The Ceramics Reader

Author: Kevin Petrie,Andrew Livingstone

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472584422

Category: Art

Page: 616

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The Ceramics Reader is an impressive editorial collection of essays and text extracts, covering every discipline within ceramics, past and present. Tackling such fundamental questions as "why are ceramics important?", the book also considers the field from a range of perspectives - as a cultural activity or metaphor, as a vehicle for propaganda, within industry and museums, and most recently as part of the 'expanded field' as a fine art medium and hub for ideas. Newly commissioned material features prominently alongside existing scholarship, to ensure an international and truly comprehensive look at ceramics.

Ceramics and the Museum

Author: Laura Breen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350047864

Category: Design

Page: 256

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Ceramics and the Museum interrogates the relationship between art-oriented ceramic practice and museum practice in Britain since 1970. Laura Breen examines the identity of ceramics as an art form, drawing on examples of work by artist-makers such as Edmund de Waal and Grayson Perry; addresses the impact of policy making on ceramic practice; traces the shift from object to project in ceramic practice and in the evolution of ceramic sculpture; explores how museums facilitated multisensory engagement with ceramic material and process, and analyses the exhibition as a text in itself. Proposing the notion that 'gestures of showing,' such as exhibitions and installation art, can be read as statements, she examines what they tell us about the identity of ceramics at particular moments in time. Highlighting the ways in which these gestures have constructed ceramics as a category of artistic practice, Breen argues that they reveal gaps between narrative and practice, which in turn can be used to deconstruct the art.

The Crafty Animator

Handmade, Craft-based Animation and Cultural Value

Author: Caroline Ruddell,Paul Ward

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030139433

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 231

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This collection is a study of the value of craft as it can be understood within the study and practice of animation. The book reconsiders the position of craft, which is often understood as inferior to ‘art’, with a particular focus on questions of labour in animation production and gendered practices. The notion of craft has been widely investigated in a number of areas including art, design and textiles, but despite the fact that a wide range of animators use craft-based techniques, the value of craft has not been interrogated in this context until now. Seeking to address such a gap in the literature, this collection considers the concept of craft through a range of varying case studies. Chapters include studies on experimental animation, computer animation, trauma and memory, children’s animation and silhouette animation among others. The Crafty Animator also goes some way to exploring the relationship craft has with the digital in the context of animation production. Through these varied discussions, this book problematizes simplistic notions about the value of certain methods and techniques, working to create a dialogue between craft and animation.

Ceramic Art of Japan

A Handbook for Collectors

Author: Hugo Munsterberg

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462913091

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 272

View: 3360


Featuring dozens of color photographs and extensive commentary, this Japanese ceramics guide is an comprehensive resource for collectors and art enthusiasts. For the collector of Japanese ceramics, the chief value of the book will lie in the author's very practical advice on what, where, and how to collect; what to pay; how to choose a dealer; how to distinguish between the genuine and the imitation; and similar matters of importance. For the non-collector who nevertheless admires Japanese ceramics, the main interest will undoubtedly lie in the concise and highly readable background information that Mr. Munsterberg presents and in his amiable manner of leading the reader to an appreciation of Japan's ceramic art. For both the collector and the non-collector, the abundance of illustrations, many of them in color, will provide an aesthetic treat.

Design and Agency

Critical Perspectives on Identities, Histories, and Practices

Author: John Potvin,Marie-Ève Marchand

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350063800

Category: Design

Page: 320

View: 6133


Design and Agency brings together leading international design scholars and practitioners to address the concept of agency in relation to objects, organisations and people. The authors set out to expand the scope of design history and practice, avoiding the heroic narratives of a typical modernist approach. They consider both how the agents of design construct and express their identities and subjectivities through practice, while also investigating the distinctive contribution of design in the construction of individual identity and subjectivity. Individual chapters explore notions of agency in a range of design disciplines and historical periods, including the agency of women in effecting changes to the design of offices and working practices; the role of Jeffrey Lindsay and Buckminster Fuller in developing the design of a geodesic dome; Le Corbusier's 'Casa Curutchet'; a re-consideration of the gendered historiography of the 'Jugendstil' movement, and Bruce Mau's design exhibitions. Taken together, the essays in Design and Agency provide a much-needed response to the traditional texts which dominate design history. With a broad chronological span from 1900 to the present, and an equally broad understanding of the term 'design', it expands how we view the discipline, and shows how design itself can be an agent for social, cultural and economic change.

Casas Grandes and the Ceramic Art of the Ancient Southwest

Author: Richard F. Townsend,Ken Kokrda,Barbara L. Moulard

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300111487

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 208

View: 9058


In the flourishing ancient Indian communities of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico, master potters created ceramic arts that are considered among the most accomplished in the world. The symbolic imagery and distinctive local styles of the region are unmistakable—simple volumetric shapes covered with complex, interlocking geometrical designs that are sometimes combined with bold abstract animal, human, and composite figures. Within this shared tradition are clearly identifiable local styles and symbolic vocabularies, and this lavishly illustrated book focuses on one of them: the ceramic works of the Casas Grandes-Paquimé area of northwest Mexico and adjoining parts of New Mexico and Arizona, c. A.D. 1200–1400. For the first time on a comprehensive scale, expert art historians and an artist-teacher discuss the complex imagery of approximately ninety Casas Grandes vessels with fifty pieces representing other major styles of the Greater Southwest. Superb examples show polychromatic designs of real and mythological animals, together with abstract human figures and remarkably varied geometries, demonstrating the imaginative complexity and exceptional achievement of the Casas Grandes potters. Certain motifs reflect affinities with distant Mesoamerica, yet the authors show that these forms were absorbed into a visual vocabulary that reflected the unique artistic and cosmological outlook of Casas Grandes, within the native Southwestern cultural tradition.

The Ceramic Glaze Handbook

Materials, Techniques, Formulas

Author: Mark Burleson

Publisher: Lark Books

ISBN: 9781579904395

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 9130


“No pot is left unturned, as the author features elegant examples of major glaze techniques.”—Booklist. “This well-illustrated handbook...covers glaze chemistry, application techniques, firing, and problem solving. Color photographs comparing fired samples are particularly good.”—Library Journal. “An invaluable reference”—National Ceramics.

The Ceramic Surface

Author: Matthias Ostermann

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812237016

Category: Art

Page: 200

View: 2888


Examines the work of two hundred ceramicists to provide an overview of techniques for creating ceramic pieces.