part modern adventure, The Lost Gospel reveals secrets that have been hiding in plain sight for millennia.

Mary Magdalene

Christianity's Hidden Goddess

Author: Lynn Picknett

Publisher: Carroll & Graf Pub

ISBN: 9780786711727

Category: Religion

Page: 286

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Argues that Mary Magdalene was not merely the repentent prostitute of tradition, nor a leader of the apostles as some have suggested, but rather an African priestess, an associate of John the Baptist, and the consort of Jesus.

Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Author: Dan Burstein

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409106039

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 480

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A dazzling look at the most elusive figure in Christ's life Mary Magdalene was a key figure in Christ's life. She was present at his Crucifixion and she was also the first person to see him resurrected. According to Dan Brown's multi-million selling THE DA VINCI CODE, she was also his wife and the mother of his children. In the Gospels, she is described as an outcast and a harlot. This may be due to the disciples' jealousy of Jesus' love for Mary and the closeness of his relationship with her that was not replicated in his relationships with them. In SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE, Dan Burstein explodes the myths and analyses who Mary Magdalene was, the true nature of her relationship with Christ and her role in the Christian faith. Did Mary write her own Gospel? If so, what did it say? Where did she come from? Was she Jewish? How did she live? So many questions exist about this lady, Google can find mention of her on 1,740,000 sites in 0.3 seconds. This book will find the answers.

The Spirituality of Mary Magdalene

Embracing the Sacred Union of the Feminine and Masculine as One

Author: James S. Galluzzo

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595611607

Category: Religion

Page: 116

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"The feminine spirit is rising deep in the heart of creation, to heal our battered world and bring new life." Mary Southard, CSJ Much has been written about Mary Magdalene. Her name appears over a dozen times in the four canonical gospels. Her own gospel has been discovered and translated. The Gnostic Gospels mentioned her several times. Many sculptures, paintings, plays, movies, music and poetry are based on her. The institutional church has dealt with her in many ways including sainting her, prolonging misinformation about her, discrediting her and failing to honor her rich gifts to the whole of humanity. To get a better understanding of Mary Magdalene we will review: the scripture writings ? both Canonical and Gnostic Gospels; her own gospel; the concept Sacred Feminine; the myths and legends about her; art work; music, movies and plays; the misinformation about her. After this review we will examine Mary Magdalene's core beliefs. What stirred her? What moved her? What was her inner knowledge which caused her metanoia (change of heart)? What made her so important for a millennia? What was her story? What is her spirituality and what can it mean for us today?

The Crucifixion of Jesus

A Forensic Inquiry

Author: Frederick T. Zugibe

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1590770706

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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In a language that is both precise and easy to understand, Dr. Zugibe presents his discoveries culled from years of exhaustive research. Documented with 95 illustrations that explore the impact of crucifixion on the body, he demonstrates the realities behind the crucifixion on the body, providing a virtual autopsy on Christ from across the centuries.

Mary of Magdala

What The Da Vinci Code Misses

Author: Mary R. Thompson

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809143801

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 156

View: 3906


Mary of Magdala examines the actual written accounts referring to her from her own era, including both canonical writings, as well as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and others. The author presents the various images of Mary that have emerged throughout history, traces the development of religious devotion to her, and blasts the many inaccuracies of the Magdalene. When the mistakes and fallacies - both centuries old and newly created - have been cleared away, there emerges a portrait, backed by compelling scholarly evidence, of a key church leader: a compassionate woman who dared to be present at Jesus' crucifixion when almost everyone else abandoned him, and who was the first to receive the message of the resurrection.