The Big Book Of Seafarer

The Big Book Of Seafarer

Loads of exciting tales and not a dull moment, this book is great for anyone who loves the sea.

Author: Terrence Haydt


ISBN: 9798726667515


Page: 190

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Learning to sail at a young age gave the author a lifelong inspiration to go to sea and onto many adventures including a disaster. His love for the sea and for his work was clear, but the details were more confusing than anything. In this life of a seafarer book, you will discover the story of a salvage captain, from Singapore to Iraq, towing wrecks and bombed ships, fighting the competition, dangerous weather and corrupt governments. Loads of exciting tales and not a dull moment, this book is great for anyone who loves the sea.

The Seafarer s Mind

The Seafarer s Mind

I had already read your book “Mga Seaman, Nakaligtaang Abutin” and I am now ... time getting through the gales and the big waves that we met along the way.

Author: Martin Otto

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783748741961

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

View: 765

The Seafarer's Mind is a wonderful resource for seafarers. The book is rich in narrative and case studies and covers a wide range of issues and challenges facing sailors on the high seas. A hard hitting account which unpacks the realities of a modern version of indentured labour, the author provides hope in the often harsh world of seafaring. This is a practical guide to living in isolating and confined situations where temptations abound and moral compasses are often abandoned. Martin Otto is the world's leader in serving seafarers through his international mission work. He is to be commended for being God's advocate in such an insightful, humble and practical manner. This book will become a widely read text and is sure to become a key reference for all seafarers seeking to live a Godly life in an often harsh and unforgiving environment. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Professor Ross Dowling AM Global Cruise Ship Lecturer Perth, Australia
Categories: Fiction

Mystic Seafarer s Trail

Mystic Seafarer s Trail

Glenn Gordinier, author of Surfing Cold Water: A New Englander's Off-Season Obsession "[Her] book was a big hit at our son's wedding!

Author: Lisa Saunders

Publisher: Lisa Saunders

ISBN: 9781480085848

Category: History

Page: 160

View: 460

When people think of Mystic, Connecticut, they think of Mystic Pizza. Yet when they visit this quaint seacoast village, they find a lot more than pizza! National Geographic named Mystic one of the top "100 Adventure Towns" in the U.S. Mystic Seafarer's Trail is a historical--and sometimes hysterical--adventure book, which includes little known facts behind Mystic’s pizza, Amelia Earhart's wedding, hurricanes, cemeteries and massacre, plus information on area shipwrecks, Benedict Arnold’s treachery and Ernie the Ledge Light Ghost. Summary: While searching for the "7 Wonders of Mystic" with her beagle/basset hound, author Lisa Saunders uncovers the secrets behind the Titanic's shoes, Captain Sisson's hunt for gold and Amelia Earhart's wedding. But will she ever find an adventure of her own? One that will make her thin and famous? Then it happens: when walking the Mystic Seafarer's Trail (which Lisa designed for those who don't like to go uphill), she meets a blind sailor who invites her on a long, winter voyage. Can this landlubber defy squalls, scurvy, and her fear of scraping barnacles to survive this epic journey? Excerpt Chapter 1: Shortly after stepping out of my new home with my hound for our first stroll through the historic seacoast village of Mystic, a woman pulled over in her van and yelled, "Excuse me." Assuming she was a tourist wanting directions to Mystic Pizza or some other attraction, I wasn't prepared for what she really wanted to know. "Do you realize the back of your skirt is tucked into your underwear?" What a debut in my new hometown—I don’t think this is what National Geographic meant when they named Mystic one of the top 100 adventure towns in the U.S...
Categories: History

The Big Book of Maryland Ghost Stories

The Big Book of Maryland Ghost Stories

... the dashing adventurer came to be regarded as a local celebrity—but only after his death. This eccentric seafarer's name was John Clark Monk.

Author: Ed Okonowicz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493043897

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 432

View: 554

Hauntings lurk and spirits linger in the Old Line State Reader, beware! Turn these pages and enter the world of the paranormal, where ghosts and ghouls alike creep just out of sight. Author Ed Okonowicz shines a light in the dark corners of Maryland and scares those spirits out of hiding in this thrilling collection. From footsteps and apparitions appearing at Fort McHenry, to reports of strange noises and phenomena at the battleground of Antietam, these stories of strange occurrences will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. Around the campfire or tucked away on a dark and stormy night, this big book of ghost stories is a hauntingly good read.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Big Book of New Jersey Ghost Stories

The Big Book of New Jersey Ghost Stories

There are also many seafarer superstitions about birds. Bringing a live bird aboard in a cage is the worst luck. But if a bird lands on a ship at sea, ...

Author: Patricia A. Martinelli

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493043835

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 543

Hauntings lurk and spirits linger in the Garden State Reader, beware! Turn these pages and enter the world of the paranormal, where ghosts and ghouls alike creep just out of sight. Authors Patricia A. Martinelli and Charles A. Stansfield Jr. shine a light in the dark corners of New Jersey and scare those spirits out of hiding in this thrilling collection. From what may lurk in the Ramapo Mountains, to a ghostly little boy who waits on Clinton Road, and the fabled Jersey Devil itself, these stories of strange occurrences will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. Around the campfire or tucked away on a dark and stormy night, this big book of ghost stories is a hauntingly good read.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories

From his pea jacket and peaked cap, I took him to be a seafarer, a supposition which proved correct when Holmes introduced him. “This is Captain Hans Van ...

Author: Otto Penzler

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 9781101872628

Category: Fiction

Page: 928

View: 689

Presenting Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler's latest anthology, The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories, the largest collection of Sherlockian tales ever assembled—now in a deluxe hardcover edition, perfect for the collector and gift markets. Arguably no other character in history has been so enduringly popular as Sherlock Holmes. Ever since his first appearance, in Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1887 novella A Study in Scarlet, readers have loved reading about him almost as much as writers have loved writing about him. Here, Otto Penzler collects eighty-three wonderful stories about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, published over a span of more than a hundred years. Featuring pitch-perfect cases by acclaimed modern-day Sherlockians Leslie S. Klinger, Laurie R. King, Lyndsay Faye and Daniel Stashower; pastiches by literary luminaries both classic (P. G. Wodehouse, Dorothy B. Hughes, Kingsley Amis) and current (Anne Perry, Stephen King, Colin Dexter); and parodies by Conan Doyle’s contemporaries A. A. Milne, James M. Barrie, and O. Henry, not to mention genre-bending cases by science-fiction greats Poul Anderson and Michael Moorcock. No matter if your favorite Holmes is Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey, Jr., or Benedict Cumberbatch, whether you are a lifelong fan or only recently acquainted with the Great Detective, readers of all ages are sure to enjoyThe Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories. Including - Over a century’s worth of cases, from Conan Doyle’s 1890s parodies of his own creation to Neil Gaiman’s “The Case of Death and Honey” (2011) - Appearances by those other great detectives Hercule Poirot and C. Auguste Dupin - 15 Edgar Award–winning authors and 5 Mystery Writers of America Grand Masters - Stories by Laurie R. King, Colin Dexter, Anthony Burgess, Anne Perry, Stephen King, P.G. Wodehouse, Kingsley Amis, and many, many more.
Categories: Fiction

The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic

The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic

The archetypal sun, and its counterpart the “night sun” (= the Pleiades), guide the “seafarer” from one zone of consciousness to another, from one “land” to ...

Author: Edred Thorsson

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781633411098

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

View: 677

Runes are the ancient Norse alphabet used for communication, divination, and magical work. Here, American runologist Edred Thorsson provides an in-depth guide to the world of runes for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Thorsson's presentation of this powerful system provides a valuable tool for self-development and spiritual transformation. The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: Introduces the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark along with their definitions and mystical properties Explores the historical lore of runes using archaeological evidence to explain where the runes come from, what they mean, and how they evolved Reveals the hidden lore and esoteric dimension of runes, looking at the cosmology of the Old Norse to explain the role runes played and how they were used over time Includes specific sections on rune magic and divination, rune poems, and runic numerology, as well as instructions on how to make your own runes and imbue them with numinous power, arrange the optimum setting for a rune reading, and prepare yourself psychologically and spiritually for casting the runes This book includes material from the author's previous books Futhark, Runelore, and Runecaster's Handbook.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

THE BIG BOOK OF SPOOKY TALES Horror Classics Anthology

THE BIG BOOK OF SPOOKY TALES   Horror Classics Anthology

Not only the terms of expression, but a distinct reference to a former voyage, indicated the writer to have been a seafarer. The spelling and handwriting ...

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788075831842

Category: Fiction

Page: 993

View: 555

This unique collection of the greatest mysterious dark tales, supernatural stories & horror classics has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards. Get ready to be spooked and thrilled by the greatest master story-tellers: Ghost Stories: Thrawn Janet (Robert Louis Stevenson) The Horla (Guy de Maupassant) To Sura: A Letter (Pliny the Younger) . . . The Man Who Went Too Far (E.F. Benson) The Phantom Rickshaw (Rudyard Kipling) The Apparition of Mrs. Veal (Daniel Defoe) The Damned Thing (Ambrose Bierce) . . . The Deserted House (E. T. A. Hoffmann) The Withered Arm (Thomas Hardy) The House and the Brain (Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton) The Roll-Call of the Reef (A. T. Quiller-Couch) The Open Door (Mrs. Margaret Oliphant) . . . Paranormal Psychic Stories: When the World Was Young (Jack London) Joseph—A Story (Katherine Rickford) Ligeia (Edgar Allan Poe) A Ghost (Lafcadio Hearn) The Eyes of the Panther (Ambrose Bierce) Photographing Invisible Beings (William T. Stead) The Sin-Eater (Fiona Macleod) . . . Suspense Stories: The Birth Mark (Nathaniel Hawthorne) The Oblong Box (Edgar Allan Poe) A Terribly Strange Bed (Wilkie Collins) The Torture by Hope (Villiers de l'Isle Adam) The Mysterious Card (Cleveland Moffett) . . . Humorous Paranormal Stories: The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange (A. Conan Doyle) Mr. Bloke's Item (Mark Twain) The Man Who Went Too Far (E. F. Benson) The Man With The Pale Eyes (Guy de Maupassant) . . .
Categories: Fiction

The Seafarer

The Seafarer

The Seafarer (Exeter Book, fol. ... atol ypa. gewealc, laser mec oft bigeat nearo nihtwaco aet nacan stefnan, J?onne he be clifum cnossad.

Author: Ida L. Gordon

Publisher: Ardent Media


Category: English language

Page: 70

View: 669

Categories: English language

Sting fish and Seafarer

Sting fish and Seafarer

FOREWORD T t might appear to many people that a book with this title would be
both dull and unnecessary ; if however ... The marshman's remark : ' Eels is
nothing only water vipers , though the big uns are ' more like sarpints , ' contains
a ...

Author: Harold Muir Evans


ISBN: UCSD:31822012413100

Category: Poisonous fishes

Page: 180

View: 967

Categories: Poisonous fishes

Seafarers Rights in the Globalized Maritime Industry

Seafarers  Rights in the Globalized Maritime Industry

The agreement covers every seafarer working on board their ships, regardless of whether an employment ... A big disadvantage of the IBF is its limited scope ...

Author: Desislava Nikolaeva Dimitrova

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9789041133496

Category: Law

Page: 150

View: 112

The enormous technological, financial, and structural changes of recent decades have revolutionized the international shipping industry, bringing about lower freight rates, shorter time in port and fast turnarounds, reduction in crew size, employment of cheap labour from developing countries, avoidance of national regulations and taxes, and diminished living and working standards on board. Exploitation of seafarers has always existed, but now it has become more common and frequent. Shipowners can cut costs in various ways, but the most profitable and easiest to achieve are those at the expense of labour costs, in particular costs for maintaining proper living conditions on board the ship. This bulletin examines in detail the structure of the shipping industry, focusing on problems concerning the working and living conditions of seafarers on board merchant ships serving the global sea transport system. Exploring all levels of maritime policymaking on a global and European level, the author analyses seafarers' rights in the light of international enforcement mechanisms and particularly in the light of the recent ILO Maritime Labour Convention. He also considers relevant case law, as well as advisory opinions and policy statements from various pertinent agencies, especially in the EU context.. Among the issues raised and discussed in depth in relation to their effect on seafarers' labour standards are the following: * ship manning companies; * illicit crewing agencies; * flags of convenience; * hours of work and rest; * wages; * occupational health and safety; * accommodation, food, water, and catering; * recreational facilities; * filing of grievance; and * port controls. The author shows that, expansion and progress of the maritime industry notwithstanding, there is a great need for effective enforcement mechanisms in this area. This is the first detailed analysis to connect the working and living conditions of seafarers with international, supranational, and national maritime legislation. A giant step towards establishing a global monitoring system to enforce international maritime conventions regarding seafarers' labour standards, it is sure to make an important contribution to both international labour and employment law and the law of the sea.
Categories: Law

Commemorating the Seafarer

Commemorating the Seafarer

... laying the foundations of the later big shipping and manufacturing companies ... African servants by their masters, fall outside the scope of this book.

Author: Barbara Tomlinson

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781843839705

Category: Memorials

Page: 259

View: 629

A generously illustrated survey of memorials to different kinds of seafarers, recounting the stories behind them.
Categories: Memorials

Fair Seafarer

Fair Seafarer

... pot since breakfast gets him through the next job: tidying up the reefer book. ... George's other big job is replacing all the light bulbs on the Ship.

Author: Nancy Allen

Publisher: Bridgeworks

ISBN: 9781461622963

Category: Fiction

Page: 236

View: 989

A gutsy woman's tale of marrying the Chief Mate of a mammoth containership and sailing the seas with today's modern mariners.
Categories: Fiction

Big Book of Christmas Novels Tales Legends Carols Illustrated Edition

Big Book of Christmas Novels  Tales  Legends   Carols  Illustrated Edition

... and next morning I took to the great olive-woods for a spell and a rest. ... By this time their meal was over, and the Seafarer, refreshed and ...

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4057664557094

Category: Fiction

Page: 12190

View: 872

e-artnow presents to you the greatest Christmas novels, magical Christmas tales, legends, most famous carols and the unique poetry of the giants of literature dedicated to this one and only holiday: The Gift of the Magi (O. Henry) The Holy Night (Selma Lagerlöf) A Merry Christmas & Other Christmas Stories (Louisa May Alcott) A Letter from Santa Claus (Mark Twain) Silent Night The Night After Christmas The Child Born at Bethlehem The Adoration of the Shepherds The Visit of the Wise Men As Joseph Was A-Walking The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) Where Love Is, God Is (Leo Tolstoy) The Three Kings (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) A Christmas Carol (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (L. Frank Baum) Christmas At Sea (Robert Louis Stevenson) The Savior Must Have Been A Docile Gentleman (Emily Dickinson) The Heavenly Christmas Tree (Fyodor Dostoevsky) The Little City of Hope (F. Marion Crawford) The First Christmas Of New England (Harriet Beecher Stowe) Christmas in the Olden Time (Walter Scott) Christmas In India (Rudyard Kipling) A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) The Twelve Days of Christmas The Wonderful Wizard of OZ (L. Frank Baum) Ring Out, Wild Bells (Alfred Lord Tennyson) Little Lord Fauntleroy (Frances Hodgson Burnett) Black Beauty (Anna Sewell) The Christmas Child (Hesba Stretton) Granny's Wonderful Chair (Frances Browne) The Romance of a Christmas Card (Kate Douglas Wiggin) Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame) The Wonderful Life - Story of the life and death of our Lord (Hesba Stretton) The Christmas Angel (A. Brown) Christmas at Thompson Hall (Anthony Trollope) Christmas Every Day (William Dean Howells) The Lost Word (Henry van Dyke) The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (E. T. A. Hoffmann) The Little Match Girl The Elves and the Shoemaker Mother Holle The Star Talers Snow-White The Christmas Hirelings The Blue Carbuncle An Exciting Christmas Eve The Spirit of Christmas…
Categories: Fiction

An Empirical Study of Behavioral Pattern of Seafarers An Indian Exploration

An Empirical Study of Behavioral Pattern of Seafarers  An Indian Exploration

The support reply from Iranian Navy was very poor. in my training period my superior officer threatened me for failing me in my college tar book if I did as ...

Author: Dr. S. Kanungo, Dr. S. D. Pohekar, Dr. D. D. Mundhra, Wallace Jacob

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781642491654

Category: Psychology

Page: 196

View: 171

The authors of this book have made an attempt to build a picture of the life and thinking patterns of seafarers, to comprehend the challenges faced by the seafarers and to understand how the challenges of the maritime industry are affecting seafarers.
Categories: Psychology

The Big Quiz Book

The Big Quiz Book

Complete the name of this classic surfing film: Big. ... The European expedition that first encountered surfing in Tahiti was led by which seafarer?

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241492314

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 528

View: 783

Put your general knowledge to the test, and impress your family and friends with your astonishing brainpower and trivia genius. An addictive quiz ebook for all the family featuring 10,000 questions, The Big Quiz Book has something for everyone. With 10 different general knowledge categories - from Science & Technology, Art & Literature, and Natural History, to Food & Drink, Film & TV, and Sport & Leisure - and three increasing levels of difficulty, it offers a fresh and up-to-the-minute quizzing experience that will educate and entertain all the family. Bursting with fascinating facts to boost your trivia knowledge, whatever your specialist subject or your nemesis topic, The Big Quiz Book is perfect for home entertainment and virtual pub quizzes. You won't be able to put it down!
Categories: Games & Activities

A Time Bomb for Global Trade

A Time Bomb for Global Trade

The ITF said it paid US $ 4 , 500 for the certificate and seaman ' s book ... well - trained and determined terrorists to seize command of a big ship .

Author: Michael Richardson

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ISBN: 9812302468

Category: Political Science

Page: 155

View: 913

What is being done to counter threats of maritime terrorism and how effective are the safeguards? The author presents evidence that Al-Qaeda aims to disrupt the seaborne trading system, the backbone of the model global economy, and would use a crude nuclear explosive device or radiological bomb to do so if it could obtain one and position it to go off in a port-city, shipping strait or waterway that plays a key role in international trade. Improving maritime trade is especially important for the US and Canada, member states of the EU, Australia and New Zealand and for China, Japan and South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other East Asian economies that have extensive direct seaborne trade. It is doubly vital for places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Rotterdam that are not only very large global seaports but also giant giant container transshipment hubs. This book discusses some major threats to seaborne trade and its land links in the global supply chain, their potential impact and the new security measures in place or pending for ships, ports and cargo containers, and recommendations for preventing or handling a catastrophic terrorist attack designed to disrupt world trade.
Categories: Political Science



AND PACIFIC MOTOR BOAT Please send—copies of MARINER'S CELESTIAL NAVIGATION for 10 days ... Rounding off this big book, in its “Ready Reference” section, ...





Page: 156

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The New York Times Book Review

The New York Times Book Review

I read it so long book . ” Now this - do you know this ? ” next favorite , The Ballad
of ago , before I lost my sight . It is He recited the opening lines of He was
conjuring with his East and West . ' ' Poe's greatest book . ” The Seafarer . hands
as I ran ...



ISBN: UOM:39015022455714

Category: Books


View: 400

Presents extended reviews of noteworthy books, short reviews, essays and articles on topics and trends in publishing, literature, culture and the arts. Includes lists of best sellers (hardcover and paperback).
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The Big Book of Sailing

The Big Book of Sailing

Author: Frank Grube

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 0812053249

Category: Sailing

Page: 307

View: 854

Categories: Sailing