The Broken Girls

The Broken Girls

'The Broken Girls is clever and wonderfully chilling. It held me hostage in a very modern ghost story until the early hours' Fiona Barton, author of The Child 'Dark and atmospheric with a genuinely unsettling backdrop .

Author: Simone St. James

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472253644

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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THEY WON'T FORGIVE. THEY WON'T FORGET. 'Clever and wonderfully chilling. It held me hostage' - Fiona Barton, Sunday Times-bestselling author of The Widow and The Child 'A brilliant page-turner' Jenny Quintana, author of The Missing Girl 1950 - At the crumbling Idlewild Hall school for unwanted girls, four room-mates begin to bond over dark secrets and whispered fears - until one of them mysteriously disappears . . . 2014 - Journalist Fiona Sheridan can't get over the murder of her sister twenty years ago, near the ruins of Idlewild. And when another body is found during renovations of the school, she begins to uncover horrors that were meant to remain hidden - and a voice that won't be silenced. For fans of Lisa Jewell and S.K. Tremayne, The Broken Girls is a chilling story of murder, revenge, and secrets that refuse to stay buried . . . 'Dark and atmospheric . . . The Broken Girls shows the gothic claustrophobia of a small town haunted by more than its past' Harriet Tyce, author of Blood Orange 'Downright scary and atmospheric' - Lisa Gardner, author of Right Behind You
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Girl With The Broken Smile

Girl With The Broken Smile

Broken Girl Broken Girl Pick up your smile Broken Girl Keep your head high Broken Girl Dry those tears Broken Girl Your beautiful Your a star Shine bright Broken Girl March To Freedom The storm clouds Overshadow her sunny soul Broken ...

Author: Melanie Solone

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468938487

Category: Poetry

Page: 1

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This is a collection of poetry that I wrote during a very dark rough time in my life after recently being diagnosed with border line personality disorder, writing is a form of therapy for me, these poems tell my story and my struggles no filter, each poem is a part of me, most of them are inspired by pain, heartbreak and loss, none of my poems rhyme, they are raw emotion, I wrote this book to inspire others to express there feelings, so they can free themselves.
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The Girl With The Broken Family

The Girl With The Broken Family

Two of the reasons why I haven't finished the broken girl as yet is because I don't have much access to the internet since the deadly disease "Corona/Covid 19" came in... And the other reason is that I typed my previous chapters in Good ...

Author: Sasheena Lewis

Publisher: SuperNovel(HK)Co.,Limited

ISBN: PKEY:6610000350964

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 187

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Charlie Brown, a 17 year old teenager gets kicked out of her home after a tragic incident that took the life of her father. With the burning agony of facing an ignorant mother plus a combination of pain and guilt, Charlie is forced to move in with her Aunt Rebecca from Clarksville to Orange Hill, thereby leaving her twin brother carter behind. As Charlie moved in with her aunt Rebecca, her aunt takes up her sister responsibilities in being the mother figure in Charlies life. Since her sister Munchy couldn't be a good influence in Charlies life. The main reasons Munchy hates Charlie is because she reminded her of her husband she arranged to murder, and she reminded her of herself when she was growing up. Charlie then faces changes and challenges in her once little almost perfect life, but then her world comes crumbling down slowly. One day she accidentally crosses paths with her father, whom she had loved the most. The man she had believed died in a car crash and had left her completely. Why did Munchy wanted William her husband dead so badly? How on earth is William not dead after Munchy arranged his death? How does Charlie feel inside after hearing that her father was dead? what did munchy say or do to make Charlie move to her aunt house? Read to find out what happens to Charlie and to know the answers to the questions above.
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Broken Girls

Broken Girls


Author: Joy Kluver

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781800196469

Category: Fiction


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Brambles catch her dress, scratch her legs, pierce her feet. To escape, she’d had no option but to go barefoot. They’d been laughing together a few minutes before, but things can change in the blink of an eye… The woman is dark-haired and young, judging by the short red dress. Any other signs of her identity have been erased during her long wait to be found, but it’s clear she was strangled: this was a passionate and personal murder. D.I. Bernadette Noel knows that every second counts if she is to catch this killer, but she has no leads – until the discovery that the dead woman’s rings match a stolen property report, and the rings’ owner mentions Rosa, her missing nanny. Just when Bernie and her team think they’re getting somewhere, a shocking discovery about Rosa – and the news that another young girl has been abducted – changes everything the team thought they knew about the case. Laura is only twelve, and her parents are beside themselves with worry – but Bernie has an additional fear. Laura’s home is right next to the woods where their murder victim was found: are the cases connected? When Bernie notices similarities between descriptions of the man last seen with Rosa and someone Laura was messaging online, these fears grow stronger. But they still have no clear leads as to the identity of the culprit. With few options left, and time running out, she makes a desperate plan to trap the predator. But any mistakes will mean another innocent life lost… A gripping crime thriller with a nail-biting climax. If you like Angela Marsons, Val McDermid or Cara Hunter, you’ll love Joy Kluver. Readers can’t get enough of Joy Kluver: ‘Wow!! Just wow!!… This book is brilliant! More than brilliant, amazing!!!… Absolutely gripping, addictive and captivating… I was absolutely hooked from the first page to the last. I had a complete shock at the twists… Love, love, loved all the characters!!!… I would love to see this made into a movie.’ Bookworm86 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I read it in a few greedy gulps…It gets a very easy five stars from me… gave me goosebumps as I was reading it… If you haven’t yet started this series, then you really need to. Top stuff!’ Hooked From Page One ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘More red herrings than an Agatha Christie… will have you burning the midnight oil… When the killer was identified my jaw hit the floor. I couldn't have been more shocked if the perpetrator had been Bernie herself.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘That ending! Talk about a twist you won't see coming!… This is such an addictive series… I don't know how I'm going to make it until the next one comes out!’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Impossible to put down. I downloaded it this Monday morning, and by evening, I had finished. The rollercoaster was intense, the twists and turns unexpected, and the element of surprise insane… gripping read.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Twisted, intense and heartbreaking… Once you start this book you just can’t put it down! Out of all the books that I have read this year none of them shocked me as much. There was one twist that I literally was yelling and screaming at the character!!!’ Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I am blown away by this book, the twists and turns are mind-boggling!… BRILLIANT… If I could I would give it more than 5 stars.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Brilliant… had me eagerly turning the pages as I not only wanted to know more about the crime but also about the investigating team… I adored this… A story that takes a dark turn, has several surprises and kept me on my toes.’ Vonnibee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Beautiful Broken Girls

Beautiful Broken Girls

At the edge of the clearing stood a girl in a ragged, loose-weave sweater. ... the girl said as she came closer, not walking exactly, her feet never grazing the ground. ... That was what this was, he 256 BEAUTIFUL BROKEN GIRLS.

Author: Kim Savage

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN: 9780374300586

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 336

View: 206

Remember the places you touched me. Ben touched seven parts of Mira Cillo: her palm, hair, chest, cheek, lips, throat, and heart. It was the last one that broke her. After Mira's death, she sends Ben on a quest to find notes she left him in the seven places where they touched—notes that explain why she and her sister, Francesca, drowned themselves in the quarry lake. How Ben interprets those notes has everything to do with the way he was touched by a bad coach years ago. But the truth behind the girls’ suicides is far more complicated, involving a dangerous infatuation, a deadly miracle, and a crushing lie. BEAUTIFUL BROKEN GIRLS is a stunning release from Kim Savage, the author of the critically acclaimed After the Woods.
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Lucky Broken Girl

Lucky Broken Girl

Title: Lucky broken girl/Ruth Behar. Description: New York, NY: Nancy Paulsen Books, [2017] Summary: In 1960s New York, fifth-grader Ruthie, a Cuban-Jewish immigrant, mustrely on books, art, her family, and friends in her multicultural ...

Author: Ruth Behar

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780399546464

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 293

Winner of the 2018 Pura Belpre Award! “A book for anyone mending from childhood wounds.”—Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street In this unforgettable multicultural coming-of-age narrative—based on the author’s childhood in the 1960s—a young Cuban-Jewish immigrant girl is adjusting to her new life in New York City when her American dream is suddenly derailed. Ruthie’s plight will intrigue readers, and her powerful story of strength and resilience, full of color, light, and poignancy, will stay with them for a long time. Ruthie Mizrahi and her family recently emigrated from Castro’s Cuba to New York City. Just when she’s finally beginning to gain confidence in her mastery of English—and enjoying her reign as her neighborhood’s hopscotch queen—a horrific car accident leaves her in a body cast and confined her to her bed for a long recovery. As Ruthie’s world shrinks because of her inability to move, her powers of observation and her heart grow larger and she comes to understand how fragile life is, how vulnerable we all are as human beings, and how friends, neighbors, and the power of the arts can sweeten even the worst of times.
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Genreflecting A Guide to Popular Reading Interests 8th Edition

Genreflecting  A Guide to Popular Reading Interests  8th Edition

... 117 Brit in the FBI Novels, 207 Broken, 317 Brokenclaw, 209 The Broken Earth Trilogy, 304, 338 The Broken Eye, 308 The Broken Girls, 193 Broken Harbour, 172, 218 Broken Homes, 316 The Broken Places, 179, 226 The Broken Promise Land, ...

Author: Diana Tixier Herald

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440858482

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 420

View: 307

Librarians who work with readers will find this well-loved guide to be a treasure trove of information. With descriptive annotations of thousands of genre titles mapped by genre and subgenre, this is the readers' advisor's go-to reference. • Helps librarians answer the challenging question "What should I read next?" • Helps LIS students understand popular genres and better select books for which readers are looking • Serves as a starting point for library patrons looking for their next read
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Broken Girl

Broken Girl

Only tonight, the entire square started gathering around me, seeing this as their opportunity to ask all the things they'd been wondering about me – the new girl in town. They started shouting out ... “Who broke off the engagement?

Author: Mary E. Twomey

Publisher: Mary E. Twomey, LLC

ISBN: 9781985670488

Category: Fiction

Page: 222

View: 565

Rosie realizes she’s bitten off more than she can chew when Bastien returns. Letting Bastien take up his old post as her Guardien proves more complicated than either of them are prepared for. With King Urien on his feet, and the Avalon Rose on the throne, the kingdom rallies, ready for a rebirth. When an attack on the land threatens to crush what’s left of all that’s good in Avalon, Rosie has no choice but to rely on Kerdik, whose blessings almost always turn to curses. “Broken Girl” is book five of a 14-part fantasy romance series written by USA Today Bestselling Author Mary E. Twomey. Google Subjects: paranormal romance, French folklore, fairytales, myths and legends, fairy tales, young adult, YA, high school, paranormal, romance, paranormal books, YA paranormal fantasy, YA paranormal romance series, series or anthology, magic, coming of age, epic fantasy series, YA magic, fantasy and magic, YA coming of age, YA ebook, ebook, YA high school romance, YA teen, teen book, YA urban fantasy, YA shifters, YA shifter romance, french folklore 101, french culture, creole, urban fantasy series, teen magic, YA paranormal fantasy, YA ebooks, YA books, YA series, YA urban fantasy romance, teen and young adult books, teen books for girls in high school, teen love triangle, paranormal, paranormal fantasy, young adult urban fantasy, young adult fantasy, young adult teen, young adult witches, young adult coming of age romance, young adult fantasy and magic, fantasy romance, demigods and superheroes, free first in series
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A Broken Girl

A Broken Girl

I was broke after I paid everything, but I was content because I always had a hot meal for us to eat and my dad made sure my kids had clothes and shoes. August 28, 2005 my dad called me and said Lu, I think we better leave because this ...

Author: Sasha

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665550222

Category: Religion

Page: 58

View: 894

A story of a girl who have endure so much in her young life, but she survives and manage to make it. In the short story you will find how hard life has been for her, and how she never gave up. The broken girl was a young survivor who raised four kids alone after her husband death. Although she has endured so much pain and hurt, she always thanked God, because he never gave up on her. All this to say we all have been in love before and did whatever to keep a man, but we also get tired. Love sometimes hurt so bad, and we just give up everything. Do you ever ask yourself if this is a test of God faith? In a relationship love is supposed to be 100/100 but in this situation it was 100/50 fucked up right? We all question God sometimes and we know better. God put people in your life for a reason and season, and he also remove them people for the very same thing. Everything we endured in life is a lesson, at least that’s how I see it. Most time people will say things like you’re stupid, crazy, or dumb because you love who you love. You would always hear she needs to leave him he not no good for her. The main ones talking and putting the next person down life be worst than yours a total disaster. This broken girl is me and I made it with the help of God and you can do the same to, just never lose faith in God. To my readers I hope you enjoyed the book, I hope my story helped or touched someone who was in this very same battle of love. I gave all thanks to God who has never left my side and always made a way for me and my kids. To my kids, I know you will sit down and read this book one day and have many questions just know your father loved y’all unconditionally and he would’ve done just about anything to make sure y’all had everything in the world. I love all five of you equally, my five heartbeats forever...To be Continued!!!
Categories: Religion

Diary of a Broken Girl

Diary of a Broken Girl

... different I said you were a good person I said you were someone to die for But I was wrong You fucked me up You broke my trust I told you I don't trust you anymore You wonder why I don't talk to you anymore Think I am replacing you?

Author: Kaitlyn Henderson


ISBN: 9781387433902

Category: Self-Help

Page: 152

View: 126

The journey of a young girls mental battle is captured through poetry. If you have trouble understanding mental health issues and often question "Why?," this is a good answer for you.
Categories: Self-Help