The Bible in Its World

The Bible and Archaeology Today

Author: K. A. Kitchen

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1592446183

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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This book is a solid exposition of the relationship between the ancient near eastern world and ancient Israel. Contrary to popular conceptions that biblical literature was a response to the post-exilic condition, Kitchen demonstrates that in the light of the explosion of knowledge on the ancient near east it has become impossible to maintain critical and minimalist positions on the history and development of Israel and its religion. If one does decide to hold such a view, Kitchen explains that doing so makes Israel the only ancient nation incapable of transmitting its history and having elaborate religious rituals, which we now know were common characteristics of ancient civilizations from even before the time of Moses. Kitchen further explains that the modern minimalist views were born out of 19th century German critical theory, at a time when such knowledge of the ancient world simply did not exist. As a result, such scholars had to perform their research in a historical vacuum, and thus reconstructed the history of ancient Israel which has turned out, in the light of later research, to totally contradict the rest of the entire ancient near east. The momentum of this 19th century research, Kitchen explains, has carried on into the 20th (and 21st) centuries, coloring the views of many modern archaeologists and Old Testament scholars. This book is very important in the light of recent literature on the subject.

The Biblical World

Author: John Barton

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415350914

Category: Bible

Page: 539

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'The Biblical World' is a comprehensive guide to the contents, historical settings and social context of the Bible. It is essential reading for anyone who reads the Bible and wants to know more about how and why it came to be.

The Harvest HandbookTM of Bible Lands

A Panoramic Survey of the History, Geography and Culture of the Scriptures

Author: Steven Collins,Joseph M. Holden

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736975438

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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“The scope of your learning...will be unlimited and enhanced by leaps and bounds as you use this wonderful tool.” from the Foreword by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr New discoveries are constantly being made as archaeologists work to uncover the ancient history of the Bible lands to tell a more complete story of the people, customs, and events of that era. Archaeologist Steven Collins and Bible scholar Joseph M. Holden have spent decades making and researching those discoveries and now offer a wealth of information based on the latest findings. This exciting addition to The Harvest HandbookTM series provides a textual and visual bird’s-eye view of ancient Near Eastern biblical geography, culture, history, and chronology. If you’re looking for an accurate, readable, and user-friendly resource to further your study of God’s Word, The Harvest HandbookTMof Bible Lands provides a valuable backdrop for biblical narratives and literature. With the most up-to-date information from biblical and archaeological disciplines, you will find your knowledge greatly enriched through well-written narrative-style text, numerous maps, instructive photographs, illustrations, and charts. This must-have tool will become your favorite resource as you study Scripture.

Handbook of Biblical Evidences

The Facts on *Jesus *Creation *The Bible

Author: John Ankerberg,John Weldon

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736934529

Category: RELIGION

Page: 416

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Many Christians are afraid to talk about their faith for fear of not knowing what to say. How can they prepare themselves? That's the purpose of "Handbook of Bible Evidences"--written by two bestselling apologetics experts, John Ankerberg and John Weldon. They provide clear and thoughtful responses to the tough questions seekers are most likely to ask--questions such as... "Hasn't evolution proved that Genesis is wrong?" "Isn't the Bible filled with historical and scientific errors?" "What evidence is there that Jesus rose from the dead?" Focused on topics related to the Bible, Jesus Christ, and creation, this powerful resource deals head-on with false assumptions and frequent misconceptions people have. And it's based on more than 30 years of apologetics research and ministry to unbelievers. A superb tool for helping readers know how to share their faith with confidence! Formerly titled "Ready with an Answer."

The Stones Cry Out

Author: Randall Price

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 1565076400

Category: Social Science

Page: 437

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This survey of archaeological discoveries in Bible lands includes testimonies and interviews from leading archaeologists and exciting pictures featuring the latest finds made in the lands of the Bible

The Bible Unearthed

Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Isreal and the Origin of Sacred Texts

Author: Israel Finkelstein,Neil Asher Silberman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743223381

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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In this groundbreaking work that sets apart fact and legend, authors Finkelstein and Silberman use significant archeological discoveries to provide historical information about biblical Israel and its neighbors. In this iconoclastic and provocative work, leading scholars Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman draw on recent archaeological research to present a dramatically revised portrait of ancient Israel and its neighbors. They argue that crucial evidence (or a telling lack of evidence) at digs in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon suggests that many of the most famous stories in the Bible—the wanderings of the patriarchs, the Exodus from Egypt, Joshua’s conquest of Canaan, and David and Solomon’s vast empire—reflect the world of the later authors rather than actual historical facts. Challenging the fundamentalist readings of the scriptures and marshaling the latest archaeological evidence to support its new vision of ancient Israel, The Bible Unearthed offers a fascinating and controversial perspective on when and why the Bible was written and why it possesses such great spiritual and emotional power today.

The Old Testament

A Brief Introduction

Author: Christoph Levin

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691113944

Category: Religion

Page: 191

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A current and concise introduction to the largest component of the Bible examines the origins, history, and development of the Old Testament, along with the editorial history underlying its various parts, providing incisive commentary on the diverse books, including the five books of Moses, the prophetic books, the Psalms, and such shorter texts as the books of Job, Ruth, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes.

The Old Testament Speaks, Fifth Edition

A Complete Survey of Old Testament History

Author: Samuel J. Schultz

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062319876

Category: Religion

Page: 464

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Here is a freshly updated edition of one of the most popular introductions to the history and literature of the Old Testament. The Old Testament Speaks offers a clear picture of the archaeological, geographical, historical, and linguistic dimensions of God's covenant with his people from the time of Abraham to the coming of the Messiah. The Old Testament Speaks examines the historical and religious life of the Hebrews, integrates the development of non-hebraic cultures with conventional biblical history, and reviews the best modern scholarly research in placing the Scriptures in their Near Eastern setting. Samuel J. Schultz emphasizes the importance of letting the Scriptures tell their own stories. He makes selective use of the best and latest literature in Old Testament studies, and offers a balanced perspective. Schultz sifts the facts and follows them to their inevitable conclusions. However, when the evidence is not definitive, he exercises caution, presenting his own interpretation as only one of several possible views. Schultz also appraises the impact of recent archaeological and historical findings on the understanding of key portions of the Old Testament. The Old Testament Speaks contains all the relevant material -- biblical and nonbiblical -- necessary for classroom use or personal study of the Old Testament. Schultz provides outlines that reflect the historical background and summarize the contents of each biblical book, as well as charts and maps to help visualize the biblical narrative. He has also revised and updated the biblio-graphies at the end of each chapter.

Symbiosis, Symbolism, and the Power of the Past

Canaan, Ancient Israel, and Their Neighbors from the Late Bronze Age Through Roman Palaestina

Author: W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem. Centennial Symposium,American Schools of Oriental Research

Publisher: Eisenbrauns

ISBN: 1575060817

Category: History

Page: 596

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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, this collection of erudite essays concentrates on the archaeology of ancient Israel, Canaan, and neighboring nations.

What Did the Biblical Writers Know and When Did They Know It?

What Archeology Can Tell Us About the Reality of Ancient Israel

Author: William G. Dever

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802821263

Category: History

Page: 327

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For centuries the Hebrew Bible has been the fountainhead of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Today, however, the entire biblical tradition, including its historical veracity, is being challenged. Leading this assault is a group of scholars described as the "minimalist" or "revisionist" school of biblical studies, which charges that the Hebrew Bible is largely pious fiction, that its writers and editors invented "ancient Israel" as a piece of late Jewish propaganda in the Hellenistic era. In this fascinating book noted Syro-Palestinian archaeologist William G. Dever attacks the minimalist position head-on, showing how modern archaeology brilliantly illuminates both life in ancient Palestine and the sacred scriptures as we have them today. Assembling a wealth of archaeological evidence, Dever builds the clearest, most complete picture yet of the real Israel that existed during the Iron Age of ancient Palestine (1200 600 B.C.). Dever's exceptional reconstruction of this key period points up the minimalists' abuse of archaeology and reveals the weakness of their revisionist histories. Dever shows that ancient Israel, far from being an "invention," is a reality to be discovered. Equally important, his recovery of a reliable core history of ancient Israel provides a firm foundation from which to appreciate the aesthetic value and lofty moral aspirations of the Hebrew Bible.