The Changing Character of War

Author: Hew Strachan,Sibylle Scheipers

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199596735

Category: History

Page: 564

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The Changing Character of War unites scholars from the disciplines of history, politics, law, and philosophy to ask in what ways the character of war today has changed from war in the past, and how the wars of today differ from each other. It discusses who fights, why they fight, and how they fight.

Heroism and the Changing Character of War

Toward Post-Heroic Warfare?

Author: S. Scheipers

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137362537

Category: History

Page: 376

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Post-heroism is often perceived as one of the main aspects of change in the character of war, a phenomenon prevalent in western societies. According to this view, demographic and cultural changes in the west have severely decreased the tolerance for casualties in war. This edited volume provides a critical examination of this idea.

Harsh Lessons

Iraq, Afghanistan and the Changing Character of War

Author: Ben Barry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 042962672X

Category: History

Page: 164

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The recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars were very controversial. The conflicts’ casualties, intractability and the apparent failure of the US and its allies to achieve their objectives mean that many see the wars as failures. This resulted in a loss of confidence in the West of the utility of force as an instrument of state power. Both wars have been well described by journalists. There is no shortage of memoirs. But there is little discussion of how the conduct of these wars and capabilities of the forces involved changed and evolved, and of the implications of these developments for future warfare. This book gives readers a clear understanding of the military character dynamics of both wars and how these changed between 2001 and 2014. This includes the strategy, operations, tactics and technology of the forces of the US and its allies, Afghan and Iraqi government forces as well as insurgents and militias, showing how they evolved over time. Many of these developments have wider relevance to future conflicts. The book identifies those that are of potential wider application to US, NATO and other western forces, to insurgents, as well as to forces of states that might choose to confront the west militarily.

International Law and the Changing Character of War

Author: Naval War College Press

Publisher: Military Bookshop

ISBN: 9781782662396

Category: Political Science

Page: 552

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International Law Studies Volume 87. Raul A. "Pete" Pedrozo and Daria P. Wollschlaeger, editors. Contains a compilation of scholarly papers and remarks derived from the proceedings of a conference hosted at the Naval War College on June 22-24, 2010 entitled "International Law and the Changing Character of War." The objectives of the conference were to catalogue the extent to whichh existing international law governs these changing aspects of warfare and to assess whether these developments warrant revision of existing international law.

Prisoners in War

Author: Sibylle Scheipers

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199577579

Category: History

Page: 330

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Prisoners in War is an edited volume bringing together contributions by leading scholars from the fields of history, international relations, law, and philosophy. It includes novel research findings on areas such as the crusades, detention and interrogation policies in Northern Ireland, the Chechnya conflict, and the impact of Western detention policies on Al-Qaeda's tactics and narratives. It is a basic read for scholars, practitioners and the generallyinterested reader who would like to put the hotly debated topic of detention and prisoners in war into an intellectually sound and well-informed perspective.

The changing nature of war and its impacts on International Humanitarian Law

Author: Philipp Schweers

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640356403

Category: Law

Page: 13

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Essay from the year 2009 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: 7,5, University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), course: International Humanitarian Law, language: English, abstract: At the beginning of the 21st century it seems that warfare and armed conflict get messier and more chaotic than ever before. The phenomenon of weak and fragile statehood destabilizes whole regions and makes intra-state conflict to a constant feature with spill-over character in many areas of the world. At the same time do non-state armed actors, from warlords to armed militias to terrorists to private military firms, re-enter the international conflictscene. The globalized character of contemporary organized violence, especially the phenomenon of transnational terrorism, does challenge the international security structure. While symmetric inter-state conflicts are constantly decreasing and less likely to appear, the dominant form of contemporary armed conflict is intra-state and asymmetric by nature. One of the most striking features within contemporary armed violence is the increasingly important role of civilians, as victims but also as perpetrators and participants in hostilities. The fundamental line between soldiers and civilians has long been essential to the law of war, but with the rise of transnational terrorism, warlords and other non-state actors in armed conflict this distinction gets seemingly blurred.

On the Ethics of War and Terrorism

Author: Uwe Steinhoff

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199217378

Category: Philosophy

Page: 160

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Steinhoff deals with topical and urgent questions: When is a war just, and when not?, describing and explaining the basic tenets of just war theory and giving a succinct, precise and highly critical account of the present status of the theory and of the most important and controversial current debates surrounding it.

The Sociology of War and Violence

Author: Siniša Malešević

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139488597

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

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War is a highly complex and dynamic form of social conflict. This book demonstrates the importance of using sociological tools to understand the changing character of war and organised violence. The author offers an original analysis of the historical and contemporary impact that coercion and warfare have on the transformation of social life, and vice versa. Although war and violence were decisive components in the formation of modernity most analyses tend to shy away from the sociological study of the gory origins of contemporary social life. In contrast, this book brings the study of organised violence to the fore by providing a wide-ranging sociological analysis that links classical and contemporary theories with specific historical and geographical contexts. Topics covered include violence before modernity, warfare in the modern age, nationalism and war, war propaganda, battlefield solidarity, war and social stratification, gender and organised violence, and the new wars debate.

Wellington's Legacy

The Reform of the British Army, 1830-54

Author: Hew Strachan

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719009945


Page: 302

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