Textiles from Borneo

Textiles from Borneo

In this remarkable book, more than 150 full-page brilliant color photographs of textiles from one of the world’s outstanding private collections shed new light on this timeless tradition.

Author: Heribert Amann

Publisher: 5Continents

ISBN: 8874396511

Category: Design

Page: 224

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The textile art from northern Borneo, made by the Iban, Kantu, Ketungau, and Mualang tribes, is highly distinctive and extraordinarily rich. In this remarkable book, more than 150 full-page brilliant color photographs of textiles from one of the world’s outstanding private collections shed new light on this timeless tradition. The works are ceremonial textiles used in rites of passage—birth, marriage, death—dyed with natural colors and woven in traditional ikat techniques; many have never been published before. Clothing worn during those ceremonies is also represented. As unmistakable as it is colorful, this Southeast Asian textile tradition remains influential for contemporary textile artists and designers.
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The Women s Warpath

The Women s Warpath

Author: Traude Gavin

Publisher: University of California Museum of

ISBN: UOM:39015040709019

Category: Art

Page: 99

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Early Indonesian Textiles from Three Island Cultures

Early Indonesian Textiles from Three Island Cultures

$1 Pua :ungkit are the most precious textiles of the Iban (“Sea Dyak”) tribes in
northwest Borneo. Although late nineteenth-century English and Dutch
collections contain a comprehensive array of Borneo ikat weavings, loincloths,
jackets, ...

Author: Robert J. Holmgren

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9780870995385

Category: History

Page: 111

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Shows examples of Indonesian textiles, discusses their cultural significance and looks at patterns and techniques
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Borneo Studies in History Society and Culture

Borneo Studies in History  Society and Culture

The cultural logic of textile weaving practices among the Ibanic people. In Female
and male in Borneo: contributions and challenges to gender studies, ed. Vinson
H. ... Iban ritual fabrics from Borneo: their patterns and names. PhD thesis ...

Author: Victor T. King

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811006722

Category: Social Science

Page: 606

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This edited book is the first major review of what has been achieved in Borneo Studies to date. Chapters in this book situate research on Borneo within the general disciplinary fields of the social sciences, with the weight of attention devoted to anthropological research and related fields such as development studies, gender studies, environmental studies, social policy studies and cultural studies. Some of the chapters in this book are extended versions of presentations at the Borneo Research Council’s international conference hosted by Universiti Brunei Darussalam in June 2012 and a Borneo Studies workshop organised in Brunei in 2012. The volume examines some of the major debates and controversies in Borneo Studies, including those which have served to connect post-war research on Borneo to wider scholarship. It also assesses some of the more recent contributions and interests of locally based researchers in universities and other institutions in Borneo itself. The major strength of the book is the inclusion of a substantial amount of research undertaken by scholars working and teaching within the Southeast Asian region. In particular there is an examination of research materials published in the vernacular, notably the outpouring of work published in Indonesian by the Institut Dayakologi in Pontianak. In doing so, the book also addresses the urgent matters which have not received the attention they deserve, specifically subjects, themes and issues that have already been covered but require further contemplation, elaboration and research, and the scope for disciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration in Borneo Studies. The book is a valuable resource and reference work for students and researchers interested in social science scholarship on Borneo, and for those with wider interests in Indonesia and Malaysia, and in the Southeast Asian region.
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The Handbook of Textile Culture

The Handbook of Textile Culture

Indian prototypes gradually evolved into the sacred double ikat cotton gringsing
wayang textiles of Tenganan in Bali. The shadowy ... The ship is a mortuary
image of the world beyond in textiles from Borneo and South Sumatra. Maxwell ...

Author: Janis Jefferies

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474275798

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 512

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In recent years, the study of textiles and culture has become a dynamic field of scholarship, reflecting new global, material and technological possibilities. This is the first handbook of specially commissioned essays to provide a guide to the major strands of critical work around textiles past and present and to draw upon the work of artists and designers as well as researchers in textiles studies. The handbook offers an authoritative and wide-ranging guide to the topics, issues, and questions that are central to the study of textiles today: it examines how material practices reflect cross-cultural influences; it explores textiles' relationships to history, memory, place, and social and technological change; and considers their influence on fashion and design, sustainable production, craft, architecture, curation and contemporary textile art practice. This illustrated volume will be essential reading for students and scholars involved in research on textiles and related subjects such as dress, costume and fashion, feminism and gender, art and design, and cultural history. Cover image: Anne Wilson, To Cross (Walking New York), 2014. Site-specific performance and sculpture at The Drawing Center, NYC. Thread cross research. Photo: Christie Carlson/Anne Wilson Studio.
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Pirates of Borneo

Pirates of Borneo

It was a port of call for alliances all over Borneo especially from Sambas. It was
especially so especially ... It ranged from farm products such as sheep, goats,
cattle, vegetables and rice to textiles of various types. It was a buzzing port. Of all
the ...

Author: Mohamad Rajab Darhaman

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 9781482826777

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

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Captain Arman built his domain on a picturesque island near Santubong which was named Arman Island. It became the lifeblood of the small pirates’ community. The developing township was a buzzing centre for the pirates’ community. It was a community complete with daily chores like any other communities. They had their own set of laws like marriage, buying and selling goods. It was a thriving centre for the pirates’ activities. It became well known in the Malay Archipelago. Captain Arman continued his conquests on foreign merchant ships passing by Arman Island. He was very successful at what he was doing. He became a threat to the Sarawak Sultanate. It was because of that he was constantly being pursued by Sultan Ali and the British. But it didn’t dither him from his advancement to achieve his dreams. Arman Island was close by Kuching town, a capital of the Sarawak Sultanate. Captain Arman was fortunate to tie the knot with the youngest princess of the Sarawak Sultanate, Princess Diana. They raised a family and lived happily. Captain Arman and Princess Diana were blessed with two sons and a daughter. Everything went well until Sultan Ali sent his army and the British army to destroy the settlement on Arman Island. After the island was attacked, the pirates’ settlement was completely demolished. What happened after that remains a question. Could it be a catastrophe or a turning point?
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Indonesian Textiles

Indonesian Textiles

In 1925 - 26 he made a scientific expedition to the central parts of Borneo , which
became the source of his major ethnographical collection . Mjöberg also
collected single pieces of textile from most of the islands of Nusa Tenggara . The
island ...

Author: Gisela Völger


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038783317

Category: Indonesia

Page: 293

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Iban Ritual Textiles

Iban Ritual Textiles

The seen and unseen ; Shamanism , mediumship and possession in Borneo , pp
. ... 1997 [ Review of : ) ' Traude Gavin , The women ' s warpath ; Iban ritual fabrics
from Borneo ( Los Angeles , 1996 ) ' , Bijdragen tot de Taal - , Land - en ...

Author: Traude Gavin

Publisher: NUS Press

ISBN: UOM:39015060589127

Category: Iban (Bornean people)

Page: 356

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Asian Costumes and Textiles from the Bosphorus to Fujiyama

Asian Costumes and Textiles from the Bosphorus to Fujiyama

Gavin T. , The Women's Warpath : Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo , UCLA .
Fowler Museum of Cultural History , University of California , Los Angeles 1996 .
Gittinger M. , Splendid Symbols . Textiles and tradition in Indonesia , Textile
Museum ...

Author: Valérie Bérinstain

Publisher: Skira Editore

ISBN: UCSC:32106016823517

Category: Design

Page: 291

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Illustrates a wealth of textiles and costumes never seen before and covering all the Asian continent from Turkestan to Japan, from India to Indonesia, belonging to the Belgian Mis collection, one of the world's major private collections.
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Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest

Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest

Gavin 1996 Gavin , T. The Women's Warpath : Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo .
Los Angeles : UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History , 1996 . 1992 . Elshout
1926 Dransfield and Manokaran 1994 Gavin 1997 De Kenja - Dajaks uit het ...

Author: Bernard Sellato

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: UCBK:C110234057

Category: Art

Page: 534

View: 829

Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest is the first comprehensive work of its kind and size. It promotes a "contextual" approach, combining not just botanical and technical, but also economic, social, and ritual elements. In short, the book focuses on how the people of Borneo rely on the plaited arts in their daily lives. The twenty-one contributors are the world's leading experts on the subject, scholars and artisans who live in Borneo or have spent many years there and have become deeply involved, on a personal and emotional level, with the people of the island and their cultures. They hail from ten different nations, including Malaysia and Indonesia, and from Borneo itself: Sarawak, Sabah, and Kalimantan. The work relies on firsthand experience in the field as it documents the variety and complexity of basketry. It is organized into twelve parts that discuss the ethnobotanical and technical aspects of basketry in Borneo, the "cultural region" in detail, mat styles and other specific basketry forms, changes in basketry, the current market, and the future of Borneo's basketry. An essay on style and identity is followed by an abundantly illustrated appendix that surveys the relation between the tropical environment and material culture. Finally, a selection of revised texts published by pioneer authors describe Borneo basketry during the decade before World War II. Contributors: Marieanne Davy Ball, Jean-François Bléhaut, Hanne Christensen, Pascal Couderc, Susi Dunsmore, Roy W. Hamilton, Arne Martin Klausen, Arnoud H. Klokke, Martin Lenjau, Robin Fedilis Lojiwin, Valerie Mashman, Heidi Munan, Patricia Nayoi, Mering Ngo, Janet Rata Noel, Patricia Regis, Diana Rose, Bernard Sellato, Martua T. Sirait, Dianne M. Tillotson.
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Indonesian Textiles

Indonesian Textiles

For the most part, these cloths were Javanese batiks and ikat textiles from Borneo
. Notable among the latter were two cotton warp ikat skirts that were acquired in
1921 from the W.O. Oldman collection, London, as well as a jacket and bast fibre

Author: Mattiebelle Gittinger


ISBN: UOM:39015032782818

Category: Textile design

Page: 440

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A Passion for Indonesian Art

A Passion for Indonesian Art

Tillmann collected 94 textiles from Borneo / Kalimantan . These cloths are mainly
from the Dayak communities living along the rivers inland . The collection
contains kalambi ( jackets ) , bidang ( skirts ) , sirat ( loincloths ) and dangdong ...

Author: J. H. van Brakel

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: UOM:39015038599018

Category: Art

Page: 127

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Georg Tilmann was a Jewish banker who left Germany in the early 1930s to settle in the Netherlands where he became a passionate collector of Indonesian art. Tillmann also made a name for himself with his publications on the evolution of textile designs, comparing their motifs and tracing the connections between the various peoples of Southeast Asia. A Passion Indonesian Art documents Tillmann's collection, illustrating textiles, sculptures, weaponry, religious objects, and other artefacts. One of Tillmann's publications, translated from the Dutch, is also included.
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Iban Art

Iban Art

The Women ' s Warpath - Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo . UCLA Fowler
Museum of Cultural History 1996 . ' Iban Prestige Textiles and the Trade in Indian
Cloth : Inspiration and Perception ' , in Textile History , 30 ( 1 ) , 1999 . Satangkai .

Author: M. Heppell


ISBN: UOM:39015064902946

Category: Art and society

Page: 180

View: 651

"The author describes the ikat, sungkit, pilih, and other forms of Iban weaving, the sculptures, the tattooing, metal forging, and other art of the Iban in the context of their oral sagas, stories, poetry, and love songs. He shows how art was used as a pre-literate scholastic aptitude test to ensure intelligent Iban married other intelligent Iban to increase the likelihood that their children were intelligent and were more likely to prosper. Women also chose men on the basis of their prowess at war to ensure the household, physically, was secure. That meant heads and headhunting. The book shows how weaving and headhunting came to be ritualized, the one encouraging the other, so that sexual selection was bound into the Iban's holy trinity of taking heads, growing rice, and birth or regeneration." --Publisher.
Categories: Art and society

Annals of the N prstek Museum

Annals of the N  prstek Museum

Gavin , T . , The Women ' s Warpath . Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo . Ucla
Fowler museum of cultural history , 1996 . Gittinger , M . ( ed . ) , Indonesian
Textiles . Round Table on Museum Textiles . Washington D . C . : Textile Museum
, 1979 .

Author: Náprstkovo muzeum asijských, afrických a amerických kultur


ISBN: STANFORD:36105127775190

Category: Africa


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Textiles for this World and Beyond

Textiles for this World and Beyond

The Women ' s Warpath — Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo . Los Angeles : UCLA
Fowler Museum of Cultural History . Aragon , Lorraine . 1991 . " Sulawesi . " In
Beyond the Java Sea , by Paul Michael Taylor and Lorraine V . Aragon , pp .

Author: Mattiebelle Gittinger

Publisher: Scala Books

ISBN: UOM:39015061460229

Category: Art

Page: 136

View: 789

This lavishly illustrated book, published to accompany the exhibition Textiles for this World and Beyond: Treasures from Insular Southeast Asia at the Textile Museum, Washington DC, April 1, 2005 through September 18, 2005, presents a fascinating overview of the use of cloth, its function in society and the messages contained within colour, pattern and technique. Encompassing Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Indonesian and Malaysian societies, it describes how each share a common heritage by their extraordinary sense of the power of cloth: whether as a sign of benevolence from the gods to a ruler, a supreme honour to the dead, symbols of contractual alliances or as items of beauty and conceit. Within the South East Asian continent, the fine details of textile construction and usage weave a historical record of these societies. This beautifully designed and informative book reveals this legacy in a concise and fascinating way.
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Between the Folds

Between the Folds

These figures likely originated from pictures of Dayak textiles from Kalimantan (
Borneo). Plate 14. Hinggis on display near village graves in anticipation of a
European tour group's arrival. Plate 16. Pieces inspired by pictures of old Sumba

Author: Jill Forshee

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824822889

Category: Social Science

Page: 265

View: 824

Textiles have long been integral to the social life and cosmology of the people of East Sumba, Indonesia. In recent decades, the villagers have entered a larger world economy as their textiles have joined the commodity flow of an international ethnic arts market, stimulated by Indonesia's tourist trade. As the people of Sumba respond to an immensely expanded commerce in their cloth, tensions and ironies emerge between history and innovation in both cloth and lives.
Categories: Social Science

Indonesian Textiles

Indonesian Textiles

The coastal Malays of Kalimantan are known for their songket textiles, as are non
-Malay peoples such as the ... as is the case on the Malay peninsula and north
Borneo, or on a body-tension loom with a discontinuous warp, as in Sumbawa.

Author: Michael Hitchcock


ISBN: STANFORD:36105000430533

Category: Hand weaving

Page: 192

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The Age of Reconnaissance

The Age of Reconnaissance

... nutmeg from the Banda Islands, camphor from Borneo, and, most valuable of
all, cloves from Ternate and Tidore in the ... The basis of this local commerce was
the export trade in cotton textiles from the ports of Gujerat and Coromandel.

Author: J H Parry

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780297865957

Category: History

Page: 416

View: 249

An enthralling account of the greatest adventure in European history - the discovery of the rest of the world The Age of Reconnaissance, as J. H. Parry so aptly named it, was the period in which Europe discovered the rest of the world. It began with Henry the Navigator and the Portuguese voyages in the mid-fifteenth century and ended 250 years later when the 'reconnaissance' was all but complete. This book is less concerned with the voyages of discovery themselves than with an analysis of the factors that made the voyages possible in the first place. Dr Parry examines the inducements - political, economic, religious - to overseas enterprises at the time, and analyses the nature and problems of the various European settlements in the new lands. At the beginning of the period central to this book, the middle of the fifteenth century, the normal educated man believed that the Ancients were more civilized, more elegant, wiser and, except in religious matters, better informed than his contemporaries. But gradually as the reconnaissance proceeded, the European picture became fuller and more detailed and with it the idea of continually expanding knowledge became more familiar and the links between science and practical life became closer. The unprecedented power which it produced would eventually lead Europe from reconnaissance to worldwide conquest.
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Textiles Revealed

Textiles Revealed

Object Lessons in Historic Textile and Costume Research Mary M. Brooks,
Joanna M. Marschner, Philip A. Sykas ... penetration of transglobal capital , which
has resulted in transfers of wealth , including textiles from Borneo , from East to
West .

Author: Mary M. Brooks

Publisher: Archetype Books

ISBN: UOM:39015055800828

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 720

Interdisciplinary volume which brings together papers by leading authorities in textile and costume studies, discussing a wide range of textiles and costumes from tapestries to embroideries, archaeological to ethnographic textiles and exotic costumes in Europe and Asia.
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Weavers Stories from Island Southeast Asia

Weavers  Stories from Island Southeast Asia

Fowler Museum Textile Series , no . 9. ... Coury , William G. 2004 Textiles of
Insana , West Timor : Women Weaving and Village Development . Bangkok :
White ... Gavin , Traude 1996 The Women's Warpath : Iban Ritual Fabrics from
Borneo .

Author: Roy W. Hamilton


ISBN: UCBK:C096971373

Category: Design

Page: 88

View: 443

"This book is based on extensive fieldwork carried out with weavers in Southeast Asia. The weavers are interviewed on a CD included in the book. Essays on each of the weavers interviewed are featured to provide additional background."--Publisher's description.
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