The Aleutians 1942 43

The Aleutians 1942   43

Featuring the largest Japanese banzai charge of the war, first use of pre-battle battleship bombardment in the Pacific and the battle at the Komandorski Islands, this is the full story of the forgotten battle to liberate American soil from ...

Author: Brian Lane Herder

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It is often forgotten that during World War II, the Japanese managed to successfully invade and conquer a precious part of American home soil – the first time this had happened since 1815. Capturing the Aleutian Islands, located in Alaska territory, was seen by the Japanese as vital in order to shore up their northern defensive perimeter. Fighting in the Aleutians was uniquely brutal. It is a barren, rugged archipelago of icy mountains and thick bogs, with a climate of constant snow, freezing rains and windstorms. These geographic conditions tended to neutralize traditional American strengths such as air power, radar, naval bombardment and logistics. The campaign to recapture the islands required extensive combined-ops planning, and inflicted on the United States its second highest casualty rate in the Pacific theatre. Featuring the largest Japanese banzai charge of the war, first use of pre-battle battleship bombardment in the Pacific and the battle at the Komandorski Islands, this is the full story of the forgotten battle to liberate American soil from the Japanese.
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The Aleutians Campaign June 1942 August 1943

The Aleutians Campaign  June 1942 August 1943

Fighters : with , 18th , 42nd , 54th , 57th Fighter Squadrons ; 11th Fighter
Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force ( 98 fighters ) . ( 2 ) Air Search Unit ,
Capt . Leslie E . Gehres : Patrol Squadrons 41 , 43 , 51 , 62 ( 11 PBY Aying boats
, 20 PBY ...

Author: Naval Historical Center (U.S.)

Publisher: Naval Historical Center

ISBN: 0945274165

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Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare 1941 1942 1943 1944

Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare  1941 1942  1943 1944

Clearly, any offensive from the Aleutians would have to await Soviet entry into the
war against Japan. Although the fear, which had spurred the early staff studies,
that the Soviet Union might be attacked by Japan proved groundless and the ...

Author: Maurice Matloff


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The Battle of the Aleutians

The Battle of the Aleutians

A Graphic History, 1942-1943 Dashiell Hammett, Robert Garland Colodny. 1.9 . $
7 miles from the ocean bed ; there are few places where the ocean is deeper
than here . Once upon a time , long ago , this now - sunken range may have been

Author: Dashiell Hammett


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List of War Department Films Film Strips and Recognition Film Slides January 1945

List of War Department Films  Film Strips  and Recognition Film Slides  January 1945

Year released time ( minutes ) 39 40 42 11 11 14 43 10 10 45 46 48 50 53 55 56
57 58 59 60 61 62 10 21 15 10 10 40 8 8 12 24 ... 1943 With Australians in New
Guinea1943 U. S. Attacks in the Aleutians . 1942 4.2 Chemical Mortar for 1942 .

Author: United States. War Department



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Aleutian Echoes

Aleutian Echoes

... Department of the Army , 1947 . Griggs , R . F . The Valley of Ten Thousand
Smokes . Washington , D . C . : National Geographic Society , 1942 . Hammett ,
Dashiell and Robert Colodny . The Battle of the Aleutians 194243 in the
Capture ...

Author: Charles C. Bradley


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When the United States entered World War II in 1941, Charles Bradley enlisted in the army. An avid skier and mountaineer with a degree in geology, he quickly found himself among the first members of the new 10th Mountain Division, the only unit of the U.S. Army established to train men in mountain combat. Soon, Bradley was training candidates for a potential ground assault on Japan and in a new theater for mountain warfare: the magnificent but potentially life-threatening Aleutian Islands. Bradley's military career kept him from the front lines of the war, but he and his companions had their own battles with loneliness and fatigue, with Aleutian weather and terrain, and with the military brass. The Axis powers were real enough, but the immediate enemy was the environment. It was Bradley's job, now on assignment with the North Pacific Combat School, to help teach his trainees the skills of survival and mobility under conditions that included rugged terrain, glaciers, fierce winds, heavy rains and snow storms, and the threat of avalanches. Each story of confrontation with that rugged environment is balanced by one of discovery and awe. The Aleutians could be dangerous, but they were also an unspoiled realm for adventure and fascination. Soldier Bradley also grew as an artist; his interest in the natural history and geography of the islands is reflected in his paintings of what he saw near his posts, first at Unalaska and later at Adak. It is also reflected in his honest, insightful prose. Bradley is a writer with his own voice, his own clear way of conveying how recruits struggle or how ravens play. Aleutian Echoes is one man's carefully observed, sometimes wry memoir of natural wonders and unnatural challenges.
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Current Geographical Publications

Current Geographical Publications

Author: American Geographical Society of New York


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Cultural Resources of the Aleutian Region

Cultural Resources of the Aleutian Region

Description of campaign , as well as soldiers ' life and living conditions in the
Aleutians . Hatch , F . J . " The Aleutian Campaign . " Rounde1 , 14 ( No . 4 , 1963
) : 18 - 23 . Royal Canadian Air Force operations in Aleutians , 1942 - 43 .

Author: Gary C. Stein


ISBN: WISC:89060408721

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Asia and Oceania

Asia and Oceania

225 , 1223 Solomons 1942 - 43 . . . 220 , 1218 1942 - 44 . . . 826 1942 - 45 . . .
221 , 225 , 1218 , 1223 1943 . . . 220 , 223 , 840 , 1218 , 1221 1944 . . . 224 ,
1222 Southeast Asia 1941 . . . 356 , 363 ... 256 , 1003 , 1005 - 1006 Aleutians
1942 .

Author: Godfrey Raymond Nunn


ISBN: 0720117658

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The World Book Encyclopedia Annual Supplement

The World Book Encyclopedia     Annual Supplement

INDEX TO ANNUALS FROM 1942 THROUGH 1951 This index lists all articles in
the ten ANNUALS reviewing the events of the years 1942 to 1951 inclusive . ...
1942 - 43 , 1945 - 51 Automotive Industry Jubilee . ' . ... 1946 Aleutian Islands .



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America History and Life

America  History and Life



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Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada.
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1942 1943 Our Story of 2 Years of War

1942 1943  Our Story of 2 Years of War

Torrey has been soaking up plenty of sunshine while Lyle Snell keeps a shovel
handy to dig himself out of his snow - buried hut in the Aleutians . In foxholes , or
up in ...

Author: Union Steel Products Company


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Sea Warfare 1939 1945

Sea Warfare  1939 1945

It will be remembered that a minor part of the Japanese plan was an operation in
the Aleutian Islands . ... ( 1943 ) the time had come to turn the Japanese out , and

Author: John Creswell


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Harper s Magazine

Harper s Magazine

Mr . Pratt has a special personal interest in the Aleutian campaign , since his
brother , CPO Robert A . Pratt , was radio ... CAMPAIGN BEYOND GLORY The
Navy in the Aleutians , 194243 FLETCHER PRATT He shortest route from the
Orient ...

Author: Lee Foster Hartman


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Important American periodical dating back to 1850.
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Warfare and Armed Conflicts

Warfare and Armed Conflicts

The Japanese barrage from Bataan and Cavite , begun on April 10 , 1942 ,
intensified daily to reach a peak on May 4 when ... Aleutian Islands : 1942 - 43
Madagascar : 1942 In June 1942 a Japanese Northern Area Force of 2 light
carriers , 7 ...

Author: Micheal Clodfelter

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In the twentieth century alone, military deaths totaled over 35 million, including 29,700,000 slain in international wars and almost 6 million killed in civil wars. This completely updated and revised edition of the acclaimed 1992 two-volume work (belongs in the reference collection of almost every library - ARBA) presents a record of casualties of modern warfare in the last four centuries. New information pushes back the beginning date to 1500 from the first edition's 1680 and pushes 1992 out through 1999. Arranged roughly by century and then subdivided by world region, the entries proceed chronologically and vary from paragraph to chapter-length. Each entry provides the name and date of the conflict, precursor events, strategies and details, the outcome and its impact. A history of weaponry is easily traceable, as casualties mounted according to their improvement.
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The Second World War 1939 45

The Second World War  1939 45

AUGUST , 1943 bases in Kamchatka and Primorskaya ( north of Vladivostock ) to
the Americans . Were he to do so , this would bring the Japanese Islands within
easy ...

Author: John Frederick Charles Fuller


ISBN: UCR:31210000692952

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Readers Guide to Periodical Literature

Readers  Guide to Periodical Literature

Author: Anna Lorraine Guthrie


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An author subject index to selected general interest periodicals of reference value in libraries.
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