The Case of the Shrinking Friend

The Case of the Shrinking Friend

Adapted from the award-winning TV show Scout and the Gumboot Kids, this outstanding series of nature mystery books celebrates the joy and wonder of mindfully exploring the natural world.

Author: Eric Hogan

Publisher: Firefly Books

ISBN: 0228103355


Page: 32

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Scout and Daisy are going for a winter hike. On their way to the valley, Daisy notices the snowman friend she built the day before is smaller. Why is her friend shrinking? Join Scout and Daisy as they find clues to solve the Case of the Shrinking Friend. About THE GUMBOOT KIDS SERIES CBC Books, Best Books of the Year -- Canadian Picture Books "A most charming and instructive collection of nature mystery books which encourages children to head outside and discover their natural world." -- Children's Book News A celebration of nature, curiosity, discovery and mindfulness! Adapted from the award-winning TV show Scout and the Gumboot Kids, this outstanding series of nature mystery books celebrates the joy and wonder of mindfully exploring the natural world. Perfect for inquisitive young minds, The Gumboot Kids' nature mysteries feature beloved characters, Scout and Daisy, working through a series of clues in order to crack the case. In each mystery Scout and Daisy confirm their findings with a trip to the library where they verify the evidence they've gathered in nature and solve the mystery before having a mindful moment to reflect on their journey. With beautifully rendered and painstakingly detailed art, Scout and Daisy's adventures are a visual feast that will have kids poring over the pages time and time again. Each book concludes with two pages of field notes on the mystery subject, as well as a nature craft inspired by the mystery, for kids to try at home. Praise for previous titles in the series: "The felted wool mice and their miniature world are adorable and will invite children to savor the tiny details. Charming and informative picture books that will help young children discover nature." -- School Library Journal

Shrinking the News

Shrinking the News

... defending his innocence, he suggested to friends that the case itself was the culminating chapter of a conspiracy against him going back to the 1960s.

Author: Coline Covington

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429919183

Category: Psychology

Page: 256

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Shrinking the News brings together the author's wide range of articles from her regular column in the online newspaper, The Week. The articles cover current events from October 2008 until December 2010, concluding with more recent articles from 2013. These articles form a fascinating psychoanalytic insight on crime, politics, the economy, sports and stardom, and the quirky, bizarre events and trends that make up our daily life. The widespread popularity of these articles is a testimony to the public's interest in a psychoanalytic view of the world around us and why people do the things they do.
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The Incredible Shrinking Alpha 2nd edition

The Incredible Shrinking Alpha 2nd edition

And, as is the case with equity factors, exposure to bond factors can be achieved ... The friend stops and says: “Look, there is a $20 bill on the ground.

Author: Andrew L. Berkin

Publisher: Harriman House Limited

ISBN: 9780857198259

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

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Active managers persistently lag the returns of benchmarks and index funds that track them, with the excuses for underperformance recycled every year. This comprehensive book is the antidote for the active managers’ siren song. If you understand the benefits of indexing, or systematic investing, it will reinforce your commitment while increasing your knowledge. If you don’t yet believe, Swedroe and Berkin provide a compelling case that you’re playing the loser’s game of active management. Alpha, or outperformance against appropriate risk-adjusted benchmarks, is shrinking as it gets converted into beta, or factor exposures. They demonstrate that even for the most talented managers, their ability to add value is waning because: the amount of alpha available is declining; it must be split among an increasing amount of investment dollars; and the competition is getting tougher. In this greatly expanded second edition, Swedroe and Berkin show you how to develop an investment plan that focuses on what risks to take, and how much of them, as well as how to build a diversified portfolio. They present a list of vehicles to consider when implementing your plan and provide guidance on the care and maintenance of your portfolio. As a bonus they add appendices that will make you a more informed and, therefore, better investor. This makes The Incredible Shrinking Alpha a complete guide to successful investment strategy.
Categories: Business & Economics

Positive Shrinking

Positive Shrinking

would read it anyway, just in case. ... 'Traffic,' she added with a shrug, like this comment would explain everything to her friend, who was looking at her ...

Author: Kevin Laye

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781848505070

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 113

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This book gives you all you need to know now to enable you to achieve control over both your weight and your relationship with food. As you read, and then use the techniques provided, notice the changes. At the back of the book, you will find there are individual exercises to practice with. The best way to get good at something is to practice, and the best way to practice is to practice. Positive Shrinking is the story of two friends who have battled with weight for most of their lives. They have continually promised to change and to get to how they want to be, but they have never quite made it. ‘Because....’ Until the year Sam turns up having ‘done it’. Jo’s reaction is 'Wow!' followed quickly by 'How?!' As you take this fun journey through the eyes of Sam and start to practice these simple techniques, you will very quickly realize you can can ‘Just do it’ too. By investing in this book you are truly investing in yourself and your positive future. Be Positive and the Shrinking will happen. The best time to do something, to change for the better is 'Now'.
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A Friend in the Music Business

A Friend in the Music Business

We shouldbe doing a lotmore with exposing young people to classical music, as used to be the case. But the field is not shrinking.

Author: Bruce Pollock

Publisher: Hal Leonard

ISBN: 9781480386099

Category: Music

Page: 320

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(Book). On February 13, 1914, a group of the nation's most distinguished and popular songwriters gathered together in New York City to support the mission of ASCAP, a new organization for publishers and songwriters. A few years later, ASCAP received its mandate from the Supreme Court to collect royalties for the public performance of copyrighted material. Over the course the next century, ASCAP has been as prominent a force for the advancement and nurture and financial well-being of songwriters as any record label or publishing outfit one would care to name. With a responsive board of directors made up entirely of songwriter/composer and publisher members, ASCAP has defended creators' rights at every turn against those who would seek to devalue music. Today, with copyright under renewed assault, its mission is as resonant and vital as ever, along with its relatively new role as a nurturer of the young artists who represent the future of music. Award-winning music writer Bruce Pollock explores the growth and changes within this complex society and its relationship to emerging technologies, in the context of 100 years of an ever-evolving music business, to see how ASCAP has become, for those who hope to make a living making music, now more than ever, "a friend in the music business."
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Modern Day Prophet

Modern Day Prophet

As soon as I knew the Lord was intervening on my friend's behalf I was ... but that the tumors were still continuing to shrink further from when the ...

Author: Douglas Duncan

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457502941

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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The author is the only person ever declared medically dead to be resurrected by God and sent back with a message for God's people. Taken away from a life in the fast lane while earning fame and riches for all the wrong reasons, the author thought that when the government was done with him he would live the rest of his life comfortably along with all of his ill-gotten gains. That would not be the case because God in His mercy had answered his mother's prayers for her son to be returned to worshipping Jesus. When the government was finished God was just getting started, first stripping him of pride and wealth while teaching the author humility and obedience. Then through revelations, visions, and prophecies followed with signs and wonders, the author learned the truths that have not been taught to the church ever since the last apostle died. This book teaches what God wants you to learn. Overcoming sin, obtaining perfection, and living a holy life are the commandments from Jesus Christ to His church. When these commandments are fulfilled as the apostles fulfilled them, God will work the same signs and wonders through His people today that He did 1900 years ago in the first century apostolic church. Within this book is the knowledge the apostles had that will allow Christians to once again worship in spirit and in truth. Prophecy determined that the forgotten knowledge of the truth would return to the church and once again God would be glorified through His saints when people are healed and the dead are raised alive. Through acquiring the wisdom revealed in this book, you will gain the faith needed for miracles to happen and bring about the revival that will usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
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The Friend

The Friend

16th , ” she writes to a friend : who have practised it . ... In looking over a previous mem- it had not been the case that in kissing the amongst us as a ...



ISBN: MINN:31951000733169R

Category: Society of Friends


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Categories: Society of Friends

The Mechanic s Friend

The Mechanic s Friend

The so - called air - holes are in reality not air - holes at all , but cavities formed by the shrinking of the metal . To avoid them , endeavour to ...

Author: William Edward Armytage Axon


ISBN: STANFORD:36105041644084

Category: Formulas, recipes, etc

Page: 339

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Categories: Formulas, recipes, etc

Socrates on Friendship and Community

Socrates on Friendship and Community

... it turns out that he shrinks from doing so.15 Help comes in the form of Lysis' friend Menexenus, who does not shrink from joining Socrates' group, ...

Author: Mary P. Nichols

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521899734

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 229

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In Socrates on Friendship and Community, Mary P. Nichols addresses Kierkegaard's and Nietzsche's criticism of Socrates and recovers the place of friendship and community in Socratic philosophizing. This approach stands in contrast to the modern philosophical tradition, in which Plato's Socrates has been viewed as an alienating influence on Western thought and life. Nichols' rich analysis of both dramatic details and philosophic themes in Plato's Symposium, Phaedras, and Lysis shows how love finds its fulfilment in the reciprocal relation of friends. Nichols also shows how friends experience another as their own and themselves as belonging to another. Their experience, she argues, both sheds light on the nature of philosophy and serves as a standard for a political life that does justice to human freedom and community.
Categories: Family & Relationships

Friendship East and West

Friendship East and West

Friendship might then be something of which we should beware, in case we ... of friends which one may realistically claim grows every smaller, shrinking ...

Author: Oliver Leaman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136785252

Category: Social Science

Page: 300

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There has been renewed interest in the concept of friendship in contemporary philosophy. Many of the existing treatments of the topic have been limited to Western notions of friendship, yet there is a far wider perspective available to us through an examination of a more extended cultural examination of the topic. Cultures other than those in Christian Europe have had important and interesting observations to make on the nature of friendship, and in this collection there is treatment not only of Greek and Christian ideas of friendship, but also of Islamic, Jewish, Chinese, Japanese and Indian perspectives. A rich and extended view of the concept of friendship results from these various examinations.
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The British Friend

The British Friend

But her But to return to the case of Lady Conway , her huscup of suffering ... Thus it was , that , in a close pursuit shrinking and sculking , instead of ...




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The Family friend ed by R K Philp

The Family friend  ed  by R K  Philp

The fug may be knit in endured ; wood - work shrinking , and thereby squares , and sewed together afterwards , or the fooms becoming filled with draughts ...

Author: Robert Kemp Philp


ISBN: OXFORD:555019411



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Your Body Your Best Friend

Your Body  Your Best Friend

even in the frequent case when it involved group assault.26 In the 1600s England's Chief Justice ... Some women starve and shrink to make themselves safe.

Author: Erica Mather

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781684033454

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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For women who’ve learned to be their own worst enemies, this in-your-face guide offers powerful tools to break free from the cultural messages that feed negative body image and stand in the way of becoming your most authentic and radiant self. Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish with the time you spend worrying about your body or appearance? In a society overwhelmed with messages of how women should be and appear, it’s easy to internalize these ideas and become our own harshest critics. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop squashing ourselves into painfully tight “should-be” boxes and celebrate our bodies for what they are—divine tools to reach our highest aspirations and experience the full fabulousness of life. In this book, you’ll find a practical program for healing body image dissatisfaction using a unique blend of wisdom—from yoga to Buddhism and Taoism to shamanism and more. Weaving the author’s own experiences with tools for putting lessons into action, this empowering book will help you examine your own thoughts and feelings about your body and learn how they affect the way you relate in and to the world. With this unflinchingly direct and honest book, you’ll learn to release years of negative conditioning to see yourself as the fiercely authentic woman you really are. So, stop wasting time and energy hating your body and start moving toward a life that celebrates your body’s unique strengths and capabilities for experiencing health, happiness, and true radiance.
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Friends Intelligencer

Friends  Intelligencer

They would shrink from seeing their it will be a safeguard from many snares that loved ones following its leadings in the ball - room , abound in the world ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433003099912

Category: Society of Friends


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Categories: Society of Friends

Gunn s Domestic Medicine Or Poor Man s Friend

Gunn s Domestic Medicine  Or Poor Man s Friend

Cases , however , have occurred in which such degeneration has taken place ... state is extraordinary That remarkable shrinking of the features of the face ...

Author: John C. Gunn


ISBN: UOM:39015006012051

Category: Medicine, Popular

Page: 893

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Categories: Medicine, Popular