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Celebrity Biographies   The Amazing Life Of Michael Douglas   Famous Actors

Michaels siblings include his brother, Joel Douglas, and two half-brothers, Peter and Eric Douglas who are the sons of Michael's stepmother, Anne Buydens. Michael became interested in his father's profession of acting when he was a ...

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Ever wondered how Michael Douglas rose to stardom? Michael is the eldest of four siblings, and with the added theatrical blood of his mother, Bermudian born Diana Love Dill, it’s no surprise that he would take up the family trade of entertainment. Kirk was from New Brunswick, New Jersey, which is also where Michael was born. Kirk and Diana met at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan. Michael’s lineage is very rich in history. Both of his grandparents on his father’s side were Jewish refugees from a Russian territory. His grandfather on his mother’s side was Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Melville Dill and worked as a Counselor General of Bermuda, and served on several important government committees for the government of Bermuda. For more interesting facts you must read his biography. Grab your biography book now!
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The Careers of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas as Referenced in Literature

The Careers of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas as Referenced in Literature

Bibliography. (books. only). A. Publications about Douglas: Graham, David. The Very Best of Kirk Douglas: Thoughts ... B. Publications by Douglas (as author): The Ragman's Son: An Autobiography. ... Coauthored with Anne Buydens Douglas.

Author: Henryk Hoffmann

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"The Careers of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas as Referenced in Literature" is a study of the perception of these two Hollywood megastars and their work, as presented in the text and context of references and allusions found in world literature. This book also aims to establish the impact factor of the two actors and their major films, as well as to provide extensive data for further studies of the complex and bilateral relationships between film and literature. The pertinent quotations have been extracted from over 150 works—novels, short stories, plays, poems and some nonfiction biographies and memoirs (excluding those focused on film celebrities)—by more than 120 authors. The main body of the book consists of two parts, each devoted to one actor and each having five identical sections. In the first section, references to the actor’s films are discussed while the second section presents references to the actor himself. The third section shows the complete list of references found to the actor and his films, including references not mentioned in the first two sections—either because of their relative insignificance, the lack of an English translation in case of foreign-language works or repetitiveness and/or abundance in a given work. The fourth section offers the credits of the films referenced, and the fifth section presents the actor’s complete monographic bibliography. The third part of the book, ‘Epilogue: Final Remarks and Conclusions,’ provides an analysis and classification of all the references and allusions presented in the main body, and it elaborates on the friendship of the two actors. College professors and students interested in film studies, particularly film analysis and criticism, film perception and film genres, will find this book of great interest. It will also appeal to people interested in biographical books on movie personalities and movie fans, especially those interested in westerns, film noir and the careers of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.
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Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development

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Learn how to leverage the BlackBerry 10 Cascades framework to create rich native applications. Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development gives you a solid foundation for creating BlackBerry 10 apps efficiently. Along the way, you will learn how to use QML and JavaScript for designing your app’s UI, and C++/Qt for the application logic. No prior knowledge of C++ is assumed and the book covers the fundamental aspects of the language for writing BlackBerry 10 apps. Also a particular emphasis is put on how to create a visually enticing user experience with the Cascades framework, which is based on Qt and QML. Starting with the native SDK configuration and an overview of the Momentics IDE, the book is fast-paced and you will rapidly learn many of the best practices and techniques required for developing beautiful BlackBerry 10 apps. Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development is written for developers wishing to learn how to write apps for the new BlackBerry 10 OS and those interested in porting existing iOS and Android apps to BlackBerry 10 as native applications.
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Ray Bradbury Uncensored

Ray Bradbury Uncensored

The Unauthorized Biography Gene Beley ... Oct. 22, 1982 interview with Producer Peter Douglas Producer Peter Douglas is the son of legendary movie star Kirk and his wife, Anne Buydens Douglas. In his own words, “At an early age, ...

Author: Gene Beley

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"The Definitive Ray Bradbury Book" "I volunteered for the Moorpark College newsroom assignment. The speech changed my life just listening to Bradbury speak. I thought he was the greatest orator I had ever heard and thought to myself, "If he can write as well as he can talk, I'll read everything he's written and seek out magazines to sell an article about him." Back then (1968), I had started my freelance writing career and was always looking for new ideas. That first Bradbury speech changed my life and his advice gave me my life's philosophy: 'Follow your loves! Don't listen to anyone else-even your own spouse. However, if you have the love of a good spouse and several good friends, you'll be successful. If you don't yet know what you want to do in life, go out and find your loves and you'll have a happy life.'" You'll find this biography may be more of a self-help book and "the definitive Ray Bradbury" revealed like no other book has yet done. Whether you are a science fiction fan, student, attorney, architect, writer, priest, or just a person trying to find your mission on planet Earth, there is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle to your life awaiting you in this book. If you are going on a trip or simply want something to read for a weekend, this book is designed as a quick, entertaining read for all people. And you need not know anything about science fiction to enjoy reading the study of this genius and American icon. Enjoy! -Gene Beley, author
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MILESTONES IN MASCULINE STYLING NEWEST Zivot THE Born . To Kirk Douglas ( real name : Issur Danielovitch ) , 38 , Hollywood hard guy ( Champion , Ulysses ) , and his second wife , Anne Buydens Douglas , 32 : their first child , a son ...

Author: Briton Hadden


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Current Biography Yearbook

Current Biography Yearbook

Both were eventually remarried , Diana to William Darrid , a theatrical producer and writer , and Kirk to the former Anne Buydens . Michael Douglas has two half brothers - Eric , an actor , and Peter , a writer - from his father's ...



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Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas was about to have considerably more to deal with in his young life . ... Michael and Joel Douglas were babysat in Los Angeles by their now pregnant stepmother Anne Buydens - Douglas , while their parents shot a film ...

Author: Andy Dougan

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The Unauthorised BiographyMichael Douglas is one of the last of the great movie stars. This man - with one of the most recognisable faces on the planet - has proved that he can 'play the game' and win, like many of the characters he has portrayed. Yet along the way he has had to content with the looming presence of his father, the celebrated actor Kirk Douglas, and much personal torment.Douglas stepped out of his father's shadow to become the star of box-office smashes such as Romancing the Stone, Fatal Attraction, Wall Street and Basic Instinct. He is also a powerful producer, responsible for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The China Syndrome, Face/Off and other hits. He has won Oscars in both of his roles.In this long-overdue biography, Andy Dougan explores the factors that have made Michael Douglas into such a complex, driven and fascinating man. The divorce of his parents, his feelings of inadequacy, the failure of his first marriage, his alcohol abuse and his tabloid reputation as a 'sex addict' are all considered, as are his new life with Catherine Zeta-Jones, their son and his recent critically acclaimed acting roles.In researching this unauthorised book Andy Dougan has interviewed a number of Douglas's circle - including his closest friend, Danny De Vito. The author also draws on his past extensive interviews with Douglas himself.
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Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven

Douglas married Belgian - born Anne Buydens in Las Vegas on May 29 , 1954. The couple has two sons : Peter , born November 25 , 1955 , and Eric , born June 21 , 1958 . DOUGLAS , Melvyn ( 1901-1981 ) In the mid - twenties , the actor was ...

Author: Victoria Houseman


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Lists the marriages, divorces, and children of a variety of American, British, and other performers from the silent movie era to the present
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Kirk and Anne

Kirk and Anne

Compiled from Anne's private archive of letters and photographs, this is an intimate glimpse into the Douglases' courtship and marriage set against the backdrop of Kirk's screen triumphs, including The Vikings, Lust For Life, Paths of Glory ...

Author: Kirk Douglas

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 0762462175

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One-hundred-year-old screen icon Kirk Douglas and his wife of 62 years, Anne Buydens, share untold stories and secrets to longevity in life and love. In Kirk and Anne the couple's story unfolds through their own commentary and a treasure trove of priceless letters. Painstakingly maintained by Anne over the course of more than six decades and never before made public, the correspondence includes details of their (often turbulent) courtship and marriage, set against the backdrop of Kirk's screen triumphs in films ranging from Lust For Life to Paths of Glory and Spartacus. Through the letters themselves and Kirk and Anne's words, never-before-told stories emerge about the legendary stars they knew so well: Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich, Gregory Peck, Cole Porter, John Wayne, Tony Curtis, and son Michael Douglas; fascinating first-hand accounts of Hollywood film sets and dinner parties; and exotic tales of travel to over forty countries as goodwill ambassadors. There are personal stories of presidents and first ladies (JFK and Jackie, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton and, “Ronnie” and Nancy Reagan), and powerful memories of both joy and sadness. Complemented by dozens of photos, Kirk and Anne candidly details the adventurous, oftentimes comic, and poignant reality behind the glamour of a Hollywood life, as only a couple of sixty-two years (and counting) could tell it.
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Michael Douglas Acting on Instinct

Michael Douglas  Acting on Instinct

There was, as one of his supporters suggested, evidence of a conspiracy against Douglas at this time. ... Kirk's meeting and subsequent relationship with Anne Buydens, therefore, brought some measure of relief and hope – that at last ...

Author: John Parker

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In the shadow of his father Kirk's overpowering fame, Michael Douglas forged a career for himself and became recognised in his own right as an award-winning actor and producer. But fame has taken its toll on Michael's personal life. His struggles with sexual addiction, his treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency and the break-up of his first marriage show another side to Michael's success. In 2010, his troubled past came back to haunt him when Cameron, his eldest son, was sentenced to five years in prison for drug dealing. Yet, despite a rocky road, Michael has found happiness later in life. His marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones meant a second shot at fatherhood and gave him strength following a devastating diagnosis of advanced throat cancer at the age of 65. This is the compelling and remarkable story of a Hollywood son who waged a battle against the odds to achieve his fame and fortune, and has kept on fighting with every challenge he faces.
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