The Anatomy of Racial Inequality

Author: Glenn C. LOURY,Glenn C Loury

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674040325

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Speaking wisely and provocatively about the political economy of race, Glenn Loury has become one of our most prominent black intellectuals--and, because of his challenges to the orthodoxies of both left and right, one of the most controversial. A major statement of a position developed over the past decade, this book both epitomizes and explains Loury's understanding of the depressed conditions of so much of black society today--and the origins, consequences, and implications for the future of these conditions. Using an economist's approach, Loury describes a vicious cycle of tainted social information that has resulted in a self-replicating pattern of racial stereotypes that rationalize and sustain discrimination. His analysis shows how the restrictions placed on black development by stereotypical and stigmatizing racial thinking deny a whole segment of the population the possibility of self-actualization that American society reveres--something that many contend would be undermined by remedies such as affirmative action. On the contrary, this book persuasively argues that the promise of fairness and individual freedom and dignity will remain unfulfilled without some forms of intervention based on race. Brilliant in its account of how racial classifications are created and perpetuated, and how they resonate through the social, psychological, spiritual, and economic life of the nation, this compelling and passionate book gives us a new way of seeing--and, perhaps, seeing beyond--the damning categorization of race in America.

Equality Or Discrimination?

African Americans in the U.S. Military During the Vietnam War

Author: Natalie Kimbrough

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761836728

Category: History

Page: 186

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Equality or Discrimination? strives to close the gap in existing literature and address the often-neglected field of research on the discrimination of African Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. Despite the awakened interest of academics, authors, artists, and experts from a multitude of fields and the vast selection of literature on the Vietnam War and its veterans, African Americans have received little attention until now. Based on initial findings, Dr. Kimbrough analyzes key issues including whether or not African Americans experienced racial discrimination while serving. The study also focuses on whether the Vietnam War was indeed the first fully integrated conflict in which the U.S. attempted to engage in militarily without racial division. The findings contradict the traditional image of equality in the U.S. Armed Forces and provide the basis for the dissertation. Proving that soldiers in the Vietnam War were NOT treated equally, Dr. Kimbrough argues that African Americans experienced various forms of discrimination during a tumultuous time in U.S. history in which the opposite treatment of its soldiers was required.

Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship and Social Justice

From Swords to Ploughshares

Author: Lateef Mtima

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1783470259

Category: Law

Page: 320

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In the Information Age, historically marginalized groups and developing nations continue to strive for socio-economic empowerment within the global community. Their ultimate success largely depends upon their ability to develop, protect, and exploit th

Black Conservatives in the United States

Author: Godfrey Mwakikagile

Publisher: New Africa Press

ISBN: 0980258707

Category: Political Science

Page: 362

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This work is an examination of the black conservative phenomenon in the United States in contemporary times. The author looks at the role black conservatives play in American politics and at their attempts to have an impact on the lives of black Americans, also known as African Americans. Subjects covered include perspectives black conservatives share on issues such as affirmative action, racism, poverty, self-reliance, welfare, drugs, crime and illegitimacy among blacks; the criminal justice system and how it affects blacks; and why black conservatives differ with other blacks on those issues. It is also a critique of "The Bell Curve," a book that has inflamed passions especially among blacks, and of the views some black conservatives have expressed on racial IQ differences which have fueled debate on this highly explosive subject. The author also looks at the policy and philosophical differences and at differences in perceptions between black conservatives and their brethren in the black community. Why do black conservatives oppose affirmative action? Why do they support the Republican party? Why don't they have much support in the black community? Those are just some of the issues addressed in this book. The author writes from personal experience after living and interacting with African Americans of all ideological stripes for more than 30 years. His interest in Black America spans the ideological spectrum and covers other aspects of life including relations between Africans and African Americans. He has written a book about those relations in which he also addresses the black conservative phenomenon in the United States. Like all his others books, "Black Conservatives in the United States" is intended for members of the general public and the academic community.

The Bible and the Hermeneutics of Liberation

Author: Alejandro F. Botta,Pablo R. Andiñach

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub


Category: Religion

Page: 259

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The same Bible that historically has been invoked to support exploitation is also a source of inspiration for those fighting oppression and injustice. This collection of essays highlights the different receptions that liberationist hermeneutics has found in a number of contemporary contexts. The authors, originating from various countries and continents and nurtured by diverse theological insights, provide regional overviews of liberating struggles and liberation hermeneutics or engage the biblical text from various perspectives, including mujerista and feminist Afrocentric readings. This is an enriching panorama of ideas and readings all centered on the Bible as a key to liberation.The contributors are Pablo R. Andiñach, Alejandro F. Botta, Gerald O. West, Hans de Wit, Erhard Gerstenberger, Jione Havea, Mercedes L. García Bachmann, Musa W. Dube, Theodore W. Jennings Jr., Luise Schottroff, Ada María Isasi-Díaz, Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, Lai Ling Elizabeth Ngan, and Mortimer Arias.