The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook

A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Business Professionals

Author: Jill Deborah Rhodes,Robert S. Litt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781634259798

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 410

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With the growing volume of cyberattacks, it is important to ensure you are protected. This handbook will help you to identify potential cybersecurity risks, take steps to lessen those risks, and better respond in the event of an attack. It addresses the current overarching threat, describes how the technology works, outlines key legal requirements and ethical issues, and highlights special considerations for lawyers and practitioners of all types.

Cybersecurity Policies and Strategies for Cyberwarfare Prevention

Author: Richet, Jean-Loup

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466684577

Category: Computers

Page: 393

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Cybersecurity has become a topic of concern over the past decade as private industry, public administration, commerce, and communication have gained a greater online presence. As many individual and organizational activities continue to evolve in the digital sphere, new vulnerabilities arise. Cybersecurity Policies and Strategies for Cyberwarfare Prevention serves as an integral publication on the latest legal and defensive measures being implemented to protect individuals, as well as organizations, from cyber threats. Examining online criminal networks and threats in both the public and private spheres, this book is a necessary addition to the reference collections of IT specialists, administrators, business managers, researchers, and students interested in uncovering new ways to thwart cyber breaches and protect sensitive digital information.

Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law

Author: Lisa G. Lerman,Philip G. Schrag,Robert Rubinson

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 1543804667

Category: Law

Page: 1008

View: 7225


This problem-based book reflects the authors’ broad range of teaching, clinical, and policy-making experience. Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law’s carefully crafted ethical problems challenge students to engage in a deep analysis and participate in lively class discussion. New to the Fifth Edition: Comprehensive updates to reflect the many new developments in this fast-moving field. The authors carefully revised the entire text, adding six new problems and countless new case examples to illustrate the operation of “lawyer law.” Expanded coverage of ethics issues for arbitrators and mediators. Expanded coverage of the ethical challenges and pitfalls faced by lawyers in light of advancing technology. Deeper discussion of issues of diversity and discrimination in the legal profession. Updated and enhanced materials on innovations and transformations in the legal profession and the regulation of lawyers in the United States and abroad, including innovation in financing law practice and litigation, and offshoring legal work. Additional material on continuing efforts to address the unmet need for legal services, including licensing of nonlawyers to provide limited legal services. Professors and students will benefit from: Real-world problems, most based on actual cases, in which students are asked to step into the shoes of practicing lawyers to confront difficult ethical dilemmas that often arise in the early years of law practice. Problem-based approach, often based on real-life cases, offers students a practical way to test their understanding Problem method engages students and generates class discussion, because most problems present head-scratching dilemmas that students must puzzle through together Graphics (cartoons, tables, photos) throughout, which make the presentation lively and engaging Clear expositions of the law allow professors to devote the majority of class time to interactive discussion of the problems Transformation of a course from an often-boring upper-class requirement to a learning environment that is educationally rich, engaging and fun Shocking examples of recent lawyer misconduct maintain student interest A readable and enjoyable law school textbook

Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives

Author: Jane LeClair,Gregory Keeley

Publisher: Hudson Whitman/ ECP

ISBN: 0989845141

Category: Computers

Page: 262

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Did you know your car can be hacked? Your medical device? Your employer’s HVAC system? Are you aware that bringing your own device to work may have security implications? Consumers of digital technology are often familiar with headline-making hacks and breaches, but lack a complete understanding of how and why they happen, or if they have been professionally or personally compromised. In Cybersecurity in Our Digital Lives, twelve experts provide much-needed clarification on the technology behind our daily digital interactions. They explain such things as supply chain, Internet of Things, social media, cloud computing, mobile devices, the C-Suite, social engineering, and legal confidentially. Then, they discuss very real threats, make suggestions about what can be done to enhance security, and offer recommendations for best practices. An ideal resource for students, practitioners, employers, and anyone who uses digital products and services.

Cyber Warfare North Korea, Hack, Attack, Wack, International Law, Cybersecurity

Author: Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare


ISBN: 1312794917

Category: Law

Page: 139

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The Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare provides a public peer-reviewed professional forum for the open discussion and education of technology, business, legal, and military professionals concerning the legal issues businesses and governments arising out of cyber attacks or acts of cyber war. The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare is published twice per year by top legal professionals and scholars from the law, technology, security, and business industries. The views expressed in the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare.

Onward and Upward

Guide for Getting Through New York Divorce and Family Law Issues

Author: Cari Rincker,Maxine Broderick,Liza Caldwell,Ravi Cattry,Daniel Clement,Carol Dacey-Charles,Briana Denney,Veronica Escobar,Lesley Friedland,Frank Galchus,Sheera Gefen,Anthony Gittens,Peter Gordon,Ronna Gordon-Galchus,Carrie Gravenson,Karen Greenberg,Wendy Harris,Paul Hymowitz,Deborah Kaminetzky,Andrea Kent,Ceryl Lazarus,Robyn Mann,Donna Manvich,Ann Marquez,Michael Mills,Scott Mills,Kimberly Mishkin,Bonnie Mohr,Andrea Moss,Susan Nason,Amy Neiman,Joseph Nivin,Suzanne Oshima,Tina Paymaster,David Perry,Kymberly Robinson,Stefany Schaefer,Nina Rumbold,Thomas Ruskin,Sabra Sasson,Denise Seidelman,Mona Sharaf,Diane Spear,Nicole Trivlis,Andrea Vacca,Meredith Verona,Debra Voda-Hamilton,Joseph Wexler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692556542


Page: N.A

View: 2005


This comprehensive divorce and family law book is truly one-of-a-kind. It offers the perspectives of attorneys and professionals on a myriad of family and matrimonial law topics, including issues regarding:* CHILDREN (e.g., custody, visitation, support, paternity, child protective proceedings, adoptions, kidnapping)* MARITAL DISSOLUTION (e.g., grounds for a divorce/annulment, spousal maintenance, equitable distribution, religious issues)* SPECIAL COURT ACTIONS (e.g., family offense proceedings, conciliation proceedings, Persons In Need of Supervision)* CONTRACTS (e.g., prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, pet agreements, surrogacy agreements)* ESTATE PLANNING THROUGH LIFE'S TRANSITIONS* DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESSES (e.g., litigation, mediation, collaborative law, neutral evaluation)What makes this book especially unique are the diverse viewpoints from non-lawyer professionals who aid people through these various life changes. To illustrate, the book's authors include a parent coordinator, parenting coach, nutritionist, image consultant, mindfulness and lifestyle coach, personal trainer, credit repair professional, professional organizer, insurance professional, private investigator and real estate professional. This diverse approach adds invaluable depth and perspective to the reader.This book also offers information on social media, courtroom decorum, keeping legal fees down, choosing a qualified attorney, and community resources. There is truly something for everyone who is going through a family law dispute or transition. To illustrate, the book's authors include a parent coordinator, parenting coach, divorce coach, life coach, relationship coach, psychotherapist, financial advisor, accountant, dating coach, nutritionist, image consultant, mindfulness and lifestyle coach, personal trainer, credit repair professional, professional organizer, insurance professional, private investigator and real estate professional.