The Biggest Secret

Author: David Icke

Publisher: David Icke Books

ISBN: 9780952614760

Category: Political Science

Page: 517

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In documented detail, the author argues that the same interconnecting bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands of years. Original.

The biggest secret: The Truth

Author: András Kovács-Magyar

Publisher: Matrix Drops Kft.

ISBN: 9633972493

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 708

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History holds countless mysteries for the descendants of humankind. The first part of this book examines religious and historic facts based on tireless research and teachings by the Spirit World. The reader will be introduced to the concealed and modified stories and the true acts of “blue blood” ascendants, the creators of European history. Did you know that Attila, the Hun, liberated his brother nations from the ruthless control of the Roman Empire? In the second part of the book, the structure of the spirit world is described and select spiritual phenomena are recounted from the accumulated thousands of cases. Did you know there are two creators? In the last section, quantum physics is set out to provide scientific explanation for the spiritual world. The Matrix Drops invention is capable of pointing out self-destructive codes, thoughts, delusions as well as virtues at a deeply personalized level. With the help of the Matrix Drops Quintessences, individuals can recognize adverse forces and be inspired to find a way out of negative thoughts, emotional blocks and relational whirlpools affecting them.

My Biggest Secret

Author: You

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449046444

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 36

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this book is for children in any age.the goal of the book is to make the reader wonder about his secreat, and by that to write the book all over again from his point of view.


The Search for the Biggest Secret on Earth Has Begun

Author: Burt Clinchandhill

Publisher: Tcs

ISBN: 9780996469579

Category: Fiction

Page: 580

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A 400-year-old book, written in an unknown coded language finds his way into the hands of a young woman who presents it to Matthew Bishop, Professor at Yale University. When his curiosity is peaked, together they travel across the globe in search of what could be the biggest kept secret that could change the course of humanity.

Forgotten Memory of the Great Illusionists

The Biggest Secrets Never Revealed

Author: Albert Zheimer

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546741152


Page: 456

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For several decades now, there has been a renewed interest in the great illusions show......The biggest secrets never revealed of these illusions which have made the success and renown of these great illusionists become famous were presented a long time ago and are completely forgotten today......Honorably, the great show revive thanks to the magic of the cinema with films like, � The Prestige �, � The Illusionist �, � The Incredible Burt Wonderstone � or even with � Now you see me �. Up-dated performances come to life with � The Illusionists � who are touring the world...

His Biggest Secret: A Portville Mpreg Romance Book 1 (M/M Non-shifter Omegaverse)

Author: Xander Collins

Publisher: Xander Collins


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Sometimes the biggest secret is the one we keep from ourselves. Tough beta cop, Mark, wakes one morning with a hangover and some very vague memories of the previous night. One of those memories is something that Mark believes can’t be possible. He sees a flash in his mind of his best friend, Landon, who also happens to be his partner at work. Someone he’s always had a crush on. The thing that Mark can’t believe is what Landon is doing in that memory. And why Landon doesn’t have any clothes on. It isn’t until Landon brings up the event that Mark realizes what is happening to him. For the last forty years, young beta men have been turning into omegas. Some as late as their twenties. Mark is filled with shame when he realizes that's what's happening. He went into heat. He threw himself at his partner. He's now an omega. And he's carrying Landon’s baby. Mark’s whole world comes unraveled as he struggles with the changes his body is going through, as well as the changes in his perception of the world around him. He’s no longer the tough beta cop he thought he was, but Mark starts to realize what true strength really is. His Biggest Secret the first book in the Portville Omegaverse series. It is a friends-to-lovers non-shifter omegaverse romance of 37k words with some bad language, hot sexy times, exciting and suspenseful moments, and a super cute baby to cuddle and tickle. It is intended for readers over the age of 18.

The Zinn Reader

Writings on Disobedience and Democracy

Author: Howard Zinn

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 9781888363548

Category: Political Science

Page: 668

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Writings on Disobedience and Democracy A huge compendium of the writings of the US's most lauded radical historian whose 'A People's History of the United States' has gone into 25 printings and sold over 400,000 copies. 'What can I say that will in any way convey the love, respect, and admiration I feel for this unassuming hero who was my teacher and mentor, this radical historian and people-loving 'trouble maker', this man who stood with us and suffered with us.' - Alice Walker