Young Folks Speaker

Young Folks  Speaker

Through the door they pushed the carriage ; “ Mister Johnson , we thought may be You would - wouldn't -- would you - would , Would you like to buy a baby ? ” Merchant Johnson's eyes were twinkling ...

Author: Emma Frances Voris


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The Merchant of Prato s Wife

The Merchant of Prato s Wife

In the fourteenth and fifteenth century, almost all babies were nursed by someone other than their mothers, even among the poor if the woman had no milk. Nurses were often young wives who had recently had a baby of their own who died.

Author: Ann Crabb

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472119493

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The first full study of the life of Margherita Datini illuminates the role and social standing of wives in early modern Italian society
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Elocution Without a Teacher Or How to Read and Speak

Elocution Without a Teacher  Or  How to Read and Speak

Through the door they jinished the carriage ; “ Mister Johnson , we thought may be You would — wouldn't - would you - would , Would you like to buy a baby ? ” Merchant Johnson's eyes were twinkling ; “ Well , I would ; just set your ...

Author: Mara Louise Pratt-Chadwick


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The Feather Merchant

The Feather Merchant

Pitzi thought the little baby was cute and cuddly, and wanted to get as near to it as he could. He was curious about all of them. The baby had cuddled up against the dark gray mother and was rubbing its backside against her flank.

Author: Hillyer Ives

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456726126

Category: Fiction

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Life is not always easy. Far from it. This third popular, action-packed novel in Hillyer Ives Connizol series features a young merchant who had been handed a bill of stolen goods on Earth, having to pay a very expensive fine. Everything began falling apart after that. With nothing left but a ship load of perishable feathers, Pitzi sets out to define his new direction in life. His first desire was a date with a beautiful young woman, the daughter of the Star Police commander. But things continued to go wrong. The young woman stowed away on his ship, a Confederation offense, to look after Pitzi. Pitzi later has doubts about Merats love when Janzi Jit, a good-looking athlete joined them after the three were kidnapped and taken to the slip-shod world of Purrit. There they were to be used by the Confederations most wanted criminal, Otlee. Otlee was said to have been responsible for the deaths of over two thousand people. This never-ending action story involves not only suspense and adventure, but much comic relief and humor. Join Pitzi Phips, a sawed-off little merchantman with a big heart, as he takes on the Connizol Confederations number one assassin.
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Bureau Publication

Bureau Publication

COOPERATION OF MERCHANTS AND OTHER BUSINESS MEN . From the experience of towns and cities all over the country it appears that business men are just as ready as the newspaper editors to help make baby week a success .



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The Value of Human Dignity A Socio cultural Approach to Value Crisis among Igbo People of Nigeria

The Value of Human Dignity  A Socio cultural Approach to Value Crisis among Igbo People of Nigeria

They are coerced to give up their babies for some token and the babies sold off to buyers at a higher cost. ... baby merchants.381 This demeans and threatens the dignity of the HP, bodily integrity and esteem for life.

Author: Chinedu Paul Ezenwa

Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH

ISBN: 9783832551995

Category: Social Science

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Where today is a specific, original and stable basis for a Political order to be found? What does the human dignity mean in the midst of the general crises of values? In the face of the ambivalent achievements of modernity and enlightenment, do the values of Christianity which until now have been regarded as the objective norm fail in its contact with the primal culture and the culture of the African communities? Where in this classes are the weakening and strengthening and specific challenges of this African People? This field of conflict must not only be described, but above all to ask about new opportunities to get out of the crisis of the value of human dignity in the Igbo society of Southeastern Nigeria. Ezenwas work seeks and aids understanding, using the facility of examining the subject of dignity in Igbo culture to throw light that casts much farther than the subject matter, begging for further inquiry into other complementary aspects of the culture. In other to achieve this, interdisciplinary research was needed.
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Anthony Merchant

Anthony Merchant

The baby's sobs were pitifiil. Her tiny frame trembled. He didn't understand it. He had changed her diapers, and she had fallen asleep. Then he had picked her up to place her in the crib when suddenly she woke up screaming.

Author: Salvatore Salamone

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595287710

Category: Fiction

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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE AND HIS POUND OF FLESHIt was a scandal and a cartoon in the tabloids expressed it best:"A man in a tuxedo stuffed with bills is placing a bag of gold on a scale while a woman in a scant negligee places a baby on its opposite scale. To add insult to injury, the woman is still breast-feeding the infant adding precious weight to its value."So the world mocks the immoral contract between an entrepreneur and a dancer. Intent on creating an heir for his empire, Anthony Merchant hires Penny Browning to have his child. Set against the backdrop of greed and hypocrisy, these two unhappy people struggle with their choices and conscience. Their artificial relationship is strained. Mistrust and prejudices undermine their judgments. Throughout the action, emotions clash: sex and love; ambition and responsibility; pride and faith. Only in the end, when nearly all is lost and secrets are revealed, do they recognize the true value of all they possess-in the miracle of life.Satiric and shocking, Anthony Merchant is a search for values and permanence amid the relative ethics of the times.
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The Bristle Merchant s Daughter

The Bristle Merchant s Daughter

She took Florrie's hand again and said, now you can go in to Irene and see the baby. The baby was a beautiful little girl with wide eyes and glossy dark hair. Irene held her close and looked at her lovingly. But where had the baby come ...

Author: John Salinsky

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452030241

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 204

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The Bristle Merchants Daughter: about the book John Salinsky wanted to find out more about his mother's life. She was born in 1902, the first child of parents who had emigrated from Eastern Europe in search of a better life and freedom from fear. She tried to become a doctor at a time when women doctors were unusual. She did not succeed, but her three sons all became doctors. She suffered from depression as a young married woman and had psychoanalysis with one of Sigmund Freud's early followers in London. She brought up her family in Leeds and died at the age of 96, having lived through nearly the whole of the twentieth century. Apart from a few unusual features it was 'an ordinary life'. But ones relationship with ones mother is never ordinary. In this biography, John Salinsky begins by using his imagination to picture the life of his young grandparents in Tsarist Russia. He traces his mother's girlhood and her life as a young wife and parent up to the point of his own birth in 1941. From here on he blends imagination with memory and inquiry, trying to make sense of the complex emotions that bind a mother and her son in love and conflict. His description of the closeness they achieved in her final years makes moving reading.
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The Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review

The Merchants  Magazine and Commercial Review

By his side stood a very pretty , woman , holding , with no small pride , the baby , for evidently it was the baby . ... of the benefits the merchant would derive from a careful perusal of the pages of the Merchants ' Magazine .



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